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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - AFC LEast QB Edition - 10-15-14

Oct 15, 2014|

We tackle four topics that look back at the history of the QB position in the AFC East since Tom Brady has been at the helm in New England.

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And colleagues. Is that we hope. So much more embarrassing than patent -- is the greatest. But this -- guys -- Mark -- learning -- Florida -- brought -- by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network was simple premises we were talking early this morning on the conference call. During that Tom Brady era. What's been the quarterback situation for the other teams in the AFC east now it led us to a very complete list of all the guys. Who played the position for the other three AFC east team. And by the way Drew Bledsoe by far the best of the march not even close. We don't wanna know about the past -- we wanna talk about the worst AFC east quarterbacks during the Brady era. We'll start with the Buffalo Bills and just two guys know some of the names that are choosing from Alex Van Pelt who who. Kelly Holcomb. Drew Bledsoe debunked that J. P. Losman Trent Edwards Brian Fitzpatrick and EJ Manuel. And the winner or big loser was. J. P. Losman who ended up losing his job to another candidate trying to -- The -- selling out against the run play action front. That's the second. Game six of the forty warlords who didn't throw people out there. Love the members rather -- Coming through the telephone. First down. Courtyard game there's a flag on the play -- the bills player down as well that is. J. P. Losman. It was down on the Santa. We'll be rookie Trent Edwards taking his first snaps in the NFL we return. Good god you wonder what else it -- here. I know they've had -- issues -- you heard sort of names of one of the names be completed a pass the Marshawn Lynch. I mean I thought it art as a follower of AFC east is anybody surprised that Marshawn Lynch. Is going off. If Seattle know he's one of those guys do. But a lot of good thing you know. Could always see he ran hard it was tough to break we played in the -- play with a buffalo over the head to want to get he has to go. What was going on buffalo there was hope that it was a hopeless hole looks all right okay one guy with a conviction and not but I think he's. He belongs as the worst quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Ryan Fitzpatrick local guy he could have some great sound -- -- fault him. Quite quick real urban airport we're all correctly you know I come out carpet where are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The money but -- but people can't get back yeah. So bloody mix different though the conversation that you illegally recorded conversation flooding that's about what sort of Mark Dominik. This is dropping dead go -- That god but -- got -- -- an excellent WEEI. Athletic and they got half an -- about Martin arbiters of nobody would obviously that what we're covered your -- about yes number number at all. What I don't know what you're talking as far as but he just let me give up my glasses and look at what number hey daddy daughter yeah go I've tried to call it you know I I try hard not to make fun of people with different. Dialects and accents that dialect very Smart they're Smart very Smart people -- in the south that are you know very Smart. I don't think but it's a problem though it'll just sounds like. And buffalo compounding it. Fitzpatrick with a giving them a 42 million dollar conquered by the contract he scored -- them as a Harvard man good for him -- -- an article I'd like 110 million by -- officer. End of the techsters says myself better than Favre. Brett Favre got to the AFC east it wasn't exactly Brett Favre work. So yes Bledsoe was better than far lot of Texans noticing and -- options mentioned Greg you very much at various through -- -- By the way -- just a football player it does last more than four how it's -- it will -- at -- world. -- -- As we are Michael that brings us the Miami Dolphins some of the names to choose from for us Jay Fiedler AJ Feeley Gus Frerotte. Joey Harrington Cleo Lemon Chad Pennington Chad -- Matt Moore and grind and health -- Biggest Loser of the group. Cleo Lemon right -- Yeah well you can make -- lawyers to look. Get rid of the football with a James seventeen local level of David Martin. Until now. Like hitting those being the dolphins do not score on fourth down Golden Globe you can -- three. And -- come to -- one plant to make my life. Right close to the end I don't know it's gonna run for the enjoy. Not about the last one. Oh aren't you force them. Classic what's the worst that could happen and he looked like he had did and so open to getting there. What about the ones. Well I lost track of the game situations that woodlands what's a longer list of mediocrity uses. Miami Europe or buffalo in terms of -- quarterback excellent upbeat profit arts or buffalo. Like I am I admire these groups like -- Jeep dealers here jeweler put him over. Barrymore a couple games. Right -- you know. Director Elaine. I -- Three greens that brings us to the jets some of the names Vinny Testaverde Chad Pennington Brooks volunteer who. Brett Favre Mark Sanchez and Gina Smith and -- have been the worst of the bunch but -- surely be easy to make fun of. A busted play sick kids just got hit hard and it -- -- -- scooped up by the patriots couldn't. Could apply let's down sleep right away. I've never seen this before in my life watch this group's Wilfork is gonna throw Brenda -- back into his quarterback. He's -- fumble the football this is what Reggie White used to do people. Fork lift them and just -- them off the ground. Mark Sanchez not expecting it and it is the backside of Brandon Moore -- -- that -- knocked the ball. Half of football bowl and about opera. Well. -- it would be lately read more. Doctor. -- to butt cheeks after I want that should. Belongs through Mark Sanchez can get part of the players' part to go to Brandon Moore who got tossed back by him. Ohio schoolers. Coach -- -- bill took more -- and all the analysts and all of center. Franchise pictures as far from the worst quarterback to get their depth on all the quarterback -- -- from divisional opponent. The jets have the best group. -- -- there aren't any real difficulty. Many Testaverde look at those numbers covered numbers pretty good -- far. Redman wasn't exactly Brett Favre at the time out. You know any -- cellphone -- -- about the little -- that little threat and from every department -- the cell phone home when Clemens. The night and I didn't know about -- Well that means we got one last. -- Time now for the AT&T'S sake AFC east quarterback of the day that brings us to this year and of all the names the worst. Is clearly geno -- Sniff out of the shotgun takes the