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So you're saying there's a chance? Captain America aka Michael Holley BELIEVES in the US World Cup team

Jun 20, 2014|

We talk USA-Portugal... Holley beeeeelieeeeves!

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We've actually been back together again since March 10 and we've had. A variety of people that we've been working into the program as as our third man and people we know one light in respect and love working with and not exaggerating when I say this so what's he doing weekend we try to get gee -- to show up here since like march 12. You know we keep hearing now sergeant -- and saris work and hardest working man in show business. Kevin Miller puts it to me you know it's work work work work work you know do that 6 o'clock show I gotta make current look good you know and in the odd that -- -- -- up monetary. Return -- -- -- years I got back shirts that say that unbelievable. Mike what's going on welcome thank you got to have immediately via. After all this time we finally got him in the -- now the show before the show we're all sitting in the office watching Costa Rica upset Italy. And and our friend whose name ends in a bowel was a little upset the other room I gotta tell yeah. Yeah I -- -- a little bit. A great win for for grocery your great result for them but the -- has got to be able to match. It shut -- -- there. And we did check it out England is now officially eliminated so so you get to the knockout round of the World Cup Spain's on the defending World Cup and England's gone. Italy's hanging by a thread -- I mean think about this of the 32 teams in the World Cup. Going into the tournament -- -- was ranked as the 27. Out of 32. And -- through in the -- in and knocked out. Always think it's funny what happens when you. Take the game from paper to the field isn't. Funny how things happen isn't it just crazy. What happens when you play an athletic event a competitive event also why would you say -- wouldn't say he had no chance of winning the tournament before it starts. I mean after he still us and I are kind of Owens and guys I want you to say now. When you told me last last week you were on Clinton's side. -- -- -- -- -- Okay he's right he ain't what it hate it we're. You tell me now after what you've seen in the World Cup in the US when the tournament now they don't care. When doctor I'm not sure they outlook I'm not sure they beat Portugal weddings I think they have a chance it was a sure they've begun. I thought they had a pretty good chance to become part of it yet but there were -- -- I was hoping they would draw against Portugal because I don't think they're going to be Germany. And I think I think with three starters now out for Portugal Sunday night. I'll go from a product you know you got a chance to be after. What urges you to say seven and so why out of 32 the seventh ranked team. In the tournament just one. Over very good talent. One of the favorites -- What is it about the states that what do you hate about. -- -- and I don't know how to brew Dale Arnold I cannot believe that -- Arnold. That. Well well I might -- soccer team may be even better than ideal not as as good as spend as we know but really well -- is so do you think the Americans have a chance to win the World Cup. No no no and on and on fact I'll tell you what -- they're going to be gone. And so they got there. They have an opportunity now Portugal with the -- With the starters being out to win that game of course they're doing their own end result there was a pretty important are no I'm not gonna play right not gonna play so that is a big deal for them but. Deductibles guards are asking what don't what what clintons and it was so wrong. I actually loved noted that you -- weekend though is that we cannot we cannot win this cup that the direct quote yeah. He did we cannot win they got all the heat on itself. You're talking about -- not talk about it guys. Well I don't purpose and I decided to ourselves to do it again that's preservation that in the episode preserve a guy. How might strategize and why -- job where. Us that's what this is your typical is it to happen all the time in sports what happened so much anymore but it does regarding Klinsmann. You don't did you get a new job and you're saying hey. I got a five year plan it's gonna take five years to rebuild this -- five years a -- drawing a paycheck. So I can stay in this position. Michael thing you don't. Acknowledged though is he already got. That the contract extension is also turned it in any set that's opting to get the contract extension I might agree -- got a political game a contract extension US soccer what do you think you said then get to contract extension. This is not a quick run it exactly ours it's not a quick -- which by the way -- -- winning and without a quick -- I got its gonna take a long time when an insulator. Underneath the security here. We can't we cannot win this cup why not the better question for himself why can't. Be about approach. You think he's telling his guys that in the room. I don't know what he's saying it's not talent that where -- -- goes out there are tells everybody in the press we can't win and in the room he goes. Boys you know we play the way I coach to play -- if you play the way we have over the top in this room that we tended ecological process he's taken the pressure up Tuesday. Absolutely -- perfect deflection right here take it all off down you put -- eyes on them. What you mean there's no pressure and body when does