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One on One: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Sun, 3 Sep 2017|

Ned Jarrett talked to Dale Earnhardt Jr. about a number of topics prior to the Bojangles' Southern 500 broadcast on MRN from Darlington Raceway.

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Appear for the history of the sport. Part of it come from when you start really becoming a great historian I think because of my family's history. Maybe wanting to know more about Ralph Earnhardt wanting to know about my father's. Career is the worked Israel through the short tracks in in. North Carolina in that area just. You know there are so many. Really interesting personalities too in the sport. That. That she just really wanted to know more ballots just got a lot you know get very interested in it. I found a lot of old footage from the seventies and started watching these old races and just. Kind of fell in love and. I've seen on TV Durham during those of back in the day sales and things like that that that's real lot of fun and you seem to really enjoy. Yeah I really do I really do enjoy it because it's educational for me I learned I get a lot out of it and learn something from myself so. And I think that it's imported for our fan base to. To be introduced to those type things and allow them to become curious as well and you know you become bigger Fran a more. Knowledgeable fan of the sport is you start to learn he stopped things are allowed to be able to give people an opportunity. Well the Jack gym Richey one day in memory consider himself because now raced a lot of pastor grandfather and a we've really had look mostly good times but we got some bad smoking hundred students he's tough competitor. The toughest I ever write to people ask me that'll happen. I affirm or was the toughest job that I ever raced. Yeah we're we're scanned their rare photo albums and look at it every all the pictures that we have of Ralph. When he was racing in. Even when he was just kind of in and around. That environment not necessarily at the car or working on the car and you're in some of those voters in Maine and that you guessed in a lot of time together. Now when you were recovering from your injuries. This is the track that you came to detest. Toughest one on the circuit while I think that's while McCain here. Obviously his location my disease get to the I needed to really put myself in situation that would. Challenge me. There's a lot of tracks in mind not really put me to test mentally and felt good physically and and and you really don't you really can't. Understand. How well you recovered mentally into you challenge your brain in mister Simpson complex situation and environment. And nothing's tougher than Darlington I think this is the hardest track really to get around that we race on. Throughout the seasons that I was lucky to be at a come here in in this is opportunity for me as. After that day I had so much confidence now was in good shape and I could go into the season really really champion and feeling good about myself. It will tested both mentally and physically. What's your vision after return them do username we want to potentially start a family what other interest and have worked with her. Yeah we loved. Started failing hopefully relief contestant to be able to do that in. We have a lot to look forward to between ourselves. It's been our lives together. Really excited about that part. I'm gonna go into the Booth and trap broadcasting I got a little opportunity to do that last year when I was out of the car I got to go to the Booth a few times IE. Enjoyed that much more than I thought would I expect I expected it to be really fun but it was I was over the moon. With helmets on a hand in and I come out of those. I commend those experiences just. Energized and see in the sport from a totally different perspectives says. I've always often wondered. How I would remain part of the sport after I got out from behind the steering wheel and I hadn't had no real clear answers for that. And I'm hoping there. Broadcasting in an opportunity to stay around and be involved and still be a part of it and been asked it to the sport. Listen to be important to you to be able to give back to the fans in a different manner I just would have been asked this. And be helpful in. In the health in the growth of the sport and I'm really think it. The broadcasters have a very critical important role. In into showing the fans at home what what's happening. In person you know people always say all the time and then and you know you can see sentinel TV it's not that it's not like being there in real life welded. The broadcasters job is to. To bridge that gap is in make it as narrow as possible and I I think it defined challenge I got a lot to learn I got no I got a great a group of folks to learn from. In and got a really apply myself its first real job and had twenty years that the senate now calories it is a real job sit on the I'm gonna have to be accountable to a whole group of folks and I'm looking forward it to him. I found it to be at least it is bigger but challenge as driving to restore. And it did help me read it to. Four under this might be worth two. Walkway from the driving part of it and not miss it as much propels I had found a bigger challenge. And and certainly there's nothing broadcasts and you know to do that. Are you satisfied with what you've accomplished in the sport. I ailment and you know I get asked that a lot because I don't have a championship than there's. You know they were a a lot of expectations. Coming in and committed in my career. A didn't. Know what I was capable of IE. Only wanted to be able to make a live and as a driver when I mean mad that is that I didn't wanna. Have a name on a half to worked at a dealership changed Doyle was a McCain Aiken and did that in progress through that part of the business. And as it was enjoyable but it wasn't racing and I want it to be able to race well enough to do it for a living. And in putting the other really expectations or goals out there other than that I just wanted to room well enough to be able to do for a living. I won races that I never thought I'd win in and experienced a lot of things that I never imagined were possible. And so it's been far more than I expected out of it. You know they're semi things they could have happened in not only Mac through my dad's career that really change everything for me. And so I feel real fortunate I feel like. Really gotten a lot more out of it and I enter into space. Mary do you mentioned. Expectations. A lot of people. Expect you record your work your dad did that things are different that's that's not a fair comparison. Yeah I mean and he that forever got a car that that was. The likelihood of me going iron going out there and comps in what he. And on news that even if our race. That if I did race I was gonna have to. Deal with that comparison and being in his shadow bit. But it was worth the challenges that that brought. With it. The success in this the fortune in in the the enjoyment was much much more worth. You know dealing with the comparisons stuff like that after awhile people started seeing me for who I was in that I wouldn't realizing that nothing like you know nothing like my dad and we're two different people in in the start kind of appreciating me for who I was in in in seeing me differently says scene is a separate person in its dieted. Earnhardt legacy and I've just they're proud. Try to uphold the name really Whalen do good things toward add to that legacy. My father already established and not let my father downer or are. But in my family dynamic everybody for a members who'd be proud of so nobly to a team. Is there anything that you'd like to say to the fans of major. I haven't asked the question of somebody else has and asked the question that you block for them to know about there when her junior. Well I just think did. It's been important to me for this whole. Final season that the Iranians realized how much we appreciate everything that they've done for us this no this stuff would it ever happened had the fans not shown us the support that they've shown us from the very beginning. I would have never gotten opportunities that I've gotten. To be in the equipment Albanians and to have the opportunity to win races that's all come from the fans support. The fan support has driven my career. And carried my career. To greater heights an active ever imagine sue. Does that while the most important things to you. As you look back over the things that you have a conflict is having won that most popular driver human times. It it definitely is a in an award that. Fumbles you and having won so many years in Iran who is. If it really. It really. Too it's hard to explain how it makes you feel. Assessment from. You've just seen it should eat you just you don't feel like you'd ever be able to thank people enough and you don't feel lucky to ever be relative. Show the fans what that really means to your how much he appreciated. Having it happen year after year after year. They've been with us from the very beginning through thick in the end and and we've weathered some storms and and we've we've celebrated some successes and it's been an expert incredible experience for me and but but that you know make sure that they know that we appreciate all that and that they feel appreciated is important. Well thank you for thank you Pamela your resistance to pick up there with those here today. Is honored there RT.