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The Spaceman, Bill Lee, joins Mikey Adams and John Ryder on Planet Mikey

Nov 14, 2013|

Bill Lee joins Mikey and Ryder in studio to look back at the Red Sox magical run to the World Series.

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Welcome to the planet Mikey broadcast it's a short ones. But that's what she says things that help itself it is a short program romances system clock. And at 7 o'clock it'll be the baseball no idea -- so we got a baseball boy here you know boy anymore he's a man now he's a full grown man. It's member of the Red Sox hall of -- bill -- basement house basement -- I don't. I'm good I drove down I got a little nervous but I remembered all the back weighs -- here and -- traffic -- traffic you can't get out of town -- in town right now or appear on the roads. Getting out of town -- you can go to will bore the I. Go home and then go all right have three sedatives -- and then go home yet and LB on a little late for -- going after this radio appearance you're going over champions are regular champions that's where my bad is it and my pictures on the wall and. -- a Peabody boy it's right used to live with. Let's see who was up there Mike Andrews from the Dick Williams -- Williams and 67 went there and he had a one year contract price he signed a three year -- There really isn't that at Brasco on that -- shows a little bit of any put that that's how great he was it and that had the deals and it wasn't totally fine you -- ski and -- treated right out that ground ball are hot as ever that 69 and and he was gone yet -- -- -- pissed off yes that's like pissing off mr. York usenet UN ran right to mr. mr. -- -- -- on his leg that was all over. -- now let me ask you this Dick Williams because he was your manager he was -- and I'm gonna ask you about 2.5 questions about this year's 4013 minutes and you watch all the games. But but just to go back a moment with Dick waves and -- -- have him when he's in Boston -- you view him as your manager much well up. He'd chew up the first time brought me up from its -- right double play right rhetoric you had a Montreal he brought me to Montreal for stamp app. The stroke -- -- -- happy well as everyone else did do it -- Is written on ambulances subway walls. I don't Japanese navy whose stamp app -- and who would know that the same spelling poppy would -- -- something so miraculously this is all agree as to yes Dan -- was a standing joke when they traded you for him and now we got big poppy. -- is saying spelling. And it is written but he sings her weaknesses trust me they were just stick you -- because you were up a player rep was that part of I was the player rep for the American League and the Boston Red Sox the head guy it was me Joseph Torre and a guy named Dick moss and Marvin Miller in the four Obama's. Started arbitration right and we started free agents now Marvin Miller should be animals and most death -- -- -- just verify most definitely yeah he's that good east and an -- and lawsuits. And Bowie Kuhn who's in the hall of fame PS is all intact -- FFF. That's been charged off they just care about lawsuits desert air there aren't winning or losing -- percent of you say that Curt Flood documentary. I have yet those those world that's pretty good stuff and this historical very big transitional thing but they Kurt had signed his contract. The differences McNally. Did not sign his contract measures meant they played the year without a contract they're buying ol' boy eating the reserve clause OK in other words when you sign. A contract reserves your right for the next year but if you play without a contract. And take the money but don't sign it they don't own anything and they don't -- anything and now that reserve close Null and void and in -- -- -- with Austin and we overturned the reserve clause and that's when. Everything went exponential and now we got guys like Boris and I feel sorry for what I did says nobody is there any chance that that did that whole thing that you're involvement win. Came back to haunt you from the managerial from the Election Day one from day one when they won they won they wanted to get rid -- me but they took Sparky Lyle yankees instead of me right hand I think it was -- -- offering. Stayed here and then. I threw well and I don't know how -- staters long. You know what you you won seventeen games three years in a row that's that's it helps I did that I noted that -- and I -- up for the busing issue and remember the three guys from south became -- took me out for the little ride. And gave me lectures that was -- -- I don't know -- -- was waiting on the other guy -- of and then doing this and how can you say that about it I said I said it. Is that judge Arthur Garrity is the only irishman with -- any. Ponies in this town -- I may not agree with what he said but it takes a lot of guts for an irishman to do which he did yeah. And that's what I said in these guys were so dominated realized she's slightly of well -- like Howie Carr and what. We're glad I still don't always -- on the well I'm here today for -- news today to an island as you know bill now space vanity you he's going to the Alka Travis. It in Colorado the cup I didn't know they had an ocean. Cholera and nobody in the -- clams there either which Heidi get an island of the