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Tim Benz: Goodell is a Hypocrite 5-30-14

May 30, 2014|

The guys discuss Rodger Goodell's comments about Jim Irsay, and Robert Kraft's recent comments calling Jimmy Garoppolo "disaster insurance".

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You don't have any business you always -- disaster insurance. The most important. Thing and now we have a young man you know I hope. Uses good as everyone feels but I also hope he does get a chances yeah. And. Robert -- alluding to the future the long term future still. Of Tom Brady and the patriots quarterback you're speaking with the NFL network Thursday. That was during the moms football safety clinic. Roger Goodell spoke during that as well. And that. That faced hypocrite of a commissioner. Continues to make an ass of himself whatever comes this comparison between. Owners. Management and players when it comes to discipline. How do you with a straight face look at the cameras. And say laughingly. This massively in -- ultimately when someone -- very legitimate question how come no action has been taken against Jim Irsay and series. Launches. Charges were just wild a couple of days ago just filed charges. He shouted so demeaning to the question. -- jackass. You're at the same guy that suspended up -- all quarterback a Super Bowl winning quarterback six gains. We're not -- short. Accusations. You -- -- six games without a charge. These charges have now been levied and it's. Our. It is a hypocrite. Here's the worse it don't trust -- race. Is some Roethlisberger love. Going on right no hours you know what the funny thing about you know there's like a serious and I'm glad you said that because you have to be a Roethlisberger. Blubber -- Or Peter and I I like Roethlisberger respected administers there -- cutter low and Roethlisberger looked at before this -- figured out before before that all happened Roethlisberger was. Tool to deal with. He was awful nice feeling he's the victim. -- -- I think he was wronged in this situation by the league in terms of their discipline what he did or did not do. In those situations with those two women I don't know it's all he said she said one of them turned out to be crazy. The other one when he found out the details of what went on in Georgia. You start to wonder a little bit was this really malicious or was this at least consensual. If not -- well what do wasn't CD. I I agree with you -- -- never like I feel like you know this between suspensions and fines it's a dart board. You know covers the -- and throws darts into says yep the air for your three YouTube. Eight judge Jerry he's everything. Does deter me you you much good on good terms of the all right it. I -- you attacked him at a Super Bowl is that sort of press conference you're just you're actually attacked this man. Attacking him is a little strong I asked to may point to question at the Super Bowl in Dallas about this very situation because of how. The opinion egg -- that he was being too much of an overseer. Award of discipline more so than a commissioner. And I asked him about a quote that I got from the -- that it said if we win the Super Bowl. I hope James Harrison is the MVP. So he can. Refused to take the trophy from you when you hand it to was in essence the quote. And how to take that he sort of gave it the same sort of wry smile and kind of laughed -- off and gave a non answer answer but. That Super Bowl press conference with the Dallas it's huge it's retention act is a lot of people there it's not a -- -- It's a lot of cream puff questions it's a lot of softball is that Matta none of this unit and Mike. Let's get this yeah Max Starks was raining and we just it just the opposite not figured it would be an opportunity for -- guys like you -- a legitimate question to finally have the spades. To ask that question regardless of how comfortable it is given the same time it's a back slapping session it's let's give the girl -- has to pontificate on questions that he's expecting. A worst miserable gonna be a couple years what do you think about expansion what's the latest on the TV DOC BA. That's normally what he gets the basically at one player currently in the Super Bowl saying. I hope we -- -- the guy that becomes MVP doesn't accept the trophy from -- it was a little rattled by it but I'm not all that right got a blue wood off the he didn't like it I'm sure he wasn't happy that it was a question that was screened out well luckily for -- that would never that the -- But it -- US district went -- ball. The joke I think there were about an -- and right now more than anything else. Just Roethlisberger before after all that went down he changed personnel did -- turn did somebody he had actually had a baby he actually went through a legitimate. Personality. Transfer me to get mayor he had -- -- held a lot better Geiger are going nobody can change -- processor burgers change man as a Jesus told them. So did -- work. I guess it worked he became easy to become a much better guy after all this happen but still waiting handed -- the discipline was completely inconsistent. Waste or now -- owner you know what -- play went when they don't give up -- even for fines for. For played view -- I got violent time for chop block. Which they called an illegal chop block which I -- not was not