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Nov 21, 2013|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier examine all the off-season moves on the Hot Stove Show. Rob and Alex also catch up with Rangers hitting coach Dave Magadan and ask him about the Rangers acquiring first baseman Prince Fielder.

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That's right. 86. Days Alex 86 days tick tick tick tick tick tick tick to 286 days are. I have a feeling I do yes with the assessment that out what do -- the day of pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training officially. 79 days until trucked -- there you go through 86 days until the beginning of spring training but there's a lot of hot stove clock between now. And then the end of those 86 days I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com along with Alex spear the same exact organization. Here for another hot stove showed of course the hot stove show it but do you buy. The beaches of Fort Myers instead ago. Along with my friends Marbury and Lester Barbara Lester gold cool distinctive clothing inactive in. So happy to have all those people on board will talk more about them as the show goes on I always love talking about goals and the clothing Alex. I went over there the other day -- week that you're over there. It -- me more you're not -- and I tell you're at 86 days obviously also leads us to the beaches of Fort Myers -- well. Indeed which which leads -- -- -- Speedo sponsorship of this that is just a matter of time. So we got a lot to get to Alex at -- later it later in the show we're gonna have Dave McNamee in former Red Sox hitting coach. Current Texas Rangers hitting coach and he's going to be very interesting guy to have on because of the obviously this trade is just went down last night. Which the extremes and he included the Tigers the Tigers and infielder. Who gave -- in Texas Rangers we're gonna talk about -- a little bit later. Roth -- to as they -- I would talk to Dave. -- leader in the show. But first let's go through exactly what has happened since that time we were -- hockey get fox with last week where he would David Ross on we have Brian -- for Michael Mike Napoli to agent on. Since that time as. Happens in the world of the offseason -- though things have transpired. Everything has changed from not everything well it's getting it's getting there getting there so. Carlos -- But too long after our our trip dot -- not too long after our last -- Carlos Ruiz signed to the Phillies and as we have reported and as we -- that after that. That. Carlos Ruiz was gonna going to be big guy in a lot of respect -- was gonna push the catching market potentially push the Jared Saltalamacchia market. Personalized what was your take away when you saw that Carlos who we use three year contract with a fourth your team option four and it was. What was it four it was a hole when he six point 66 though don't you heard that out what was your first reaction. This is this is a good market for catchers certainly I think that he got a year longer. Enacting a lot of people would have expected visit to Paul for a guy who's 34 are going to be 35 at the start -- season. I think that the Red Sox thought that he was going to be he was certainly open. To the idea of two years which is why the Red Sox were in pretty hard about in in pursuit of him. I think they were dismayed that the Phillies decided let's drop the trump card fiasco of a three -- that's. But you know it's an interesting conversation as we talked about this is this what's going to happen this offseason right where you set the price. By then. Another team says well last year we were willing to trump that but now this year because all the money in the market twice as much as work. In previous years for last year we're we're all right with -- that third year yeah. And you know it's it's becoming the case that ten million dollars is not an expensive contract to Major League Baseball circles anymore. It's it's kind of a staggering reality when you think about it. It just just a second fathom the idea that the qualifying offer a well was fourteen point one million dollars this year. That's the average. About 125. Salaries -- a million dollars more than last year it went up by -- million dollars or talking about it a -- of what almost 8% seven you know bright almost 8% in the course of one year. Guy you are you know thirteen million dollars. Was back in the days of before Kevin Brown that was what the record contract yes we're tech -- fifteen years. What have thirteen million dollars is gone from from being well fourteen point one million dollars has gone from being basically record setting. To being the average of the top 125 dollars. Well I'll go all taken even closer to where we are right now the J. D. -- contract the J. D. Drew fourteen million dollars a year contract. We were down at the winter meetings -- down -- window when that contract came up. And people so how can you ever spent fourteen million dollars on this outfielder. Seven years later he might be a twenty million dollar a year guy that's just a tick over twenty. Just a ticket I should also mention if you wanna join the conversation and we we welcome Ewing to the hot stove show. -- what courage yet we encourage you could at least it did at regular and going to be on with buddies are the beyond the -- later in the show we're gonna go all the way up until 8 o'clock. You enjoy the conversation number is 617. 