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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Defense vs the Dolphins Offense

Dec 15, 2013|

The guys flip it around and look at how the Pat D matches up with the Phins offense. Miami actually has a good deal of weapons, they just need to somehow protect Ryan Tannehill long enough to get the ball to them. The WR combo of Hartline and Mike Wallace is tough to deal with, but Dale thinks Talib will stick with Hartline for most of the day. Price discusses how it's very important for Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich to not over pursue Tannehill since the Miami screen game is very good. Chatham is enamored with Charles Clay and his dynamic ability to make plays from all sorts of spots on the field.

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It's kind of like a bus in the skies and island doing a great team and -- a tough match easier to prepare for a game like this than. Save on this from the community struggled -- yourself -- -- -- -- them. That's dolphins wide receiver Brian -- who may -- a whole lot of Aqib Talib as the afternoon goes on. Down and now Miami Chris prices in Miami Dale Arnold Matt Chatham here let's look at the Patriots defense. Against the Miami Dolphins offense let me give -- a couple of quick numbers. All right Tammy Ellis played three career games against the patriots. He's completed 51 point 8% of his passes. He's thrown three interceptions fumbled twice and thrown two touchdowns. And has been sacked sixteen times in those games. Any reason to believe in your guys' opinion that that will be dramatically different today. Press I'll start when you okay. You know I I think I agree that think the one of those game where you're going to be able to two on my computer speaker our aperture -- in that. Up and the line that really not been supplying the better than what earlier in the year by. You don't miss the cut you where -- trailers -- -- -- Really talk about the brightly in the Oden returned the other side but he. It's that it is it gonna take in the sense you know -- we come back that input on the record year. It's not going to be one single -- record which you know can act as though or retailer told you are gonna -- on it's gonna be in peace and and and I think there. It -- because the back in the computer job. I think you're gonna be good -- up front and I think they're going to be opportunities that are what you got to play team defense that we talked about sports arts. Both are currently offered the patriots because we've pretty well of course you know what's important when a considerable. Number I think we'll get more of that but it. I'm interested to see how they handled this wide receiving core I mean I've I've been talking about this for the last couple years here with Miami how. -- -- -- They always had Reggie Bush always had -- her line was steady but was an exceptional. In -- going to Mike Wallace Davone Bess was a it was a it was a decent slot guy but now you're seeing production from discover short Matthews. Charles clay has been this sort of you know diamond in the rough kind of guy it seems like a -- right time at -- now I've got like Mike Wallace. Play hardline three legitimate places to go with the ball short Matthews has been through this fine in the interim minister of an inside bigger guy. He really feels to me like he's got options now and you see guys spread the field the ball in sort of a pitcher just manner -- Annika how they match up will be in this year a little bit. I think -- interesting matchup city -- you know your point earlier serial. I feel great work that he leave more to -- and that on -- because -- more than a guy which is the street lined. You not. Eerie repeat trip you are what you thought it -- not occur if you know anything in our. In in it is more of a security blanket in you know in that regard. I don't think we're gonna be -- -- I know we thoughtfully -- -- -- -- -- but I don't think the -- from dual perspective. Clay here and inquiry were culpable but I do I think we're gonna see more so we -- or any of the vote in order of the -- comfortable walked. Let's talk about Charles clay for a minute. Had two touchdown catches last week against Pittsburgh. The patriots have had issues defending against good tight ends throughout the course of the year. Should that be its a particular concern for the Patriots defense today because Charles clay has become a legitimate offensive weapon for Ryan -- Not even a week and -- -- if -- trouble defending its most ardent over the course here do you expect a last week and I think a little artist but -- Jordan Cameron had. Nine catches for more than a bigger than a touchdown last week so. I think -- -- the -- is going to be one of the tiger and Buick Enclave is your beat people out he comparable. God on the other side of the parole when it comes to the putrid in the in defending the tiger and -- really -- tiger. Are you would think that job with all public -- power or bikes or or Gregory. Or are. So when that -- -- Colin reaching more remote of course I don't think it's going to be a million situation. But I IMO I mean he probably go back and -- go into we talked about a ala the -- look at it ought peppering. Blocking ability your work it work simply pick up where think that bill talked about this week the clinical really -- on clay court ordered a federal. Blocking -- in the -- if you single out in your current president is more complete I think. Look beyond the numbers you know mortal human -- -- Yeah I think I think people get. Sort of distracted by the forty through number I think you think Obama is like her -- as kind of like quirky. Move around the box -- isn't in line guy he blocks great number I'm glad that. Someone else picked up on the life of the exact same thing. His point of attack -- is very good he's not he's not 61 to 463. To 55 like he's a legitimate tight in body duchess of the weird number that I think throws people off. The