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One on One: Jamie McMurray

Sat, 1 Jul 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Kim Coon sits down for a conversation with Jamie McMurray in the MRN at-track studio prior to the Coke Zero 400 broadcast from Daytona International Speedway.

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And can can here with Jamie and Rory thanks for joining asked let's start ways it's the ten year anniversary of her 2007. Dig tunnel and one of the closest finishes in NASCAR history and out Kyle Busch would remember about that night. I I think I was speeding on pit road at one point had good the back we had a really good car in and I thought let me get back to the front you just never know feeding it to the front at the right time. Did I think this six that is I remember. Kyle and I had led by the last meter ten laps like Heatley who want to be the next few is on the insider I was on the outside. And they were counting lots down and then I don't know if they've got to tell mere fighters was in here did that when we are going on the backstretch I keep the radio and I'm liking him the last two left and and I I think Mike could she actually came on a play Carter he's like this is if this were coming to the checkered. Nothing that mattered that bet that it's nice to know that and it was was found in his political B Kyle by you know such a close margin. Using more fun the next day on the lake. Charlotte because. So my use we were tell those stories and only those are tied together and and I had a couple of simmering for people that Pryor was and some kind of you know it's also very you know and and and I look over and he's like had been delayed them I honestly sunny or their talent does it also and. Vegas story you've got four of Cleveland's. On year resident and do you consider yourself a good plate racer or do you chalk it up to a combination of you being good at plate tracks luck Ian having fast cars at. All of that I think you know win win. When you're get a something we tip again don't know you're good at it I feel like few weeks we seem to always know what we're not get that. But have been really fortunately tracks I had had good cars over the years. And really since my first let me say this I I don't know that I actually don't enjoy them but I've I've always done pretty well. It's changed over the years so we we went through the Ike slammed draft seen air and we have that tandem which I was not good at all. And this is kind of back to similar to how it started when when I first are raising a little bit different but. And it's changed over the years and so I think just get your good plate racer in 2002. Does not mean anything and into dozens of scene. Because of all of those things combining EU he did say it's because. Beam batteries while there having good cars and then a little bit of luck do you feel like they're. More bragging rights to a plate when because of all these stars have to line. I don't think so I mean I I think that the bragging rights come from. What mark drifted Charlotte a couple of years ago or last year when he led every every literally everything I have. I I think that's bragging rights plate races. Manning and even their races I've won I have went home in and you think about some things that happened in the last few lasted you know I tarmac I got lucky there right. That the same time I've I've I think I've been sickened at Talladega. And I've led the last couple laps Harvick passed you think. I was seem like about two feet to go. And barely beat you for the winners at it it's kind of goes both ways. They races are super stressful there really hard to sleep afterwards. Because there's this image anxiety and and and stress and and just thinking going on for three and a half hours. It's cyclical in terms of the teens we talk about that are good each year sometimes it's Hendrick. Sometimes it's GG ER is it all seems like a cycle however in the last year to consistently it seems like. CDR has stepped up their game what's been the difference because every week we're talking about what you senior teeny collars and. Yeah well that there is the differences a thousand little things. And I have thought a little bit about this in the past month or two because. Fish and other organizations that are struggling and have been struggling for awhile then and you know it's it's it's it's so hard to go from running twentieth to being able to compete to win races it's a big step and it takes a long time and we are really fortunate that one when we talk about. Gibbs or Hendrick struggling and means they won three races that year and and that they finished fifth in points as their struggle right. When it's so they do when they're down they're not really that far down it just British used to those teams or organizations cookie is such a high level. But you know her work Kyle and I were in 2000. 122013. When one or we don't want we'll still here and is that it was really bad and to deal to have our group turnaround be where we are now one and be as fast we are literally every week every tapper racetrack. It's amazing and and it's it's not one thing it's it's it's a hundred or thousand small things. Chip seems to have. What I would consider one of the bigger personalities out of the team on Harry's and NASCAR what's it like to have him as a box. Well chipped down so much of which it first time in 2000 Susie doesn't five. Our relationship was like different I was pretty young. And I I wasn't that close to chip. When I left inning came back. Our relationships that completely different and he's out here are really good friends and we we really don't burglaries in very much when he calls. But the talk you know kids Stanley. Presidential election we talk about this everything but but. You Racine and that eastern and you know to be one of my best friends and we've got to share some amazing memories together and I feel really fortunate that it's been a position men. And to get to share his memories with someone that says though it's much. I saw early this morning where he joined some. Other guys in the garage and I'm by Craig your part of this kind of currency movements. And clan guys make her eyes that has taken his cycling. And I talked to you know on number of them about why they do have that for you why do you do it. There's a lot of other reasons. That first off whether you are staying in hotel or at the motor home. I gets old. We come that this is there is this weakens again example you come here and we had nothing to do until 3 o'clock today so there's really nothing going on. So it's nice to get out these have been if you are someone who exercises you know that. No one wants to exercise no one's wakes it was like I just can't wait to go exercise but typically when she do it you get tween it's into you feel really good about yourself. It it'll change your whole day for the most part. So I did for those reasons house like social aspect of it. We get out and and there's libraries in me and I mean something if if if there is a fist fight that we before possibly we talk about that day. That for the most part we got me just talk about our kids and and what we're