Arnold ocean at in Colorado they find new ways to go until mound. You watched everything that happened this year for a sexy and we've been talked about now for weeks and and -- -- -- the basking in the glow here in Boston of course it was pressure it was a very very different. Feeling run the whole way because. -- -- they -- -- this team really honestly looked -- it on -- most people -- -- the -- experts said this team is gonna -- 85. That in three. Your first baseman had a bad hip coming out of Texas -- he was suspect he didn't know how many you're gonna -- -- and -- He had an incentive clauses he baited so far he would -- in the end up doing that. Walking in the park. And then he had a few every time he seemed to get knocked down -- Tired they took him out in -- came back with a vengeance and he had he had a mission because he had lost to Saint Louis before. And and you had Johnny Gomes a Petaluma boy. Who is just he made coffee nervous you know he just had more politics than than deer and African -- New Hampshire. Hit -- a strange dude no question he has estranged duties eloquent and stuff and you had all these different. Things came together Saltalamacchia got that are you know he started. Laying off the -- fastball he started hitting in the clutch when he had to. Everybody. Came through. Once at least once right exactly right that was -- called that -- held -- all know is we we here we are you know it's a team of one in six games the unsuspecting you know indeed it is pulled off the really the almost unimaginable winning this whole thing. Yet here we are now already. As Red Sox fans knowing when analyzing what moves are going to be made who's going to be gone. And let me start with we've Stephen Drew -- as a Major League pitcher how much appreciation or is it when is it too much appreciation hampered. A good fielding shortstop who really is pretty pretty average and from a pitchers he's a good hitter. -- -- streaky hitter and a very very streaky and that's the kind of guy you want there someone that solid. That will come through and hit the long ball for you. Every occasionally when you need via and I thought he charged the ball well he went to both sides well you know it's just that. There's something about him. -- -- is rather retirements are a lot of people a little more emotion. It out but pulled drew or I'm now you know there's something not attached to that -- of people don't warm up to -- like him on fire -- entities can mold this pie but the money that families made. Yeah and he's going to be signing elsewhere to it sounds like a three year deal somewhere else you know. At one of them didn't care did see -- married him and we don't need. OK so so let's say you're the GM right now for a second just for funny -- to by the way let's give credit to ventured diplomacy together you know everything when he got the reins he broke the horse to worried and he did and you know I hate. I couldn't believe. That he didn't do anything whenever anybody should be doing something the one thingy that I. Didn't like and I never will like it is getting rid of replace. Now I found out that or losses and his manager buddies standard Bogart's. -- audience though vehicle down the road Jackie Bradley's AG exactly these are I. I think. That elk who -- the little Cuban goddess there to start off he's got a great started did goddess there. I was at Bogart's first games double header Pawtucket and you know home run installed base and drove in the winning rotten and I knew he was the real deal. And so that's why you say drew we donated because voters need to pull our guys tons of guys triple yet they filled that slot okay will go out and gets them the key is that poppies gotta have that magic -- that he doesn't -- all winner. And he comes back when he runs as well as it sees no when you say magic potion united entering into some kind of a special blend of vitamins or something that would keep the same. And that Cologne happens out on an island and he definitely Bartolo Cologne Cologne -- -- -- -- out of the morning it smelled like crap Altman the guy has got he's he's the first guy to ever have stem cell transplant. Yeah illegally I mean it's -- it's -- it's legal you can get stem cell transplant that here you. Trust me. It everything that is illegal. You just have to tweak it by one molecule. And now it's not a net in legal bracket. Do you think the bikers hikers -- the list. That -- change that molecular structure. Of that steroid in now that's not a banned substance because test for becomes obsolete. The test is obsolete because it is already mutated and changed into something else or can't -- its highs and burgers uncertainty principle once examines something you've contaminated the result and it's changed problem element have to remember them -- Eisenberg an area. Eisenberg yeah I know in the present. Well I mean I -- -- -- and now -- -- take it a name from that that that Senegal like because. Think Moe berg was supposed to kill him -- by the catcher was sent to Germany. With -- before and find out of -- knew this formula and he was to assassinate. That was Moe Berg's mission that was over mission. Catcher was a spy. Him if you book culprit behind whoever's episode breaking bad but the Eisenberg. Well that's what he ended update when he was became a drug dealer ended up taken that is the name