that have to do not turn out there is -- pressure mere fact that we can't win. I don't have enough to win here this is also a culture thing too by the way because yes you know Erica and twelve. No we don't want we don't want -- we want Bill Belichick to say we beat the jets. -- for John Farrell. Their plan the blue jays -- -- days. You never want to say that right that's not -- we don't do an uncle as they cliches it now and if there hadn't -- -- if you have any competitors aren't your body and that can attest to this and soccer these guys just flat out you know Rick Burnett when -- went in the -- early. There's no -- in the program we don't we don't have. This seems a bit down -- and that they don't look we're just over to make sure we don't know relative okay team -- plaza into the lower end of it. Went back out -- where these -- they are the 32 teams in the World Cup the United States is at the lower end of the only time he's on the premier right and I and I artist I'm comparing it to that point he's making the same sort of thing with the teams and look. We're now we're making progress but we're not ready to win an -- what. Lower in Costa Rica now. I said I said Glen -- 32 teams in the bottom the bottom half of just talk about this we're just right now you can you can look at the rankings. I don't know what. What system wanna use. You wanna go what the fifa rankings for the people -- it up they report. Going into the tournament they with a third ranked team in the world a problem is it would be like the thirteenth ranked team. In the NCAA basketball tournament winning that tournament the chances are almost an -- -- thirteen seed right now right you don't thirteenth if you ranked all the teams in the NCAA tournament -- different from the first overall. The thirteenth team winning the tournament happen this year. Up thirteenth ranked till our. They -- up what seven COK but you're saying thirteenth ranked going into retirement tournament. What was UConn ranked it happened and happened. There -- arrogant Klinsmann said what you didn't wanna hear the beat adjunct to what he said was. We have to play seven perfect games yet to win the tournament he he added that after which will leave that part out because you wanna kill -- and we. No I wanna hold on to was words. And I have the direct quote -- up just because I know so well. Aren't true and are in order to say that's not Michael. That's not what exit it's not but he said Michael are excellently upset at what he said I looked up and he added we have to play seven per and I install all I got into a family despite his partner. As are all -- Arctic through Friday stop on by all I needed to see I saw. And -- in black and white in the old gray lady the New York Times he said. We -- not win this cup right. End quote and and then added after that the part you know I don't. Original inhabitants or don't is that they got a definitive. Way I gathered a team can play a perfect game a team can play it up perfect games. Seven. -- -- -- -- tournament teams go on runs and turn -- particular sport. Baseball -- -- on -- a bad game in the regular season on average -- saying what's cardinals 83 wins. Minnesota a Minnesota Twins 8485. Wins gonna run of the -- -- You win at New York Giants don't we know what to well twice. NCAA tournament you can't fix -- and you mean to tell me you can't get hot at the right time and win a damn turn. That's not just un American that has nothing to do what sports it's really don't play sport and I don't think can win and at the perpetual you know not all the only. Want athletes and coaches to tell the truth that we like what they're saying -- more competitive no no we'll help. I thought about it we like what he say they're competitive person. You never. You ever say that never Rebecca -- that was that was the baddest man on the plan. The baddest man on the planet like who's that guy does -- Jon bones Joseph are let's say the rock the rock that. Obstacle with real -- there are the rock up. Would you say. I just can't if you want to kick -- for whatever -- you have offended him you know deeply doubted him would you say I can't. I can't fight to a Q when I stay out or -- I know you are I would -- it. I can't see him or something. Doesn't allow you this advocate and talking. Better get it on you right now is gonna take care avenue a microphone and I don't you're right you are not -- well -- tickets so I don't say it and this -- that -- and I mean it's you know a close Obama and the closer -- her I am running like hell. What happened to the competitive competitive spirit of I Americans. What a happy. And well he's a man he's coaching. In the united the United States of America America. Live near the Berkeley like he lives in cal for California but he's German. That's part of the problem is evident locally these artists that -- That's that that's I don't like to do too much you know your Tomb -- touchy Feely in an all over thinking and all that stuff. Our man. America jacked up at night America birdie. We -- then we need to start planets stars it's right behind using this thing yeah it's just annoying. I hadn't gone. My brother here. Much about my partner and arms from many many years when my favorite guys in the world here Dale Arnold to say. And watching all of these upset and -- -- you don't think the US can win. That's that's the -- I don't think when the -- and they winning game look I still think it's an upset they beat Portugal even without three starters it's still an upset. Can they pull an upset Sunday