CNN. And you just friends you know year year even you're gonna race against one of these guys are all of them and yet he does is hang out you know I have a good time and and normally something silly happens on each trip than. This weekend and in Daytona and it's it's right at about 500 degrees. And humanities a 100%. So it was unbelievable like him on us what that says that we are going on. I've talked to. Dale about the cycling I've talked to Jimmy after the mad and they all seemed appoint you as big days. That's the best and or that is consistently one they're chasing do you feel like you're the leader of this clan. Well who is so whether you are runner cyclist what every are we all of our bodies are built differently and I am. I'm an average runner advance. I don't know if there is a vitally strong cycling if that's pretty easy for me. The very little at first like two weeks I was writing it just I don't know like everyone's like you did really well and I I didn't cause and while I just so I guess our bodies are strong LA I don't know I don't really attention that. And they'll seniors a one that I I just so impressed with because when we were here in. February. He had I think interest ideals guys in the cycling and I came right in with with kids that there's somebody and I saw him looking at the playground outside from his bus and he was gonna scare status and I stop them agreed. And he's like man you know like in the hail you as a man he's like. Skin you know of that outfit you know that is Doleac India. And I'm like yeah I might honestly like whenever one has this on it and it's not weird I'd like because everyone has an on and I'm like what she knew what she does allow. You'll understand why you have this on because as your your your butt can't take what what's your but it fear. And so to see him now and he did a junior literally every day wants to go right as I can he's become super strong. I mean he's this he's that guided you said. Is the last hung a sign it's Dale Junior right and he he's addicted to it now and and Jimmy's been such a good advocate for or ambassador for. Site cleaning get people started just kind of you know. Kind of China either under realize how much fun it can mean it's really awesome extract about those guys. You've hit said he consider yourself an average runner but I salary recently completed your first half marathon which is great in me. So what's next analysts a marathon I know because you also cycle these funds so maybe an Iron Man. Yes so they did marathon into the year I am when I get and in this last ice cores we did it'll burn down cycling right you've betrayed every day for two to four hours. As doesn't always start running and couldn't run three miles in January and and a minute I'm gonna do a marathon at some point at the end of this year so. I remedied and I want to dish triathlon. Kids swim I can slam that both men into votes it's over I can get sure. But I just I don't know minute that's a mean is that going to be a huge double. For me your 41 which you would never guess because of the good figure and then you're very competitive on track. But looking at your peers it seems like they're going in very opposite directions with their careers unity seed Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart. Furloughed older that's passed on that range inning and then junior. All on the retirement plan and then on the apps in the spectrum you've got Matt Kenseth and Jimmie Johnson who are. We can't we our police repeatedly talking about how they consider themselves a competitive they still Theresa where you fall on the spectrum. Well a lot of that is is the situation you put in. You know I I've had this conversation on my mom before orders 41 sounds old Bryant like I mean we all everyone used when he right now thinks of 44 year old like soul right. I think you get there and you really don't doing different. And out of your eyes you still. Think your twenties. And I think as long as your competitive and you have signed. Those sponsors still like you mean look we live in the world that he that is this if you don't have the sponsorship in the partners then you're not gonna it is. That I think everyone's the same position wears on his or have a good time and enjoy it they're gonna do it as long as they can't realistically I think that 45 this kind of that number that. That's. I that's what I've kind of set my head. And I think that's were were most people are and I am I don't know why that is and when I get to 45 IBI there's just I don't wanna get Dahlia can't but that's kind of forum format. Well let's consider that the next four years Gerri have a ton of stuff on year resident in terms of populous accomplishments whether it be different yard. The Daytona five under a federal X 24 when was left on that list for youth to be like me and now I can kind of step back and be proud of what I did. Yeah I don't think that there's anything that that I had that I don't really view it that way yeah I mean personally have had a bill under of course because. That we've qualified so well we've raced really well and just haven't been able to put together in the race run second at tier three of them I've had to go to when NASCAR record showing it to shut here's what's hard. The Bristol night race is on of those races that I think everybody wants to do to win it's just that's it's a cool track in. Sides of the villain there that honest that is one win the next one I guy I just do what I really love about racing is that. Do you you can win Kevin Harvick won last week that he might struggle here Ryan like there's just the reality of our sport there's just no guarantee and it's always a challenge and that's what has drawn into this forever. And finally. Wherever I talk to you were girls aloud what we're talking about you always mention Christie's whether she's got something new she's you know introduce you to or just. She seems to be your best friend in the sense that keeps you really level headed what is it about. Having her and your life that just keeps you grounded. I will Christie tells me every day when we go drives and where that on the worst drivers in the world that's she's not very gets my confidence level. Christie is and I I a you know I mean obviously I I. Fell in love with her for. For all the same reasons I still love her and part of that is that she super kind of behind the scenes like I don't I don't think people are realizing when she's at the racetrack. If she gets it's so quiet which is atop a lot. And she you know is normally discuss taking care of the kids in his or her but in the spotlight and in there's there's honestly. Kind of two type so wise in NASCAR there's spotlight lives that are poison while I and then there's the others and and she and she just kind of low key and I don't know I mean I think you know Christie's. When I go home I'm just Jamie and I get yelled that I think the trash out and and night and not perfect right and that's I mean I think that's great to. It's kind of get that back where you belong to everyone smile and keep grounded or do we appreciate your time again best of luck thank you.

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