other thing I -- interest to see how how they handle clay as you mentioned did sort of filling people from what happened a little bit last week. Because they played more of this for three what they actually made a switch midway through the first quarter. Where they put Jamie Collins as the guide to Jordan crawl our two Jordan Cameron -- he was the so called Siam. Which meant that in any of the past drops if it was zone or even the man matched up he became the guy matching to the -- in -- He's not as good against Iran if they're gonna run right that you with a tight inside. What easy matches those guys a little bit better in the paso I think you give -- -- -- kind of conflict with clay if you try to do that. Clay vs Jamie Collins in a run blog play it likely wins and wins that edge. Jamie Collins -- around athletically I think matches up OK so yeah I think you saw a lot of while the production from from camera last week happened in busted coverages in its -- calls. And does some of the match -- once he got up to the -- doable may -- Gregory recorded so dagger right I think that's really one of the the big question mark and how they handle that they can control how things would go down to the. Now I'm not secure our report -- interest in your take on how -- under the when you're acting you don't gripping predicting yet. A little bit ripped up it's time I think you I think you look too eager to make a play. And asking him because at a particularly in all the keys and it's interesting that we expect. You're much the first thirteen you expecting the worker but the putrid rookie receiver here on -- -- -- and urge them to. Not to report what really happened the whole Lotta -- that it'll -- virtual course dispute. I looked at a pretty hard last night because I wanted to answer that question sort of in my head why the issues with the tight ends and that sort of gravitated me towards his game and watch him that the guy I don't remember enough fuel were wrote called this reference but. Guys played against I think -- the best. Analogous player that I can come up with Jamie Collins is a guy need Tommy Polley. Used to be from forest state a former second round pick played for the rams for 45 years six years something like that. Super athletic when he's an off the ball player both filling in the run game because it's run and hit kind of stuff. Or matching coverage -- really good when he's down. On the line. He's a light but a guy who gets tossed around a little bit. And I I kind of feel a little bit about that would Jamie you really concede the ability when he is off the ball and allowed to flow and hit and hit gaps. But you're right sort of your -- over aggressive. I don't remember exactly you phrased it but he he he he gets he takes three steps out of position and uses Athlon system to give back in position. So I would call my god it's pretty wrong god it's got a bill would be. But football like Q still has a couple of years ago so you know look at the two there was a drive the last touchdown probably Cleveland have last week. Jamie just lost his guys really oversold on the play action fake takes three steps in the wrong objections of the tight in leaks out. Both on the short tight end in the of the longer Jordan Cameron played prior to that so I'd say. He's he's a guy that they need to simplify the rules for. He's got certainly has a launch of athletic ability -- has been more active in the tackling and stuff. But he's also a guy I think if the other team can take advantage of because she's she's just a little bit raw. Let's talk about running the football for a minute patriots -- 31 in the National Football League in rushing defense yardage. At now the problem here is the Miami Dolphins eight don't run the ball especially well as you pointed out earlier -- They're averaging about 95 yards a game rushing the football I'm not sure that they have. The confidence in their stable of running backs -- Lamar Miller Daniel Thomas. You know those guys you would think that everything would point to run the football if you the Miami Dolphins. But if you can't stop Tom Brady scoring it gets you pulled away from that running offense because you feel like you can't keep up with the patriots if you do that. Yeah it's interesting because -- collapse in all the years that you could have been able to get such great starts. Other teams have been forced to play catchup and try and match them or portray pro football. Miami has played really good complementary football they wanted to but it -- -- in the game and one little thing is they're gonna have to be able aren't formula. That allows them to one on -- all consistently pick up and down the numbers -- really weird -- so they'll have one of those weeks -- run for a dual -- argument over. You know part of that -- partner in order situation. The vehicle fluctuations over the course thirteen -- -- really really interest I think at times they've been able to Obama altering the ought to consistently last week. -- -- Injury concerns going into this war both Miller alma over the bank up there probably know where he need to be but it is if I'm Miami what -- find one notably from one the ball in the Balkans certainly -- I'd go back to their playing cult lecture put all that goes back to them being able to control the temple. Going back to that issue with the backs do we do we have a sense of who were what will be up with them Dana Thomas said the really nice game last week. And now he's listed injured with what are due north -- period. Being bitter it was that one of -- and -- forget forget forget which equipped automatic and -- -- nickel. OK so it is it's it's been a question prepared there were a little bit banged up but. Yeah I mean it gives its variable Buick and certainly they can find something that allows them to you people get it up in their. On your more than in an interview to be successful. When I look at Ryan -- -- we were talking about this earlier. You don't think of him in the same way you