snap looks like slant like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- throws in the traffic picked. Up and hear to believe what prayer offensive trouble. On third down that takes the -- that throws up a little bit. -- -- -- -- Six throws or thought. I'm pleased to -- his second pick. -- -- -- That would just laughter. -- -- We get updated it's still not look at yet did you keep Philly that exception last year there when this here and -- people -- last week who. Teacher Manuel is starting more to those who started. Two Kyle Orton better than Jesus meant. Shrew would voters might -- -- but Sergio is coordinate geno Smith better if you -- -- -- and Egypt that. That's a question it's also. The -- Jews and hard to -- He's had more high profile. Here's screw -- Georgia here's. Bottom line the bottom line is all of those companies we just played for you and and reference talked about. And some obviously -- like Daunte Culpepper and others I mean all those companies. Have played quarterback in the AFC east. Since the beginning of the Tom Brady here from gee I wonder whether patriots. Are running on this this string of consecutive division titles that they've got to put it over the dolphins chose. Culpepper -- -- really but yeah it is coming off an injury I mean that's that was nick got Nick's favorite had the opportunity to pick between please. And Culpepper. -- and by the way free ultimate political wanted to go to Miami what Culpepper coming off an injury to him and the other questions that theory but of all those guys. All the quarterbacks that they've had. I don't think any of those things ever invested. For their -- Obviously -- investigate top five for quarterback Sanchez that was the highest they've moved them third shift and remember -- -- I don't think I don't I was ready ready but you know. -- part of the problem. You can Favre at quarterback -- the patriots don't go by the quarterback in the second round there what sixth round. What those teams fail or -- it always. Seems like they were stretching. Are always reaching for water buffalo immediately reached for EJ Manuel made it would everybody signaled to us our first round pick. Her body who watched him you know it was the first product they were trying to win at quarterback and I think it's the same thing -- J. P. Losman. That it took him twentieth and 21 overall with a particular order a product. And even the dolphins. They reached a bit for Canada right. So the problem is that I think you wouldn't get to your sit there and number eight and sit there are fifteen or seventeen. And hit straight up for your guy. To bring -- -- better. -- -- don't don't reform and I needed neither quarterback. Desperately distract another position was that just fans nicknamed her sentence Santana centro is its message out. Then after credit nicknames and we're good to buffalo we're a little bit geniuses soil what started to buffalo won't start forgiving yourself paying some money for good coach. You're almost federal several north Gulfport we constantly she felt every single chance to have your -- they -- -- and find a way to do that -- They give a guy like. Fitzpatrick 42 million dollars but there won't pay a million dollars for or. Too many goals for decent coach they had disguised as GM we expect. You look. You know I got to. Get help back. Fresh off a Gator hunt Louisiana that is not my number at all. -- but he excellent outlet that Tim Tebow advocates that. Might well no it's piling on. Tebow is -- the -- unit to get out of Temps right. You're gonna attempt to qualify and listen to the managing. Demand chance -- court records. Were beaten and only year player or two playoffs. Count count. -- for total foreign wars of the work for. Started. When he started the back to life for trumpet. The jets used to -- for the first round but it did not I didn't you say. That team was left on the side of the road. Tim Tebow good samaritan. And not -- not -- -- and it was all the good book. Customary game buys the team. -- when you. Take place in a year ago. Well. Development Denver Broncos. And he brought them back alive. What is -- -- Would -- just play of -- defense of Purdue defense what would you. -- has been put it has been -- accurate. Reverend played out of -- going off. Typically paid -- you should be Clinton's and European harmony and I'm fifty yards passing game how many 150 argue -- 1780. Yeah about 300 dollars go for -- was hundreds of two there was not a 170. It was definitely it. You. About our feed. Off. Of two -- Attitude Tebow was -- provide 272. Yards or not you which came from of Alaska you're really a liar nobody has called on retirement right. But a good. It's not that I try about it I think Andy's point about Peyton Manning is now because -- 2001 the colts C east right. 2001. Yet so technically -- included -- but not. It's Parnell. From that quarterbacks. Articles written there and then and there's -- too well right. Which hardball only -- -- problems last year I was confused which are Bob brought with them back to -- -- A horrible. Job will go. -- -- but gone because he. -- Two AFC championship game and Jim was gone by then it was gone -- if -- championship game against the Steelers. Last second throw -- you're really just missed it just missed. Marshall Faulk was -- It was probably patriots fall the Marshall and I still right eight options currently got a chance to think about it how he has -- -- -- OK patriots fall about what to do a -- and just ahead. I haven't to promote her average of whatever Britain's answer. Who ever they want. Okay Tebow always ten for 21316. Yards against the Steelers here that the policy is ought to have all -- -- ten for an -- and -- Of but I'm talking about regular must come up and worked on that ninety yard pass in overtime to -- so yards. Yards per play is pretty hard for -- Whatever. I'm more the Republican with a workable let a workable rosier. -- shot he feels like fifty yards rushing for 10. What -- Look at these yards from scrimmage. Our scrimmage where for opening game unbelievable. And it's really sad about it as if that number -- -- -- here now you're online yeah. I. That's. Really sad about it is that that might not be nicer guy. On the plan trimming at least it appears that true and and so when you do knock his quarterbacking abilities. The -- lights out -- think you're knocking him as a man and I'm not him absolute knock down Michael Michael. The Steelers in the. You shouldn't receive time number one in points allowed -- yards below that matter. Chertoff you know it's it's -- argument. -- brought -- a color of the exactly what I was say it now he lie exactly -- Isn't at all with the Logitech to us and tell you why would you listen to me in the first place. Great defense. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T text line -- 37937. It's -- holly and the -- Sports Radio WE yeah.