or I have an episode of breaking bad every time relieved Taco Bell practice desk but I don't tell anybody you put to use as a name is there. And now so so OK let's -- back -- you feel for second. Because this is interesting -- -- Bogart's is the guy right they don't have the pace Stephen Drew three years 36 million middle Brooks has to come through play third Bogart's go to -- told me about middle Brooks joke as my theory news. Good arm. Potentially good good power hitter but we know he has got to learn strikes alone but at third base -- see what was left to his right see you making any place all year. Now in place yet it seemed like he can be anyway I've said it seemed like he made the spectacular plays some times of the routine one and have a tough time that's a good. Ethnic that's a bad thing that's a bad thing coming out in a show in a good Phillies shortstop squat compared to -- lousy retirement it egg leases. -- -- your best best ever saw it leave it is that good is better than -- One you saw the plays he may I did I did it you know he played left field center field is choice bill he was everywhere -- Pop -- he made in this circular pattern on -- underneath that ground I was -- I saw him make plays here I saw -- make plays that I never seeing guys for mine now is there is there a chance that you know Pedroia and gold glove second baseman is gonna say well I'm really used to work this guy he's really good with me drew is -- we begin work -- -- you think perjury. -- -- He's he's that good Miguel Cabrera won the -- pay. Miguel Cabrera and yes did not back to back yeah -- and then give it that the prince of Wales Prince Fielder no it's not a finalist now. All right you guys you made back the third I don't know if you heard the theory I have on Prince Fielder and -- you're becoming hero in Detroit going to be tried baseball -- take the 230 million dollars or the 23 million dollars a year. And by. 23000000. Dollar year cops in Detroit. And reduce the response time when you call 911 from an hour and a half to 45 minutes that's you're becoming hero in Detroit right. There's no one lives and he -- General in the suburbs. If you've been there yes I have an avid music I was scary moment -- Diane and I but church chicken. That we were walking down the street game we decide -- on the front steps of the church yeah and -- got arrested. For -- -- free church in a tough journalist ultra right get arrested anyway all but I'm going to get not better ago. I'm telling him there's no houses there they've all member and penalties -- abandon its like their -- dark you know inside you know windows big tall gothic terrorist structures so if you look at Detroit looks like it don't it. Yeah right the -- empty the senator's call -- certain. I believe -- basement here with a 6177797937. Will answer your phone calls in order as they command. And don't and talked about all kinds of Red Sox issues as he makes his way through a New England as he doesn't regular basis in between pitching stops all over. -- North America so get on the phone right or texture question 37937. -- to slam a Maud bill he's used to this. I mean he's probably sign a million autographs he's glad his name isn't Carl Yastrzemski of that takes a long time he does a good job Carly and he does have a very nice signature considering. Although -- your -- and well -- -- Bob Montgomery had a pupils younger. You know a lot of guys who doesn't happen anymore the modern ballplayer socks as for signing why would you want an autograph of the modern team that looks like a -- -- we'll be right back of the planet Mikey show this basement. We're back planet Mikey show live talking baseball to space man Billy. 01. What are your value for third or fourth -- -- Red Sox all time went what is sure what you're stating I can remember now on all third all timer lefty lefty and -- in -- oldest living now. Mel I'm I'm I'm on debt. Yeah at at that. -- now you I'm on the diving board but of people don't know you'll also are you know. Recognized epic Cooperstown hall of fame for. Being the oldest man in the history of baseball to win a professional game and to have a complete game details about the one. The complete game that you -- it was against Hawaii and California arrogance it was Alley. It was that'll about -- with the whole nine. I with the whole bank and they were very upset. These are professional baseball player he's a real baseball players and I just I just have good stuff I have a fade away like Carl Hubbell and they've never seen that in you've got to hit it the other way in the if everybody knows Albers feel like it's there in my home ballpark the wind blows from. From right to left. So I made him hit the ball into the crosswind to right field and got knocked down I didn't let him pull the ball they rolled over into Milan changeup breaking balls in the ground balls. They made nice plays -- you get the winning -- Howell at the time 6565. Years old you play against 22 year old aspiring. But professionals what I did last week in Arizona was more Iraq. What was that is ahead and picked up a ball in in three months I went down and we drove in my back was -- I took to believe in the guy gave me the ball and -- your start and start. I went nine against Sacramento. I had a shutout into the in Harry Houdini Adam got out of it it was 33 game drove in the