night yes. I'll tell you this if they play the way they did against Ghana even without three starters they're gonna get harassed -- they're gonna get an email. And they were -- Dempsey after the game talking about boy after that goal. And play while you play while they play like on Sunday they're gonna get killed if they play like that against Germany it's going to be even worse. I mean. Don't you guys had a sort of credit of five not this is -- -- guys are negative. And I have some sort of negative okay. So we agree that the US and play. There and they want they want they want so. If you think. They're gonna play like that all the time. No I think they'll play better they better play better I mean they have to play about an -- I I think that's as bad as you'll see them play in the term -- It's like wait -- Klinsmann told the truth about that after the game -- and said we can't play like this we have to be better than that down. Not that I think we all saw that. That game they won a game they didn't play well what they weren't satisfied with the performance they were satisfied with the result not satisfied with the performance that progress. Because they were really as bad as you guys are our -- going to be that bad they'd be happy regard you know for all and to be. And no. Across from your weight because I can't win the tournament said -- Lowe worked here you do you -- you're 32 teams in this tournament yeah. Yeah they're in the bottom half of the 32 to yes. Yes I do well based on more fact based on right. But the rankings was dismissed the most. If they're not the thirteenth best team in the in the world. And you don't believe that what how what you basing them on just that the -- test -- I've been watching this team on and in the lead up to the World Cup I watched him you know watched him in in game one consent but myself while we're that lucky. Good luck. I hit just just transparent to them about transparency is sharing all of my issues any issue I have only -- on the red shirt with the got on the program -- this -- -- Outlook on life -- to share everything and I'm going to be over sheer. You know what I -- the US you know on a base this bears their competence on. Rankings template that it if you're telling me that they're the thirteenth best team in the world and you guys know soccer. The soccer people save at thirteen -- -- -- you know what I'm gonna go to. So I'll base it on. That and that would be the thirteenth best team in soccer if you're gonna go base in the rankings those when -- champions the other problem -- the other problem here Michael is that they're in a group. It has two teams ranked well above them the chances of the thirteenth ranked team in the world coming out of this group. Not great they're not great and they're still not great. -- was the one team in this group ranked below them. Portugal and Germany are way ahead of them okay. And they and they got to eliminate one of those. They're also injured -- Portugal -- right. I mean this is what I did before want reports and way to being too negative about the United -- chances. Oh so you've heard this before all are not the first person familiar. Me look at their roster. And save yourself. How many of their guys on their roster right now. Play for Spain. Got knocked out by the way OK -- -- to simulate how you guys. On their roster right now on on their whatever idea. -- Spain's heat not to start but make Spain's team. And he -- pretty. Listen I don't give me the whole bit that this is some news you remember that was the -- don't -- -- president -- they're out there right now what is also there -- you know I don't know -- that that is. The that is the beauty of sports. That is to get tickets for water that is the beauty of relationships. -- -- Well you know march -- by yourself. You're okay fine. You went Tom current magical night something current irons well -- -- -- distracted. The current it to your party -- a beautiful little distracted. She shiny things and it doesn't mind all bottom line. Make sure so yeah they couldn't they couldn't make Spain's team that's based here so doctor to quote the great Earl Weaver. When he was talking about injured players -- only talk to me about the living. You've entered into -- out of the mix -- -- great. They're much better much more delicate Mexico there are much more it just QL west went what do Brazil do an end result last weathered it okay. Italy's -- and what did bill Austin might appear to green light -- greatly greatly eroded. As that your. And with a -- the end of his name is still in mourning over here did you not notice he'd be out of the black arm band since he sat down here. And you guys and it's packed with young guys it is. It's sick it's it's well it's why we love sports sure it's why we love sports it would be. Phenomenal -- it would be phenomenal. The market is going to register what Michael -- who got out and dirt in minutes so thank you. -- Always got to share. I'll see you read that 48 year and a half just stand up -- that Hillary -- -- -- yeah. Do you think before it's back down and thinking back down. Where they brought Mike Vrabel didn't have a particularly touchdowns. That they did did that no one that I take my ball -- go home. As you know he's an American. Play an American game. When we come back we'll talk about an American game is well we'll talk patriots will work some things that what you guys well. Mike DR -- That's very that is in the house with all the way along with -- -- colleagues Sports Radio that rather. The patriots have