think -- RG three Russell Wilson you don't think of running quarterbacks. And yet the people who have been covering the dolphins talked about for the first eight games. They were giving up over four sacks a game since then they've cut that to 21 has been an improvement in the offensive line plays you pointed out Chris. The other thing is the coaching staff has apparently gone -- Helen said. If you feel on the pressure pull it down and go get the heck out of there and -- on that more. You are in the it would have been a stretch but I think that there are some comparisons between me on some level but what -- have been able to do. This year you been able to be Smart with the football and you're able to understand -- look at the if if the player not -- donated you know your your former college wide receiver Europe but you can run. In this is going to be one of the situation who's in over airport some of the first -- Remain in the in the in trailer out to be mindful that they do not over pursuant are an insult to our fuel. Because the player broken down the -- -- in. In an older children ability to -- potential target that you really need you -- into I'm really -- the other in the play. All the the course last month what's become -- -- together in they've been able to new Yorker who took oral -- -- -- to ignore the noise -- the preakness. To put all the whole circus going -- around. I thought it was interest in mid week kind of brushed over this from last week's Cleveland game but so we've you know -- dale we've been talking about this for the last several weeks for the patriots -- give up one weird. Third and ridiculous the third and -- the third any team there was another one of last week it wasn't nearly as offensive because it wasn't that deep but was third in twelve. There was another one of these -- place. You know and in in this instance you know I'm no doctor high -- he for the couple weeks ago and then Fletcher came -- played well -- and why that's the answer. When this particular cliff Fletcher was and they still gave the commercial a subtle and shoulders of course but. I'm curious if you know I think if you're doing a fan -- watching the game. Third and in -- thing over eight I think fans should be thinking streaky. Did its interest in the although with this dolphins team they don't give a lot of past production out of the backs it -- did they have the horsepower torque curtain going on the way other teams have. It's really Daniel Thomas Lamar Miller I don't know you know there's not really and other backers gonna catch him out of the backfield so may be there or not. Configured to be able take advantage of that. Do you guys have an an opinion on. The screen game from ten to help but let's be honest not everybody who plays the position of quarterback in thrown effective screen pass Brady is great. Well you want to it's more -- -- it's more to the ball walls he's a running catch but you run after the catch diehard Lionel I think again we mentioned this earlier -- tonight he's passing the ball here and quickly. -- lateral league could run after catch guys Charles plays the same -- you're watching C clinic fans might find this interest -- -- you'd use at their watch the game today. Watch your lineup in places that Shane Vereen and or Brock had. They'll do the three by one which means three receivers the one side one on the other of the larger -- by herself was an isolated we saw grant -- -- well in the last several weeks suffering do that. They'll use Charles clay that exact same ways -- -- just get a tool which right it's not the easiest draw on the world because it's extended away from the formation but. I think they have to get into a catch and run situation is in the American -- good pass rush guys you don't wanna leave back there for performance of a step drops. The water -- a -- ahead. I -- -- report directly pretzel or progressed at an annoyed at -- you know what you said before we don't mentioned in the same group earlier RT. Gregory in the locker note some of the other you'll. Our quarterbacks who came out that year but I mean starting campaign. That -- -- to believe that he. You'd be able to take it into the next oh look I'm not sitting there and I'm not seeing it and it didn't delete the post yet. But there -- certain quicker than it seemed like we are spoke portability or ought to be noted that a call and get -- -- and our ability to cut down on those. Most exposed you know on the sex you're doing more and more pain and we believe he could eventually become one of the court. I don't wanna bring this up and I've intentionally left -- I haven't touched it the other than a brief mention at the very top of the show because I think. For the most part Tom Brady would be driven to beat you -- it was say a sand lot touch football game with with a bunch of his buddies I don't think. Motivation is much of an issue for a guy like data -- a guy like Bill Belichick. Fact of the matter is. Because of the San Diego Chargers and the -- on Thursday night against the Denver Broncos. You're suddenly in a position against all odds where if the patriots win out the rest of the season. They -- the number one seed in the AFC. I mean I'm I'm not sure anybody expected this was even a possibility but is motivation in that regard. An even bigger deal for the patriots or would they play the same way no matter what Chris I'll start with the. I think you're the motivation Erik think you're your ability to recognize an opportunity -- them -- important and I think cult figure to. -- -- to -- -- the hatred he recovered but they're one of the most mentally tough. -- that point I think this one of those situations where you're all under mental outlook but it. But you'd have a couple guys were built up brought out over Europe and what you could have -- up where you're currently warming sense all of disarming but the practicality about the Christine. It's been really impressive over the course that first thirteen games in. They're people who