winning run in the ninth inning. To win the ball game six. Three. And then I threw three innings of relief I threw another three innings through nine innings on Friday six in the third on Saturday when the campuses -- in a week's play all week. Like in Arizona eighty degree is sick you're sick while you're crazy and I covered in the last that was a ground ball between first and second the first base got it and I let the guy get out of the box four steps and then I'd be into the first base. Grab the ball -- and slam on the ground and -- I know what these guys are viscous than people realize 65 result is people can't walk can't Pope can't think of anything they're not probe is everywhere they park their car. But it wanted to -- show all of those and -- a week it's unbelievable. I'm Hillary -- gastric artery is like in a round kick -- into this I have a weird metabolism. -- resting heart rate of like twelve. While it's like that sees it like I skipped beats now. In my cardiologist right here at Beth Israel and I was there when the terrorist was down in the morgue near the hospitals say to the same time they locked me up with him and I thought they probably thought sure you know connected somehow know don't. At any coach or your heart doesn't beat the right angle that's pretty good for me -- -- -- yes I would say it's Heinemann beset you've -- you she quit drinking answered your fired. I happen. Your doctor your doctor I want to talk or whether it's election this year and all the things that happen this year one of the world baseball would believe but let's -- Keith -- veteran of the phone's going to be your questions for space man what's up be a key Perry. Oh man now what a great show you pactel and and did I hear. A month or two or some month to -- go that dump -- you had the first planet -- is letting. Asked me I was best man yeah first memory it was me first men and I was the best man I held the ring and the Guinness curls up. This girl about that. All it was a great wedding. That was -- it was a of these in the Comcast -- studios. Over in Burlington. Because I had got fired from radio station the month before we're gonna have the winning on the reinstatement of fired from a crap PS3 is up. And then that we -- -- -- at Comcast member they have this TV cameras on and it was so we had as -- they were very very comedy for a on -- I wish you could have been there. Oh man I do duke. This man really meant to. I'm gone anywhere it would. I wish he would be a little more of visible. Either -- in. It's opening dead deer season and content forests of the team and we knew who the police in a bunch of them I would like -- And I'm conformity still exist but bill you gotta admit this new ownership of the Red Sox compared to the old. My strategy as far as embracing bringing back -- former players. A that are revered. Are there David they've had you backed him many times it puts up on the scoreboard all the time Chicago yawkey trust means they're dead. So you right front so this a trust means they're dead in these are really actual people that come to the ballpark and bring their families. And they have a great time in their great owners and they've done a great job. They saved you know I I was with a group product Cambridge called saved him Waite park. And John Henry embrace the same idea brought the lady and from Baltimore -- member name and save Fenway Park resurrected this jewel. And made at the jewel in the crown again. And everybody. Comes here because it's a religious shrine for the game of it yet it's like it did. Make it and I was I -- I believe that our Mike graves on the greatest thing I ever did was to save him you know they do have a pilgrimage -- feel about this from -- -- of people haven't seen apart they come to Boston they say that's a stop we don't know much freedom trail you know what they tell me for destinations yeah. Eighties Kansas its -- they have people they they they actually bring busloads of may bring me in to lecture. Because I am a historian and all this like yeah. -- -- There are currents at Goodwin you know who was I Brooklyn dodger fan and had an epiphany when she had children here. And now she's a Red Sox fan you know and a convert when -- convert and religion your even more zealous. Yeah the other thing that's it and you more self righteous about yours yours zealous. An attitude toward. This year's Red Sox team will face the Detroit Tigers okay you remember that series and everybody does because it was historic in that. That Detroit -- team was just mopping the floor with a Red Sox had to make him look foolish. It -- honesty striking out guys at a record pace yet the timeliness of the Red Sox -- what is what -- -- -- him in a -- Russell post season yet. Look at the second time around against now locked up like you look at the first ball apart Troy -- he rushed it in just he hit two balls. To get combined total -- three inches from the -- Paul I know he did and he was due for that too and it that was that I thought he's gonna hit the mobile times. Because you don't want Pedroia zeroes and a fast -- he's really good. At hacking away at a fastball he can hit a high outside fastball and -- you can't get a vote or not anyone's -- and yet. Now but that that that was a pretty ominous thing their for the rest sucked into their fans there bill because you