scattered to the four wins after mini camp. They are now gone until July 23 when training camp opens down at Gillette Stadium. And that there was some interesting things that happened this week it mini camp. By the way they closed mini camp with a soccer game just so people know Bill Belichick brought up the soccer balls tonight they closed mini camp with a soccer game. The Bill Belichick and the US I don't know why I haven't had anybody ask him and I think that is when he probably would say I don't know. Maybe you have to ask Mike that their talked to Clinton have medicine -- don't -- probably your way. Clinton. Has already been proven. -- to be broad. Ought they not know if you're wrong Europe brought eight so you make a mistake -- actually brought yes let you have read the text line and that's a lot of respect for Serena. I don't but -- is already proven that predictions. Don't play out. Like you think they will what -- you stay in that New York Times piece partly out. They -- the place -- which now he wants to bring up I don't know that I wanted to bring it before because I think it's. They epic it's possible. To go on Iran. At a tournament any tournament if you're and it looked like you have a chance to win. But the other thing is he said they have to play seven perfect games to win falls. They didn't play a perfect game against Ghana. They play any bad game from their words. And they won the game now what they have to play a perfect game gets Portugal. They have to play better needed against out of Portugal's missing three people. He's like he's trying to forecast the entire -- admit they're in December when he gave the comments and then. You want to follow it up when he was when he was checked on it. Later. If already backed down on -- and. Are you Americans you Americans so unrealistic. You people. You don't know anything about and the NBA either she noticed charity took the forty agers often put the American flag on -- -- this segment off our back anyway back to the patriots they've scattered four wins until July 23. I -- like some of the stuff I heard from Tom Brady's. We we don't hear a lot from Brady in the offseason and I don't blame in the -- the talking of during the regular season. You know what I heard when he did address the media I heard a guy who who knows exactly what that pro football focus article said. It said he's no longer among the elite quarterbacks in the National Football League I heard a guy who who without its say. Oh I absolutely. I mean to me. In -- very much like. Yeah I'm about to prove you're all wrong again just like I proved you wrong when I was a sixth round pick and nobody said -- -- -- make in the league. And just like when as a Michigan and you said dreads and was better than I was with rent and doing right now and one of what -- done. He is very motivated. Look. We could say all we want I don't know how far and going to this -- is on the decline but we're not talking about the clip he's fallen off the cliff. Yes goal from the third best quarterback to the nineteen dollars and are not not at all you can still absolutely when a championship with him as a driving force that football team I dislike. I like it when Tom has a chip on his shoulder and I think he's I think. This is a pretty good way to get. Season started. They always have a chip on her shoulder there. I'm not sure I mean I I think he wants to think -- guys. But you know years of success. Big success and and you know let's be honest he's got the perfect life. He's got the supermodel wife in the millions of dollars in and sell and is home to Dr. Dre enemies got everything going pretty well it's probably hard to maintain. That Rodney Harrison chip on your shoulder when likes Gonzaga. I think yes I think the chip was there very much. Last year constantly. Which is why you saw some uncharacteristic. Behavior from from Tom Brady can help. Couldn't see -- the leading man all the time couldn't be Smoot could be an -- character anymore well well. Going crazy like he did during a -- game. That's uncharacteristic. Screaming at receivers. I mean every time the right route -- run. He had something to say about it they were terrible and game on third down it was to fourteenth and it was like John stark shooting percentage and a and a game seven vs the rockets it was terrible. And I think he he was acting like that because he knows. If not knowing what to play forever says you want to play for a bit. But dammit don't -- -- with these receivers who need your hand you hold on where to go on the field don't do this to me. China try to win a championship and try to do my liking him while I'm still able to you. Compete at a high level. And I that he was frustrated and I think the pupils are especially. Last year look at him and ask his question. Because yes we know he has said many times. Since the lawyer Malloy thing I don't bet they make their decisions on here to play football but if you're Tom Brady. And you make that kind of money and you have backup power. If you wanted to say I don't know maybe Wes Welker comeback yep I you'll that you go to Bill Belichick if they look -- -- Make it happen. Or or -- one. Worlds like it -- happen -- make it happen or that but you don't have to add the or else part -- to Bill Belichick hinted bill. I want Welker back here what would Belichick's. I'm glad you went back -- we're gonna do what's best for the team and that's what nobody says to you would -- -- my it clearly clearly. That's what Belichick's gonna -- -- -- times. Look at all the guys who