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Mike Petraglia, Ryan Hannable talk Tom Brady, Bengals preview

Wed, 12 Oct 2016|

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Welcome inside Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike petroleum joined by Brian Hannibal this time this week as the patriots. Get ready to take on any Dalton AJ green and the two and three Cincinnati Bengals. Ryan I think the theme one of the themes coming into this week is could this be on to Cincinnati. In reverse if you recall in I don't think anybody in New England can forget two years ago. October 5. 2014. The patriots were two into coming off a Monday night embarrassing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Bengals came in here high on their horses three you know and a lot of people thought. While maybe the balance of power is going to change a little bit in the AFC Tom Brady came out and was red hot. Of course put up over 500 yards of offense for touchdown passes the patriots beat the angles that night 4317. On their way to a Super Bowl. Run and a Super Bowl title. This week the Bengals coming in act two and three they were embarrassed last week in Dallas they lost when he fourteen. But not nearly that close they were down 21 nothing at halftime 28 not 28. Nothing out in the third quarter and really were never in the game the patriots are coming off Tom Brady's return. Against Cleveland Browns so Brian I got to ask you can the patriots. At all. Be overconfident coming into the game. I don't think so especially with Bill Belichick he's never gonna let his team get overconfident or even you know get high super high after the Brady returned. Last week about it was kind of reduced interest thing that Tom was actually. Asked that question as fresh start to vote. Whether or not he thought about the last sorry for the Bengals on the game and if the Bengals could have it seems that reminds me coming in I think he acknowledged that that could be the case of made me. That's the case where Bill Belichick slowing as you know this week that you know you guys that this is them two years ago they do do the same thing you. Again so I think that the teams not to get in overconfident I think the lire for the game. Are you were out at patriots practice and a couple of things that you mentioned along the offensive line that I think patriots fans should keep up close I count. Yes Jack Mason was absent in we don't really know what happened now early don't remember him getting injured in the game. That's notable but it's also worth mentioning that John Cooper is released last week on the job at the lines though. The interior lines a little bit thin especially anything about trade Jackson beast on the VP list so. Maybe it's it's a case amazing cane gun that they meet nice to bring up for is far from the practice squad it's for rides in depth though that certainly coming worth monitoring. Throughout the week as as is entering of the deafening tier alliance priest one. Eight that is a big big issue coming into this game because if you can say one thing about the Cincinnati Bengals defense. They are physical and they have arguably the most prolific nose tackle in terms of pass rushing Geno Atkins. In the NFL obviously Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles rams people will bring up that name. But when it comes to being disruptive and Bill Belichick told me this here on Wednesday during a press conference. It doesn't get any better than geno lack and so Geno Atkins and D'Amato pack go can really disrupt the interior of the patriots offensive line. That could be something it's certainly worth watching because the browns were not able to do that to Tom Brady last week and we saw what happened. Yes Bill Belichick certainly knows what you know maggots do you gossip item for probably two minutes to name calling him an explosive player. And one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL also think he knows exactly. What he's going up against an obviously you know with the raiders offense the most important thing is keeping time already operate so obviously if you know a year. Slam on the island the wind that's gonna expose that so clearly that's he merely major vote it's as we go to him. Now that when we're talking about the Bengals offense and certainly they do have weapons they have not put up points on the board. They have only 92 points this year so far in that ranks them in the lower third of the AFC in the lower third of the NFL for that matter. Luck AJ green in the two wins that they have over the jets against derail Revis and over the Miami Dolphins AJ green hat over a 150 yards in each game. He has only a 144 yards to believe it is on nov fourteen catches in the three losses. Yes he's going to be a big focus I think this week for both the Bengals offense target I'm going to make me answer that he's big part of the ovens but also the Patriots defense to me. Wielded the patriot defense they sort of you know like to take away the job its biggest weapon and with the Bengals I assume that AJ green's imagine. A big game plans are shut him down so that sadly coming to Washington think. Not about her as talking about you know greens big got it to keep in mind though sir at the focus on this week and a leading to see how they sort of devise game plans to stop them. You know who could have a big game and his return did you lack. That would be number