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One on One: Bubba Wallace

Sun, 11 Jun 2017|

Motor Racing Network's Kim Coon talked to Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. earlier this week at the NASCAR Hall of Fame following the announcement that he will drive the No. 43 Ford for the injured Aric Almirola.

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Without a lawless is going to be piloting the number 434. RPM. During federation of air admiral is recovery. What was going through your head when you about the content. I do about it Thursday morning and its home. And they. Hit a Newt I don't shop and really put them under handover. I knew about it and it was one of those things were real folks on Dover and and who's who's finally hit me. Com Monday after the Presley's went out and get thousands texts and and and in tech tweets and emails and phone calls. Act finally feel the schools is really cool opportunity for me I was pumped up all day. Was able to just be able to take it Dolan and realize how real opportunity this is. Not the opportunity you want it come Tia. They don't see anybody hurt the sport. And may fill in for life like you said water recovers and and gets back to 100% but for me it's described therein and do reckon you best. And I think the last two tons of talk to you we ran really well yeah of how excited this weekend. Fingers crossed. Number 43 is one of the most iconic cars slash numbers in motor sports period. What is the 43 means to you and then what's the mix of excitement. And may be a little bit of nervousness. I think for me he looked at 43 or 43 news you obviously petty blue in my socks on here. It's tour wins and the king Richard Petty and mean. That's huge and to be able and a make my first monsters and asked her cups are. In the 43 at pocono one a harsh tracks where he got to shift. What else. Probably ten other things wanna make it this weekend timing timing is everything in this opportunity opens up so one door closes another one opens. And some of the Thurman Thomas and I'm glad you mentioned pocono how do you feel about your first cup. Start coming at the tricky triangle. That's stuff. It's not that all of my best places that's one of the place struggle but we spent a lot of time the Ford simulator. This past two days trying to hone in on that get more comfortable. Just get written down I think that's such a huge rhythm place and one that's that cost you two seconds left them so big thing for me is to its focus and not overdo it not try too hard. Throughout there in just do better than I have before and hopefully it's enough. Has it been difficult to acclimate to a team this quickly. According you done to transition whether it's visit the shop talk with the guys. Yeah of sub had a little bit Thomas was a schedule on Monday it is to go. It's in the car or get in there and comfortable for me. Have had a chance go back up there but I'm excited you know druze crew chief drew with the server. He's he's very guy I've got to work with them not. Directly or indirectly. Last year read it 34 races with us third X any programmer Roush Fenway. And so we know a little bit about each other and we were able to talk a little bit today or this past couple days at sports and work together a little bit on some changes there. So while I feel like there's a connection good hearted there. But they finally get stronger as we run and get through these next couple weeks and a continued growth program. You mentioned after the announcement that hundreds thousands of of texting call is on like to I'd have some good. They exaggerate a big event and it. What was the response from fans be on social media. Friends family when it was announced. On all the family and friends were good. Which you would think it was era fans. I read too much in this stuff. And it's it's always as one common sense and I actually liked a couple of them just to save. And just as like motivation really. The ones that are like this is horrible bad for four days aside our act. The whole I think the whole perception of it general perception of their rights pumped up about it. They're excited about multiple things have been before being in the 43. But it for rpm. Hard for the king and and help an area you know through this this time I think everybody from the port. I do the podcast with rambling you joined us on occasion and this morning he said that the first they thought when he knew you're going to be in the car as he wants a picture of you and him by each of your heart. He's he's he's gonna hand over his bed. If it's a huge hit it and made it stick to it. Wary about that Florida. So we just got a menace got a new emperor over the bed. A rush to be cool aren't that kind of match if it an accident for Derrick Coleman and I think I don't know there's a lot I'm still trying to add pieces of furniture to the houses a lot of open wall space. We'll find a cool was from a explode I got a big area over the TV it was pretty low paying out would you ever and I. Probably yeah it has made it official estimate it at him as out here graduate of the drive for diversity of programming NASCAR. What. Did that prepare you for. He's sitting here today lots of weight on your shoulders how does that prepare you. Yeah I think you know with the success we had back contestants on eleven palm been able to carry that. Throw my career up to this point has been a tremendous amount of things Heusen and hats off their motives that helped me along the way. Through for me being the first African American to make. And ask her cup start. Since dozen sixes is huge in that same time it's. We more of it should be the first to should be the tenth should be the twentieth. And it just shows how tough the sport is and and everybody you don't have that American demographic does not have. Face. Scott as a whole thing I want and do it so hopefully I'm I -- that face and I can carry on the legacy that and when the scouts or force. And then Bill Lester has has thrown down Mark Davis everybody who is this coming