illegal -- we used to -- regular men out Kutcher he's authored an endless second okay. SS Rodney Harrison. But it did Dallas so what happens as you go ahead you you by complaint. -- you get on a phone call they look at the tape. It's basically you're already guilty before the don't live already made undermine their mind. Biggest space to let you speak your wheels and in -- listen do you speak but the decisions -- have been made. I made my case -- I accepted video that they didn't have from different angles. Of the old husky stadium in Seattle. Which proved my point beyond a shadow of a doubt but it did not matter so -- still -- 515 day. Or what was so called in the top block and -- in my head ever going why is it why is this fifteen K and I know another guy. Hit some by somebody in the nuts. The other day in another game by accident but got complain about it the team sent the film and he got fine 5000 polls. Pop how does that work out of the chart work creators don't show how does that work like it to Roger -- we will -- -- just lost somebody hit me there I would be outlawed indoors Mac is -- somebody. -- -- illegal gates so here's fifty K here's by. Ray Rice rice could again. But what's what's great even though he apologized ticket to get there is going to apologize. As he's been charged. I mean -- no way -- big drop all the charges because she basically that he got married. Before. I -- before the charges were able she was able to claim. Go to called -- -- -- like that it's weird but. Is he getting -- find. These are gonna serve any jail time -- you cheap shot Rodney Harrison. I strategic cheap shot him all their story behind -- now I physically isolating its players Rodney twice a year for seven years hate you. We -- like each other really now we -- it's on now now it's -- funny thing is that when I got to New England. -- fine right and then Roddy came the next year so Rodney. -- -- about this is that. They roomed us together. So I -- -- I went to bears -- house like listen I'm not rooming with Rodney Harrison I'm not doing it like it's our -- strike killed he's trying to kill me. The funny thing is that once practice started. And I got the normal matter and there's a respect factor there that was never there would play against each other when we're on the same team -- was there. Now I don't think the same thing would -- Bill Romanowski who I don't think anyone like regardless. But with Rodney that was it. 617 senators voted 979837. -- do you have the other. Corporate Arnold on -- about the about the future Tom Brady problem. From my point of view. And for my organization. We believe that Tom has a lot of final -- of -- -- way in the way you see. Today's service -- -- the way he eats the way you play is the way you trends. People look up to him. Yeah. The -- creepy. You by and what. Robert Kraft to sell their that there is no long term. Belief. That Jimmy drop below is going to be anything but disaster insurance as you heard stated we got in of course -- It's it's like it's like Brady's popularly known you know he's like he's he's found out reviews. You know doesn't age Dorian Gray and aids. To -- we did get stronger to me doesn't does nothing changes here is always always in place. Big -- the goal is never see grapple ever. You think that the goal is never see grapple however law listen and till. Tom Brady is done. If Rob Lowe is playing that means Brady has his skill -- has dropped off significantly. Or he's gotten hurt so right now is a good pick because he served his purpose was the goal was never see him either yeah. And because of a lot of the quarterbacks that they have that they've that they've drafted in the past you on set goals. There have set -- -- never you know you don't want to see him. You want it like do you ever wanna call and your insurance policy I mean you don't really we buy insurance but. You know Elvis I wanna call it and because our -- is gonna go up and how what's gonna change but sometimes I get a fender Bender and I need. That's fine that's fine beneath but. Tell you don't spend a better European deductible -- and help Yelp for -- -- -- -- in my -- disaster insurance which I look at and say 62 overall. For disaster insurance. That's kind of a high price -- team that you lot of people feel as a window that's allied elect drop below that that -- -- that was. Looking into the future. You know that was down the road that was when Tom Brady is out to make sure when -- June 14. Now gonna try to live with 97 that would try to make the post seasons -- it happens I want them to win a super ball. I think -- -- to in the suitable guy quarterback I want him to improve their team. And not get disaster insurance in the second round. Now that's about -- been proved they think they're good enough yeah I don't mind today that did that pick didn't bother me at all wasn't you knew eventually they're gonna pick -- -- -- -- guys coming in taking visits you know what's gonna be John immense -- no it was going to be. Teddy Bridgewater. There was to be a first round pick we know they. They wanted to cornerback. So you know at all the other positions yet do they need a tight end okay probably. McCabe I don't the gonna have -- too tight and set like -- to have with Hernandez and rock that's gonna we have all these wide receivers is going to be one tied an empty