7797937. Or you're doing the eighteen -- tax slide at 379837. Or you can -- on Twitter which so many people do Alex pat Brad throw and at Alex -- asked the IE. Yeah and I'm not offended if you can now so sort arguable but about the catching market we thought the rule we've sighting would push things along a little bit for Saltalamacchia. Doesn't seem that that they're getting pushed very quickly. Yeah well a couple of things have come to light the first is that you know first of all the fact that through that Ruiz returns the Phillies. I think you know meant that it wasn't going to be meant that it wasn't going to be a big impact had he gone elsewhere. The Phillies are a team that likes to stay out in front of the -- so then they're probably. They're moving pretty quickly and a plan B in that may well have been Jarrod Saltalamacchia so. I think the ballots that that wasn't a great guy that was agreed outcome for so there's still is still I guess the thing that we're learning now is the pecking order of the catchers we still have McCann sitting there in Utah it was -- to his agent yesterday Wright who said that there's no timetable in terms of when he signing buster Olney reported that in a couple of in the next couple of weeks. He's going to be going on the recruiting tore. In which he gets to visit the teams that are interested in him so. He's not really in a rush I think that so that means that. Almost certainly if you're Saltalamacchia. You know you kind of probably need that that. -- can't market to be a little bit better defined in order to get your deal also I think that what you might see as some of the lower tier catchers. Moving up the market for instance we've seen reports today. That that one of the Molina Brothers not ready yet his is working on a two year deal to return to Villa to return to the rays but. I think that Saltalamacchia in the -- markets are very much in her. It -- and it also makes you wonder went to the deadline start happening we we talked about with a Red Sox. About these players that they have out there and what they do with these players do not sign back the Red Sox. Well you have to make decisions not only have to make decisions on. What player you're going to be back but what players do you if you don't bring him back who -- ago and Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a classy example this. Ruiz signs OK he's off. McCann said I'm gonna wait three weeks can you wait three weeks if you're the Red Sox you like -- and the K and you wait three weeks to see if he's gonna drop down the level the. You want -- yeah that's always the fascinating game of chicken figuring out that the timing that works in terms of these signings it was a real interest in game for the Red Sox. To be in charge of last year they when they had that entire period of basically two months to prep. Or -- for the off Jackson. Institute in World Series it was right exactly bright this year they didn't have that same planning time but last year they were able to say. Okay the guys like -- can and like -- are the ones who you're probably going to want to move on but the fastest. You typically see the best bargains available in January but we're not in the position to wait out. All of our all of those guys are prepared we talked to David Ross about last week and of those. Those those guys and what the reasons we've also. Brought this up as the off season has unfolded I think -- the reasons why you haven't seen those type of signings because. Those players don't wanna be the guys losing out on the money. Marlon Byrd made more money than he thought he was gonna make. Don't ends you know and Jason Vargas just came just got a four year deal today for 32 million bucks and -- nobody knows nobody has gotten a deal yet. Dating back to our good friend Tim Lincecum nobody has gotten a deal yet where you -- while he's he's really -- Now every deal so I -- what what exceptional B Josh Johnson who took a discount in order to pitch in a great pitcher that you have by it. We were always a really going to be a bidding war for Josh Johnson because it would have been able to get -- matters or -- is Earth Day. He got it last year or is that kind of the key piece there -- -- -- it's like I know the Red Sox -- interested -- him in -- Jose -- trade. In by how did he stink this year and not only did -- state and we watched him pitch a couple times this birdie on easy watch him pitch I agree we have good for him. Perfect place at the one year deal get -- he ERA champ a couple of years ago right. Yeah yeah I mean he had been one of the dominant young starters in the major leagues just a couple of years ago out -- some of these calls but -- -- started the conversation we talked a little bit about catcher and Alou and Randolph he's gonna keep ago how you doing -- HL -- hired bill a my thing -- the dominant so maybe you guys can clarify this in the the baseball