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Little League World Series Preview. The Producer's Podcast 8-12-14

Aug 12, 2014|

Are you ready for tears and lack of fundamentals? The time is finally here, the start of the Little League World Series has arrived. Zach and Sam break down ALL 16 teams in the U.S. and International brackets. This is a MUST LISTEN if you are looking to get ready for some emotional, miniature baseball. Get all the information you need on Mo'ne Davis, Sam Slaughter and the rest of the 12/13 year olds playing in this year's LLWS. Click now for the preview episode of the greatest sporting event of the Summer, the Little League World Series, Yeah Brother!!!

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-- -- -- -- -- -- What is his feeling I don't know you guys are gonna win sport crazy it's unbelievable. Kids from Philly and now Oregon -- work. -- -- -- -- End -- Yeah hell. -- We are -- another. Version of the producers podcast science -- Elvis joined as always. Like the impact your. Brother. My favorite time a year -- time -- I know you know what time is to please tell our audience you're ready for T shirts are. Remote that's balls you've ever seen in a baseball game -- for excellence. That's right LL. WS. Little League World Series culminates Thursday. I objected. He is seriously -- In the dark about this for weeks to follow on regionals. We are stoked this is our preview episode. Little League World Series 2014. Preview we will be running through all sixteen teams that advance scouting reports on eight of them we have sent out our. Advance scouts as Sam said to. -- the team's seed who the rising stars are maybe some future MLB years. In the future NHL players Chris Drury one bird. You never now a lot of lot of former famous people plan LO WS. And -- Mean we get some famous actors in the bunch it's it's a dynamic group it's the most talented group of eleven to thirteen -- line in the world. In -- middle America slash. The world by the median in Pennsylvania believe -- -- -- literally -- played little league world where Hughes. -- it's directly related current payment directly related to his time sport. I think we jumped right in with the Christie Teague in -- way and talk about. The most electric. Player in the field. Hype machine building obviously. On talk about money Davis from the Philadelphia team. Well regions that. The minute and mid Atlantic and that's my problem that region Atlantic from obtaining -- baseball's future. This girl frozen gas seventy's it got next to use in there as well. I mean she's got talent just got dynamic. Parades. A three hit -- out clinch. Follow or her team to go to the World Series nasty last week I heard that she was she is -- -- over her early regional games I got on board I was driving the bandwagon. That -- every single other person jumped on I already saw he regarded it. I'm gonna say I was I was one of the first guys Eric absolutely -- it lands written an article about it SB nation everyone's -- in this Monique Davis type. -- I think it's it's starting to turn. For me at least I'm not saying not to reaffirm -- gonna referred. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gelb or bad as that guy that's -- guy and will give you leaving a taste of it if you want. But this Philly team they have I think there a lot of chance to get the chance to go that go far in this at least make got a pool play a behind the -- Monique Davis. Little League World Series -- the type of thing where. One not as much recently that the god -- restrictions on pitches will get to that a little bit later -- One player can really take you far if you -- one dominant pitcher that's guaranteed wins and some of these games and Monique Davis appears to have that kind of talent. So -- it's gonna make it to -- play I'm not sure about how far they can go in the tournament. But they're gonna they're gonna have a good -- things. Their first match of temple plays against Big Ten seat team. That's lab matchup led to buy it return team players manslaughter. Who would. Just rakes. Clearly the leader of that team with a name like -- slaughter -- -- that you -- better sucked yours. And -- and a few -- that Grand Slam that you -- it would be in the show that ball was over his head. Promise you -- opted out Vladimir Guerrero style incredible he had four RBIs that game problem to a comeback win. Clinch their trip to the World Series that this team -- this Tennessee team is returning from -- in the little league world last year returning I think like eight players -- the coach refused to say like they were gonna go back birdies and he would let him get there before they got there I didn't think they can meet it expectations have been proof did. In this team with that experience can't -- In the kind of turn it do you think the eleven to thirteen year old stimulate really use that experience. The pressure is not going to be there -- into willing to absolutely I don't have to go to the roadside attractions that they saw that last year their minds are focused on baseball all the Little League World Series you know that mascot that they'll make friends