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One on One: Chris Buescher

Sun, 11 Jun 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Alex Hayden talked to Chris Buescher about a number of topics prior to the Axalta presents the Pocono 400 broadcast on MRN from Pocono Raceway.

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Tony fifteen NASCAR expanding series champion Chris butcher great. Great chance to to go back and visit and and kind of reminisce about that championships he's in the explaining the series. How important was that you and your career. You know that was I was basing the date right and possibly still is still might be. You know being able to pull that off in in homes at the end of the season ends we had great consistency we want a couple races. You know is just. A season where everything went right the entire team worked hard together they got along really well we're able it to put it best vote for the entire season. And come out with. The end result that you look for after Daytona are going in Daytona. Rather so. Yeah that was as a big step. And you know Leo come out of adding get a cup win you know that's the only other thing I can think of that even begins to rattle that that championship. Go back a little bit further our story fifteen weeks Betty series championship that's collected 2012. Because. Everything seems to be in racing at a steppingstone. 2012 the arc a series. You had to battle arguably one of the best ever and frank Kimmel to win that championship. How valuable an experience isn't going to the nail. With a veteran like frank Kimmel to prepare you for not only geeks in any run that you have been here yarn captures. That was I alerted tonne from frank through the years and not only him a lot of different drivers in the darker rides in them learned a lot of but race craft in any full sized stock cars I didn't do but there's a handful late in our races and a handful there is a truck races. Out on the the West Coast. And besides that that in my nose like begin a full size car breaks up. I you know those couple years in our camp you know Iran to part time seasons and then once we got into our. 45 wins this season we are racing Alex bloom as well who also had 45 wins I think we've matched up there and you know the in the day we are able to pull off that additive issue with them with frank right on our heels don't in the Kansas up pretty neat deal. Again host our consistency pay it off really big. You know we paid we we finished. Every single out the competition this season when they're finished a lap down. We had accidents that we recovered from a Kinect fifth on the lead lap if you could see our Salem car. From I think is the second thing moment when he twelfth. If you could see how it loot we finish three we are leading gonna happen which finished second. And I don't think the roof was straight at the deck lid had no support it was just dangling back area. The duct or was caved in ages that contracted to jam something through the ductwork and move it around to open up and get some air flow. I mean it was. Who is one of those those. Turning moments I think everybody really really took a step back at Sonoma and we will Geddes Upton trying to get ahead of the again. Yeah that's the ark series the championship all the valuable lessons learned there obviously the the NASCAR expanding series championship that we opened up with. Monster energy NASCAR cup series driver Chris butcher how cool is it to be Chris butcher right now if it bit. And it's. Certainly any of start off and you one of the race card are living you know I'd love to do that and now I've been racing since I was six on something. And and as a hobby first you know me and my dad the kind of racing background he was a NASCAR fan. We went to races. Leo it departures mean that was those girl and a and yes somewhere around 1213 years old as and that would be excellent would make a living this and actually have to go do a real job like as Hillary is great race car so. Yup first all the play out the way it did and mountain and there's that time and a day to get through the whole story on the of the couches we slept on the moving in with. Would David Reagan parents and his older brother Adam. And you know than taken Meehan and they're winning and my response is they were keeping up with the yard in I would have a roof of my head that I could be. Close to draft Fenway racing it's and thank you ma'am my. Foot in the door there. In all the way through just the crazy things that line doubly guess some really good friends out in in Las Vegas that helped through the years. And still held only got a list coastal command hang out with everybody. You know is just incredible how many people you meet from all over the country that actually contribute in some way shape or form. To me being able to sit here right now talk about this and that's pretty amazing. No question about it here pocono raceway this. This track has got to have a special place in your arguments in a moment ago the wind in the cup series that the highest form of motor sports in North America and arguably the world I mean depends on who you talk to there. You're a winner and getting your rookie campaign. And and I guess that it's a kind of a two part question a look get your reaction because. So many people last year in that rookie class yourself Chase Utley Ryan Bellini among among the three of you. You know almost seem like people were overlooking. Yet you're the only one could get to Victory Lane the number one how gratifying is it to be able to accomplish that in in in every aspect of that of the saints put. How difficult was kind of being felt like you're on the back back burner compared to chase Elliott rambling. I you know that's. They're infamous Mets now. There is an taxis and there has been for along time in you know those two of you been. Winning an analog overseas they come and you we've been in. In different areas and different times and I guess for me album has been a little bit under the radar come and you know as are coming up through. There are Gary had yeah it's item was in there with with RCR and you know we are race and then every week can. You know is kind of like we were the the small team to strand that trying to compete and we're able to do it and in doing very well and you know as we get a loan is like man it's always just been a little bit little bit hidden back in the back in the shadows but. The day I'm OK with that you know there's. Yes there's. It's quieter you don't get the recognition you don't get some of the TV time. And that's. Something again trying to work on now at this point as you get that top tier racing. Arguably. First in the world. But you know we get a drank it the point where we can really get that name out there you know worked really hard for sponsors for our team. You get the results now and not be so much. You know behind the scenes there and so we're working really hard on that and I think that win really helped propel that Ian yeah. Working in the right direction and that was those big force last season and that's exactly what we needed that point a year to really gets momentum on our side you know take. You take for road or worse. To chase you know be notable that all fluids it's a Bristol and you know had. Excellent top five race car which was awesome you know BO shall there be that competitive. After a year where it took some time ago an RV. You know after that vote when things really start clicking and that was now is fantastic so. At this point or has been trying to out here and do everything we can't and in doing. But in my whole life I guess. Visiting with Chris butcher. You're obviously super talented as a race car drivers so much so that the the demand. For you leave it is is put you any unique situation with. Roush Fenway racing in and forward yet you're driving for JTG Doherty racing and Chevrolet. Innocence is unique is a situation that is. Gratifying that you're that big demand. Yeah from a from a such things as great as I. How about this though. Dale Earnhardt junior just a couple of days ago and I'm I'm assuming you're aware of his podcast that he came out and. You know obviously dale junior's retiring at the end of the season talking about how talented a driver you are he says. Chris butcher Guatemala pool for so if you're Dale Junior fan obviously I won't be on the track. I would pull for Chris butcher what does that mean do you. It's and obviously birdie pretty impressive right there and it really. Tumbled by you know that's our our most popular driver right there is again and and does offer ward you know it's again that's in the history and knows. And how we got here and why we got here not just. That we're here in this moment and that's pretty neat to hear that and them I had. I didn't have quite a few people that that listen in in sets of stuff to me in and Potomac how to win at the that was pretty neat so. Yeah that's that is nice you know he's in the point where he's ready that to wind down a move on the next thing in say you'll. We'll try and do what can T good to be Baghdad bit and we got a long way to go to. It couldn't believe it do you approach Dale Junior at some point this week in and just say man I appreciate it probably do dome of the Yankees this. Elisa and all the best to you here pocono this week in and and continued success in your career also I appreciate very much less some by Chris butcher everyone.