back from ball forty plus years here. All the Saltalamacchia. Switch hitting -- -- forty -- and watched it in the system it's improved each year. The Sox get to actually want to a year away the other probably two years away Christian masters and breaks my heart -- -- I like that baskets and side defense and really got only the whole package -- -- sweetheart but it saying I mean David Ross had a tremendous job but. He had a concussion. You know on the back nine. To me Saltalamacchia is in no brainer on truly say twelve a year 24 million to two -- and wait for the two young guy to get here. I almost. All the -- crashed the yeah -- heard that they were interested in relief through we just 3536. No sense whatsoever about is are the absolute back nine. The Red Sox are apparently cut a little too cute on some things we got a guy great -- They're I don't see that -- the city. It's a pretty good point yeah you beat the best word -- we are okay at best defensive catcher in the world yeah. The -- at bat the ball to get the guy has one of the best trades. -- while while the best but it could trade deal for blocked I don't get someone explain to me. And I can keep knocking -- fourteen million for one year but why why they just bring it Saltalamacchia back. Well -- you thanks for the call and you are low low you really aren't alone this is a a conversational Lotta people are having an an opinion a lot of people out by thick there where what will try to do we're gonna try to explain this to you. Alex you're gonna go first. Starting -- of the Ruiz conversation. Why Ruiz 34 going to be 35. Was he preferred over a guy like -- Altamont. Well the couple things first of all I think that it's become pretty clear for some of the reasons that -- just mentioned that two years is the sweet spot for what the Red Sox want it to. In terms of a contract would be. Up and naturally and so they like the idea of reason to yours -- is this something that Ruiz was willing to talk about. Whereas Saltalamacchia has made pretty clear that he wants to get three or four years which makes agree to a sense but. They think that Vazquez is going to be ready is going to be Major League ready. By 2015 if not before they think that's why -- there's a very good chance that he's Major League ready by 2016 if not before. In so you're ideal scenario is probably a two year contract which may be transition. I had to Vazquez right. You gotta get a year beyond Ross because you're not where we -- -- these young catchers that would archivist drop. Vasquez in there and say hey you know what you're the everyday catcher he's still need another guy. Precisely and I think that there was in so I think it on the right two year deal they'll be thrilled that Saltalamacchia back. But they have a finite amount of resources this off season. Only so much that they can spend on. There -- various position -- vacancies and so the idea of a quote unquote overpaid it's significant you know it's if and -- means ten inquiries when you think he's worth eight. Then that's. Easier more easily accommodated then. Well for Saltalamacchia when you think he's -- -- yeah absolutely as a very units you explain them very well it up and Ruiz is a really good defense of all that's the thing -- he has less you would be -- exactly what they what they were targeting last offseason. As a guy coming up a pilot year with a good career up in our record. Right now you're buying high on Saltalamacchia. And and and -- I think there -- -- alone in thinking this why not only is as Ruiz 34 or 35 but well yes and -- while you're looking at last year's numbers you go before that. He had no PS of over 900 these east of the had been a pretty good offensive player good on base got this go to breaded Norway bread and died Saturday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean we don't know about it and want it actually get. And -- -- you -- this is there a whale in your car. Probably hit one again. Notre we await word talk amongst yourselves. Brandon yet the -- that is -- -- of the well the -- pot the pot of wells got us a bit of the Bluetooth salesman says he's -- -- whale. If we did nothing else spread and we know that and recall that you made every who had won had wanted to say what we just said. When you have that Bluetooth on which is to salvage a whale in your car. So anyway go ahead -- Ready you know they're up look at every guy -- go ahead. Our I don't get that brought it -- -- -- 35 is not an everyday player. Eat at four feet. Medal but obviously good and why not quite up some sort of look don't -- Made about it and I doubt they can't let -- at shop at bat against the righty. -- and I think that's actually really good thanks for the golfer adjusted by Brandon in the Red Sox really wanted to be the Red Sox had a Chavez's basically they're they're ideal profile of a guy to -- last year before they added -- they really wanted to they were really hoping that they can talk with him. About being the left handed option for first base third base. At a time when it looked like they were going to be right handed to both positions. A guy who's capable defensively at both corners. They did not end up being able he'd decided