with last year old man was that a beaver. It's some sort of would shut I would check I don't know kind of looks like arm crash cancer may mean. Oh he gets it yet the answer actually cooler from scratch and you would have -- Ash and Q -- yet that's the way back machine I know. Yeah I see definitely see Tennessee using last year. As definitely help because it's such an emotional game vote for these players are right and it's incredible cry at any on the on this. Emotions on the sleeps are soft player -- everywhere on Philly actually he caught up pop up. Like a real sky high pop up in left field and he looked like he was about to cry just to see -- I kinda had trouble with -- -- -- all of those are tough high fires the homeland and Silas -- -- toughen them Little -- because a lot of movement on our kids -- better baseball that's about the most coordinated -- -- not he's kids though this yet but that's the the bats came out. And noted Monique Davis -- look after -- cut their balls like yeah you better at any rate there at the high pop up your connection that. That's that's a good matchup to look at formally that's on Friday looking after Tennessee. Philadelphia I'm Monet should be on the hill she's been given enough time -- arms were covered. Now -- about our I don't think its arms that where it's the pitch count that you alluded to earlier. Are yes yes and a terrific pitch count all of tolerant are refreshed in the night got a bunch of little Red Sox teams out there taking in tons of pitches. They're all about ride in a pitch counts and adds that strategy now. Flight oberg from -- school sports made the argument that Monique Davis basically has PD's. You know they always say like her Alter faster yet it's -- bush at that age she started the surge is already gone through puberty it's fantastic -- things are even I agree with -- it. She still would girls so -- -- -- fair game. Right absolutely I -- and all -- -- -- she -- she stole. Falls in the girl category nothing wrong with that and I've seen some unlike past years there's acute from Worcester couple years ago with like 63. There's a real freak like. -- body people in this tournament. So the PD argument doesn't fly but it's a it's a valid point eight. Command Feinberg he's one -- the other people has been really up on this a Little League World Series I know he'll be watching it we Sheehan on the potty. The be cool I can get right now that will be be as we advance on an excellent. Quick no money money Davis isn't the only girl on the field. We -- there was a girl on the Canadian team for a British Columbia I believe his -- from that should not star now she's -- -- zero changed its plan to Fiorina I tell you about British Columbia we will get back to the international regulator let's move on to. A historic team making -- World Series the first ever all black. Little League team. To make the world she's coming out of Chicago Jackie Robinson Little League Jackie Robinson west northwest. Chicago seems east. By west of Brooklyn and I guess we're Jacqui -- east is. They rolled through regional going six and oh. As those of us that these numbers are either accurate stats 611019. Outscored their opponents in regional Rossini sweet yellow -- -- Jersey's. They've got -- who has the most wagon and team. In the ages dominated they rolled through people they got some -- mercy rule that a couple mercy that's like yeah -- latest steered the entire was Great Lakes bracket. Yes they are destroyed -- -- to at least two players with five RBA gain in this -- Jones fell through one hitter and regionals I mean it is. You gotta look out for them yet there -- injuries they better be one of the favorites common in them in Tennessee. I see in the US finals with my prediction of the opponent predictions are well early Allstate mine for the end but I have I'm I'm all in on the -- you visit. They're clearly the favorite their first round game -- going up against northwest Washington. You know here's my thing about Washington it's it's a nothing state it's zeroes eight. It's for rubbed in it's it's for proof but so it's suitable there right now I I don't care for I don't care for one it's basically the same with British Columbia. I got Medicare's entire no interest -- they got one guy who's Tyler Durbin. Their main star sounds like Tyler -- and a -- like him yeah he went ten for fifteen regionals nice 666. Average connection. 