set to the other Italians are going to be. -- -- Go to David Brockton wants talk about the quarterback a little bit -- David great. How are you guys -- right -- -- Good Tim Christian girls are welcome aboard the Iran Iraq. -- so in talking about Ryan now button and the patriots typically. Carry two quarterbacks. Very risky. But but not out of the norm. So my question people it now they've got potentially three quarterbacks on their roster do you see them. With their allegiance to Billy -- and trading now to Houston. An -- -- -- is the point that they feel obligated to give -- player if he is part of a package that -- Andre Johnson and -- Soviets. But I don't think that just because they've got a connection with Billy O'Brien have to feel obligated to give to -- quarterback that he happens to like this gives in the versatility the flexibility to do sell. But to underscore what Lewis said earlier is that. A priority to put themselves in a position to trade Ryan mallet was some of the other issues misty may have bought it for Houston and it was just beyond there there are three years away. -- this is a rebuilding team mentally is going to be it but they have a lot of skill on that -- -- -- of the ball. There -- some good weapons on the job and I don't think Audrey Johnson at 32 is necessarily part of that plan. So I don't think O'Brien would. Be you know heartbroken if he didn't have Audrey Johnson anymore but he would only do it. -- a pacers are only do it you know if they could get something else with him along with him. South Carolina are next up we'll talk to Tim Tim was saying on line I assume WTI sports and our party Tim. So they don't -- him. That's not part that it cannot. Bear and Iraq are well respected alleged -- -- well. And -- got to spend it but the first group was no way an alleged. Is a pretty big word when you say as opposed to finding. Boxes full of illegally obtain and bags full cash inject cash and illegally obtained drugs in the backseat of the car there's evidence there. Or. Belt before and are being -- Smith. Yeah I -- going to make our -- and a yeah or none -- -- -- let's -- -- -- -- better oversee Monty get naturedly -- there's no can be not comparing. Roethlisberger. And our great commissioner not comparing those guys. The situation. How it out there -- how he's handling defines what that happened. When that happened he overshot he overshot with the punishment against Roethlisberger because it came with a slew of other things that it happened that offseason with players in the NFL. Frankly it was a very slow news offseason and people seized on that -- the image of the National Football League what is Roger Goodell gonna do about -- or reject any over shot up. And -- caller is right in the sense that a lot of the other players that have come. Into some sort of public disregard since the Roethlisberger. Suspension. Have been dealt with a little bit more judiciously but that's only because the NFL realized that it will whip and he's never said anything about it publicly. So yes some of those guys have not been suspended yes some of those guys have skated but is because. Finally after awhile to say yes those guys are rich and famous and their mean to people so they should be suspended. That's. She got this suspension that he got after the Sports Illustrated article -- get it right away after the second accusation came out. It took that SI article it's called media attention right it took that SI article to show how bad of a guy he was to deal with and it just it. It's -- that thing looked funny the thing with -- you know situation I'm curious to see what. What do you do to an owner no -- elaborate Donald Sterling okay. But I don't think they -- -- force this guy to sell the team but how do you punish. And -- athlete you punish them by taking the game away. Right by suspending and not let that money out of pocket didn't money out of their pockets. But a lot of home its -- the game you know you're up there making eight million missed four games and you lose a million half OK you get six -- -- come. But taken the game away hurts as an owner what are you deal. That would lead to suspend -- you can't come. You can't come can't watch your games you can't come that it did a field like that witnessed these guys are all millionaires will be get a deal or to put of I'm. Financial fine on this thing that they're really gonna put a dent into -- so. When you like Robert Mathis writes a neo. -- -- -- -- at a mine owner doing this is spending four games report performance enhancing while -- trying to have a baby right to try to have a baby. Athletes cannot league athletes cannot take steroids a rates DH in the voters taken based Yates. Okay. All right and being a what do you do leak out of suspend him to throw the drugs are no. Direct impact on the organization to be suspended Toledo clearly ceremonial but I think the players want to see the ceremony. There was a ceremony Roethlisberger suspension everybody knew what it was six lets you screwed up again it was going to be peeled back to four there was a ceremony to that. So I think that's what the players are saying. We know it's not -- directly negatively impact the Indianapolis Colts. Nor do I think the players want that happen or care that happens they just wanna see the owner public we want. That's what they