that he wanted to stay in Arizona. I'm not sure whether or not -- to find his geographical proclivities this. Yes I I was just have to say the exact same thing out the geographic look proclivities absolutely but I I think that with Chavez. It also speaks to you gonna need some depth on the left side -- field. A lot of that will be defined as Stephen Drew -- right and do there but we cannot discount that they are gonna need some depth on the left side of the infield. -- getting another call before we get the break Keith in -- how you doing today Keith he tells ago one. Hey rob yet it's not. By Alex black eyed view you put the cap situation in a very very cool I mean not cool but. To -- it's typical light yet. I don't know I I I -- I think that as I've said before I think that the catchers turning into a deep defensive position. And you really shouldn't be asked and how much. I don't know getting forty. Doubles is bad but. You really need some music and call a game thinking -- can throw runners out at least now on that. You know and I think that though we're going to kind of a sea change. Here where the catcher is going to be. More. -- evaluated on his defense -- skill. Then on -- offensive. He had -- I I don't disagree with unity and yeah if we if you have not CY TI II do disagree with you in some respects. But if you haven't seen -- baskets play. This is what things -- when you watch these four games in Fort Myers this year. One of the the greatest things to watch Christian baskets playing defense and he opened a lot of eyes with his performance in Major League camp last year. I've Joseph -- literally yelled out. When Christian Vasquez threw a run out he screamed. Aka I did you feel player -- right you he had a one point 77 pop time for first. Which is the best that'd be -- ever been seen by number of people wanted to continue to catching conversation and we're gonna get also. Into this trade. That happened last night Prince Fielder Ian Kinsler trade. It's a conversation we'll also do we continue. Going forward with Dave magazine gave -- in. The former hitting coach for the Red Sox hurt hitting coach with the Texas Rangers he's gonna joins a little bit later with talk about the trade you can join the conversation 617. 7797937. This is the hot stove show -- rob Bradford that Alex spear. This keep -- going right after this. Our Friday. I'm still sellouts. Woo hoo ha you can give -- Sean Casey and you'll. -- last out of that Alex Pierre out rob Bradford WEEI. Dot com mature Obama's. Are both from the same organization were talking all things -- -- first segment we talked a lot about the catching situation. What else and we talked about we talked about -- Little bit about Eric Chavez thrower by the way -- to anyone with a 332 will be the imports of the mark there you know he can play first base third base that. And I should also -- be mentioned 86 days. Two week at the -- to. The place where it's -- beautiful or dreams happen where dreams happen the beaches of Fort Myers. In Santo. -- as say America's response and show. It is a great place we know many a person who vacation I'd tell -- -- he is a Fort Myers and while it's absolutely great he aura go from the winter meetings what meetings and a couple days now. Not a couple double weakness enough -- totally Thanksgiving Day couple weeks. I'm going from there. To the David Ortiz celebrity golf term out and I tell you -- if people want to partake in a great cause. David Ortiz celebrity to alternate -- auction items next week. And do is look it up on line it's worth the groove rule. That gave birth that you -- the -- David Ortiz golf terminated the great day but it's also -- A great great guys is get back into it out if you enjoy the conversation. 61777979837. Or the -- Yankee tax line 37937. Affected taxi -- -- I was very pleased what I read I wasn't I I assume that's for use this for this one was gratifying to hear. From the to a seminary -- your proclivity for this thing this is unparalleled. I am flattered by that -- -- I've I was dismissed it unless it was for me. Of course -- another tax from the 603 stolen bases I mean needless. Catchers needs. That's why's that I was -- on board did not -- on board with the with key statement that it's all about defense for catching because really that's the honest you make the money still -- in the boss. -- -- But the Red Sox are are very much mindful of the fact that they have to replace everything that Saltalamacchia brought to the table last year. And that included considerable thump from the left side so. He's not an easy guy to replace an -- day in -- in the market -- problem is they just really have this discomfort I think about going beyond two. Years he had it and you can't play him this is a guy 28 years old a good chance to get. Is coming off the Goodyear's coming off a World Series -- winning year he was the he was the regular catcher for this team. So he has his opportunity get the free agency he wants the deal right quite frankly I do. Mean I am a little bit surprised that the Red Sox have been as as has -- as they have been with him on three years and here's why. So your ideal scenario is that you have. Next year you're the