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Roush Starts 31st Season in NASCAR

Fri, 9 Feb 2018|

In 2018, Jack Roush and Roush Fenway Racing will compete in its 31st season of NASCAR competition. During that span, Roush’s teams captured multiple championships, across all three of NASCAR’s major series.

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I had a war chest of about three and a half million dollars our partners strapping into this traditional what we had gone on I've had enough money to do it for two years Mark Martin. Beat bill France junior gave me and Mark Martin and application. To the 1988 Daytona 500. And not enough can be stand for these guys built this scene from the ground now could take years and if I didn't win a race of my head didn't show blue sky to have to potential sponsors that wanted to get on board. There was an end in sight to my to my NASCAR career. Our hard drives up high out of turn the report comes out of the corner and every person in this grandstand is cheering your body comes down he will win the AC Delco 500 it has been a long hard road for Mark Martin I've. Gone broke and start career over who backed Wisconsin is startle you know that I'd just been through so much pennies. She's worried that we inlet. It was a relief they swing through the trial and a second week overall victory label belonged to mark Bartlett here I'm diabetic and get wrapped up. It didn't get a lot early in the years. We made it and we needed to get mark. Martin went up mount. There's southern 500 at thick rough and I think Jack Roush they believe the good. Fortune I wouldn't trade it for for anything. That guy's a few like that that he appreciates. My commitment as much as I appreciate his commitment. Chip. Clark wins it did tell us he takes the 42 Pepsi 400 everything that I did in my racing and in and out. You know my son Grayson is stuff power when the decisions I'm making always go to Obama would be able rejected. The third time in 97 before the hometown fans. Jeff Burton wins the Haitians 500 at Martinsville and our work and that's what that's these for the mile route race and was at that time and we put more into it and everybody and his car owner Jack Roush has got the board benefactors good championship shirt on. Every day when you get up particularly when you get to be senior. He get up every day you need to have something that challenging shifted just tears for the makes you so mad you wanna fight. Long term effort to plug people one million dollar. Times there's anything reasonable that we needed. Cars and some times wasn't very reasonable and I was giving it must admit Kansas City Winston cup champion certainly wanna personal -- there Gupta certainly you know mark we have hooked up groceries and certainly could tell you know Jack was a 100% above the on track product. Tonight it's going to be sport and it's gonna be a rookie Greg Biffle wins the Pepsi 400 it's a great company Jack does a great job Jack cares about competition. Jack comes to us themselves. What do you need. What do you need to win Greg Biffle. Has clinched the championship for the 2002. NASCAR Busch Series season you know I don't know what it's like anywhere else but what was somebody's offering that. You know there's pretty much no reason to go anywhere else off a turnover for Carl Edwards comes to the start finish line or is the first time winner on the NASCAR craftsman truck series. Exacts mean move he has always been and always be someone I look up to and someone I mean I really appreciate. More than words can say I appreciate what he's done not just for me to for thousands of feet. Team owner checked out she finally maybe you've got to be feeling here pocono congratulations. Thank you very much you know we're so proud Carla they did not hold one thing back for me. Give the best effort I think that's very no warm honored to be so Susan back all day. Wins over Austin Dillon to have done this for thirty years like you have and I got pushes hard he still wants to be involved in Denver and spend how's this going. That Victory Lane I think Jack's. History period. Is always something that's reminded throughout the shop when I started 1988 would mark I think we had a dozen people Jack Roush. Gay. People who have big hearts and big desires the opportunity to realize their dreams. And he succeeded while lose six way to 1998. Martin Matt Kenseth does not win but they talk five. Want him to thank you about the way things that I've grown up in this courtroom and a number of people who are attracted to share my dreams were made it just it's unbelievable I can't believe it's it's. Really like Carl Edwards Jack Rouse the 2007. NASCAR Busch Series chain. I'm humbled by by the sports on part I'm not thrilled and honored to be part of the starting some part of it today. I hope that. When people look back at. What I've done when I'm gone wild they'll say that I left more than two.