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One on One: Ryan Blaney

Sun, 18 Jun 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Kim Coon talked to Ryan Blaney about a number of topics prior to the FireKeepers Casino 400 broadcast on MRN from Michigan International Speedway.

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On our last week and meaning that winning with the wood Brothers made it more special than it would have been went another team. I think so in relative to get them back in Victory Lane and I ever since 2011 and there's a first went pocono since 1980 when realized that was really special to do and I think it then there in 99 when is pretty neat Austin was 200 so I definitely think that that made all the more special. To do it that such a great team. After. I am liking you continue I actually have other parent people compared you two drivers of the past. Sometimes you know right. Let's get compared you know I. There's so many great drivers and analysts view recently car for the wood Brothers and you know I can't come out of the most of them. Editor and then you know whether it's you know monitor Pearson Yarborough and they've done. Some things that can only mean to accomplish and that they'll always be way ahead of me and in my book but it is weird compared to other people who have you know. Driven in the sport. You know he's kind of one of your own person and is a nice compliment whenever someone says that your third generation driver of the first plane to land and NASCAR's highest level. I got your data after the race when he stadium. You just proud is just you know happy that. We are you back in the chilling there just gets you may feel may actually the first time that testers and he's the first one I call and talk to experience whether good or bad. And it was nice to hear his voice. They didn't mean there unfortunately but it was it was nice at least in the talk him right after and then he's a very emotional person. I don't know my dad and I was born here than doing his voice and pretty neat I was that my best person to talk to your sister carrier. Older of the two sisters and I had a very different reaction I saw her post on Twitter and she was just in his staring us. So weird that cry. It. It's different points in. Out. The entire transcends I was sitting there watching as they took their feet when you took the lead from Kyle Busch. And then based on their feet for the entire time through checkered flag do you feel like you maybe earns more fans or at least more respect the way you want you have to champion and you held up on the champions. I hope so you know I thought the way we did it was the right way to do it. You know we we drove hard and then pass the leader then held off. Hard charging car behind us to when the race and I feel like that's the best way to do this much exciting way and I saw a really cool video. And it stands to. Victory lap. Admirals on their feet. Cheered and made me feel really good and it shows the kind of respect the wood Brothers haven't how many people like him I don't think I want us how one bad thing on social media there. Is that necessarily need to know that people respect the wood Brothers and of the history of the sport that you. You then become. Further damaging her over the years how do you define your relationship visited mentor is a friend or is it Big Brother I know he was there is a ring with you after the win. What's the relationship like that. I sell the about. I looked up to build a bunch when I was. Watchman and race I know he's been around for a long time. I looked up to him he was someone who was huge in the sport still is and then you know the biggest name out there and see different wanna be someone like that as a kid watching the garage and I just lucky to get to know him. Personally and as a friend over the past year and a half to two years. And it was nice to have him come celebrate those anyway. You know your competitors and friends can come celebrate we've you know they wanna beat to it to know that. They are are pretty happy for him that that meant a lot to me so I'd say all the above eleven reluctance felt different over the past couple years has been boundaries with the men plus he's. His mom is on your neighbors aren't giving up my time that Alan RT there's one what time didn't she having is they after. The Atlanta no no we yeah we didn't shooting fireworks and after that I wanna keep her happy as young man separate votes are which it was late. And it was a weeknight but so I didn't you think fireworks off. Just to keep her feet you're done after the 100 win for the wood Brothers at this point what would be like to winning here in Michigan when Ford's right in the backyard. I would be a storybook feel you know I feel like it'd be perfect their history who have sat here and with Ford Motor craft and on the craft is on a car this weekend their first time being with us. Be huge and be a big accomplishment for our team and to go back to back it will be awesome in the hundreds when everything would just. Being great and just be a much bigger so I think we have pretty decent shot crisis such a big deal for us gentleman from Florida here it's. Right their backyards so we've put a little bit extra effort on on trying to win this one and I think we have fair shot at it on Sunday. Let us podcast together and weekly. You get totally different side of you in the eye cast was in reaction from people listen to it. Enjoying that part of you because I think we get a very different art and track. Know what time back then and have. I mean your pocket is great and then other times where. In this case at the race active period like this. It's a good balance that I think about that stuff out. It's very healthy. Just like having fun racetrack but then. But on on the work its jobs do. But my guess is that's way to relax weekends. I'm pretty fun to watch and hear. The fans do. Are becoming fans. And this is more Maury week. I hear country is the same thing of more people who enjoy the podcast that that's pretty cool. Notice on the news that's outs arteries. You. A lot of people have become a fan of yours because of your personality off the track. Is there more value in having fans that volume based on your contract performance war because they really like the kind of person. I don't know I have no idea hopefully bolt. And I have. Some people who don't like personalities of people who do and think just. That's just how they are not daylight in. You know we're not all robots I don't think that's good for the sport for us go relaxing. If China to be one of those but. I said before it is time be seriously and take this job as it is that's a really competitive sport in this stuff to Lyndon. That's just give us an act but I don't know that we've gotten a lot of fans from from outside of the race car and wherever they carry them. To be interested in racing if they weren't in the motor sports before which is great it's what we need. That part is as pretty. You've got to go look cool things off the track. Whether it be the China bar stool. Cars three what something that you wanna do off the track behind had a Virginia him. Well I'm Mexican you're doing actually breaks out negatives or. Lucas films homes and Cisco before Sonoma some pretty I'm really excited for that. We do a lot of things for NASCAR and I'm lucky said to have depth Jason is an awesome stuff. And this is one other thought I'm so pumped for that I think we're going to. Visit so that Disney and Pixar so I'm I'm pretty pumped to go do that so. Or. Contain. The pre race. Expect. Army days. And think that.

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