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ISM Raceway Press Conference

Thu, 28 Sep 2017|

Phoenix Raceway and ISM Connect, a pioneer in smart venue technology, announced a multi-year partnership that includes naming rights for the Raceway’s modernized venue as well as the installation of a groundbreaking digital fan engagement experience. Beginning in 2018, the venue will be known as ...

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All right ladies and gentlemen welcome to do not show resort here you don't Venus. Please take your seats and get things started please turn your attention to the videos friends. That's right. Thanks for joining us here in the sky around beings race way the future begins now. On behalf of all of the International Speedway corporation track here you're gonna blow them off shadows resort new movies we have a very special announcement today. There's going to let distinguished. Guests. My president needs residents crimes murder. Yes Brian hello is this sports fans want your governor of Arizona via our love is beauty. So you have to go our vice president of operations for our guys have connect Jeff Hawkins. Did you guys vice president technology Verizon connect marvelous job. And finally the end of the now one he's losing them all as NASCAR fans bizarre life goal for two time IndyCar 500 champion. Flu like take a moment to recognize several special guests that are Andy today for this announcement. They're all kinds supervisor Bill Gates. It's GRO. Here because they sent early confessed. Mirror you know who else. Can he get here golf tourism and all want attendants can't even see Eli isn't that good. Joey Shaw Wu chief operating officer of International Speedway corporation. Served on the national Steven. What else the VDs he's so good about our our big Roddick since January this year thank you Alex. Okay familiar. What is now has more v.s braves way. Yeah. Our design the room is here catching the ball on world renowned horse sports artist you'll literally in this bill Patterson. Without further do these things off track president prosper. Okay that's certainly an important day in our history. Pleased to announce that starting January 1 2008. TE CH raceway will now now. I asked him race. Change this over. It's. Do you. You can actually act anymore or there harsh. Will you do more guys that. And her incredible technology capabilities let him get our offer. There are. He's I want to say this is saying hey gamers. Or are. W beneficiaries. Do we get. And I exit gracefully consulate here do crazy disease. Escalators elevators in news sports bar quite possibly the most exciting and field experience. All eastward and yes I have fully qualified naval facility that we yeah guys that technology and create. But also needed for our community as I say this to what would you raise switchers in Oakland instructions provided 100000 dollar again. Child. Roll class terror organization here day. Use. We'll have more honest effort here in my. Service these models that I was I was willing to job and almost name it car. As I was that the day traders. If he was elected he played Arizona who is open for business. You don't either crazy act hockey's considered location there. Investment conference today. But they have now and it highest maybe even worse is that guy there whose vision is resonating decision makers. In his column space. Are. Gutters and it really hurt businesses are stay in Houston today's announcement are old. Are yeah indicated that. And say yes dancing actually my friend and our great guy. I was sick thanks to Brian and congratulated on his promotion okay. He's. It but I don't do great things or are his words the great things through bell hit you are. Jose. Michael it's great duty. This bull yeah it's as close to a NASCAR driver I was really don't look you yeah. It's. Trustees'. Anyway as possible what is the only investment is for. He's it's so when you Russert newcomers and now he pre game. History of what has happened here that this race for. This was built in 1964. This started racing stock cars in 1968. This is an accident there now. There's replace major as an explanation as Brian mentioned. The clippers for a undergoing construction. The last for the fan experience there's no war in advance and rolls work this. This is going to be kid path. Four billion dollars. This for accidentally. And courtroom and he pictures. It's fantastic user. You are ready pot business news that we have here this just. The most exciting days are actually in the nation. Although here we've yet. Did you hear from tourism king and state laws well what we've done over the last three years in terms of hosting. It is to rule book probable college football national championship. NCAA. Final four. There are just. Less harsh in those events alone brought one point three billion dollars for the Dallas this. That doesn't include the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Being that we enjoy every year. And all. As the British were. This