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One on One: Martin Truex Jr.

Sun, 30 Jul 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Kim Coon talked to Martin Truex Jr. about a number of topics prior to the Overton's 400 broadcast on MRN from Pocono Raceway.

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You can't motor racing now charge you with Martin Truex junior. Pocono. You got your first win for furniture row here back in 2015 what do you remember about that Dayne in that when. Just. That feeling of kind of relief yet you know we finally did we call it breakthrough week. We've been so close the weeks leading up to that weekend that you know there's a lot of disappointment inside the team just because we were able. To get the wins and after lead no laps and thanks so just kind of release and nearest huge feeling of pride just to get this team back to Victory Lane. I salary visited Denver last month even. Throughout the first pitch for the Iraqis how often do you get out west to see the shop to see that guys. Especially not as much as I'd like to love going out there and seeing everyone and it's just so far and come out of the way of our normal travel schedule. You know for the cup series at any time we go west we definitely try to get there and sincere rule on. But wish it was a little bit closer of where at least there that's for here. When you're out there do you get the sense though that there entire city of Denver is kind of behind. Your team in the shop. I definitely do and yes you were the only team out there rights army live on the East Coast who have North Carolina. You've all these teams to pick from but Denver yeah I mean this is Denver's team so it's obvious definitely a neat feeling. To go out there and do things in the area like the Rockies game you mentioned. There's a ton of fans out there and local artists are offences. You know furniture row and and what we're doing so it's been neat to see that in follow that and and meet a lot of those folks out there and non. Kind of take advantage of that at a hometown feel. Fourteen stage when's this season meeting in slips ages and races. Thinking about coming into the season and it seems like this segment had raised my really fence use it's the team. Does that played near natural driving style what this team brings or did you guys come to the season knowing you had to adapt because winning season going to be so important. Well I think we knew it was going to be important and we obviously I think we wanted to take advantage of that I think everybody thought the same way and we've been able to get it done so. I think just on me it's definitely played into our hands here last year if you look at the season we had the laps we led. Really what we did last year we would have a lot of statements then as well so you know it's just on you gotta be consistently running up front are Gaza have done a good job of putting us air keeping us there we can we gallon. You know that's where the statements come from so was we we had a few more overall wins feel like we've. Gave you know gave a few way year there had more opportunities and then we've taken advantage of so. We'll just you know keep working hard to that in and and try to gets more wins meant I think overall spend success and indefinite crowd of the season we haven't still long way to go as we have. Keep working hard you banks quite the number of playoff points though especially if he compared to what other drivers are doing this season. Does that make you feel more confident about your championship run and maybe in past years. That claim that makes is still better than last year you know Lester it's such a great season in the first round of the playoffs week you know 12 there races and and then you around two we had some trouble and then we got knocked down Talladega with an engine problem so you just you never know in this sport changes so fast you know. Takes so many things to go right just to get to the end of these things you have couple bad weeks in Euro. You know with with issues and you find yourself in a bad spot so. You we're just trying to fill our pockets were this many of those playoff points we can because we know that they're gonna be important not only to get to homestead. Com but I think you know just in case you have trouble you know something in the lean on something that gets you through a round if you have Kobe races so we'll just see what happens when. Interrogators made as of again. Ticker members are suspended for three races after an altercation with critique of the eighteen and Stevens. How detrimental will that be if any thing to the team and then as a driver is if Russia on something. Outside of the year control happens like that. It's always frustrating when you know things out of your control happen. But it's such a big part of racing I mean you look at. You know whether it's an engine problem or caution coming out the wrong time or flat tire and neither so many things that play into this stuff and and that's just another one of them so. You know I don't know we'll have to wait and see how it affects the team I hope it doesn't affect us at all I do know that that leave Robin Taylor to the best on pit road and and so. Without a doubt we're gonna miss those guys and we definitely wish they were here. Hopefully they use these couple weeks to get prepared for playoffs in and come back you with a vengeance that. We'll just have to see how plays out I think there at their place as we have are on. The proven guys they've done this in the past they've got a lot of years of experience under pressure which is huge part of this and now we'll just see how it goes in and take it one step at a time. You're in the Sydney team have had an outstanding season. Each year and the leader and pretty much every stat out there. On the flip side you could do ADR and they have struggled this season compared to what we've seen from them in years before because there that is that a alliance. Does that create stress on their relationships. When you're performing in there or not. Well I think on there and it does you know they've there's a lot of questions there and you know I think we've. Colin our engineers our guys have done a good job and an even me in the drive inside just trying to. You help us much we can share that information and make him feel like we're not hiding anything from. And it's difficult because you know they they look at dollars and so how can these guys here and in some much faster than Johnson. It's just right now we've got through a combination. It's making the right decisions at the right times it's not. You know that we have anything different so you know honestly I think for us we're just click and they're they've been office staff. Most of the time but I'll eighteen cars and really fast for the past two months and they just have a minute break through and put it altogether so. I feel like they're right there they got to you know. Eighteen certainly should once in races already and and I'm sure will be wannabe this week and. Today show this again at pocono with qualifying in morning of the race. Does that change how you approach the race weekend. Definitely does absolutely amused me the first time we've ever had to do impound qualifying here and the speeds at this racetrack it's going to be difficult to get your race at. To drive good qualifying for two laps and let's face it call finds important here she got to kind of figure out how to Mac and sync the two how do you make your car race did yet. You're a qualified it and in impound situation so. We're working hard on that gorgeous new stuff and no secret may work. Your brother Ryan has had an outstanding season on the trackside you seem to be his biggest cheerleader eighths. You know so often I see you down in the pits when he's raising Larry you're his biggest champion on Twitter what's your relationship like between the two of you now that you meet are running full time. From big Big Brother because a lot I'm told your older than Ryan so you know I adding it to spend a lot of time with him grownup I was you know I think I moved away when. When he was you know ten or twelve years old so I mean that we never got to race the other grown. All of his racing. Started when I was RD down south Vernon Unix miniseries or whatever so I'm. It's just been fun to see it you know I'm really proud of what he's done he's he's he's really had a fighting and claw and battled to give the position he's in and you know he's he's very very talented and I want people to make sure they figure that out sooner than later so. He's doing a good job they've got a Google stretching or they're getting better each and every week in you know they put it program bigger this year. They got some funding eroded you know build a new trucker to win and they've really started trying to. Turn the corner and an up front so on it's just been fun to watch has been found to be part of that building process with those guys here and there and I hopefully will. Finish off the season strong and put together a strong program for next year's well. Are you hands off Big Brother does he come do you ask for advice. I give as much advice as he wants a little bit stubborn. Hard headed. It's a gene have that your exes I suppose and attend yes I give as much as they'll take. Anchor Diane.

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