everyday catching -- the lead everyday -- the lead dog in front of David Ross the following year you want a guy is going to be the lead dog probably integrating Christian Vazquez. And then the following year you wanna have a stable transition in which you know in which one of the prospects and to take over as the lead dog. With that with you know maybe a Saltalamacchia. Being the bachelor guy -- you know I had gotten out for me I'm I don't think the three years was that it was -- -- It's a tricky one is how you're looking that we talked about McCain's gonna what seems seemingly gonna wait for awhile here but he gets that -- and Navarro is about to play in Uganda into. Oh drawn up like your record and AJ Pierzynski government aren't on potentially trading for right and again but to me Saltalamacchia is a notch above that. You look at McCann there's false right now Ruiz out of the conversation BK and Saltalamacchia. 61777979837. Should also mention once again Dave -- needing to recruit Texas Rangers. To join us a little bit later and show. Up until then skipped back to the phone calls before we talk about the big trade cliff in Braintree I made on. Hey what's up guy how much. At corner segment -- I know we feel like today. -- -- moment it except that. Notebook about beyond the game yes -- -- -- -- opt out and bought gas at a -- you don't talk about the appropriate in college I didn't. -- -- -- I would yeah it was PK unit that. Well you don't think right now. Eight I wanna pay at the -- OK now you have the reserve clause that would -- and that's. All you're gonna go back to witnesses that focus on semi five season Peter Gammons great block by. Remember you go back to government when the Red -- target to free agency Bill Campbell. Bill Campbell was the big deal he was out most of the guys might Taurus. Jack and a Campbell they you know they signed him hero is probably closer of the time. They had him throw about 2000 innings in relief after next year and he was never out somewhere somewhere Mikey out of his lot in Las Vegas right now. Indeed stop distract -- out of him and listening to our offense doesn't have an -- I -- he had not a great -- -- know it's a great book I mean that that chasing Steinbrenner right back and neck and neck -- and -- absolutely six point 7779. 7937. To join the conversation. But Alex before the break we've said -- -- talk about the trade happened last night. By far the biggest things happen and in the Oz he's not even close this this this is basically the Toronto Blue Jays Florida mark. Trade of a year ago. That's that's where this. Went in terms of defining. The offseason at this point is that's right around the same time you have a good point right that was I was a little bit before Thanksgiving last year and it was the head turner. Did people did not see coming with just huge names involved except that the big difference here is that worth that was a shameless payroll dump by the Marlins. Even though they got. Great young talent back it was in May two nets out and I know Gerry Callahan knows baseball -- as he clearly identified that Jeremy he's a baker is going to be MVP of the reds right right and it was a great point -- mad -- -- he was apoplectic about this trade saying how did the Texas ever you mr. get a ticking on Prince Fielder. But I think maybe you and I have a little bit different view of it because number one. The stock go overboard Ian Kinsler and and yes Prince Fielder is paid way to much money we understand that which is why the Rangers haven't subsidized -- doubters yet exactly stop oh. So where do you follow this -- who was -- -- winner was -- lose or was it a tie it. Where do you fall on. I think that it's a good trade for both sides because it allows them to have more efficient rosters where they're able to use their players were supposed to be in certain positions. In those positions. I really like him from the Rangers standpoint because. Basically you know -- now address an area of kind of considerable need with regards to fielder. And and then they have so they have the other basically one million dollars a year. And this young potential superstar and jerks and broke -- who I think is spectacular met him in the futures game. Think the world of the kid yet he's he's is in a boat and he's 500000 bucks you have to got you have really potentially. A league production at two positions for twenty million dollars. That puts the Rangers in great shape whereas otherwise they were shaping up as having to deal to have Kinsler. It fifteen million dollars an undefined role as utility player may be getting 400 at bats for pro far plus needing to find someone may give Mike I'm Mike Napoli on the free agent market. That's gonna cost you more than ten million bucks. I think the Rangers to the great thing preserve their flexibility for the off season and they got that that they got people in in the in the spot they're supposed to be in. Tiger same thing Miguel Cabrera not a third baseman right so I don't know. Pretty early -- and Didier -- threw just long enough news this give dispute that. And maybe too long maybe there -- off tiger did the injury you know the -- last year it's not fair and I