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One on One: Matt Kenseth

Sun, 17 Sep 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Kim Coon catches up with Matt Kenseth before he begins the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series playoffs at Chicagoland Speedway.

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I'm one of three girls your father of three euros it which can be an interesting thing we amount of attract as a very dry sarcastic guy what is. Dad Matt Light at. Home. Probably the same when I was still pretty dry and sarcastic thank him funny. So I don't know I don't really. Try to be somewhere else or somebody else no matter what I'm doing so our thank him much different. Are you at home though like playing army's and doing different girl things having three girls. You know not so much and barbies the glare and are displaying babies five minutes go here more room. Again your big Metallica fan you into a concert earlier summer all time favorite Metallica song. Man sort of pick one song. A big fan of and justice for all the whole album it's a very different either like gators don't. That's probably my favorite album they ever did scuttle really long hitters in zones. What are you like attic on thirty day outage is kind of like stand there and takes at all and are you kind of tapping your flag or you see on. Us. Yeah I just I sit over a chair in the corner I was in my feet. There pretty boring just like knows them. I don't know it's are not that fun Metallica concert we have a good time went deterrent acts of its race fans that may go to Michigan for a long time. It doesn't try to hook up rumors can actually go take other camps I'd never heard from it. Summits race fans down there I am really good time as early accounts. You're very active you cycle you Ryan. Do you listen to music weighing year. On the bike are out for a job. I Devlin on the bike it's I mean there's no without music's good try to pay attention to what's going on on the road. When a mom or bike I actually don't wanna run I don't know why it almost everybody does. He bought me you know the your phones from Google phone holder all that stuff and lost a formal room where when side I really don't as your run of the mill lots it was spent a lot of time talking. From Rosa what is atop remove myself on veterans in music on the line and these are. Mixing up a lot faster. Providence. And above all season is upon as house ain't a gonna be this year. And I don't know I don't have a crystal ball. Media hope until they're gonna begin the middle of additions this offseason and obviously we got Aaron Rodgers and in although offensive weapons you'd think there offensively pretty good but they haven't had a tough schedules what's the first couple weeks of the season we'll know pretty quickly and it seems like a lot of times they started off slow and get better so for strong service here. You fancy team this year. I do we just do one years you're long fantasy only getting visas a year twelve bit switch their raft last Monday. Themselves on on the reigning champion so open to repeat this here. And do a lot of drafting some references it's easy just do we asthma or some user. How do you feel like your fancy graphics. Well I think when you don't with a draft typically I was field is awesome so you know I don't know there's couple guys got some trees that teams a feel okay about it. And thanked Anthony.