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One on One: Erik Jones

Sun, 1 Oct 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Kim Coon talked to Erik Jones about a number of topics prior to the Apache Warrior 400 broadcast on MRN from Dover International Speedway.

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First things first you looked different to get rid of the mall it might decide traffic. Well. There's a lot of factors really. I don't know last week last two weeks have been really shop that was long and then than the other reason it was is as painful as a lot to deal with media. In the morning and then right yup car is always going everywhere so. I got tired of it and all was done. Thirty move on he stage his stage you're whining on your rookie season what do you feel like the biggest thing you learn so far this season and it's hard to save you know one thing I guess you know about them over the course the year I think this. Yet taking. Taking what I learned from trucks and sanity I think I felt like I was in a really prepared for cop. And then when I got here it was like OK now not really you know with Caroline a whole new deal so just taken that and in learning as much I can and figure out how to beat. A little bit more prepared each week. Coming into you know whatever give rates may be. I think that's been a basic for me is concerned about how do. I did do that per preparation and be a little bit better. About feel like I'm ready to go and I shook the racetrack and and I think we've done a good job of that I think. I feel like I'm ready to go and better prepared grind it here I think the team feels like they're the same way I think Chris is a really good job coming along to just altogether. The team myself I think everybody's grown along the way fear that a little bit more about the competitive in the cup series expand a little bit more on the transition into NASCAR three series perhaps maybe what was the biggest surprise for you. Well and I think. Just how hard it was I ran a few raises and Tony's fifteen and and now I'm near it was tough but we ran really well so. I kind of thought it would come pretty natural pretty easy. And then you know when we got in years it was it's like okay this. This isn't pretty big challenge so. You know this sort of an uphill battle I think you know the speed was always kind of air force but the execution and all the little things come along with. Race in the cup series or are so much bigger almost an even the speed so. I think just have to learn more about those and get better and better at that side of things was pretty big for me. And I feel like I've. As a driver I've come a long ways. I've learned more. You know in this one season I think I learned. In any years from point thirteen point sixteen that I hadn't structures vanity so. It's been really big for me I mean it's it's been huge so it's it's it's something I've really enjoyed the challenge of. You describe this transition has a little bit of an uphill battle but every now iTunes extra hot streak. Top 107 aroma of the last eight races what do you attribute that success to you. Well I think it's a little bit of you know a couple things and and the first one being that you know is coming back a lot racetrack for the second time I think the first time we go to these places it's. You know some places we hit on right away I mean you we go to Bristol and Phoenix and those kind of places and sort of OK you know I feel really comfortable there I feel like. In any car there I feel comfortable but there's some tracks for you to. That's just totally different in this this new learning experience you don't really know I mean as a driver which need Jakarta do. And Chris is it first your crew chief you know he. He can't help me a lot on it either you know he's totally reliant on the he has had to experience and a cup car to go okay well I think he's doing this so. Now going back for the second time he learns mile a bit better island track a little bit better I think he knows a little bit better what to do for the car so. All that as well as you know I think. On pit road we've improved as well but being here we lose a lot of spots on pit road in an hour at the point where we can maintain if not gains in spots so. Hello all I can better I think. I think artists are whole weekend's going better we're qualifying better or we're getting a better pit stall where we're staying up front for the majority to raise or not. Having the penalties it's all those things together you know at this matter finishes. When you're coming to tracks a second time are there certain tracks where the second time is easier than others like where does Dover compared coming here a second time in the cup car. I would say. Yeah I would say this this place is weird it seems like. It seems like it changes every time I never know I liked over I don't I don't recognize I've been here for semis and all of this place that I come back it's like I don't know why ever set like this place so. It is but it's strange I guess I just changed every time. You know I think it's just it's tough every time you come here. In any car and in especially cup cars is so hard drive right now I mean with low downforce and and everything else we've got going I just makes a real challenge so especially come to such a fast place like Dover where it is. It is really aero dependent you don't have any error to depend on it expects really challenging so. I don't think a place like Dover really gets any easier I think he does know a little bit better what you need. Your car to be doing. Was it like running for fracture racing and no you cannot Cheney got to Denver at least once what's the atmosphere like there at the shop. You know it's it's cool I mean it's it's totally different you know for her having run for KBM for a few years injured as a racing for a few years. Thought for sure it was totally different you know those are both really big teams for the respective series so furniture row is is. It's a big team we have all the resources we need but there's not a lot of people mean it's it's it's it's a small atmosphere. The shops are very big it's it's kind of discreet office side of the road so. I -- for some though there wasn't really sure do you know what to expect I've heard from a few people kind of what it was. Going on here for the first time in this kind of yeah it makes you smile and it takes you back. They since it made act a little bit of you know kind of some of my late Mahler racing and it is need to be able to go in the shop and really know everybody and know her own name you know when you get Gaza KBM Barraza JGR. It's tough to really. You know everybody I mean JER now has virus 600 employees. You can't know every single person so it is cool to have national team feel. And I think it's it's an advantage I mean you can communicate. The information. So much quicker and get things done so much quicker when you don't have that many. Wall to go through to get something done so I really enjoy it's it's cool it's it's I wish I could see my guys more you know I've only been out there maybe six or seven times but it's been awful. You'll meant to JGR next season taking over the twenty car do you foresee that transition being. Relatively easy being that app rancher earlier kind of a satellite TJ GR as it is. Yeah I mean you know the the procedures are similar and obviously the cars are really similar. So that that's. You know it's not like I'm going to totally new organization or anything like that that everything's pretty similar so that does make it smoother. But you know it at the same time we are still. Go to news group and there's there is some things that they do different that. I'm not sure of what that is yet but you know out you'll find out pretty soon but you know it it is going to be different but I think in the same time like I said you know at least. Being in similar cars and being in a similar. Situation is that way to make things buddies here. You gotta Dodd over the summer Oscar how heavy training kind of these kids out sometimes he's target all but he's he's about he's he's only four months old now. You know he he's actually really did the only thing. He gets really exciting it's lie energy losses lost by eight hits starts biting everything that other than that he's been pretty Getty's he had to stay home this weekend. But he's he's gonna get dogs Tennessee travel a few typically Adam yeah I I usually bring him. This is the first week and he has come and really since I so it's it's kind of weird I haven't here. You've found it quite a roller coaster year and a half you know last year you lost your father this year you move full time into the cup series I'm having a great. Actually it was a phenomenal where he sees and what do you hope for what do you think your dad is eighty you looking back on the season you've had so far. I think I think he would have just been really proud of the improvement we made you know I think you would have been proud of the fact that you know we've we didn't give we didn't just. Say you know you know we can't get any better we can't keep doing this and I think you would have enjoyed is the it kind of climbing may from the start of the year being a new team and and and just trying to build everything together and in this point now where. We're consistently in the top ten in the top five and enough leading laps and I think he was thought that was really needs so. I know he would have but I am pretty proud of that I know he was down I know he was excited that I was going to have an opportunity in the cup series in itself. Fortunately he was misused able to get that news so. I think it would have been really proud just to see the improvement I think it was going to be some he would enjoy it. Appreciate the time Mac Beth thank you.