obstacle that it all right well how we gonna get around the operator to uphold its open look you know we're gonna have a golden -- -- -- -- -- compete in more notably development in upper secret -- Who took kind of will they went and got out. I don't think this is that credit illuminate it Hubert that circumstance given that situation given the opportunity to be able to run -- -- -- rocketed deep. This week next recruit who beat up but given the opportunity to run the people and get that number one. I think is -- a booklet entered in that demonstrate the requisite mental outlook due to connect hotel and -- Yeah I think I agree with you a 100% and I I think that. It does help though in their approach the way things are done within those walls in Foxborough. There's the screws put to you each and every week even when there is an implication for the that there is an implication of the division. And I think that helps them you know you feel pressure format head coach you -- pressure from your from -- you feel pressure from her position coaches each and every week. Even when -- Jacksonville even when it's buffalo you -- it's another team remain there may not be implications. I think when there -- implications in -- aware of them because you know social media and news and on once the -- -- stock market and are now. It heightens it. But the expectations don't change. So I think it's a group that your your right I'll love the mental toughness -- love their ability to sort of be resort resourceful figure out what's necessary how to figure out sort of the -- the formula needs to happen. What it is a group right thing to kind of rolls off the Barack what's going around their because there -- much more interested in policing their coach keeping their job expanding the role. And winning a division it's just one of those it's down the grocery list -- you just want to please and keep parole and expand the things are going -- In your little world. But the fact of the matter is that this is a -- teacher. To use this area. You you win the game today in Miami against the dolphins he clinched the AFC east. I'd -- and they do not look beyond today's game they really don't especially the head coach doesn't -- we can talk about how you win out you win you get the number one seed. But they're worried about -- winning a game today getting the hat and T shirt and bring him -- -- to Wear them when they shoveled more. Chris I'm curious that this Jirga murdered in the front Rossi here suits this to sort of feel. What that stadium's going to be like we know some life can be a whole different place when it's things are going well there in the transitional amid with the second quarter. I'm interested to see the environment their because that place is actually pretty hot and when there's mean a -- games. And do give it a decent amount and knowing -- fans down there -- I'm curious to see if sort of the of the did -- but Miami's. Seeing is highlight it has been in years past because it's a very meaningful game for them against the top opponents. I think very cautious optimism amongst Miami couldn't down here around -- team I think that. They are critical pothole collapsed you know a general collapse -- six weeks with a hole. -- I think they're gonna make the well there's your -- but I think they're again they're headed in the right direction. I think people feel like they're patriots and I think you're in a pocket -- your future -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it there's no rock there's no will or go to Hotmail -- finally we beat out the secret Italy -- armor coming down here. In 2009. You know who you know there and the -- were still considered a remote you're so we became down here Andy -- -- back as integral pretty good -- you're not a -- an insult. I did it it can be difficult it would be quicker coming in here. Playing to -- -- -- let -- -- -- struggle as some might be indebted to correct correct and again. Think it is -- the belief that it could happen today I think it will but I think. People blame your heartburn you'll -- more optimistic about their football team and -- need to work in larger. Having said all that. All of them the media reports out of Miami that I've been reading all morning first most -- -- fact that they do actually have a December sellout which -- which is unusual enough. But basically saying that it appears that the patriots fans have taken over South Beach the -- that the crowd at the stadium today may be better than 5050 patriots -- Yet there there are a lot there are a lot of secrets into the parking lot when the argument in the world -- a -- -- market -- or whether such a you know Republican. You go to English. -- I would I would I was struck -- don't put that it. You in my expert and would have been ordered quick click here in new York -- -- picture appropriate well so they're very healthy group -- limped in here. What -- -- impact on the you know oddly you but I know when your -- with a secret out. You know I think back to the route eleven where you'll monetary corporate Parker -- yards. But I couldn't -- up by the middle of the third quarter and -- do too much over underwent what we see that that situation again today. I would expect it's been a result whittling them in control of the BB by the fourth or a wolf. Yet charged environment on Miami just Robert person -- haven't played there. It's one of the best places it's it's good for this division good for the -- when those guys irrelevant this is a pretty good match. -- a lot work on your tan will bring you back in at 12 o'clock. Arctic air that as a Chris -- down a Miami he'll read join us at noon. We still haven't talked about special teams will do that when we come back in just couple of minutes. And at top of the hour we'll take you around the National Football League look at all the games being played around the NFL today. NFL Sunday presented by the plan's key insurance it Polanski they shops or use save. Visit the plants -- dot com today.