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One on One: Richard Petty

Sat, 1 Jul 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Winston Kelley sits down for a conversation with Richard Petty prior to the Coke Zero 400 broadcast on MRN from Daytona International Speedway. Petty will celebrate his 80th birthday on Sunday, July 2.

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We're here with the game in a couple of days is gonna be eighty years though it's still going strong. In America there's three recognizes. What I'd call phone he's. Elvis Presley. Arnold Palmer. And you. That he moniker. That you had for the past fifty Pletcher had a bet I'll come about from workers. It through or orders. They do their thing. And let them during these things that out. But in Hanigan that that it appears please. Rapid majors. Like there. And it. First. Remember one other thing you use your hat. What about it now what what it. Ice with Richard vote. Yeah. That was. I was. Younger. It. Go things. Take it. It. Or. Commercial or. So would this ever. It. It it. Let's see what he won't be members. It. I don't think he has to worry about that. He won't be remembered. And in one of the most positive ways ever the most successful. Ever crawl behind a race car I have to agree wood dale and what he did in the car was a special what he's done out of the race car for so many. Including myself. Is far beyond what he did in the call.

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