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USA loses to Belguim, Was this world cup a success? 7-2-14

Jul 2, 2014|

The guys discuss whether or not the World Cup was a success for the United States.

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Could not get throughout his men as -- Doctor -- -- -- little box against hard it's quasi because the shot -- the iPod Panasonic this storm front that but not Lucent. It sets it up or not shocked at Biggs Tim our first goal of the game eligible aids. I love how the Internet referred to him as the skunk Scott. Markets from a Christmas story. Yes. Yeah perfect perfect -- are so many examples and was going off on him. Come up present -- yes desperate senators -- we electorates in good guy from -- and also we -- but it yesterday payments from Belgium and -- was from Belgium created in teams and don't want to lie and no word on what that's that's what I say -- is it a little racial. All right this -- I felt like all -- profiling everyone -- and everyone from Belgium it was at the bar who had their face their flak Pena on her face yesterday we -- at the art house down by Fenway. There are a good mood or another still sleeping and I'm listening and. So we can get on Belgium's. We want well the team USA loss yesterday to Belgium Israel opened up mid days with an FB Maloney Fauria -- A defeat at the hands of the mighty Belgians two to one all the goals coming in extra time all -- we saw the day before in the World Cup's do. In that German game. All the action coming away when it comes to goal scoring their -- goal scoring opportunities. One of which was not cashed in -- very crucial situation by America with a little bit later on the guys that loss. Being treated like a windy day. America when you said sometimes when you win you really lose some puzzling to lose a really win in the -- does when you. You advance yet -- just the way it is wet blanket down. When it is the only Tucker yes that we have our our heated argument about. Is it more -- to advance -- is it more important you know seek Liu plays a measuring right. And you can look at as an accomplishment for getting a group of death I do but gay and I think that it was wasn't accomplishment getting out. But what game what yesterday's game was in the game against Germany as well as a reminder. That's what's it measuring stick they're not the year. Today when you play against -- -- wanna see what elect against this Belgian team analyst who want an extra time. -- possession. Shots scoring chances. Controlling of the game they were Belgium's class and they were in Germany's class. They weren't Portugal's and there was some injuries and they weren't gone so they're at a certain level right now. They're right they're not in that top eight you know when you look at the teams that are remaining and honestly there's teams that didn't even make it. You know there right where they talk you know the feet ahead of it like thirteen fourteen there right there because you get eight teams that advanced. You got Italy you got Portugal you get Spain and you got a disappointing team this year again it. But they're not fair. There in the next group teams like Mexico you know they just. Then that was the wake up call that's -- -- when you wanna see them against some of the better teams of Belgium's only gonna get better. It was a reality check to me and think hopefully to a lot of people that. It did did just that there yet. Maybe it will all I don't know I don't know how they can get there but they're not. -- -- watch a game last night or yesterday there were all watching it together. There's only one way they're gonna win this game I thought the only way they had a chance to win this game. Was that they went to a peek at you went to a pay a penalty kill we talked about it. You don't like it I like it Tim I think likes it -- a lot it and this instant it would help to speak vision to. Let him how our the goal for the United States was only going to be able to hold up for so long it will only matter time before he couldn't stop another shot. He did it was just about to have assured nothing -- extra time and there was there was a shot so you know as the US had no. Chances their -- -- Belgium's goal it was stop and stop at some shots but. Was like -- lasers look like they're wide open on shots like Belgium haven't had Howard. So once once that once Belgium scored. But it was over but they didn't have their chance the US did have that that miracle shot in the dark -- get to a -- and both times they would. I know that I'll be accused of trolling again. Since I watched yesterday because god forbid I'd give my opinion that is right what the mainstream and what everybody wants to hear I guess that's the modern definition now of trolling. But I don't think they accomplished much of anything. The American soccer team I think it was nice they got out of the group of death I thought it was a surprise that they did based on one all the soccer experts said. But at the end of the day they've played four games in 11. At the end of the day they're exactly where they weren't the start of this World Cup they are in the second year. Of soccer countries there a top sixteen team they're not quarterfinal team they are on the fringes of being a top ten team. But the end of the day all they did was play four games and win only. One so let's not act like some great strides were comp last year for American soccer. 