after. When the Scott now army were to. Carry that torch even farther that's really cool as some really special. So there's that aspect to add on the 43 I don't know pocono firstar everything so it's that's going to be fun we can. A lot of little kids are likely watching it you know in this position saying me and maybe I can do that now. What's it like to be a role model and then when you or younger who were some a year role models in the sports. That's that's I guess it's it's really cool kind of weight to carry. Is you have I'm only 23 you have younger kids lieutenant do you like your superheroes that's that's that's awesome that plane hits the field ensuring little bit. But some role models for me was obviously my dad my mom. It's been you know they're supportive of me and and my sister Ellen bass well court. And and then everybody's kind of helped all the way in Chris Rogers who got us started in the sport. And then once we got to. To revolution racing it was you know any sense there was huge part of it. And in some of the icons. Then looked up to Darcy are hurt senior. Junior used to carry on the Earnhardt name was always been pulled for for dale. This day you know it's still worth see him run and strong and then and now the game as relationships with with some of the top guys like dale like Jimmy Harvick. Kyle Busch you know arena run for him it's us for special. What do you consider this Ryan is day it's on audition and is it. Honey in mortgage skills and are you having fun what's what's this run in the 43 going to be for you. Cannot say it's a thing of all three of those and whatever else went out of that pie and from all in there it's for me it's an audition just because it's this limited schedule. We have to go out there and prove. I proved to myself that camera to for the step I have to prove to the cup veterans that are already out there. That I can run with them and then I have to prove to. Team owners that hey this kid kind of knows what he's doing he can wrote the big guys and and and represent you know the brand well and and it's my opportunity to go out there and do it I'm excited to threaten the petty blue colors represent four represents the field. And but are Smithfield Ford Fusion coloration details that you Ernie and I kept. You mentioned being the first African American cup Carson's 2006 do you consider yourself a TrailBlazer. I don't know. I'm still young in my career and I don't really see is that much I'd say so I mean. You know that that first win back in the truck series that was huge for the sport that was huge for me. Kashmir and in the home. I think that's a little bit I don't really pay attention much that I think that's when you cross over line of mean nine walks around an alien in Baghdad and you are today I am I decided to carry that. I just within their the results speak for itself and tell it to collateral about it we have a bad day then. We kind of wanna put down the status but it but we have a good day than the media talk about it they're they're. Blowing it up like that should be. I like to follow you up attract your sesame presents history of Lott's personality. And it seems like you gravitate toward music a lot what's on your playlist or what's on my clothes right now in the news new miss ma'am just came out. Pheasants that's. Definitely a good one also knew. Home and her sway Gomes came out so I headed metal stuff these people like who the heck is he thought about much on the heavy metal scene. That's no a lot of people in the and that industry and become really good friends with them hold this map and witnesses. Great beer out huge NASCAR fans you wouldn't think are you would know. That those guys that are heavily involved there painted every race and Ryan at the basis for this man eyes huge die hard hankins a fan. He's become a fan of flying united because we've got to know each other. And so it's critical. We've talked about Bristol before he and the fact that you be to pick an interest following on the cup side that you never an afternoon. I need a series I hadn't thought about it yet. If this week goes Becker recovered process carries on through that man let's start right down the list right now COC what goes about. At one point it's like okay viewing it that fans involved with it. Because I feel like what I picked what most don't know daily basis you'll hear crickets from the station. So like do excellent try to slow or some like and I mean I think that of young and yeah exactly. You say you like playing music to go to an accountant and out of that start. And down where would you rate your job skills who. We'll started back. I got a drum set and have them in terms of her Christmas. I was eleven. And then coyotes for us to be like seventh eighth grade to you know. OK so I got Johnson frozen cemetery ban. And then played played in the band there Islam may Shrum there. And then. While my house. And got a drum set a sort of the neighbors are bought electric said. That house like two months after that I might only get real certainly Kara the neighbors anymore sorry in advance. And been playing a lot of try to play almost every day. It's it's something that. There stress reliever something that's fun to do it's it's cool to be able learn a song that you've listened to for a while it kind of replicated at your own twist to. But from when I started drumming up my house to now is night and day difference the songs are more intricate they're harder. The double pedals are. Insane I'm not good at those to try to do better. Brian's not into your house and cavaliers front I know it started prank or where does that stand. I think it's back in his hands from my week. Replied his which he gets a matter of so I think it's back and on on his plate feel there's something. Goals that. Thank you so much for joining us I would you want to wrap this up one word to describe this week for you. One word. I got two words you can lead to new beginning. New beginning I like it thanks advance.

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