know. That. We're -- -- he's the Cy Young award winner won yesterday. Were Verlander who have very tough customer. And -- -- -- -- Sanchez who led the American League earned run average boom boom boom three times in a row and it looked like they're never gonna solve these guys. Yet gators do that you get one inch one right timing thing right I mean poppy with the Grand Slam and they all got better the second -- hitters make adjustments and pitchers relief can't you have to. You usually stay with which -- good at and you can't anticipate -- hitter making his adjustment. When he makes is adjustment and you don't make your you know it's like a chess game and you gotta be able to. You know -- changeup first pitch and then but seized. Pitchers get predictable and hitters and a finding out and they they start guests -- with -- there and they'll win the place they talked to each other and make -- they've got a video as opposed to in the old days they couldn't just -- look at the video was he with a guy did deal last depth that they can do that now they do that no one ever did that -- what about Ellsbury because Barry is now and we've been waiting to talk about this for years how when he gets to free agency is going to be a big money guy. We all went through his -- -- -- very similar statistically. Is very weak arm fleet footed good fielding outfielder. But here we are now with Ellsbury and and and the money's gonna come at this guy is the -- -- going crazy. Might my theory is six years sixty million does your hundred million dollars -- says is no way that gets it done what do you think -- on Ellsbury worries and the easiest piece fragile. Where every goes he's gonna have bad like he's gonna have bad karma because he's from Montrose organ. And when you leave the reservation. And I'm telling you this is no disrespect because I order unions and average. Bad things happen to you and this is the team came up with this is the team he's with Pedroia. They're both. Kids from the same. You know kind of abrasive friends' friends and their college kids. And everything. You cannot change horses in the middle of the -- I I think there's bad karma out there for him. If he leaves this or like goes back to Seattle that goes to the Yankees that I fire morals. I take the Red Sox offer I stay here and I went three more world championships. And then he can go back. And do -- I tea. I was there's so many things. That happened when the Red Sox one night I saw his omens when I went into that bar restaurant cocos and Victorville. And I just giving money to a homeless guy in the side of the road and that come -- to sit down and here's sweet Caroline on the radio -- I'm -- radio as Muzak. What are the odds and that's after we have lost the obstruction call. And I am going to -- -- She was. Really upsetting gave it twenty bucks you thought I was gonna give him change that strategy David wanted to break and Starbucks. But I had a dollar 95 so -- save that morning. When the kid hit me up for money only at one bill in my pocket SS and that's what I do I give people twenties you were -- like your generous. No I I say that at time I put some hoping -- a couple but I'll pay it because sweet Caroline played -- now that we won three in a row so you think -- a spiritual attachment there -- this there us and it and I'm telling and -- the whole union at. She Diana was going to get the condiments you heard -- he's gonna get economists in this novel way union says something -- and looks editor cleavage. And then he Diana nods it because or -- assortment. And then he came over and apologized for thirty minutes to me. He brought -- his medicine bag he did -- thing I end up winning in three ball games Red Sox won 20. And I am telling you were -- -- witch doctor he was from four corners and man he was a medicine and -- four corners. And I am telling while Summers ago Honduras Thompson's Stewart was right out of the desert. It was an Edward Abbey moderates Thompson while into the world and all -- it in and out burger. I've never -- yes I have -- she's been precious it's all tied together let any packaged in a we got Bruce in Connecticut with a question first baseman Billy what's up bumpers. And I could actually. Pataki has due to what walk -- that lollipop crew. On -- wrong I would talk about something that you guys sorry you call eight. You guys like Mark McGwire Sammy Sosa Barry Bonds and corporate and apparently their Easter Bunny award in touch regularly beat out. Almost that your answers thanks -- Bruce what about those guys in that. Known steroid era for hall of fame voters coming from Ramallah from always put a mall. That was that that was the norm back then. From very -- young -- Barry Bonds. Lance Armstrong I just want a group. Therapy that this is. What our system is. You look at the commercials it's Viagra it's C Dallas. If you have this complication don't take yes drug it is our Lipitor everything else right its culture pharmaceutical -- the culture of our society with Arthur Daniels Midland. Takes the vitamin. It's it's a pharmacological revolt this is what it is you've ever seen the movie Michael Clayton no go see it. You've got to -- is it on dvd it is on Netflix it's on everything else it is our society. And it is great. Well but OK so they advertise that you know a toenail -- remover but he backed away side effects