61777979837. And if there is an accomplishment. That I'm missing here that is beyond what we've seen from teen USA going back to 2002 roughly. What is it. Because I think American soccer is made great strides the last thirty to forty years. But there -- at a certain level now that they have to get beyond the last three World Cup's they have not. David -- consistency. Or give them credit for that they are consistently good there consistently in the conversation. If you wanna say they've achieved consistency. Of giving up that they did not push to a new plateau. They did not push the envelope any further than what they had coming into this contest. Yet and if you look at you know that the expectations the expectation is used to be. Okay to cured me you'd expect them to get out of that first round. The expectation is now or you need it's like what I expected to get out the first round every single time. But now you need to get to the quarterfinals you need to win a -- fire you need to get to the final four. Like in -- Clinton and he's no different then any other coaches a Bob Bradley to borrow from. Miller tropic. Back in 1994. -- Bruce Arena in 2002 he went to the court finals. So -- all the hullabaloo along -- that came with Jurgen Klinsmann he's. He's done nothing then they all the other coaches have done better remember to its first World Cup. The only brought amid a career as a coach like coach for the US and and as one of the controversies. With the roster coming into this is that. The thought was you know he's not putting the best team. You know for this World Cup I mean -- a -- Landon Donovan. And the thought always he's building for 2018. He's giving some young players some experience. And that's where the growth is going to come in the next four years and this is why you brought Klansmen and -- from Germany. -- try to get the US to take the next step to not be that team that is known as you know is front in the world -- thirteen to sixteen. Thirteen to eighteen on now let's take the next jump. Because they're just you look at the final eight teams every team that won its opening pool bracket whatever advance all eight. You know and then you can even look at other teams that are disappointed again dimension to Spain Portugal Italy England. What's it gonna take to get to the next step that's why you -- your Klinsmann though his job is is just starting right now. Next World Cup there will be greater expectations. Because he's had three or four years now to develop some of these young players. If that doesn't happen then you gonna -- talking about you know -- what is the direction of the national team. Even how they got eliminated. You know people wanna make it's I elected some heroic effort that they've put forth against Belgium is they got absolutely slaughtered when it comes to. Liked it better for his time of possession. Yeah -- control builds and dominated. That second half that was relatively even in the first half Belgium dominated. In the second -- and Tim Howard's the only thing they kept that team for being five to nothing. It's edit or watching the game well it doesn't seem as you said the other way to go only connect ya there's. It doesn't seem like they could've won that game not that I relation all they could do was hold on yeah that's exactly what it was -- mean the Russians that the US head. We're at worst it lasted seconds right there was a quick rush and gave it up and it comes Belgium again helps them patrolling the play again. The -- you watched him just like you did against Germany that they get no chance of winning and Germany game was odd because of what was really at stake. But you know that if there was let's say a knock -- stage play Germany again would look very similar last night even prob -- worst score. So they're just they're not good enough to beat these teams in this sort of looking for a fluke you -- get it done. Right now I don't think any of us -- China putter -- out there as strategic soccer geniuses on the radio but I will advance this theory. Now when it comes to soccer generally speaking it's a bad tactical approach to say hey let's let the goalie when it's. That's just not wise and it's amazing that Tim Howard kept that thing as close as you did. For as long as -- and you know and when you're going to get some really good team. That is better than you. Just let's just admit that they were better than the US it's always Germany yes so was Germany. You can make a case that Donna was better and got outplayed them yes okay so you knew. If you donate to relief team -- you're gonna have to hold on as long as you can and then you're gonna get two chances maybe three. And those chances are going to calm when you least expected in the US opportunity came one team with artists that play. Play was drawn out beautifully I mean it was perfect and they missed the shot. OK got another shot. Before I was the extended time. Missed another