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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: There is no leadership in Red Sox clubhouse. 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Kevin Millar discusses the Red Sox releasing A.J. Pierzynski, his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and the Red Sox continued struggles.

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Seven W. -- -- Joining us right now it's like little Red Sox baseball as promised it's kind of a large brought to us by Suffolk university and ERS restoration specialists as well -- -- smoke shot. -- on right now let him know that Christian are doing whatever is humanly possible. You throughout the shorter travel -- is not here Kevin how -- -- thanks so much for joining us. I'm -- accurate in lab guys who Christian camp way better than what Lou over there and besides you picked up great. -- exactly where you need to beat I the sky without -- I'm just getting a note here Kevin of course the host of intentional talk in the Major League Baseball network personal before I get to this give and I I understand that you might not be aware of the Chris -- on -- -- a little bit earlier on the week to talk about all this. Cleveland madness to -- -- that are now. Yeah I accept that a popular like the agent Michael back or -- -- -- -- each -- stop all the that your -- -- I got four kids run around. Nine and under and I didn't have time -- -- -- like like -- that yet so I think heroes big -- -- LeBron James guy beat Cleveland. Seen that would ban cell and that the captain's -- they'll. Oh it was great no you salivating Melanie we tried to contain him best as we could but he was he obviously had his dander copies. All jacked up about -- tried to defray some of these Cleveland fans who were upset about the notion of LeBron coming back based on how he left. The result. Gangbusters -- Johnny -- Zell and all that -- now Johnny man's l.s visit to Boston to get quite as it set as much attention Kevin is the Kevin Love one did that. He was up there at Fenway with four beautiful babes as you might imagine. Why why would be you know any owner -- giant -- out of one thing. Stop with that that and the thing it's there okay the money -- -- with I mean our reform what do I want a -- I wanna get on an -- and that's hard to be there when he rolled out onstage at a camp and apparently -- really boggle at Bagram well. Third game -- get a chance that you'll probably get their hands in the air act on all exactly. Know this by -- announced Seth Meyers last night. So -- -- that Margaret -- by John case united. Slowly and landed at one. Don't he had a few hours he goes at eight. I. Like back and Lou in the Houston and Austin and -- about 245 -- obviously drove wall. About became -- nobody did read about sport pick six more out there not on. I'm asleep but that -- was and we. You know you finally duke Pat Choate you get up they're down right like -- -- -- Thank recombinant like that in my particular. Groups are. -- is thought after the Mercury play. Yeah and -- I'm not like we will all the court -- -- but he also eyed manner acute drug stocks and and it any hatred and is that same person that you EB. It's that that he is in person existed down her really really all it. You know you don't Italian and a better person that he's been. You can't make this up had -- -- my -- got to if fact I was I was the Red Sox for three years old -- portal five right World Series got it. Keep bad for games down a three game -- yankees right. Red Sox in the playoffs with the Orioles -- a three year -- 06070 wait I get called the -- now. It's game seven. April 1 pitch out there to bring back remote jungle on Larry Lucchino and still act that would do real -- in these spotlight right I'm not every time. Tracy did OK okay okay I -- not a good shape and I was felt. The developers -- top -- I can act. Yeah can I got permission from Andy MacPhail was president of the Orioles that you and -- like really they do those. Apoplectic. -- like your new wife let you go on a weekend with your. Is a catalyst like -- A Christian -- is this gonna. It seems like I mean I guess so many would be beef being divorced and have all the answers about divorce and -- just got to rely -- you without explanation or prospective speaks to itself. Well listen is speaking of Larry Lucchino -- he was a major talking point before he came on for us today Kevin because wasted Dan Shaughnessy the globe I don't know if you saw the article yet or not. But he went so far as to say we just throw a number out there Jon Lester Ford seventy. To -- it came off his ball accurate but dismissive nonetheless of that. First contract opening discussion points seem like that -- Lester the wrong way in here Larry in quotes anyway in the papers say that. Makes me feel like we were right for suggesting it. In the article. So you know I wanna I -- I want to see obviously got the you know a talking point to where we -- we see numbers in the paper it's gonna send a player and shoppers. It's players that only one of those strains on all this stuff. Usually better -- go on behind closed door we know Jon Lester is a cathartic it right we know it to collect the -- -- outside you know. And it it becomes a little bit I eat when he hit it in a public -- right out of radio -- yeah. And I don't think anybody's business. Right it's talent WiMax -- turned out 444. Billion dollars it became a quick distraction for Detroit tiger as good as. On the money we can all happen opinion which you know about Max Scherzer and the -- our partner -- Exporting portable hard million dollars. At that she'll figure out I'm up and yeah happy development critical player. -- -- -- Between Jon -- reps not in my immediate period or dot. Who you know loved to have these kind of type articles that we can all talk about areas. Today Kevin so AJ Pierzynski obsolete god does it for assignment. Now that moved you think it's based more on his production. Or more visit about his personality. That's that's great court could be heard one thing happened from the immediate sign. It wet and hot side to me. Yet salty. You know there are some -- in question mark of the fact but I'm not salty was pretty darn you know. Good scene in the clubhouse which -- -- no struggle at times. -- different sides of the plate -- striker but still. Revolve around. You know big boy make it better batter batter batter an -- -- -- -- glee like all. This thing let's AJ. Yell back in Korea are a lot of money that I -- -- that made a career per year I -- -- -- -- There's always -- that little eight. I don't like -- -- current. You know I don't like him and structure planning on playing again and got it like now when he's on hurricane I think it was a little bit you know more obviously likely. So now I would in the club that I didn't play with now. I read the article that rob Bradford wrote after you know you -- that. You know Ian -- are not all you know and found out actor able to older loiter around the peavy and that young western a couple of unnamed sources. It's typical machine doesn't go your way that there's always gonna be a scene and are part of great saint I I I don't think all production. I think there's a lot of that you think -- -- everybody. Parker lack of production and slain at -- and maybe that the rest up once all that and -- -- simulators. Kevin is this it if if if you're the locker upper in the clubhouse and AJ is your team -- know what you know about it. You see if you don't there's whispers about him irritating people's as the situation where you go up to limit you do you address some. You tell whatever do you stop that it could it seems like it wasn't done with the Red Sox. -- That's my that's my point. 