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Buster Olney, ESPN: Sox have a better chance of putting the ball in play in Game 4

Oct 16, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Merloni to recap Game 3 and the decisions John Farrell made in the 7th,8th, and 9th innings. He also talks about the underrated Doug Fister.

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Joining us on the ATP hotline is a guy who has been part. On this series he joins us every single Wednesday was their last night he's -- only of ESPN and we're talking about this buster from buy a big picture standpoint it sound like publicly. The Red Sox really wanna play up that disrespect card you know I was Verlander this -- Lander that I don't teams always do this but you're there. With this is standing behind the scenes like -- guys is adamant the sort of without really going on the record and pay a lot of solve all of -- Lander. Not about our guide John -- you know one nothing went. No one mentioned to me like came up and then it was like hey you guys disrespect that Lackey. And I you know eventually gave -- to read in the Europe out. And I I do you know I mean that that's what happens is I'm here everyone -- for reasons to be mad everyone was recently attended every one -- -- reason to be better right. I'll never forget in 2000. The Yankees and Oakland were playing a five game series the Yankees lost game four. Oakland we everybody flew all the way across the country for game five of the Yankees there was an older team. He was in the back into that dynasty. And they were all getting on the field and Eric Chavez who's doing an interview on the big screen in front that for the media. In the media press room. Anything that the question it was a total that a question by a reporter Eric is really young at that time and it was. Pay -- and -- at the end of the time for the Yankees and you guys I think that your time. Eric is -- really helpful guy he's like yeah we really think it's dark and the Yankees you're watching that as -- it was being said and -- course like yes let's get out. What happens is that year that. You know yeah yeah -- depth and I found guilty of this when we get I think yesterday I didn't mention -- But you know likely berliners wanted to buy an award that's only the bigger names. And you love the fact that they grab onto it if they look for any sort of -- You know bust does a few theories -- -- already got -- James saying there is something about clutch hitting who -- and and then what the whole pitching wins that's pitching still does win I do believe -- when you look at these two LCS's. The cardinals and now anyone 48 they're up three games to one the Red Sox in 133. They're up two games to one have you ever seen. What is going on here in this post season especially these two LCS's. Now -- they're broken record we've never seen anything like it. And I really think it comes down that's obviously one is part of the reason why these fourteen to reach his level is because you have. The best pitching you have the Kershaw you have a great idea that Adam Wainwright you have pitchers the other -- Lester Buchholz. And it John Lackey yesterday and and the other thing I really believe this that wrote about this in today's paper are today's column. That. I think that you know we will look at that lady eighties through the early part plastic it is -- Eric. Well the last ten years we are in the information era and I think that pitchers. Use it in a way they never have before. Pop -- I think that process that stop but I think they've given that dynamic of the sport where pitchers start the action in hitters have to react. I think the hitters are falling increasingly behind which is why -- seen these spike and strikeout numbers that are going up and up and up. And I think classic case that was last night when Miguel Cabrera comes up to the plate. And John -- Q -- that happens -- pitched to him because they had the information. That Cabrera struggling on pitches on the outer half of the plate and very specific data that. And they just went back to it over and over and over and over again. And I think we see this time after time after time that you pitchers and catchers. Using all the scouting report information. And and wielding it in such -- hitters. Simply are not responding and to be honest and -- the rules of the game their change in some way that the town is lowered or something like that I think that -- gonna continue. -- matching your call today talking about this and John lack -- -- sixth time this season. That Lackey threw more breaking balls than fastballs was that a part of the scouting process and making that adjustment and young Lackey it looked pretty angels was seen as a big game pitcher can you compare -- Lackey saw last night. The the guy you saw during that World Series when is he back to being that type of pitcher for the Red Sox. Last night where that it daddy was and the reason why they did that that you guys saw red advocated tigers swung at the first three pitches he threw the first -- -- put the ball player Lackey said after the game. That he and and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Had to make an immediate adjustment. And they went right to the concept of pitching backwards rather than starting off the fastball. And speaking about static in a Lackey said he said I'm sure that they're aware the book on May. Which is that like to be aggressive early in the count now with my fastball -- so they had to change and they did. But I also you know -- -- -- not about getting reported about the quality of the pitching he don't want to curb balls according to the guy to do the data for us. Eighteen or strikes OK it's unbelievable. That you could ever racially at a twenty curveball thrown for strikes. And in the way it used his slider. With such effectiveness. You have to give credit unions Saltalamacchia for changing so quickly after what they -- at the tiger -- Know a couple things here it would number one any updates on Victor Martinez looked to me -- tweet this Claude and he said it was cramps afterwards and and with that any chance at all that Jim -- sisters as you know I got to get Austin Jackson a leadoff spot. Comedian put Vick behind Miguel Cabrera -- chances in moving a lot of surround. I think there is dead. -- Last night after the game was openly musing about making and doing changes in the product on Kelly's name. On his own that while there is wanting you to do you could put Kelly on center field. In place to Jackson he said he would sleep on it. I think he's gonna change the lineup today. -- -- and in Victor Martinez and -- almost certainly be added -- that it short of a broken leg he's not coming out of there. In part because he and Jhonny Peralta and Alex and -- are the only three Detroit hitters are going good at all. I don't know what they would put into. You know be itching to see how he handled that -- And had a twinkle little while ago at saint upon Leland. I'm trying to think got a way to -- it put. You know a more pressure on opposing pitchers to throw to Cabrera. Rather than it is pitch him