shot and then that was it. I Lewis who was it Chris one to Los yes. Why don't you may have had goes the other guy do who's the guy that missed a wide overshot Clinton was -- Ripping his head and you talk about the set playing and notice that play. Early ticket with the Dempsey a good look and look I don't know how does that play a thought it was sort of the united -- he and have a good -- clean job addiction and replay it looked like he did. And probably would want that back. But the goal I think the goal admit to Belgium goalie made a really nice play attack in the ball and -- before -- you'd had a chance to make a move on it. Three it's what what's gonna take. You know what does the US have to do to get to the next level and no Tommie Smith was on DNC this morning meter asked the question -- thought it was it was a great answer. Well and up and sent coaching coaching coaching coaching coaching and coaching and that starts as a or evidence. The key we're gonna -- and pastor from dad can't do much Bjorn at the college EM. How to change. Because your -- that if you -- the content we saw it he your agent your. Pretty -- -- four years products are and your opinion against the intact -- -- that's what you are. Where overseas in most countries you're ready lit sporting academy at that time and that it would -- Manchester United terrorist Madrid Barcelona. Europe they're in your training against the best players that they have. You did two things they're coaching coaching coaching that's your equipment comes in. That's why they got on the -- the only retirement eleven it's not about 2014 it's about eighteen. And hopefully to when he threw it it's so there's the coaching. So the US lawyers and he's pretty sure you've got to be better before you get to Klinsmann right now Tommy's -- -- -- the first point is the coaching. Can't think they have the coaching. In your Klinsmann August 2 part. Stuff never gonna change. That might be Julie I'm confused though you say that it's important that -- Klinsmann because they can't catch up. From the college level and he needs to both Israel and our guys out its its its unique coaching they got the coach now the second block. The college game has got to change it's not gonna change in America. That because it says to play against players you're sick you're you know at your level near a guy Donna dukes played against -- Virginia North Carolina before you're straight. You know meanwhile in Europe. Where there date they train to bring these kids up and there are great athletes of soccer players. You know if you are a soccer club like you mentioned a menu -- -- they're practicing. You know in -- -- practicing against the best in the world. And you watch the best in the world negating the best training into play against people that better than you. And you improving getting faster rates. To but -- time -- two years old you were stud you know come and out of college. Trying to make a World Cup team played against college kids. I don't think that'll ever change it maybe that's one issue moving -- for this country in this game of soccer. All that was totally ready better analysis and we got from -- Wallace on ESPN -- I think pride. I'm I'm proud of of watching that teen battled back there's the x.s and those part in the soccer for and I think that that can come later. But I think we're left with the a team. That gave us incredible moments individual and collectively. And a team that represented the country in the sport in the -- I think that it should. But also some questions going forward that -- what we'll try to answer. Yes that's why -- there and that's what that's why you're supposed to be ours to answer those questions you know the thing you know. Compares -- Alexi cloudless with the European soccer coverage the way he talks. It be like -- and put Larry Lucchino and the post game. Right I mean it would just be a sell job it would just be. You know it would it would just -- it's ridiculous. It's a -- get the x.s and -- haven't got the x.s and -- yet you haven't got anyone about the game. -- -- -- Determination how to handle himself is that right. And that -- and that used to be enough seniors think that used to be enough so there's aside. The -- Americans are more interest it is that we need more information. You can't just tell me why you need to tell me how we need to tell me why. And then OK. Okay ice I did it now makes sense so this guy really screwed up -- that fault. In the beginning of the World Cup. I think it was Portugal. And part of our show was -- the -- here who screwed up who Scott Norwood who missed the chip shot field goal. So we have two guys if you're looking at it and who needed to who had these opportune who have these opportunities. And they blew it yet you guys that you can point you said that it was a great team effort but when you're under duress and you're not giving any shots. If you do get that shot you're wide open in the -- -- you have to catch the ball. If you if your field goal kicker and your office can't generate any points. You need to keep the pupil -- -- that it will more time -- good political began -- is one thing in here want to focus on recent. I think -- I'm proud of of watching that team battled back there's the x.s and those part in the soccer -- and I think that that can come later but I think we're left with. A team. That gave us incredible moments individually and collectively. And a team that represented the country in the sport in the weighted I think that it should. But also some questions going forward that what will try to answer. Oh what's the incredible moment they went one to one well what was the incredible moment that -- got to gain on because they went 1211. In his. World Cup and they didn't go any further than they have in the past so I put this out there -- soccer fans if you disagree with me and you agree with lawless. What was the incredible moment that we haven't seen the equivalent of in US soccer. 61777979837. Because I'm not CNET. I don't know what it is and I don't know why -- aside from Ellis pats him Howard on the back he was great it was a fantastic efforts in a losing. Game it was a fantastic individual. Performance that he put up there but were acting like they want. What they win. They lost. And look at it there's your expectations the expectations used to be -- Alex -- still seems to be in that. I guess that that old school mentality because when he was playing it you got out of that group that was a win. We've done that countless times or five times the last one years that's not good enough. How soccer going to stay important and keep -- interested. You need to win. And QB Greg when the whole thing that's kind of -- and it. I a text there says at the same coaching -- -- better the college level that's -- you make competition better in the I don't agree I don't doubt it as here's the thing when I W -- but it's like you know. When I was fifteen I played high school gets eighteen year old there a better than me. That may be better. When I was seventeen a junior senior high schooler played like travel team down Pennsylvania. Where -- -- planet seventeen. Against -- that -- 21 in college that made me better the freshman year at college I want that some illegal kids that are older than me that made me better. And that's that's what you're seeing in European seeing fifteen year old kids in club teams eighteen year old gets a club teams playing against guys Emanuel guys you know edit for five years older than them better better. When you play gets guys are better than you. You pick up things you learn to compete you learned elevate your game and you play at higher levels though when you've -- soccer college level. You played against calls level players. You know and I don't they got the -- eighteen to anyone's in a plane nationally and everything like that -- talking on an everyday basis. Who we played against in Europe the played against guys that are better than them their proving that point. And what -- start to make this point I sort of got off -- by accident but even the way they went out dies they went out the same way the second teams from all the other groups for going out they put forth a good app for that lost an extra time that seems to be the theme every one of these games. The team that wins the pool is winning on penalty kicks or extra time so this is not unique way even. That America went out most the teams that were -- the pole winners in the knock -- stage around sixteen. Are hanging around the superior teams and getting bounced in extra time so this wasn't even unique in a way that they were defeated. No it's just it just goes to. How we'd love the event how we'd love supporting. The United States in anything whether the Olympics. Curling track and field it doesn't matter what the last time you watch track and field meet. They have a money has been every now may have on fox or how much the mother station ever watched indoor track meet. Ever watch I mean really it you'll never pay attention to it you'll pay attention it to a during the during the civil war. The X games I don't ever watch him but you know when they take those same events they put him in the Olympics world winter. I'll watch art. A ticket to your point Lou real quick. You are your onto it because. Think about this team this team is not gonna look the same four years from now. On Dempsey will probably gone demarcus Beasley who will be guard Jermaine Jones week on how Beckham and will be gone Leonard -- already gone. Greens a young kid scored the goal the only goal. Do you think -- he's that guy that you're looking to carry the torch. So if you're looking about changing the mentality and you're you're a -- trying to figure out -- to be any different than any the other coaches but used to play there used to coach this team you need to bring the younger guys there. They'll have one phone line opens of ground announced 617779700%. Alternate some text here -- 379837. What gets all the people were on hold the wanna talk about team USA soccer Packers John Paul. I'll get to all of you when we come back but I do wanna focus on Tim Howard will be Q when we return. And Christian and I had a spirited debate. Over the goalie in soccer. And how important it is or should be especially when it comes to America trying to get better. We'll discuss that we return his 937 WEI.