is an exciting as it came back flippers stated Arizona it will make some premiere destination for these sporting events. So this is something I know as a father. This very young and old. Ha cross. This is we want choice and his. Our greatest the year so I would say that this is just another point Brian. Is it Arizona and sporting events all through that so we hope here. Oh thank everyone over here we're excited for cooperation works every person coming decades. Yeah us today again congratulations guys. Us. And you'll. Thank you gotta go prepare to introduce our next guest. Jeff hutchins and cardiovascular wrong I think next. Please tell them first and ask you turn your attention more horrifying video is pretty affordable that are blown. Okay. He's so those. Below. Louis where he is the easy. Do you facility and easy history. We want to show us that. When it was. Fans. Interest. Only answer is. So the you know if you think you're in the logo is hitting. Created. Thank you very much for it and if you can. Bullet holes look. Yeah. And you know this is the kind of see what shape track really a respectful. He's told me. He's. A very important. It's crazy yeah. Never got back in November of last year indicate that when and where. We challenge you. Teenagers. When and you get things and so in the enterprise it was very. And first. This guys actually looks like penalties went into the so it is yeah. Back. He. It is we'll also. She does. Well. In anticipation of the about. First he's a quality. Pieces a fantastic tomorrow. They have increased its Ryan in Indiana and every year. Approval or season. Things. Via the suns great market. Racetrack so great he does things looters. We sat down it's. Saturday. And out east. You know. You and me. Vision and his team needs. Me just so hopefully it's before moving forward. They had him engage in mind the whole thing was happening there. A better place new experience has really been pretty cool technology and just. He's they're terrific. Yeah yeah yeah we'll. It's father's picture she's. We. The root and it was right when he. Turns his. Ervin appreciate. This morning. The goal is. As he's again. It's. He pulled a little confusing so you are old. Sort. This is almost years. So constantly. You were pros today it is easy. The standard user friendly. There won't see. The possibility that day he impressed. Facilities in. This. And they've experienced person. Finishing holes on. Access. I'm is that they believe me there's. Days when they look. It's. India for sure. Some of them were members of both you. Visited earlier. He's able. But. The other. This is the X-Factor. Exposed obviously here. People are. NASCAR voters or relationship. Just as. Questions. Or exceeded our packages that you. We're seeing. He. Everything else here we're hitting. Changes. Or. Permanent. Haters or try and. Evidently drove it stand out means you city's shops there is something really view. It as a violation. As important as. Internship and so. Yes. My form. Television's. Big bill so. Mark. Yeah yeah. Yeah these days Hamas. Or work him into. Or. Yeah me everyday experience better. Real miserable it. Doesn't think yeah velocity. Is. And I want. What is there. Your hear. Your thoughts here you know and our partners here. It is you know all that hard work is work. For. Personally for me. Shepherded it through. This is very. She. Well he has a couple months ago. But the end it is it is. He's for us. That is her remarks we'll walk through. Sort of courses. Race. Actor in the end it was almost got us here. Killing can software zones does it. We got one of those wins today views and here events. These numbers and continue our social media messaging. Jason this is well. Just. And senator Harris and give away something was as much peaceful. Again. We'll hear later today so just think it's. Our goal is Brian Anderson. Really there's room for us. You just. My he. Yeah it. It. News. It's possible. Are your. Or privacy. He says yes. Yeah why. Now see yet people all girls and he. Said well. This it is. It's. Yeah. Were younger generation. You know we'll share experiences possible speed. This will be able. Velocity. Technology to. Us where you can see how it. Yeah there and he. Better friends at all better services. And experience. You mobile. You cooperation mean he's he's old us. There. And most. He's. What. Mask who. So power C right. And is that painful so. He's what is it yeah displays. Yeah see you all our work areas. You work AD and he. They are here in this case and were. He people over our program based. It is we. So this. Yeah. It's really relevant experience that date you. If right. Will also use these little different services. Any earth. People yeah. Thought you know little. Both Portland. Is a little bit of us can. They use animal lovers who gives you very. Nine plus percent actors really. Yeah yeah. He's troops enter Mo yeah its brutal heat that get you into the race that they don't. Received Davis. Additional morning is no solution you legacy. Object