666 though it's speaks for everything you wanted to know about that. Northwest announcement that regionals never really really I've never liked the -- itself -- floppy haircuts. It's never the grunge look yet they're old Blake basically their uniforms or -- flannel. They drink a lot coffee and legislate hitting -- an arc is bookstores and it's not for me it's northwest regional is. I move or not. Yes on to the next one -- -- next I'm going to another not been at state. Where -- it gets -- in Texas. Now that's just that's just Oklahoman in me now. Mexico Rhode Island perhaps even the New England the more obvious challenge I think that declared it had in the midwest it is. And they -- the next regionally some feisty feisty players. But they really another early you really think a team from South Dakota is -- well -- in the Little League World Series they have arguably one of the best players coming into it -- Richie. He had in their mercy rule clinching win -- three hits with five RBIs. And and pitched. Well again so they got one start -- besides mount Rushmore name means something that's instant. Give me -- wife and kids have any talent -- the only place in America where you're not within a hundred miles of the McDonald's and South Dakota exactly his kids into that game and go to McDonald's after the game. So I am now doing or not they're gonna be so stoked to have the dollar others can overheat. Get fat and gladness and you -- to apply. So will call -- calls South Dakota an easy out. They're their first round games ago and up against the west which is the team from Las Vegas. Yeah we have an interest team what's what's this. Info will be that we are doing research on Las Vegas and they didn't seem to be a lot about the team is mostly about how they're desperate for money so they can afford to get to the game. From Las Vegas. Jim just yet casino sponsor exemption at the Bellagio wonders casinos are allowed to spots I wonder if that's what they're holding what they're getting into problems. Are there and that's not bad news bears can't have a liquor store sponsor -- There can be not CD is cheating on this panel clients. I'll think there are allowed. I don't know Las Vegas. It's a very dry. Temperature temperature climate I don't know if that's gonna have any effect to -- -- -- -- that did this of one of their games they have some big kids on the team they are. The come out of the west. Which is one of the few times a non California teams -- -- that's impressive as California's as the Paris in this hasn't coached they got a -- tons of teams out there. -- real bitch I mean it. Really I was struggling to find information on Nevada -- apparently they have some large pillars of all I got -- -- got some big kids. Our big kids are normally able to match in your room. Our privacy in order to have a good like Little League World Series team need to have. Some kids who were over 59510. Or some random freak easily it's and in some really -- hope that some real short kids under five feet -- -- those walks. Real pesky. Good special pinch runners. Served and good mix yeah I -- a diverse team he can. Have all all one kind of burnout and final to. -- blue blowing through these US team's. Last matchup we got a yearly in Texas. Versed. Ryland are purely and looked it up through a suburb of Houston so they got that working for them. -- H town knows how to party and so does your talent and they. Actually made the Little League World Series in 2010. So they have some experience the town does but they're also raising money. -- and tell you would think -- in Texas he'd be able to raise money for your team a lead especially and especially for youth sports salute there'll about it and what -- -- winnings they came in second into doesn't tend where's all the -- royalties they got from all that money. Well of course what. What do you get her coming in second. What does I don't think the little right does the team have to find themselves out there are not a little Lee Morgan what all of families because as these kids -- become a -- all their families in dumpster. Like there -- a lot of emotional pressure they -- like hang out with mom afterwards and just like really have -- tell them it's okay -- press. I think they say it is about 7000 dollars per family to get the wow. What I'm saying if they had kids I'm assuming they -- like a local car ads after they came in second 2010. You think -- do you think it would and some publicity and -- they made it to like a Rangers gamer pastors and they should have some money in the Little League World Series fund. Like they should expect to happen but no they're raising money as well. And there -- they have a decent squad I mean they don't -- undefeated in regionals the ever sought containers I mean there -- -- gathered to what you expect from Texas a they just hit all the way to date -- the betting on big they got they one -- doesn't offices there and Broderbund. Like you said you can have one pitchers special with a pitch count now I gotta have some pitching you gotta have multiple pitchers. They're up against Rhode Island. They bring -- in those those Cumberland Rhode Island kids can match and I thought -- have a difficult time with Connecticut Fairfield. This airfield that's real fancy uniforms on and these tumbling kids is Kaman and kept. -- Threatening entire lineup top to bottom every single player to hit. And normal amount in Rhode Island Cumberland Rhode Island those where Cumberland farms started what's your problem with rats and it's too small. Stay everyone from -- thinks agreed to they're from Rhode Island. That your alma format too many people I met her island his royal went -- college and Errol I wrote us. -- Wasn't feeling. If you want to context analyzes pins in Rhode Island. Guess what just went there on aspect yeah I just feel -- -- to the team but it's a place for Cumberland farms started