might include you could die you know added dimension that anybody wanna get rid of the toenail -- you take the -- I fell on a table and New Brunswick and I had a plastic -- -- me right up through my groin. And I end up getting a rash around my body of -- pop -- but -- -- combined they put me on this -- but -- -- That if I hadn't taken it. I would have been a much. And have all this and they said the side effects are it will each your liver -- you're right that's just been. I've I've it's funny there's this stuff -- you've got to take it. You know that they. Or you aren't gonna die anyway so where's the baseball purist that says Hank -- purist he was on -- and Jews and Willie Mays was on red Jews and -- and green and everything else and everybody was on everything we are all -- we work for iron at night we went out there do you think his guys and all that -- that were better in the hall that were used in performances I do all the time then. Now we may well be talking about green bullies again we talk Bob's bossy. All lead yet it's all about commemorate -- it was this show it's showtime. -- think he was -- -- -- all about the football players are out there and are celibate and not scum and out of their nose and they look over and in older sister and goes boy I don't think -- -- a green needs immediate. Tell me about it everybody was going so you have to accept all of that and the hall of fame is everybody's doing it. But they're gonna go right next to the guys before we were talking to -- easy GH. You know goes way back -- like they'll get and eventually I think Gary bunch of people what Hank -- right now I'm reliving. It. Barry Bonds was the greatest. Hitter I ever saw. He had the best strike zone Q. He was never swung a bat which he was right on top of the play quick as it hit the ball the other way and I am telling knew he used a maple bat. Made by Sam Coleman from Ottawa it was cancer harder than ash and he can hit the ball further because of that that. Okay not because he was on steroid users on. But the numbers William -- he was a hall of Famer in the nineties before he did steroids and -- 73 or some Hank Aaron got bigger to -- And care was a line drive skinny little kid we all get bigger as we all know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's still got to hit the ball I'm still gonna get -- I don't care Mark McGwire what he's on he's gotten needles picket atom is -- -- I'm still gonna get him out because I'm at a tricky. And I mean he's gonna get a ground ball -- steroid adults oh it's gonna swell up and bolts of ms. O'Neill at -- now is exactly is gonna have to go get the -- -- -- just trying to picture a -- -- right now while we take this break. It makes it to the house and get your calls and after this. Back planet Mikey show hours dive from Brighton Massachusetts I guess we're the only guys that didn't go live from foxwoods today after I guess so they know what happens when I get to foxwoods as a huge gamble. It's you know me among them buddy -- lose one hand I'm a Mohegan Sun are you. I love the artwork and I loved the holes that move around in the water all of them I -- I was kind of cool and you think that in. And you go up in the planetarium -- -- drink like -- -- changes Steelers move rancher that's what's your drink it. I officers awareness special elite are taking debate -- Jews. I love I love we got stuff folks who want to auction -- the -- this hour went by so fast and you know. It's it's assembly one half passes a Bible has its recently that it Davis in the car Iran -- -- -- man Dave go ahead. Yeah pay act mature ladies it's an honor to speak with you thank. Yeah. Sit mediate some being packet wired to -- your opinion on -- -- -- Pedro. Martinez. Which -- you know would be. A better pitcher. Pedro is a lot younger. Let's have her back in their day they were both our clutch guys are remarkable. They were unhittable through a brief period. Pedro was the best I ever saw Philly did the cart Wheeling -- is is that lat has some his horses against Cleveland and then he'd really. -- was kind of had a series of injuries that kind of happened after that is he broke down. And that was premature celebration and I was very upset that I love Pedro I think he has a long fingers. He has a greatest changeup I ever saw. And he could -- dead -- by anytime you want you quote like a matador out there averages say that he's likeable fighters is unbelievable yeah he's an artist he's. Away -- Luis Tiant -- low low wages low he's good you know and I wanted to come back up periods in Florida I want him to live in -- with me and that. We can go out and sit on the side and watch the bush is a -- off off the point there can about. Just want to wait one more tennis like good. Squeeze this. And I anyway do you ever offered any ad deal or was there ever any interest though they -- the way you like you're in Europe. Now tell them how you feel about. The Yankees know I don't know the Yankees all the trees in New England point to the north east because New York Sox. And then you let it go. At that and it doesn't you know change on that unit you've -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was when they Steinbrenner when -- -- had his 25 anniversary is -- The Yankees came out this special 25 anniversary magazine. About this time -- you know ownership ten year. And they