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One on One: Erik Jones

Sun, 18 Jun 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Joe Moore and Jeff Striegle talked to Erik Jones about a number of topics prior to the FireKeepers Casino 400 broadcast on MRN from Michigan International Speedway.

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So here with Eric Jones. I have many Michigan under all of my life so we start this way where in the world is Byron Michigan. Well it's not it's not and Byron center as Lucille that's and I get a lot you know it's. Is that you run he said is stay close to flinch it did sound. I'd say about a half hour to the south east of Flint. So I guess that's about the closest reference I can get there's nothing too close to that entail on other small towns that are about ten minutes away from him that. And it's not gonna help so little tiny town about 4500 people can't really cool place you on to grow up. It is back at the beginning of your racing career where did you race here in Michigan obviously it and what did your race. Well I started. You know on court image it's I would I guess it Waterford and Donna Clarkson. Now racing those in and then Nasser travel a little bit you know go in Toledo. Trying to think smugly as many in the now all kinds of places cord damage you know I travel everywhere. And then as I got into us history socks and some some bombers and stuff. I was recent losses speedway. Dixie. And really them when I got allay my losses when asserting travel more and Harrison Dixie Berlin Plymouth. Toledo. Feeling and Rockford you know all those places now we will announce south race on their some too so did all Kaiser ASEAN Nyhan a lot of different places and some fun. Fit in that really led to where you are today super late model racing. And I want you to kind of take us back to that story racing down in Florida when you can beat the best you attract a lot of attention and on that day. You beat Kyle Busch. Yeah we. We were trying to find some kind of you know truck opportunity or later our opportunity for Tony thirteen I guess it would abandon. We're really do you have any luck. And then we went down at a snowball derby in Pensacola. Nine ended up race against Kyle at the end of the race. And ended up beating Kyle and it was kind of a surreal experience at the time you know not something that found any and is expected to happen in. They really change a lot of things to me opened up a lot of doors came in on opportunities and then now I'm really kind of set. In my career and motion from that point forward. So here we are today at Michigan in your home state. And I don't you realize it or not there's never been a Michigan born driver who's won at Michigan speedway amber talk about gas like Johnny Benson and Brad Kozlowski. Benny Parsons how amazing is that to you you could be the first one. God I didn't know that now says that since that's in the staff for me and it's pretty amazing hasn't really great mission drivers have been racing here and then to be the first on that in manage the she judges decided to win the cup race in general that'd do to Michigan and be the first got to do from Michigan. Would have fun be a special moment and down. You know I think. It's possible you know giving him better every week in and while the shot at and I'm sure bets knows it'll be a lot of fun. I'm being from Michigan we have to ask this question are you maize and blue or you green and white or use something completely different hat. So I was splitter in the middle you know I was about 45 minutes from each school. In just in and out I was maize and blue all I'm on my buddies were you've been fans find my parents are more you than fans and anything so. Illinois my family that it was a Spartan fan as my grandma and and she still sports fan this day no my cousin. Goes you then when you man miles collect the of them so. It's it's still nervous Clinton I've always been you've been through you have time to keep up with that with your busy schedule now. I did area I I watch a lot of games and keep up with that I haven't been a game in a long time it's been negated. He's like three years now since I've been new game that ties to keep up with. All right Kyle Busch gave you your big break when your race with them and a snowball derby and beat him they are you've had a chance to work with Kyle and the other drivers to Joseph Gibbs racing. And now you work of Martin Truex is teammate to him at furniture row racing what has he meant so what you've done and learned in this first year. There's been a big help you know. I haven't got it's been around a series now offer you know ten plus years in and has an experience that. All these tracks that has been a big help you know I am not only that but he's been in furniture row now for. Enough time to really get to float things and how things work over there are so it's been suspend nice to have veteran guy in. You know also a veteran team. For rusted to relieve lean on we've got a lot of us sir. Rookies in the cup series you know and now we're all trying to learn it figured out since I sand that seemingly back on. What's been the most difficult transition. From the truck series then two X affinity series now being a full time cup driver what's been the biggest transition. Well I would say you know I was able to come into the truck in the Sunni series. It's just easier to figure out I you know is this quick gated it clicked really easy and where below win races within our first. 67 starts in and it's now like Danica series and the competition so high in the races are so much longer did you say in the a lot of figure out really what. Tiny these cars did. To make him go fast and entirety raison. And and just trying to catch up to these guys it's. You think about it you know is he looking yesterday it's it's collars and seventh start in Michigan and and cows only a few years older than me so. There's only my first time here Sami and trying to play catch or two guy like him that sound you know it's just. It is the experience that they have at this level. That makes him so good news and it just takes time to really gain back up on that. Artest talk about this hire you have just. Your sporting a mullet does that give you speed does that bring you muck that or why are we doing that's. The alpha dog though at that speed and we why had a really your last week there pocono. So I feel like I can really get rid of it and that's he lied and I did I don't know I got my parent are really long and I just hang on Erica for awhile and fairways gonna complain about it. Side to side to be funny and it just kind of writing new mall in nine and so we did it and it's it's kind of set in motion now. So what we wrap up here. On Sunday. We're going to close the book here and move on. To both UN Kyle Busch are going to do I think what you guys still love to do an entry short tracks. And you can take your super late model to the Berlin raceway. Is that something that you look forward to on your schedule is to kind of put all of the pressure of cup racing aside and just go have fun. Yet is it sound. You know the cup weekends are good just really time consuming really should not mean it takes a lot of mental focus and just a lot of effort to really. We begin and be successful and then you you go to the cut or the other short track side things in late miles Livermore free Willy can gods have fine. Been around you know work hard. When you're there but you still have fun and in in get it done so it's just a totally different atmosphere slot more laid back. I really enjoyed just didn't hang out. Yeah I got a team of really just kind of my buddies so it's it's funny go hang out a van and just have a good time you know a show of the racetrack work Harden and and go have fun so it's totally different I still love to go do it so get to race against so many guys that. That is I grew up racing against you know I first got in late model series all these guys and can now learn a lot from so it's funny to go back and do it again. Eric this is Father's Day weekend I don't know that's big guess significant fact for you you lost your dad a year ago this weekend. He helped futures to come through the racing ranks and get you to this point. Now a year later your regular driver in the cup series what would dad say what do you think about where you are now. Yeah I think you'd be. Pages be happy you know he was finally counted the point. You know the last year year and a half ago where you know he was really backing out of my racing he was. Not having huge part in it anymore and was really is he Indian joy in kind of you know reap the benefits and hang out have a good time in intake yell and and so I think you'd really be at that same point I think he'd be pretty proud of everything that's happened in the last year. I know he was always looking forward to that moment and now I in the CEO panic you know come to fruition would be pretty special. You mentioned the word proud and I think that you're a 100% right and we wish you all the best this weekend at Michigan and throughout the rest of the year. Thank you thank you thank.

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