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Fantasy Football Podcast: A review of the week 1 action and a preview of week 2

Sep 12, 2013|

Week 2 of the NFL season kicks off on Thursday night with the Patriots hosting the New York Jets. Pete Davidson and Jim Hackett have you covered with a deep analysis of Thursdays’ game, as well as a look back to the week 1 action and its effect on the future. Pete and Jim close it out with a rundown on of the week 2 marquis games and key fantasy matchups.

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This is the fantasy football. My kids and Pete Davidson in the -- Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome to week two of the NFL season in this week's WV EI Tennessee football podcast percent of our friends at Mohegan Sun a world that play I'm Jim Hackett number joined as always -- Tennessee football expert Pete Davidson. The chief Tennessee football writer for -- on dot com. That's the fast track to Tennessee football domination it was a crazy week one -- we got a lot to cover -- saying let's is jump right and. -- -- -- -- Well. OK you know I don't David Wilson and a couple weeks so you know but got -- going in them that would fanciful total about right. -- is -- -- you always look great on paper and leave in the draft and heading into week one and you you worry you have the union saddened that it can -- Blown up so I guess we're here to serve our listeners and say. And over yet writes this week one and -- we're heading we're into week two now the game tonight. And so I think you know you had a rough at the start a little worried about about David -- and you know let's take a look at some of the poor performers amend or some big names. That didn't do a whole lot in week one so my guess is like you and like me there's a lot of our listeners that all of the nervous right now. Sure sure. And yeah I mean we don't have time to it all the people who had down weeks or so many of them and then you got the people who had -- weeks but ended up having down weeks. Because whose injury did two of the biggest ones would be patriots and he's I know I was dancing a jig around my. Well as I call the crow's nest. My office in the attic with big sixty inch I'd definitely watching Marines sort of you know. And it almost -- it felt like to me that you were watching. But changing of the guard. Yeah it did in the I don't time. Right I mean NN an Obama fan Steven Ridley it's as as you know my ticket to good back but. Anyway what sort of strange that -- -- you know what it one of those bubbles with a non contact form I was -- -- see how Belichick would react to that it wasn't a ball security issue so much just that. A strange play. But. Apart from -- what truly got in there I mean you saw all the stuff we were talking about preceding the that the routes I mean he -- a couple routes that -- just. You right back when it was kind of routes. And did what he did with the ball some of the police he made after contact. After the wrist injury which my understanding -- happened in the first half. Expert -- being. It was pretty impressive performance I mean we've seen during do it on a politically -- before I don't know we've ever seen him in a meaningful game. You know step up and take over -- Playoffs the playoffs last year in the big game remember he had a couple touchdowns and he looked pretty Larry. But it wasn't it wasn't like he was the lead back when he was doing it you know it was more. It's still around but I think you're right and -- -- it but I'd never seen him do it on like a 26 punch. Day. You know where he got me what each of seven passes ran it about. 1819 -- He was great in the lifted and then when the when the scouting report. That you put out on -- upon a couple of years ago came out from him mad cow. I looked at that nice that wallet disguised electric one in the lineup that since since he's been a role player and he's had a great role. We've shown flashes but you're right weak one this week was not impressive and then. Go figure he's out for on the shelf for awhile. And it happened so quickly right because -- when I put out -- waiver wire you know which I write obviously late Monday night you know about that night I wake up at 6 AM. Tuesday morning and -- conditions. You know try to pick out as many. Grammatical errors I can put its -- but when I when I sent that to the guy you know -- was two to three weeks by the time -- got posted. You got back a week eleven. So it's it's it's it's just I think what happened in -- that a guy who. Was really flashing his potential and I think for the patriots but you know. I think I'm past the point of saying anything it's a death blow out of patriots the -- -- if there's anything New England does well it's overcome and adapt. Oh boy that's out of the top skill set to lose. It is is that particularly with the thinness that they're ready have at receiver and with Ridley dropping the ball over the field. He was almost like a stabilizing force it that you could that you -- look at your patriots fan or finesse football owner. And now it's a crapshoot it really did. -- -- a guy who competed glue factor in both phases of the game so it's it is. Very tough break I think for the patriot obviously they're they're. Fairly well equipped to handle it but I thought he was going to be a special once sites -- and we got into the fourth quarter to of that chaos in the cinema -- honest it's gonna have a special. Run right now well hopefully spur New England fans -- back to expire in -- eleven. But but I'm sorry I I I went off the other reservation -- question. Arm now it's it's total worth talking