eleven Randle felt that's right that's right ran afoul. Was signed by the bank of this off season he actually caught two touchdown passes last weeks in garbage time. Yes fair fair enough but you know he can catch and as a as a sign eerie had a big catch in the playoffs against the ravens though. Everyone knows and doing a lot of both capable of doing you know he's not a guy figures you need to focus on when he's don't want any don't Don. You can attest to burn anyone he can he can make the throws he needs. And Tyler board is a rookie out of Pittsburgh who is a very good promising young slot receiver. More haven't even talked about their running backs Ngo and art. And Jeremy hill luck if they get those guys going and if Tyler Wright for plays he hasn't played yet for the angles this year he's one of the best red zone tight ends in all of football. The dangles do have weapons and they can. Spread it around and take some of the heat off of AJ green yet they're certainly better than their what their record shows and even what they're up and says hope little by this season especially with getting hyper back noticing that hampers the whole offense began returns though. I don't think you know the haters can take this Bengals team lightly they're not you know there are indicative but the record says I would imagine though that it's a big game this week. Record side. We had a chance to ask Marvin Lewis on the conference call. With the patriots media about what it means stay here Bill Belichick act rave about not only him but Mike brown and them Paul Brown. A legacy in Cincinnati and with the Bengals because we just heard a week of it with regard to the Cleveland Browns we know what. Bill Belichick did after the brat win over the browns he took him to the Jim Brown statue. Outside and I browns stadium but. I've my question to you is with Marvin Lewis and Bill Belichick coming into this game is that two longest tenured head coaches in the NFL. What do you see as the differences in philosophies between the two. Discipline I think that discipline that the biggest thing bill Belichick's teams are probably most is when teams in the league. And we Marv illiterates they think he's Charlotte's is guys go and we saw last year in the playoff game that they're really came back. They heard them that I think we look at the two flaws these and on they've been around I think discipline Thornton make that stands out to me the most let's put the focus back on the patriots. The two tight ends a lot of talk this week. About Martellus Bennett and how much he helps Rob Gronkowski. Our days as close on topple. Stop a bullish you've seen certainly since Aaron Hernandez and Barack yeah I think that was the biggest thing when they sort of got that is they've always sort of infection for that guy that come to view it Robert kielty and we saw last year they tried with Scott Chandler. Are you didn't work out but it seems like bandits really worked out this year. They've got the book the bottom and space and that he's made. A lot of nice boost the run after the catch that impressed me is you know how. You know athletic he is despite his size I think they have done it with him I think especially in the red zone they're pretty close unstoppable. You concerned at all about the defense this I hear some rumblings out there. That this patriot defense is first of all they're not good on third down they wrote certainly better. On Sunday against the woeful Cleveland Browns who were the only when the steam. In the NFL but they're not good on third down and they're not good in red zone defense. Yet those things that aren't good obviously been the numbers are at the arbor I think that there's still growing as defense I don't think Dave Foley gone back to our resentment of strength. Rob Davis as a deterrent last week on the hires high towers the work his way back from knee injuries though I don't think we've seen the best from the pictures defense yet thus far but. You know where you know getting into the middle of the season so it's time to start to see them you know jalla come together so they used big week than do that. K Bilbao a check is always said Ryan back. October is when you really start finding out who your team and what your team. Really is all about last week was a very good start. As they beat the Cleveland Browns 33 of thirteen this week is a different type the test this is a much more physical team in the Cincinnati Bengals and they love the punch in the mouth and the question will be if they do that in the patriots hold their own discipline. We obviously saw last week with Cyrus Jones he lost this this plan a little bit there. In that game yet I mean everyone talked about that those The Big Talker after the game about iron judgment need to stay disciplined I think. Now they hightower said on army day Asia that Jones addressed the team operas and apologize but which is a good sign for the rookie but. Nonetheless that's an important thing as far as you playing the Bengals for the patriots keep the composure. All right that'll do it. From here inside Gillette Stadium we'll have complete coverage and a preview of this week's patriots angles came on the it is what it is blog on WEEI dot com. Ryan Hannibal Crist for pricing yours truly while having covered looking up and looking ahead to angles patriots this Sunday. Inside Gillette Stadium for Ryan Hannibal on Mike the trial yet. At Foxboro WEEI dot com.