think that's what. I think that's that's what a lot of people -- basic. -- conversation on his the last impression that we had Donnelly from Prince Fielder but from Cabrera and -- -- of course you know he could play third base well he played okay for one night was bad he was horrible well the he was horrible. Operate every every defensive metric that can look at him as he says that he was almost historically bad at other -- he played well enough to play. The reason why Jhonny Peralta shows up as an above every right he he stood. He would not followed is baseball standings they'll be that's a great job miss out there is this where I draw the line that's where my jumping off point you play well enough to play there that's politics right now -- -- very -- is not die while standing at the position good job but so the great thing about this traded wrote about it today wise how it affects the Red Sox because there at least two ways where you think that this is. Really directly affecting the Red -- one short term one long arms it's a short term one is the Mike Napoli mark. Yes yes I mean so. You buy into that is what chart about yeah right I I think that I I believe I had heard from I heard from one not from one baseball person today. That Prince Fielder went to Texas on the condition that he would play first base yes. Not DH there. And so that means. All of a sudden Mike Napoli what do whose. Whatever it was real solid and Mike Napoli does not -- DH Mike Napoli any shouldn't and it would be a waste of -- services for him to DH because he's a really good first baseman now defensively. So you you know part of the value Mike Napoli is the fact that he is a good defensive first baseman. In addition to be an up and of course the Rangers don't are no longer a fit and they seemed like. May be the best fit besides the Red Sox for him brought Brian McCann is still fit for them and so that that's not what we're talking about in terms of affecting the Red Sox. Because you still the restless are gonna get Brian McCann there's still gonna he's still gonna have the fall past the Yankees in the rain trees I personally. Don't -- happening. By that this trade does not affect how the Rangers in my mind is our viewing Brian McCann. No I I think not a -- thing again for the reasons that I stated above they've paid their payroll a lot more patient and I think that they got. They got who they they got more wiggle room financial wiggle room. Than they had before so I think that the Rangers are in better shape this time again and that leads us to and we talked about short term effect on the Red Sox the Napoli situation you still have. Actually Seattle may -- Colorado. Baltimore's been thrown in there still you have to look at it you have to think that the Red Sox the best fit. And will Seattle's all over the place Seattle. I think has a lot of options in terms of getting bats everyone talks about -- buried. They give thanks to bring back Kendry Morales. You have the Italians gave in on two you have a lot of options there. To me Napoli still his best fit right now is probably the emirates. And the Red Sox best for the first -- prior with him to -- absolutely -- the long term affect the straight might happen which isn't potentially give the Red Sox. Is one of the reasons that the Tigers did this trade was to free up some money freed up -- 76 million dollar -- -- right so they get the 76 billion dollars why do they wanna do that while they have to re sign Max Scherzer. Not sure -- it's going to be a free agent after this year. He along with Jon Lester on the going to be right now that -- top potential free agents after next year so. By the Tigers getting this Marty. And potentially being able to lock up Max Scherzer before. Next year if the Red Sox don't do -- Lester Lester has the market. Far and away. The pitcher on the open market ready to -- enormous -- And the Tigers don't shy away from setting top of them from doing top of the market extensions with guys were already in recent -- scherzer -- a Boris guys -- is -- Boras guy and so if scherzer signed. Even if you retain Lester it's -- gonna have to be -- deal that looks very similar to that which serves are. Box up so it may actually there there's at least a chance that it could Alter the timetable for how the Red Sox look into negotiating with Lester because to me. I thought that they would wait. Until spring training. Try to sign him next year they're like -- that's president of utilizing their plan is that is -- you wonder if they might. It would make a lot of sense I think and -- -- they have a lot to do we understand that we always hear that they they have a lot to do that -- worry about Jon Lester. But for the reasons you just set. And I think that I think that's important. As we're talking about free agency I think that it's worth mentioning we're getting a couple of texts and did. Did -- really -- of the brilliant minds in the game and one of the great people in the game Michael Weiner the MLB players association. President for a for a number of years has apparently passed away he had been. Fighting brain cancer for for a number of years and he'd been he and -- this is this is what I'm just seeing