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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Feud Edition - 01/24/14

Jan 24, 2014|

We tackle four topics, today revolving around great sports feuds in sports and Boston sports history.

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How are Silicon Valley school. Written roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Allen's -- radio WB yeah. Where is this any effect. I know the music's gonna go to beat him. Politics this time. So you would for the bad. They what they recognize beginning. -- -- -- -- Part of that -- that army veteran who used to host. Richard Dawson Richard Dawson who were here thing to do from the thing I'm home improvement yet as it. Al. Now ever real to -- something. But Richard Dawson that this -- power outlets are the guys in the right over to -- -- these -- and he plays David Julian. And those sexually assault -- everybody do it with a man had those. Those polyester three -- suits it couldn't get Arnold take care that they wanna one of the other guys in the running them like dynamo. He would pump everybody animal acres blustery you're coming out. How would you -- -- to have -- -- -- some damage I think you know moment. But the you know it is a bad we'd be Madonna all wrong yes it -- sometimes those gases those gestures. That it's everything wrong and told it's like. Delhi's. -- -- -- I -- electrical and her sister forget it don't -- be the leaders. Like your family you know growing up who -- would be your dad. -- mom and my dad elbows DeLeon at the leadership. You know -- I have to give it to mom but she probably should check out and took theater I'll now use your wife one of the kids. Boy they look you folks. To -- the -- through there. One later today Bennett or playing the I don't hear the -- -- what we have. Well it's all about feuds and honor of Jack Edwards and Peter Gammons. Hatfield and mccoys the two of them it's gotten there it's really dangerous between those two question number one. Over the years there's been some great feuds between coaches sometimes on the same Staten. Which coaching feud was the most memorable. Easy. Easy -- a Buddy Ryan. Focusing punched and -- I guess they're more so rigmarole. Huge and you see it. This -- you know just the faces in the expressions between Bill Belichick and Mangini. But the want. -- Kevin gill right up its. Buddy Ryan puts food on its -- half -- what is. Cheney -- oh court has definitely not an alcoholic argument without any doubt that the press -- so good -- kill you. -- -- How much did apparently he doesn't underrated you'd like they don't really like go after each other like that and you get your right they share enough in common in and always seemed to be competing against each other. But I love the cal Perry Cheney -- No it it would have to be no you're right. I did everything else is second place. At my. But human don't know yeah. You get the job market is very good job. -- -- Okay. Didn't come here. Potomac. And accurate yet about as compared to rate there. By Texas at some of it was Tom Cable you know that was pitches. All the great Bobby Valentine and all -- coaches. I don't think anybody. Yeah pastor you know I'm just quite limited to his coaches Bobby Valentine and everybody else about it. About. Parcells Belichick hereby resign as -- -- the urgent and it led to -- you know the report. Serb war crime was involved to him. Out yeah. Yes you know Belichick Mangini Belichick ourselves from war. Frost the where I'm not everything's the room that you I'm gonna make eye contact review whatever and pretend like you know they're now. John Kerry and John Calipari is real. Think -- two guys -- as you know generally didn't like each other and and it lasted for a really long Asian Jerry Glanville. On him -- Baseball managers that have been mad at each other for a really long time to respect to the event. Although I think -- that there's problems -- -- -- commonly -- torts. -- felt about it. 04 playoff series with the flyers were real unleashes fury on men head coach Ken Hitchcock for allegedly melting off of one of his players. When it comes to a close to an opposing player it's disrespectful and it's wrong it's gutless. That's got to stock. Artillery go -- in your pocket it's a -- the two teams. I'm not in the battle I am not in the battle. He isn't in the battle shut Cherie yeah. -- And it happened that structure. Similar thing Schoenfeld know Riley. That's game but Schoenfeld is just his real beef is with -- our -- we don't know so. Our -- topical horse you have another donut so I can't I hit you with a rally at rise ago. Yes we are Michael opposing players feuding with each -- -- expected -- shouldn't be expected his teammates feuding with each other. What was the greatest feud between two players on the same team. We just speculating with some of these the other days the little -- -- On the radio. That there -- some of the rumors out there involving people's wives Claudia. You know what we can't talk about my excuse for Peterson got. Yeah that would but what we can't -- great exchange that took great exchange with butch. Pedro -- Right. -- arrival. And butch got an -- -- was all of reports third. I'll come up what you can't do that can make them patron and Schilling called it stupid stupid. Thing. Interest rates well. Was this -- conflict. Not that early or not accurate picture. Guys hated them. And what it was all over so I would say that that's the good Boston with Kobe and Shaq was his name. If Kobe Jackson great -- Schilling and another one Randy Johnson -- got here as a common thread there and what if your rock. But it write about it aggressive little excitement to. Since I didn't. He's I would Kobe Shaq. -- over here don't you yes it's Kobe's pretty unlikable checks immensely likable categories there. But. Jeff Kent Barry Bonds could. Very -- a lot of people -- Barry Bonds Jeff can Rondo Rondo in doc. You believe -- here. Miguel Tejada. And X Ray Allen and Ron Paul Ray Allen -- Rondo -- in other words. Rafael Palmeiro Miguel. You believe it to hear there's some real real ugliness there but a TO and -- Yes -- TO and dividing border blew up an entire team that was I don't you don't Pablo Romo and and the tight end -- against every. -- as -- -- -- -- is Witten and Romo get it right of the -- kind of conspire to do their own things together. Well they are drawing up plays one of their bedrooms. -- and you. Reggie your Billy Ray registering -- Reggie Thurman Munson. And a lot of if -- management finance and economic joke about -- and -- -- to advocate for the facts are. -- Three -- -- before he really gets angry forget about it it's so much angrier after that first on the the real vitriol comes out in the next few pronunciation of his way to bond that's -- yes and got to do what. -- Delonte West. But the problem -- -- and fair enough. When coaches and players feud with -- each other it can sometimes lead to scary moments Lecharles -- once choked out PJ -- -- modern warriors practice. Other than that scary feud which feud between a coach and a player was the most memorable. Given what happened. Before we get into other -- what would happen if they let Sprewell go. But -- he would have killed them like at what point -- that have ended. You think he -- killed Carlos among the -- of the players discussed -- around there but nobody else around you that you would have said Israel had yet sure what. Yeah that would public better than that other -- you remember how to started you know at the whole problem once now. Problems having to look for a spree will be an upset that he was going to be able to feed his family on the member would make him -- that that. He's gonna have to he had his ball he was going to be able to feed his family during the lockout. He says that now. It started with PJ -- mode set to whom he was they were in the shootaround or practice. And he said to. Three well. Through lazy pass. Put some more mustard on that path. That that it. That's all you upset about the arts. Equipment are up about -- -- -- just that the State Department. -- really the guy like most. Patents -- kept them at that and I think he would kill. He would choke him to death. And I'll let her -- The other any evidence that that nobody had jumped in that he would have adopted several I've always wondered who are -- regular series -- you think. It would -- is there any reason that you wouldn't if Hillary like is there anything about the joys bring about that leads you to believe he has an off switch to -- is just like start -- good I'm good -- terror. -- -- what you started you know what. Some guys really -- you and your instincts take I think PGA it would. Art you quote to Jersey for many many years. Ago coach from all of from all. How we do what was the question. The most memorable. Other than -- well it to any coaches -- a player coach and players it's got to be I think -- vs whose knees. -- -- -- -- needs. What Luke Ridnour didn't propellant rob Goebel. Didn't do it. No -- now one. About able to -- About Joseph Morton. -- -- Yet to. -- I don't know why have to go too far from home. I don't you talk about the two people we spend more time talking about on the show than any other two people why wouldn't you say Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick in the middle of the Baltimore. Did you get him on the -- and outside -- -- over about scanner right in the right place. -- -- -- That would window. Oh victory -- sorrow but my bad I mean hello forgot about that George Hemmer -- it winner winner winner winner. About Belichick verses -- That's pretty good bad element and it doesn't turn physical. But Belichick against Mason is a great. It's verbal Billy Martin Reggie Jackson. Just don't do that turned physical. I'd go more transparent about these crazy but I -- it's rebels reject ever -- got crazy really know Reggie was it's all about -- -- is all about the image and and and praise me and talk about me how great day. Billy Martin. Obviously had some drinking problems. He's like goes. Reynolds won't say it's like these guys it's like a tight. In baseball and I know that type scrappy second base -- and fielder turned -- nobody dude that was Billy Martin. About a -- Bobby Knight and Calbert -- up Bobby Knight is don't hit or Bali night Calbert Chaney whipped them nobody know but JD ripped. Bobby as a joke right. But Bobby Knight actually did kick your fruits and rested. And it wound up coaching together. This is a learning her characters just it just a learning experience -- you -- -- you don't think that in order to do that was voted 3 in the morning your favorite stop crying and that is an aberration for Bobby that one archaic. Exact she's a very composed apparently doesn't believe in any type of violence now he likes of timeouts and likes talking about yeah. -- Bobby Brown Bobby Knight next super nanny notably though. Athletes and coaches don't always feud with each other sometimes they feud with the media. It's like Christian Fauria and Michael -- this particular type the feud is becoming more and more common. There's some been some classics over the years which one has been the best or thought is that Matt Chatham -- the entire media. Part of him -- you can confuse them -- I he's a self heating member of the media that's my bad there's one answer wanted to or not although as time goes on in this town the -- it's Carl Everett and gave John at the end nothing else could know they're not go what comes close to that I'll table -- so come come schools that Eddie knows. Come on -- parents say that. Come on back -- -- -- now. History. All after. Over here and talk the talk in the car you're not how I want you to -- I want you to come over here that's what I want. -- -- And Eric started and yet the salad extorting the whole thing what he called it unfortunate. Title disappeared. So Eric heard them talking about. Or -- had a problem could pick Raddatz the late great righted that he -- -- -- out and pitch enough innings and all that -- calls there. It -- that history. You'll all bastards. Raddatz you don't think I -- wonder if -- -- -- -- grounds that no -- and so they went backwards and now I guess back. Got a little out of hand. And they had a a memorable exchange -- to me that's. I don't know I'm -- I'm -- to stay my guns a year -- Carl Everett -- just for the craziness factor Carolina written in the northeast and you like me you like Ron Borges and Pete Carroll. I'm Ron Borges of Novella that's more of you it's violent and actual mobile and gorgeous and Carol there was actually an exchange here. You go model that is hold an event for -- -- if the court approved. And they have been through nobody ever blew them up -- -- back but it didn't. Come off. Nobody from the globe and talk to them and prepare -- I -- I just noticed I've heard a -- three times. I just noticed the produce the first summer for Gordon thing right right in the fifth set up about different -- -- -- or different. And you know we're talking about. Right right of course it. -- Jim Rome -- and neck and Chris Everett and that you never. Pose an even better. Tim McCarver and Deion Sanders. Very go yeah he's dumped it was a dump water on a class act Dion.