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One on One: AJ Allmendinger

Sun, 6 Aug 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Kurt Becker talked to AJ Allmendinger about a number of topics prior to the I Love New York 355 broadcast on MRN from Watkins Glen International.

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With AJ on ending her driver of the number 47 Kroger Chevrolet for JTG Doherty racing all right AJ how long you've had this date circled on your calendar. I mean it. You know what's coming so. I try not to put too much importance on it. We all know that we got there and your jobs and on that my best race teams that are best it's it's a great opportunity to win a race but. You know all we can use your best and whatever happens happens site. I would put pressure muscle every weekend so. It's one of these races that. It's important but he is just another race you don't wanna try to put too much pressure on. Came out of the box strong with the top three finish at Daytona back in February this year. Top fives have been tough coming since then how difficult is it for you when the team to put everything behind view and just focus on this weekend. I mean is pretty simple what's what's happened in the past it's the past we can't go back and change it. We're learning every weekend it's been a tough year for the whole organization. But we got a lot of great people search for the ownership and Jody there at the best owners that anybody can ask work. Crow over such a great partner partisan and they're pushing for two to try to help make us better for this year and going into next year. So the past is what it is seen and we've Daytona was great we got 42 point penalty basically rate after than. It's it's been a struggle since then but we're pushing hard in this races is different than any of the race that we go to UN. We can't learning thing from pocono or Michigan or Loudon. We just focus on what and when in the tell you. The driver can have a fantastic. Here Watkins Glen and come home third or fourth or fifth that's not willing to help you well. How challenging is this course. A great finish is gonna help us out no matter what the M maybe not make the playoffs but you know for the year it it. Can't take the last half this year strong a great finish is a great finish the matter where rats so. But you just got to play out it will we take a chance if it means trying to win the race pressure ended when the race and make the playoffs or at least have an opportunity to make my house. Is huge for our race team but. We just take is accounts you know search for practice on Saturday and see China will kind of speed or car has all fun and then everything else and state ericsson's going to be. Different that the strategy is race. The meaning our mistakes make no mistake so. But. Steal one lap is at a time it's cliches that sound but that's all we can you know we've got four more races in the regular season after this before we get to the playoffs. Do you ever when people say oh Watkins Glen this is where AJ moment singer has to make it work as part of your recite it now wait a minute I can find my way around oval tracks as well. The gap but. I guess it's better than m.'s tell me that I'm not very good anywhere at least I'm really good somewhere right itself. Now it's it's a part of it and you know road racing spin my background a feel like a driver can make more of a different road race so. I enjoyed I enjoy the challenge in. You know and all that noises from the outside we know inside what. But we can do we know we're racetracks we can be pretty good at racetracks are gonna struggle. Is this a better up to the human race than Michigan next week. Yet for sure can we go to Bristol and run well we've we've done in the past but. All we focus on as Watkins Glen and I guess that you do your best. And you go home and look at yourself in the Mir and that's all I can do that's all the team can do and if that means we're Victory Lane at about 6 o'clock on Sunday then great if not. And we've done our best we go to an actress you boys been successful everywhere you've gone and you have driven in a lot of different forms. Of motor sports someone here today saw you walking through the garage area. Nick pointed do you and they said right there goes that guy who with not for a seatbelt issue would have an Indy 500 trophy to his credit. Little things like that can pop up is that one that 2013 at the 500 do you ever reflect on that and think man I wish I had that went back. Now I don't know what would happen week for sure that the seat belt took the opportunity when in the race away. That doesn't mean we were gonna injuries we had a great car that day but that final restart I might have been the leader on the restart and got passed so you never now. You just can't look at the past I feel very fortunate when are reflective markers that I've been on the win races. In cup in extremity. In champ car of one Rolex 24 hour you know I've been very fortunate in that. I've been to person opted to be able to drive a lot different cars to one and one different cars and I'm sure how we look at Seattle what it is a what does that but. I'm still here I still have a job tad and Jody year. They believe in me I believe in myself and we're gonna go try to walk a winner racism and if not this on the next and can't let you get away without asking you about a character who payment to your life about a year ago. Mr. tickle itself for for those who are not familiar. Who is mr. trickles in what's been going on in his life mr. tackles are trashed and cat or doctor cat now he. Terra my girlfriend and I we found him under a dumpster about. Actually two years ago at this point because this was his first race two years ago so. And he's he's been a crazy cat ever since and. I was not a huge callow I'll liked cats but it was a huge cap personals always account a dog person but he's he switched me over beanie cap person in. Now you know he's the breadwinner in the family now has got to deal with Christie's in Purina and just did a commercial for a beach had him in terror cell. You know we got we got all kinds of things happen owning households though but now I've. I'd feel so fortunate that on the able to bring to Aaron and mr. tackles comes to most the races and you know it's one of those things up for a lot of pressure myself so you go back of the bus he doesn't care what's happening you run around like craziness. Makes it a little bit fun to have a distraction like that so it's been nice so overall sounds like you're pretty good spot in life. I mean. I'll be a better Spotify went on Sunday but believe me to be a lot worse. AJ appreciate your taking time to visit good luck in the race thank you.

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