have left you don't think Tom Brady. Tom Brady probably wanna might -- -- Tom Brady won -- Wes Welker to stay you know you want a lawyer Malloy this day. They wanna think even wanna think about anybody in terms of what are records artist today. In terms of guys that dead. Help him. The one years. Deion Branch Wes Welker those two guys that walked away from here right that I would say what we know -- didn't like the on the even. That was the right decision and I don't think many people when I go take battered car -- at the time -- not -- But analysts I just wouldn't -- -- the money I didn't that he was that kind of receiver. And approved overtime he wasn't that receive. But Welker is so critical to what they did and obviously. Knowledge that great friends reliable. -- always on the field across that back up. And your replacement plan was to bring in a guy who has. Historically been heard all the time and to -- them with an afterthought but -- it was an afterthought political find another offer. And nobody wanted to so we'll take you back for 7000. I think I think maybe what the epic there were not that far part of what we're what we're figuring out what we should know by now will we figured out. Is that Tom Brady could. Tom Brady could be that guy what he has chosen throughout his career not to be that maybe just made the mistake he can say anything. I any. Body behind closed doors I think he could and I'm guessing does does not. Does not there are no heated discussions in bill Belichick's office between the two over personnel. You don't pick it ever comes up. Like that like -- where we better sign this guy arm out you know I mean an ID world. Postulate anonymous no but it's hard for me to believe that behind closed doors when they get together what is -- Monday or whatever it is. The Tom Brady says -- spill with a healthy wanted to protest. Bill thanks to give me too embroiled Tompkins Josh Boyce and Aaron Dobson. Let's just gave. I mean they they talk about they talk about and and paper machine a and a dole. -- -- But today they talk like game plan in deep fences. But in terms of personnel. Like this is who we should draft or you better sign this guy to a long term contract or why we make in this are making the decisions on how works. Any code. Ticket to a publicly he can do it privately. If Tom Brady came came out puppies and one guy. Who can get away with it. Absolutely there are some guys who say things publicly so -- my bad as they -- in the pocket that they get that note. Erica talk the same bill McDonough and find out -- built but the property. Could be that he could be the exception I'm not chooses not to. YT I don't know that that's that's the point I've made. He's the one guy who -- -- office every week every week know some players see him some players don't Tom Brady sees him every single week sits in that office. I just wonder if behind closed doors he doesn't express the same frustration that fans expressed when they watch. As famous fans probably not is a good is a good teammate. It looks that it is being a good teammate. You know how many guys can do. How many guys can go in there and do that. May listen to your opinions but. We -- of this now Bob Brady and Belichick you know. Brady is probably not going to be that guy who says hey sign sign him time and time and do you must do this. And Belichick. Is not going to be the guy who listens to a player about -- Listen to any player be that when Nolan -- right I mean like you say I want a guy who could slow pandemic -- -- clear listen to on. Yes listen to -- opinion on a player all the time. Make a decision based on. What a player says. No. Now the question is does he have any better offensive weapons to play -- this year because I'm telling you right now is we sit here today. Opening day. You're starting tight end is Michael Cole mono when new. Yes I know -- obviously. There are hopeful of guys like boys Tompkins and certainly -- -- Dobson being able to make -- dobbs is not even on the field which is. Troubling which is a huge deal behind schedule and as Tom told me asking the question the other day are specifically about -- he said. Look it's it's crunch time here because once we start going -- camp and become so fast and so furious that if you miss time you don't catch up. Just don't do especially when you're younger player arm and as we've seen they don't they won't wait. They stop for some like that. Now there but I don't think they're any better off offense I think that would be maybe the best thing that they did the offseason is I think that may be. They've made their offensive line better. Well in the one thing I'll say is I think the improvements in their defense will say it will take some of the pressure off of Brady offensively. He -- I am guessing you don't old school he's not let that be all of these I feel like I got a lot square thirty today for us to win this -- more the feel of 20032004. Where I know my defense I believe my defense can make plays. Whereas in the last I don't know. Are at six years. I don't think never felt that certainly not big moments there. At all times that they had a 88 top. A top defense from start to finish now they're -- defense is who have. Started off. Horrendously and then have gotten better at the end of the year. And so we called them a good defense but only because we're comparing them to what they were the first five or six weeks of the season you know 2007. Up pretty good defense. And -- of the defense that complemented a record setting profits at the time