80% is a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the chamber of rexrodt who pops. Court whispering and gossiping and -- you know can collect under the pressure and it would revolt. And it was strange -- one Curt Schilling came over the Red Sox. Not on the back. You know -- -- -- right. My company Gartner -- look at -- where are the best player. But what are we roll your socks you know that there's a slight bit accurate and. Earlier shot -- it -- -- that you Carolyn cheeks contract. But that's the problem -- not subpoenaed in not addressing it and what happened it's just keep on and going on. It's an issue this what happens all the -- paper Simon. Old article coming out the routes not player gets kicked to the curb and how it telegraph article by you can look at and not Wear because that it's not addressed. I'm dating all that all three months. And it got cool about suck up about this use an example now ace Tim along with a. From intentional talk in the MLB network and on a 37 WE I wanna follow up on that what you just said. Kevin because I was kind of wonder what your thought would be if just for this at this probably would never happen -- -- arguing about this before. But when it comes to leadership within the clubhouse if he is that much of a distraction if he is that much of a cancerous situation. Instead of the gossiping that you referenced should somebody have gone on the record earlier in print in public or even John Ferrell but behind a microphone saint. Hey AJ needs to communicate with these pitchers better instead of just look at his phone all the time should it have been more of a public situation. To get him on board and bring him in line. Not so much public gimme a challenge it goes I can't stand also falsely called up there but they're there aren't at their. They look so rhetoric everybody at least eight. The ball club you are eight -- -- -- -- with your Brothers that are going to back. Six to seven months every debate you've got to be on the same page it's not your development. It's a fight. That they can -- -- up to the ball in the locker you don't stand in the late. You are managing men you met five pitchers that play that guy every day it's their debt -- about your average. All but the production. -- mega money 373738. Whatever -- exactly as. About winning World Series and we're trying to go back to back these -- -- addressed so. Direct -- -- out lever that leader is we don't know our -- Shame on them also eight exactly that part of the problem no doubt about. But shame on whoever spoke to be the leader. And it and not address that what you said in March. In April should be the leader should be leader and I don't know about I don't know you can only got all the more ideologues all baseball Red Sox leader. I -- they're relatively -- got hurt on a golf ball liter gas. It roster even. Or are part of -- leader a leader you telling. Yeah I think that there should be more leadership and accountability when it comes to veterans around other veterans how is here about leadership and sometimes leadership seems to be. A very simple definition it's the older guys showing the young guys how to do stuff but -- it is a veteran vs bettering kind of situation I think that's where leadership really emerges does it not. -- You were talking about -- -- -- I would apparently okay and compete. Address that attracts an animal that's okay the problem now -- guys are scared they're dressed because. I don't understand that -- quite -- out of their youth who you're all. Lot about people -- about a young girl got a lot to worry about the war about. Present market -- as an example at the those are the ball at all. What or take a -- -- that pop I don't know what possibly. And that's what -- it. The top 38. Plot to bounce back and read -- That means -- it'd be accurately and what it's harder allotment regulate. Iraq's track market -- baseball club. They came together at that scrutiny here last year and and wield their legal world here. And this year. Think government collects and -- -- -- -- the center fielder that I would opt out. I think a lot a lot that they get it but it becomes a problem. When it -- order line but it. So if there's there's more problems would you could you give me give me a grade for for what big churches out so far based on an -- at the halfway point of the season. What what grade would you give them. Colorado State made this the most they've made in the offseason and spring training what grade would you give him that now you're sitting there at the halfway point. Well remember last played -- my break right yeah I know but I mean it's thought you were. That didn't get that set the record and the understanding speak for themselves especially with what -- the Yankees a lot border exporters. The blue jays have lost it seemed like ninety per start over the past whatever you know 34 weeks. You know that that that's what went into an option to Iraq shots. Not a good up and local sorry they are not yet all consistently. That's -- that's in the back either mean that. That no one I bet you want direct stock look at a lot of -- are at play better. I actually look ritual or 188 to seventeen in slugging percentage at two Iranian. The players out there aren't that. Great OK very good credit keep feeling go out but great write a World Series champion last year so I I'm not I'm not -- -- -- uncapped. Pretty much in this league and its players that play well. I saw last inning Kevin. When you look at what Larry Lucchino said today this year were considering both sides we haven't thrown up the white flag. We're still determined to do things to provide winning entertaining baseball but certainly a large factor in what we will do will be how to get better in 2015. What should they do you should they try to improve themselves for this year or should they make moves the deadline that speak to next year what's smarter. What I think Smart thing that -- focus opera next you -- you know open not for all of the reps I get onto a nice little street. Nine of the next twelve and kept away you know and start straight up -- what you can't -- in August he's still multi it is helping him get. When you got five rookies start at first I was at nineteen every two ugly date back. But the start our rookie starters the Boston Red Sox we're not we're not into developing. A big market. More they -- appear to call you right objecting to be a treat them better should go start local or okay. It's hard to get back on her. When we started our -- start your day and you know we're gonna hopefully walk off win and in -- you to molecule on that probably not gonna happen. Kevin if Seth Meyers had heard this saying but he definitely would've kept around for second segment. Thanks a lot for coming out as men really appreciated. Our port daycare that is -- are from intentional talked in the MLB network here on 937 WEEI.