then back to a -- that's great I had a Cumberland farms card too good to deal a cardboard than to save ten cents on every gallon over there you go Cumberland farms. Also from Cumberland Rhode Island. Fairly Brothers most famous export I would assume -- from Cumberland island the fairly there's no I was looking this like you -- this cause me to look at their movies they start off -- Dumb and dumber there's something about Mary. He myself and Irene outside Providence is actually very enamored of -- very underrated movie -- I don't think it corrected it but they wrote it was it was gold involved program. After that listen this suck fest of films. Shallow Hal. Who really one of the worse stuck on you. Was that the they got stuck together conjoined twins into Matt Damon and ending Greg Kinnear -- got that atrocious movie. Fever pitch. -- a lot of people appear like -- pits as -- Only the hard no and then they follow that up with the the ringer where. Johnny Knoxville pretended to. And watch that only candidate because there's literally nothing on TV and did you feel bad about yourself I wasn't paying attention. And yes a little bit. It's atrocious -- my question. Better brother combo fairly news or Cohen Brothers Coen Brothers obviously. This night no no no hesitation I would say raking the Brothers it would go Cohen Brothers. Amir and document -- from backyard baseball and and fairly Brothers. It is very their Brothers and -- Are now -- -- time of podcast where normally. The established podcast. Is sponsored by stamps -- But those budget Communists trying to take money away from the post that you believe that anti Americans -- I -- does. Lost two billion dollars has triggered -- -- -- dot com you're not gonna have your city. Duty to go to the post office within what ten minutes while you still busy despite some stamps. -- -- she's too good for the people need help. The -- -- what letters in the future at all did that come wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the USPS they've provided the entire infrastructure. That because surely easy. It just -- does it. USPS support your -- bit support America. USA. The aims to. Show to -- Wants to hear all the years -- -- USB. What's -- Are right now improved back into our. Back to our preview. Now this little bit harder research could Google teams in America could like get local paper articles on them where and Italy too many international -- out -- these are scatter report is purely based on stereotypes and prior history in the we'll grocers and Major League players that come from -- location. Here's some teams he does rule out to begin. Perth Australia not a chance no way. Some incredible accents and interviews will come from that Australian team hopefully I am looking forward to guarantee all they also they're they're athletes politics. He thinks oh my god -- -- baseball player athlete yet eating their favorite baseball players. Honest -- out of dished -- modesty curtains and not indicated exactly what they have no chance for nothing people. We can -- Czech Republic although they did put her -- -- -- during the regionals. I mean no European teams ever done well. It's nice to see Czech Republic making appearances in the first in the league World Series. But did which it's Canada no chants -- what region word. What Evers the Czech Republic representing Europe Africa the hybrid region Q yeah Africa. So we have no African teams this year. Unfortunately we do no African -- with the -- piracy Strickland played baseball. It's your mind. Yes that'd be -- OK so they got they need like ride bicycles to they had enough energy to watch of the World Cup you think you're gonna. Have the same treatment for the Little League World Series -- they have no chance. -- -- Czech Republic no chance who else has mentioned about who Czech Republic slain South Korea I can see them actually opened up a gunfight that you have that's purely based on stereotypes. -- regency choose -- There -- lineage. I they have a chance is. Asia Pacific. Chinese Taipei's but I perform pretty well in the past -- and already -- in -- is that what South -- coming out of -- the Asia Pacific that's the thing -- -- the Little League World Series is the only place -- Taiwan is referred to US Chinese -- Besides China. The magazine that's one of things like that little nuggets of envelopes that and they're the most winningest team. In all of in league ball is so assault South Korea has chance to make it out but I'm not I'm not thinking here. I'm nothing they can hear my fourteenth to. Four teams obviously Japan are always the favorite. I think they've won the past four missed one do you think Canada has -- drive our eyes I've given my word that the united and address them -- final four. An international bracket Japan. Always a favorite all based in the final every year they have a big match of their first game -- members Venezuela I've got Venezuela and I are Venezuela's always good is that region and there are sometimes. You get the Dutch influence of those places. Golf and oh. In those little wild but they're always pretty good carousel -- career. Caracas Harris at Caracas all the