away the other guy's terrible and driven in Iran is less fifteen postseason games. And sort of -- you know knowing the prince will will take his walks to get hit by pitches sometimes I put it in the tool. I put big victory for the -- of five etc. And dropped Jackson -- lead out spot the territory -- -- up there. And I don't know what that's who we was gonna do but it telling you the way that he was talking and answering questions that night. And he definitely is looking to do something. While strolling ESPN is joining us I was here about 24 hours ago advocating for Daniel mama in the lineup somewhere yesterday buster there left for -- I -- played him the first. For Napoli strikes out twice then comes up with a huge three to hit that loyalty that Ferrell shows. It's at Napoli keep -- game he's in the lineup even idle for too we hits again against Verlander can you explain how that loyalty has three players. -- runs downstream and affects this team I I I feel like from the outside that that loyalty. You know the players not play hard -- but they trust him more is that going too far and way they feel about John Ferrell my club house. No and I think it ended in investment in each other and I mean let's face it we were talking about the opt in and the prison last year and this year. There all of that the each other any spinach and seeing him make a point of starting David Ross because he did and he said that that a lab because you feel like you know what. Brought an important part of this game. He starts Johnny gold yesterday in part because you know -- can get a fastball. But also because. And he made reference to that that he feels like vehicle is an important emotional part of this team. That there's something that you bring in intensity that he brings in Q and -- Heating getting hit yesterday I don't I don't -- call back I don't -- He's state and so -- but it is there's something like that yet rated bad. And that may have been you know part of the reason why that -- seem to pray a little bit that intimate -- so. And I think that the players in the staff they all have that for each other I'd love watching going out. I love going out early in watching the Red Sox players take early ground balls with Brian Butterfield in the rest that staff. Because disfigurement they like working together and I think that's you know part of the equation part of the reason why -- that -- this year. You know -- -- the -- did Doug Fister following Verlander file following all this power -- it was nice to confuse the line that may be a little bit but given how that ball thrown. I don't know maybe threats such a happy not to seat in the power fastball anymore would you expect different approach here today that. I think this sisters incredibly underrated what 22 quality starts this year in berliners said it best in the days -- you know. He's capable of having those type the dominant outings. But I'm sure the Red Sox are happy that it's a different type guy because at the very least unlike Sanchez unlike -- Mike Verlander. ETE doesn't. Go into it which is where you basically assuming you get twenty minute swing to -- have a bunch strike -- at least they have a better chance of putting the ball in play. And that's the peacefully went after outs being made in the series or strike out and that that's going to be something to be welcomed change. A buster. It's when a caller earlier talk about the Detroit Tigers are gonna dread this trading -- who would be starting time -- wasn't PV. The three way deal that ends up with PB here and Iglesias in Detroit maybe it's. Are they may pick -- up the scrappy Ryan Dempster might make the start I guess we -- logical option but. Is or any part of the tigers organization when they get in the box and against -- say maybe we shouldn't have. Ended up -- -- deal that led a veteran pitcher who's dying to win a pitching pretty well on the roster for team that we might have face in the post season. Now absolutely not you know this -- not only a small picture small portrait Saddam. Knowing that Johnny problem's going to be suspended but also big picture -- for them knowing that they have the final long term solution at shortstop they. -- like Iglesias is potential. I know there's somewhat frustrated. With what they consider to be his lack of focus but that's not unusual for a young player I think -- -- betrayed and it's just a coincidence that it worked out this way. We're all last what free buster on the NLCS side of an earlier in Detroit but the the players' response the -- a week continues to amaze me of guys around baseball think. I feel like that players should become offended. By his antics because he is so excitable but in their mind they don't play the game the right way and held at Santa publicly privately. Is this a guy the players are talking about and wondering about his act in LA. No question about it. You know I IA I think I said that you guys the date that he was promoted to the week -- promoted. That he can become one of the most hated players in baseball right away. Because he's so demonstrative with his actions because he does things where it calls attention to himself. I have been surprised what you guys did the level of respond to him I thought Don Mattingly did a great thing yesterday when he when the press room today. I quality guys that I wasn't offended when Yadier Molina was -- -- after getting a big. It's October. Okay. I don't think anybody should be open -- at a standard. When we're talking about playoff game that I'll never forget. You guys remember the 98 World Series yankees and Padres Scott Brosius was one of the nicest understating -- you can back up on. Nicely understated people you'd ever made a huge home run up Trevor Hoffman the fourth game of that world street basically clinch it for them. He rounded first he -- -- and to -- in the air with pomp and on the right around the bases. He didn't realize that he did that until the next day. When he turned on the television and he -- more think when you get this time a year it's all just you're. Spontaneous response. And it's too -- the cardinals had a big deal out of. Buster great stuff is always appreciate it great coverage of the series is always on ESP and look for to talk when the F. Next week we get set for the World Series may be involved in this Red Sox team thanks. That's -- I think man they knew we had three awesome game has been tremendous. Yes it has -- appreciate -- for a couple more. Aborted and -- -- areas Foster only obvious the end joining us Foster is brought to you by Toyota a Nashua. OC recovery Bob Draper the entire crew the all new Toyota a natural megaplex. Also by air rest restoration specialist and by Andersen windows 6177797937. AT&T text line at 37937. Quick break we'll come back. One more follow up on the -- pitching staff. Because Justin Verlander was really good last night what does history tell us about -- as a pitcher when he throws a lot of pitches and we have eight template last year this we get to a game seven. -- tigers fans be worried about what -- done so far in these playoffs we'll talk about that with your calls next.