on the text line acknowledge its ideas all over Twitter as well and I have not -- he had acknowledged -- is an extraordinary individual someone who. Who the opportunity to engagement conversation was always illuminating. Someone who really. Loved the game and loves the players in the game and I think that. He did a lot of good for the shape of negotiations between owners and between the players association. Over the last few years so Michael Weiner was a wonderful voice in the game and -- be. At a guy who who was working right up until the end he news -- he was going down for some time. By he was working right up until the end he was a presence in baseball right up until the end in case the of people want to understand. Who he was. He was guy maybe for the Red Sox in Dave Ortiz had a press conference. In. New York 10092009. He was the one sitting right next to -- enormous presence in the game -- needles in his family. So right after this break Alex we talked about the trade. We talked about oh. Prince Fielder we talked about being Kinsler we talked about where Texas Rangers stand in the free agent market a great guy to talk about all this way -- is former Red Sox hitting coach Dave Magid in. And current Rangers had -- Rangers hitting coach -- Maggie and he's going to be with this right activists. Are -- I don't know -- Dave -- teams. But it could be if you don't why. On the hot stove show right now. Right now Alex with the myself rob Bradford Alex spear. Maybe nag him joins us. Dave I don't I don't know that that's good enough the sign for you but I know. I don't know if it's a good thing for you to introduce guests by saying there under pressure -- but it I don't know. I'm not like in the the insinuate. There at all but you know that we we hold ourselves to higher expectations game when you come through. Thanks for joining us -- hitting coach for Texas Rangers obviously the great great things here for the Boston Red Sox. Dave I don't. I'm I'm doing pretty good. Really excited about the trade that you know it's unfortunate to lose the garlic like Ian had a lot of fun -- -- last year he's he's a real pro and you he's a real team leader. But on the other on the other hand we've got a pretty good player prince so it forces. So we are joined their -- I think in his conference call last night talked about. How the organization was OK. With how Prince Fielder was viewed going Ford yeah a little bit of a down year had a tough time in the post season. Did you get a chance to look at Prince Fielder. Diagnose him at all look at him before or during since the trade and have yet get a chance to talk to him at all. You know on all counts. Other than what I saw in the postseason. And you know played against during the season to over the last few years. I've always been a big fan of princes. You know to say he had an -- year so that twenty homers and over and over -- hundred. I'll take that any day obviously he's. You know he would be troubled little part of the year. But. I think in the end but it was -- in fact the fifth place. It is interesting Dave because I was I was thinking back to your time in Boston it seems a natural thing for us do that as we as we talk about you Brett. You dealt with David Ortiz in the two years that were quote unquote down years for him in 20082009. When you're trying to identify. When you're trying to identify is slugger who's had a bad year vs one who's in the state of decline what do you look for is the indicators. Well the first thing that I have to do is. Familiarize myself with what he -- zone it's when he was going really well you know years in Milwaukee as ferocious in Detroit. And then compare that -- and it's just as simple -- Looking at the video and doing some side by side see it as any differences. Talking that. I think that. That's the the -- thing you have to do because you've got to get trying to get inside his head and maybe there was something -- that was bothering him maybe he had an injury maybe. The thought process was not the same. But the company a with the combination be looking at videos speak and now. And actually speaking out of players at home play. Talking to our scouts. Professional scouts at all play a lot them were victories while we've made the trade. In. Going forward with with the plan and trying to get a better I think it it you know it is it's -- going to be a lot like. Adrian Beltre when he came after being in Seattle for. You know for those years. And that's exactly how -- bother you -- talked in the offseason and try to get. -- don't know what he was thinking Natalie what he felt what the problem was. And then combine that we're looking at the video and -- discount and together the week -- it was pretty good plan. Dave Barry hitting coach of the Texas ranger joins us on the hot stove show up there Astros and asks is Alex follow up a good point about Ortiz and I thought that you're gonna say. All the Ortiz was the perfect example of helping bring a guy back the levels that you expect him to be. But Beltre -- you think is it may be a better example this case. Yet because -- and I think when David. I guess you could say hit rock bottom of the he would he would. You know