recognition we'll. Security threats and work with the local courts and that he's series. Reason why can he what was. So we're very excited about the next Saturday. Oh well. Wilbur or what Google's innovative works where there being power notice advertising to yeah today. But you. Oh yeah Saturday yeah technology. Sorties and let us around the games more games or. And all over the map and and you it is allowed us news and weather fans where a chance against his birthplace. I'll read our partners that he's or lob would work so much issues. Race and I see our park birdied the race. There. They're generous he's old power. Clean renewable resources he's working and was moving toward portables. He says he's really written or any she's glad. Well what what. Incorporated. Partners and raised answers as well. Overall rating. And awareness. Yeah so. Isn't there is an issue of race. Color picture. He works or why spoke earlier. Upper peninsula evolved communications. And now he's put these guys. It Smart and news loves you. He's. And these days in and and away. Asia ours as well. You fully digital. For flexibility when it was. Will be and it services was these. And yet he has the act and holes works just. Villages partnership. Problems. Here ten years ago longer true. There's always the Liberty Media access in a hole. News media isn't a huge opportunity for that race. Yes or the security. So. I don't want the fans who he's right. 501 teacher on Phoenix and gets angry partners and look forward. Thank you Jim thank you more that you. Just because for those independents and remember our announcement in January and talk about technology is forced Obama has aging process is the big house. Mile actually harder with a dangerous. Remember with a technology company makes perfect sense for where we're headed next. Foreseeable future is well what he's raising. Rightfully thing boat we really appreciate you guys are tremendous work. Our next guest is no stranger to any NASCAR and Asian day that he had a great business sense or. He has 784. Career starts in my strategy is our house here is. He's two time Daytona 500 champ. Eight here. Times bestselling author of into the league. And believe it or not the top senate process finisher using with the stars. They like what have you found a box NASCAR road yes ladies and gentlemen we'll our prayers are well Bloomberg does Michael walker. And Grady is he turnover and is that you know what. Okay. Scola strong suit focused on racing cars and you are now. Me or. Thankfully the people who law. I came here race but now first. Wow this really is is very very fast. Yeah it is. It is forty world ends. That we go to work world in the race track. Everybody circled on the calendar when it comes he needs Brothers and the the spread of the weather expert will you show your November. Bob raises. Saying that the world I saw back then we'll go to Miami I was injured is just. Bob on the calendar that everybody's excited at all. Well they're ready they've islanders. Oddly. Not that stopped players. Seems. And the thing that I love so much ultimately. Your web part raising very. The facility over the years hasn't exactly. Standard. Is another time. Is that these days. And everything yeah under her immunity. That product. Gee that means not exactly. That follow our University of Michigan in here former President Carter and my dad. You know why and believe he's got. Is there could be. We'll. All. And I guarantee you there's as many people that are by yes later in the elevator or anybody about and why. My daughter asked him if he thought that the but it is tracking cash out. There aren't you are certainly is worse is bigger than me just that it wanted to have all those cool. It's. It. I beautiful clear strategy. When you come to me. He's great. Pray for our currency. But the new. Bill. Poor areas where are all the communities that Brad Andrews. Yeah yeah and you know. Go to work aren't being met Hillary. But I have been better. Forward. Not permitted near where there have been available today. Race and or forever. Well this. Do you have any please raise more. Lucas county's yeah it's worth about football or. And the video words that these guys will play racetracks. And he does ability yeah just being a good thing is worse than. Work has also been a little bit tough for blocks and that big and do prove that you see what the greatest danger is no longer me. And I hear. It is good and they braves fan into these areas you have more. So I'm really thankful that it has now. Hey guys that ribeiro right. Very natural and unfortunately yeah. They got our broadcast. Them. I don't know sponsors aren't they injured. Without our. Not bother with the guys and I brought those great shape than ours did. We're all we're. And I this sob yeah our third one. Do readers here play and they tee here's the thing. You all our guests today Bob Hope or you turn. Please turn your digital video screens for one mile. Right. I am. Okay. Okay. You know. Breaks my own thing. Okay thanks you're.