very well put. You look at look at oh wait. Wait without Brady I mean they did all right mostly time but after after that. In the 2009. Patriots team can win on the road 2010 just terrible 2011. Team went to the super terrible terrible defense in terms of the numbers. And then last year I think they started to. They started to trend in the direction of being a top ten defense there are really felt that and then got. I -- they finished tenth in the league at the end of the season in points allowed per game. Which is the only statistic I think anybody really cares about well yards per game don't mean much to me about third down. Bottom. If I looked at one statistic it's how many points the about. They finished tenth in the league they gave up 21 point one points per game. But I'm telling you Michael to back up your point they were two points away from finishing fifth in the Italy in points allowed per game. Yeah I I believe that laster part of the injuries that they weren't trying to just topped and the returning top five home. And I think with what they've done in the offseason obviously the -- addition. -- -- I think the way we saw hightower come on at the end of last year. Talking to him this year. There's a confidence that wasn't there last year. And I think he saw how we performed at the end of the -- and it's like yeah this is my moment I belong now they belong but I can play really well. Collins came on I think there's an expectation aren't taking. Largely -- mail back yeah well for back to Cali back there's a lot go on for that defense again as always assuming health. Because some of those key guys are older guys but to me it's the first nominal -- time where I can say. On paper at least you're defense is better than your offense and I don't think that that is a bad thing. Starting week five when you get Browner back then you'll have. Maybe the best secondary at least one of the two or three best secondary recently launch -- -- Area -- it's it's going to be pretty good having you you look at. That the Cleveland. I mean secondary wise is it you know they'd they'd draft another top ten quarterback coach Joseph Haden who's fantastic in Seattle is a good. Secondary and that Arizona does. San Francisco but it was still him Iguodala sergeant captain -- top five top ten. I just think that that they -- goal about it differently this year. But for those of us who goal who hearken back to those Super Bowl championship years where. Defense was really what -- as great as Brady was as efficient as he was defense is really one. Maybe the better off home back to that formula. Because the high flying Randy Moss fling it around them -- lot high scoring fifty touchdown pass offensive years in get. The weather wanted to be I think Evan -- the last couple years of trying to address system obviously the way the NFL is played and everything is spread out more it's getting. Athletes they complain space and you Jones and high tower near. You know Jamie column is another guy obviously and they tried with Dave on Wilson I mean obviously was everybody said it was a rates but the thought was. I got that maybe can step in the box but also cover. And the -- can cover a little bit deep but again size speed that's the way the league is trending and I think have been trying to address at the last few years. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line -- 37937. Start out talking football. Either kind up to you how we -- Mike TRT from Comcast sports net in the house is our third man in today for at fort today. We're gonna kind of recap the week for some of the big stories that happened this weekend coming up at 545. We take on the tough guys it's dale and Holley and Mike GRD Sports Radio WEEI. Later on probably around 445 herself. It is our Univision the new tell low birdies make as Jolie had the big upset over Italy and I got a feeling it's going to be classic stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A rookie but. You go back a -- -- that place. Suddenly lose sorry GRD. Sorry about that let's get the calls Dylan's New Bedford Europe first on dale Polley mine. A delicate and our guys -- I was oh. We hurt the product Alienware now. Think what it's -- arts. So you know how are you that they've played really well in the -- minute of the -- game and then they cannot put it into lockdown defense. So then when god that's going to build up our -- -- when the game so then they went out scored another goal right after that so I think. They have no offense when they need it. And then it put it into lockdown defense when they're up a goal I don't know that's going to be good against Portugal or not I don't know I can talk about it. I think generally speaking in any sport. If you get up early and and try to OK everybody let's let's go let's -- back here and protect our protect our ran it it's usually a recipe for disaster. How many times a rescission and occupy -- -- final. -- you take that two goal today we're good on this we don't just protect our and open and then all of a sudden you're back to even again. And and you'd think about and using Stanley Cup final example. The way you played to get the two goal lead. If you keep playing like that. Then it becomes a three goal lead to four goal lead and the minute you try to ratchet bulk and we got to protect now we got to leave let's make sure we don't get a -- 29 second -- A ninety minute game plots. Probably not gonna defend a house for ninety minutes. I get in soccer every four years and really get into that report but I disagree with