and -- that one year ranked. You know home runs were down he went a long period how about in the home runner on in the season and I don't you know I don't see -- Being as that's for -- David was not there were a lot of reasons for David's been downward was at the injuries the -- Contract he was worried about. You know hopefully. From everything that I understand that you know -- is healthy he certainly doesn't have to worry about a contract. -- -- there -- with David was one when when they've scored and what he was going through. -- there were a lot of doubters David I mean with David it was to me it was a different situation. I guess it's worth following up like on and on two levels about David since you did get a chance to work with him so closely for so many years. Did you have did you wonder whether or not he was going to be able to pull himself out of that because it was you know it followed a wrist injury no -- And what is it as a hitting coach someone who is such meticulous in precise. Has such a great knowledge base about the art of hitting. What's it like to see David Ortiz. Doing the sorts of things that he does as a 37 year old in the post season this year. Well it's pretty remarkable. I never lost confidence in David. Now that being said. The players got to have confidence and I think for the most part -- -- stayed pretty corrupting -- you gonna get out of that. But there comes a time where you can you can you can start doubting yourself you start wondering if you're done. You know maybe maybe I don't have anymore. And more good years left in me but. It was really. Trying to keep David upbeat. -- not to worry about the out the outside voices and and the people that were. Pretty much haters and were happy. That he was in the position that he was. And just trying to stay positive with them yeah there were some mechanical things that we follow what he had to get better at. And he did get better at that. But a lot of that was battle with David fist fight demons. You know. Trying to you know turn the TV off -- -- some welcoming -- the Internet what people are saying about him. I think what he kind of started focusing more on on the one on one relations between being you know -- The other coaches I think that's when he turned the corner and see what he's doing now on me it felt felt lot of fun watch the World Series and me. It was it was a little painful been elsewhere for six years but. It was nice to see him do what he -- -- You get that recognition that and so deserves. You know you tired of being there for six years in that six year was. Really the only year that that he wasn't able XEQ and yet amongst the elite in the in the league in terms of seeing a lot of pitches. And and you you go to Texas in Europe once again your team is in the upper Echelon in terms of seeing a lot of pitches I know that's a philosophy that you have. When you looked at this Red Sox team from afar if you look at the team that you had the year before wasn't just a matter of the wrong guys and they brought in the right guys to exude it. Well I think he's got to look at our team in 2012. That you know all the guys we got hurt. All the young kids that it gets called up from triple a plane. And then some of those guys got hurt and then we went three people on the depth chart and you know they get the best they could. You know I think get a came a point where it was unfair. For me to go up to. -- -- -- Mike dealers that are. You know some of the guys that got called up -- -- you know telling periodically as you know go there -- currency for my pitches and really he's he's got its not a real good breaking ball hitter. He's a guy that's always been very aggressive and you know it is up. Telecast that finally get a chance to play every day. To go completely away from what he's always done his whole career in the minor league. And hey you gotta be like this now. And so we we tried to do. I guess we try to take apart that we have. And try and make them the best they can be in you know we ended up when he -- -- the league in runs scored in. You know we didn't have a lot of blinders to the plate but I I think that was more. The call that was part to all the guys that got hurt and and then happens. Go a little. Bit on the depth chart and and using guys as part of were expected to be physically. Right well Dave thanks so much for joining us once again it's always good to talk to you always the best and an exciting time in Texas enjoy having obvious you have a new gift under the Christmas tree yeah. We're we're very excited about it and look forward to talk to Princeton. Get inside that head. All right thanks Dave thanks for goodness thank our -- it. -- -- -- hitting coach with Texas Rangers another hot stove show complete Alex great job at -- responded to the pressure exceptionally drop -- included it negative rough really was I don't like being around Alex spear -- rob Bradford the ball the WEEI dot com will be back Thanksgiving night. Thanksgiving night will be back next week I don't care about holidays hot stove show will be back we give thanks for the hot stove so c'mon enjoys a lot. Probably will happen in next -- -- c'mon back this next Thursday.