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Truex Jr.'s Championship Speech

Fri, 1 Dec 2017|

Martin Truex Jr. takes center stage at the Wynn Las Vegas after being officialy honored as the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion during the annual awards banquet.

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Okay okay. How me and just. Dale Junior view bouts you've got put me down right there my good buddy but. Just unbelievable to be here tonight some if you will thank god. Street just a childhood dream for me so. This Emmy race team has carried the same out of throughout the season and that's never give up. No one has lived that out more than my life partner here. With a rare cancer of point fourteen. Today she's still fighting her disease with tenacity and never give up attitude that inspires millions of people to do the same. She is that your champion. Emotions are here I can't even begin to tell you about the highs and lows but trust me there's been a lot of highs and lows. I've so many people thanks so bear with me because or all the reason we're here. At its top at the top I've got to sort of mama that. Thank you for all the love and support over the years and make him you I am that we did get. There. Marsh in Levi my brother Ryan and Lee. You guys are awesome thank you. Shares parents share Macgregor here tonight thank you for there's your support over the years and most importantly help us share his or her battle when it and when I'm on the road and all the things you've turned this it's unbelievable thank you. So the rest of the thank you is I consider my extended family. The 78 teams here tonight. OK okay. You guys are the best of the best thank you to all of you and your families. We couldn't do this without you. Barney Visser is the heart of this scene. You know people thought he was crazy twelve years ago started NASCAR team in Denver. Barney who's crazy now. I see the rest of the Vista family I'm so proud to represent you. And drive your race cars is it's an honor. Joseph Bruney. Were still. I am sorry. This kid you've been there since the beginning about starting this team from nothing. Two point fourteen we struggled you didn't give up on me thank you very much. Now up to Canada. What can I say about Goldman. He's a furniture road T shirt wearing Canadian. He never sleeps and he's more competitive than anyone I've ever met in my entire life. Best crew chief and team leader I've ever known anybody you thank you for making me champion. I didn't bring my glass up here tonight but I want make a toast to Jim Watson. Everybody raise your glass. Here's C wild man. Cheers. Big thank you bass pro shops. My buddy Johnny Morris his son JP the whole Morse family. They started. Partner with me 2004. They did move with me ever since there's no possible way I could be here tonight without them thank you. TR C what amazes people Bob Carter head lobbyist Jack palace built Fey and every Toyota associate. David Wilson Tyler gives a nanny grace and seniority. When an amazing job amazing race cars and engines. We could have done this without our alliance which Joseph Gibbs racing. Coach gives in coy Daniel Matt. Kyle and Denny thank you for welcoming us your organization treating us like true teammates both on off the racetrack. And soon met I wish you the best feature. You're awesome person and awesome driver and wanna help the champion congratulations on great career. Boys and everyone at first row companies thank you. Auto Owners Insurance. Yeah. In Austin part of these guys resent my notice from five hour thank you for the support of the 77 and seventy teams this year we look forward to next year our future together. Filters Jennifer Gibson thank you for the partnership it's been great it's Textron aviation Scott Bret thank you for getting us the race is safely in all you've done for us. Army navy nation's new partner of ours thank you for that cause well I use two Oakley and sprint really appreciate all your support. How about Eric Jones in the semi seventeen. Okay. That's only rookie of the year man. They're hero that's pretty also. Plus dropped six affinity. And cut. So unselfishly have to say that the new racing format with the state just worked out pretty well for us. I'd like to thank Brian and Lisa Jim might bring us the evening everybody in NASCAR for continuing to make NASCAR exciting for our fans. All the track operators and employees broadcast partners fox and NBC series XM MR MP RN and all the media thank you for your coverage all season long. Monster energy thank you for becoming our series sponsor this year. The trophy is absolutely unbelievable and very happy. To millions of NASCAR race fans out there thank you for your passion and making us more what it is and given us all the best job in the world. My MTJ motor force staff who are here tonight. We keep my whole life Roland. Nobody and hunting partner Dale Junior. They make it back out here now is seats empty. The makes it easier. I wouldn't be here without bail he gave him my first break in NASCAR. I'm damn sure gonna miss racing rhythm on the racetrack. Already spent a lot of time together away from the racetrack and I look forward to that congratulations on amazing career wherever your. I wish you. Amy and your new addition the very best in the future on the court spend more time with you guys. And finally back to love my life. No not racing. Shares. Bailout you and thank you for that change you've cause in my life. You're an inspiration to all of us in this room. And winning is a great feeling. Best thing like for view Israel make it. That's all never give up. And have a wonderful holiday season thank you.