what -- just -- -- I don't think that was what happened in the game. I don't think it he set out in what they really needed it they got a -- -- it. Look who got it for them a defensive sub would be like ninety elect ten years old escort all. I mean no I think what it was. There and listening to the Smart soccer people talked about it what it was is that. You know Ghana was putting a lot of pressure on the US constantly. They tied it up on a beautiful goal. And then we saw what happened well when the US got the got a game winner. But it was it was no design of the US thing we can turn it on anytime we want against the Canadians didn't happen. Days at Norfolk debut next on Sports -- dale -- -- Go out. Tomorrow I want to agree with. It might not you Michael. Clayton out and -- the middle -- Don't you know clearly clearly don't know what you're talking about that's not what you're not gonna go. You do. Something about playing internationally and you know people really will -- -- from law. What do you do on the court. Couldn't and didn't want to and unlike the -- don't get out -- ten years ago problem. Before you go on let me just say -- -- if that's possible. -- -- -- what -- point to be heard loud and clear right now you're not too clear look Fuzzy I don't know puree probably on the Bluetooth he can't change a bit. Okay well I listen very intently glad you have the -- OK so they -- -- a year ago US soccer a commitment. What do you World Cup in 2000 and -- it -- well while technically been paid what I broached. What did. He actually edit that out with three could wind today on cap and do really well this tournament -- company now. That I don't usually pay attention or. How does that make sense that when -- not gonna back it up you just get -- told me it made no sense in all you'd all your your reference was in 20103. Klansman. US made a commitment to winning the World Cup and didn't work out. Then turn around as -- Costa Rica not a good team right. They -- yeah -- okay but so is the US better in Costa Rica. All yeah. Okay what do you watch qualifying their report OK I think they're better your soccer for a little bit. I am a big number but -- -- While nonstop use your credit. No because I wanna know consistent I'm telling you. Should have had a had a reverently. And the last guy in his eyes have seen that I had a revelation here in the last in the last year. You know what I could do it through OK perfect. I -- and I am I am more I have more accepting. Of people now I -- more open minded than I've ever bend and take much more open minded about -- so I am less that he's a soccer fan I'm not dismissing him but I want. Surely wanna be educated at least watched the qualifying which Clinton mob a level above is that a little bit so I wanna be educated about it he says it makes no sense that the US has no chance of winning. I want someone in non Klinsmann language that's really close to another word I have political and non Klan. Man that language to tell me why. I did you didn't like what what was your what your reason they have to put together too many perfect games general. That was coincidence point and that's already been proven to be false wanna fight him off profit. Because he'd made one mistake he'd be becomes about fraud and while Ali our air though now they have to play I -- -- since -- -- ever. I don't think that's possible leader and you play one or two perfect games to be -- wanna say they want to perfection. Because -- that far behind the better teams in this term. It that far behind Portugal and Germany just get out of the group with games like today. One it was on before yes I saw Italy got get beaten by Costa Rica with a perfect. Poster -- All particular I was pretty close perfect game. Yes that's -- well. If if that if that's a perfect game -- the US. -- all -- ask him for six of those go now no I'm not. I reject the premise or reject the premise altogether like you -- got to pick if they if they beat Portugal. They beat Portugal. And they lose the -- -- Who are they going to be Portugal lathrop. Right there in our. Who would they play in game four and its Belgian. Game four and yet to interpret against them. You don't know -- it's so ridiculous for it all bought we are smarter than this so you're Klansman. Nos. Not only does he know that the US can't win. The tournament he can tell you why they can't win the turn because he knows how each of these seven games it's gonna go. Already we were all surprised by god I'm not the result I think game they didn't play well and they want the guy said that he said. Giving gardens -- enough credit for what he knows and how. He won as a player and ninety. He coached Germany to a third place finish in 2006 he knows what it takes to do what he's seen it and he looks at his rock princess. And we know we are always guys. Are we -- we're not those guys but which part of this statement is as you you get credit earlier for being brilliant and displaying the thing perfectly. Which part of his statements should -- take at face value. And which part of his statement should I say oh he's just playing he is playing to the crowd or he's just like trying to take the pressure up with team. Because he's saying should I should I believe. The we need seven perfect games statements I believe in Russia believe that -- -- we've already part company from -- he's already proven to be wrong and so what part should I listen to what parts that I reject. You can choose 6177797937. Its telephone number. But Elena holly and Mike GRD Sports Radio WEEI.