allowed view or ask you to write a column in that magazine called why I hate the Yankees. And I think that they found exactly the right data right it was a great article. But why would they do that in this in a magazine celebrating. You start I did it does it -- all I know I'm hallucinating that day I got my arm broken remember all the stuff they put me on I could've sworn he was in -- room. And I was with Dick Stockton and I remember that -- -- to save my life because he he told me build -- to windows there there you're all right and I came down off that -- you were hallucinating I was hallucinating big. And I'll -- of the -- -- was golf and they told me died yeah I said I don't good I could've made the news that it was on the news. People say how could you please heartless he'd be your understate try to get your baseball -- try to run me out of baseball and the baseball you don't run me out of base. Now and it's it's still hasn't been done yet after all these years you know the Expos. Dumped you because you were defending was -- rod he's -- -- and you know this is probably never been done before but you will lead the team earned run average and batting average and nearly two ago yes it is it just doesn't make cents. You Quebec doesn't make sense. It sounds I think branch it's a distinct society but I guess. Who's who was the -- responsible for that move you know John Mikhail. But he was for Notre Dame he hated me because we scored 55 unanswered points against them with Anthony Davis ran back to USC for USC guys and I wouldn't let him live it down -- -- Greg shouldn't let that -- had nothing to do it based on loyalties school loyal guy Dennis is in the McCabe that is go ahead we're trying to get (%expletive) here. Migrated our our attitude and good don't loss -- the great Q you're right. I'm I'm completely over it's not an old spot market in the country that you know all the power park yes it is. A lot of great ballplayers came out of that he'll play you can people entered. -- think you know my dad. When your insecurities that you don't -- start and hope -- -- and -- -- OK don't. I remember as General Electric dumping all the PCBs and -- a direct. Yeah that again the one that exposed I think you know them but it won't -- a remarkable and it's like and the -- I was only ten -- eleven when he would like it. On the field he was a great shortstop had a great -- range and everything off off the field he was a pain in the ass chain smoker. -- -- -- -- I come out there all the time I love you guys out there. Great guy here Dennis they stood on the Berkshire's two rock it to a great degree defiantly says now. You have you know if they're making movies that people have bought the rights to movies about -- you've written full force for five books or books and they're they're trying to do a full length feature move beyond me but that they have no money. They Anthony Perkins is gonna play Amy. If that hurts it's just yeah we're gonna get a -- -- you know but think about this now -- awards Eva writes a song called bill -- one of his albums about you run for president with. Motorists -- hunter S Thompson you're a bit on the top of the Tonight Show Letterman show. You know you written four books you are growing -- in the California wine country of -- the space man wine basement logical find it's an interest in life to have is that this boring crap you've been doing for all these years I do this with you and I guess -- its -- -- ever seen it's and signature it's unbelievable happens and number nine it's at that Williams. From the provide us from -- Lisa Brennan smoke -- -- dispute pick that up that if it is the most beautiful thing I've ever and it's almost too good smoke but I'm gonna smoke at them -- have a drink after I win the championship next week. With Kevin Martin and junior rent costs. You know in a bunch of guys all the guys from. The team -- -- New England team we go down and we play Roy Hobbs. We play hard ball for eight games and there's some great teams went from Windsor Ontario there's one from Seattle. With a bunch of guys -- went to Cuba with then there's about sixty of us we go down and we just banging our heads together. And we try to die we're like Bob -- Ian all right guys we're try and it dies and I we we just can't -- we keep playing you wanna go your way on the baseball field -- that I wanna go that way that is the way to go for you are there will be two -- ago and once it right next to me yet in and prince says Princess Diana oil loved dearly and that nice to see you Billy thanks for coming in thank you and you you're going over champions -- and use your back and forth the Boston all the time I will be back on that Thanksgiving we selling line. Up in Portsmouth in -- at the hand efforts sought on the cell line around if you could go to horizon and they'll tell you where I'm going to be. And you got a call Verizon to lead me because if you're gonna shoot me you better team in advance its view that quick that is that. This race meant for the Red Sox hall of fame my good friend Billy thanks for coming and thank you we have a baseball Scholl called hot stove show. With rob Bradford Alex -- coming your way next from foxwoods. Where I guess the cool people get ago there as well so we'll -- talked about it a little full planet Mikey -- Morris thanks for listening tonight.