teams have been pretty good at the Latin America of course is always going to be a great strong deep region. So to win that come out of -- they have a chance to what does that as -- representing. Vladimir courage and what about Puerto Rico Puerto Rico -- percent in the Caribbean which is -- going into performances in the past. But I've been to Puerto Rico. So -- haven't had -- of multiple times actually -- is why do you frequent Puerto -- because it's a nice vacation destination -- don't have to feel like -- outside of America. You're -- they unity except money there actually watch there US province. So I actually watched the ravens justice -- the patriots in the 2009 playoffs. From -- and Puerto Rico. So I don't know that I don't know how that can -- the emotion -- Yeah but I didn't really care to those like him on the beach in Puerto Rico so they have a chance Caribbean I would say -- the fourth ranked program. And then the last team we haven't mentioned is Mexico many people from Waterloo. Mexico is always a tough team we saw this in the World Cup they're just they have to deal with. Just. They're hard workers. That stared at what I would -- -- they have to deal with cartels constantly people. That he murdered and their right one of that to their sponsored by the Cali cartel Gallagher I don't know what cartel it's constantly changing but. It's it's gritty gritty people they're always play tough they've in league World Series but I think really going to be challenger and it. To be two will they got sixteen. Manner. Little League World Series teams are -- break it down -- you have in the US final party said earlier I got Chicago Tennessee. Sticking with it. It's I mean it's hard to really go through his notes are and he has no idea I mean I definitely of Chicago in -- Chicago Chicago winning at all. Honesty a Chicago coming out yeah -- this is Jackie Robinson west yes insistently Chicago Philly. Moaning on and on pay as much as as back and get on that bandwagon but I don't think she can take down a Chicago team and grass as an artist seventy mile per hour fast ball handling and 95 equipment is crazy I commend you I'm telling you couldn't hit it. I may be a matter -- elected -- -- the average Little League pitcher will definitely turn and double plays out in Philly too. Guess -- Atlanta crazy. So it's Chicago for Philly I got my Youkilis who by the Chicago and then we'll see what happens in tennis you know that Tennessee. I gotta go with my man so manslaughter in the returning Tennessee team they don't think experience is -- they're not gonna cry as often. I think whatever team can keep the tears out of their eyes are gonna go far. But he got Japan and I want -- -- -- a rematch of the first game that's Venezuela Japan. I think it's going to be come full circle. The plane in pool play and then I think we'll see him again in the finals are and I am I'm gonna go Japan. To change things up a bit ago -- my boys from a Mexico. From Guadeloupe and Mexico but experience clearly gonna win and then I think if this is the year should and as the favorite having won three of the past four World Series. This is the year the US takes it back Chicago over Japan. In the final. -- -- kind of covered Japan market down the classic battle of Chicago beat Japan it's been dating back centuries. And now it's very common Chicago's or -- a win -- -- and -- -- Venezuela. Over Japan. Who call me upset and then Tennessee I agree US has taken it down. -- slaughter MVP. Tennessee. Little League World Series champion that's the last they wanna talk about we need an all star team for this game. There needs to be international search team and American also our team in the play in some stupid consolation game -- no need to constantly I hate consolation games was -- neat we don't need a third place let's get the stars from the international team the stars in the US like that and have them play who determines this fan vote. Know the fans and everything right the hard. Knows writers covering the game TBWA I think we deserve a vote whoever is doing a podcast for the -- for thirty minutes on -- were answers I think we definitely deserve. All right we'll tell you wolf will be back each and every week to give you -- wrap up of the game's best cry best highlight. Everything we can give you. From the first round which starts on Thursday. Next week we should you right after we play probably starting going into the turn around. We'll give your thoughts from the -- all stars. There should be some lines out by that. And hopefully yet he plans on it. And if you want any more information. Find this anywhere -- Email us. Behind us and we don't funds. And between us we're still we're still doing our race to 200. Pick them up to 104. If he would come back 1050. A big -- the years. We are doing and there time and hand -- just let's listening in snow or the post often these people listen what support. Raised the roof no one cares about Twitter with a post office back to crumble it is a scary is potentially scary neighbors because what led Ers. I love. Does you know. I love love letters and I need to receive them. Join us next week idiots.