want. Correct -- see that too especially -- maybe to stop them from tweeting. To reduce that there and we shot down we see what I doubt it's literally winner that's a great -- like you know you to have voted if you're getting takeaways there cellphone you know take away his putter health 6177797937. Jim in Florida. I -- -- 937 to VI. Hey what's up yesterday morning. Just got out of viewpoints on and make. I'm number Warren it's interesting and I don't know it's got one year -- when it's gonna take years for Cowher who. McCourt wants to you get a significant back up for Brady. Along three years. I think it's three years it was by Brady in order and that is long and -- But anyway it also. With so would comment on -- option I think Dotson and consistent -- oil -- and eight cents I think he's a plus. And then the other point I wanted to make what is the fact that there's more ACL tears on this team now then. And I've ever seen -- all of them it's important. And I wanted to beat. Our market and they are are -- I wanna make my point about we buy beef is only one where there's there's only one with -- up there as well it won't -- which group. McDonald -- easily. Yes I was economic team talk about a guy who was actually playing and had -- EC OO Jim part of the reason why you're here it's an ACL injury note raiders Jim part of the reason why there's so many more ACL injuries now would this team as opposed to other teams they remember dating back to Jim on it is beating -- in ACL back and they just said the guy had a bad. It's actually been diagnosed more often in the surgeries happen more that's why -- hearing more and more about him. They like gronkowski is injury what what are you questioning these got a week nearest poorly trained because of the way well. Are talking about the at this. Significance of the injuries. It's so you've got a lot of players. Recovering from injury the opera -- -- this surgery is done to fix it as opposed to in years past the air that you're talking about. They -- policy -- off but they were not he'll look there ill equipped mentally to Null and medically how to deal with that they just enough this giant steel they did if you tore your ACL. It does go back it twenty years ago point five years ago -- -- -- and cash. How does he they'll put to any -- he could walk around any cast. Up from from your ankle all -- up to your height of your thigh any cast and you let that -- Then you would rehab so just alone that -- that time and it really. I don't think of Wes Welker went -- ACL -- guy who came back bash and I thought was humanly possible Ager at Peterson are you kidding me. Like I don't think you need to worry about AC the ACL pairs and a more based on how how quickly got. Medical science has got to the point thought that if you have the right attitude. The white but right now work ethic -- -- back in six months seven months eight months to be back. Let -- like saint orgy that so many more elbow surgeries for pitchers these days right develop the surgery -- presence anymore rather -- career ending. You know -- career ending which were used to be -- -- points and their adoptions a boss. The that this is an issue last year the impatience that we have patriots fans. The branch ago gonna talk to 1 o'clock. Was the last really you know drafted young wide receiver rookie that this team is seen develop and a lot and you bring and welcome you bring in and -- David Givens you bring in these -- OK but. When you look at Dobson last year as far as a rookie in the NFL wide receiver. -- it was a Keenan Allen. In army wasn't one of these guys that -- went nuts. But before you call -- a bus. I think Deion Branch in the pretty bad pretty good career this year in New England once you look at the -- -- rookie year compare that to Aaron Dobson. The before -- -- a bust realize that sometimes. You know NFL wide receivers take a year or two I don't think he's a Boston meta fret that the key is the breakthrough this year. What's funny because you've eaten the artist -- Dion at four interceptions yeah it was. -- that first game against against her Pittsburgh Steelers as Tim and he he went off for me it was -- this guy with the talent right from the get go. But Dotson. As far as what his skill set is. I mean he had he yet you know -- the pits for game five catches 137 yards double Pittsburgh I mean yeah I mean hit 37 receptions and he wants is the guy. We need to word Hopkins is a guy that I think is. On his way out as far as I think he's already hit his level how good he's gonna get in as far as odd man out Dobson. I mean he could very well to us with all the -- they have a wide receiver now he could. -- got that giants beat just -- -- serious eyes but he says he drops everything when he came in them you know from Marcia everybody's talking about watching all the films. Strategist he caught everything and that was that the thing about you know -- -- great catch right there won it gets and yet everybody was talking about so. You know -- drops was it rookies was it nerves was oh my god Tom Brady's thrown the football -- let's let this guy said little little bit in series like YouTube. The question for patriot fans it is when you hear Bob Kraft described Jimmy drop below as disaster insurance. What are you thinking that designation and what does that make you think of the -- the.