about -- But -- -- disappointing until yesterday. But you know David Wilson. Lamar Miller yeah Trent Richardson. Marshawn Lynch. And at -- you know who gets the artificial -- reprieve could. With with. By necessity marine's injury exactly and I I mean I was just watching. A little TV here and so you know. The folks in NFL they have more talking up with Derek blunt a little bit. That we don't want to get back in terms to carry the ball but. I don't know how good matchup -- for the jets the jets in general and is in general and this is gone back a couple of years there is some change personnel but. The jets are generally more vulnerable to speed backs and their -- more vulnerable to -- you can get Speights so. If you're jet -- -- -- have to be at least somewhat emboldened. By the very injury. Sure young guy that. But present problems for them out of the New England that. I honestly think he would've crushed the jets deeply this week I really do on the Dallas for Ridley I think. In my mind I'm also play over the some of -- even happen. I don't I just I how Belichick happy if he's certainly David Wilson right now patriots as much as they may feel like they wanna send a message media. I think he's just too important right now it's actually more of -- rehabilitation. Yeah situation I think they have to make sure he knows. That he's going to get a chance and I think he'll just get his regular work of this week and the public because he'll probably do pretty well. So I think. Ridley I think it at this point. Pretty much just go. Value unchanged as -- 2000. Trent Richardson. He is very confusing because. And and by the -- happy to be crying but. -- you know I don't know if you watched the browns game but he was chewing. The dolphins are you and you throw the ball well and they just abandoned it. They really didn't use Richardson in the second half and as far as I'm concerned caught in the game aren't so I think which is going to be fine he does have a tough matchup this week -- the ravens but. Over the ball this season if he stays healthy no issues at all and we may get Josh Gordon back and we freak that'll open up the field and and you probably supposed. Big games start happening from Richardson -- Bill Miller is a little bit more concerning. In that you know he didn't. He just didn't get the ball really at all in the second half and I mean he. -- the part of it that makes it's sort of hard to grasp this city didn't do anything wrong. You know other than failed to gain yards which had very little to do with him I mean he was getting hit in the back field. But it is on the -- and I can think of three or four plays where he got hit three yards -- -- -- Can we talk about Lamar Miller in Miami -- -- that's a -- so if if you what do you see there you know I know you like him as a football player as an athlete. Dive into a little bit about currently complexity about it of him being in Miami and how they're gonna use him or not what the -- -- in there with them. I might might I saw Lamar Miller for sort of -- Lamar Miller says there's no reason to sell Lamar Miller means. You -- -- most likely didn't take him that I needed third or fourth round and you know his history have I -- his value could be -- reactive rather quickly. The key thing to understand the Miller you know in my opinion is at the -- that they. Has decided to put him in competition with doesn't have a lot of upside. Yeah I don't know -- promise that the Daniel Thomas is sort of like riding around. Is it that you are running around you that he's very good in the transitional parts of the game he's good pass blocker he's big east dirty you can take a linebacker install them up the middle. I think what they decided they're gonna do in that game they felt at this point. You know Thomas is probably better back for that over the second and two thirds of that football game but the other side of the coin is that you know if they want to. Stretch the field. And they want to get to the edges the -- Miller. On any younger -- fresh legs. You know he's. You know he's he's in new draft pick up you know coming out of last year is obviously a guy they liked enough to not even. They need to negotiate with Reggie Bush. There's even a little dated -- they -- demanded they didn't even make a low ball offer to Reggie Bush so they obviously. Some confidence in Miller's ability I don't think you'll see it happening he'll gain steam week to week and I think he's going to be following. -- -- on that what's going on. It on up when it's what it's like to point out to our listeners. That sometimes coaches over steer you know and -- we see it a lot. Even the greatest ones and you just as a as a football fans Tennessee football owner you're watching like what are you doing. There -- human do you know they over steer some times and. And that you don't look if they do this silly game where they don't need to -- all day and they don't have you know it's heated rush coming after can help I really question it. I don't know -- -- -- or not. He may have on I think what. I think the danger in what they're doing is that they risk damaging the young ball player. Because -- he might be getting confused so it's going to -- here. Armed you know I mean running back I mean I understand the whole move towards committees in this kind of stuff but if you want to lead back at political to -- -- you have to get -- would give him some feel. If he's getting to carry needed to carries in the yanked effort seriously because back then. You're not living heck -- get a feel for the game and you know that the performance is gonna follow that so you know. They sort of need to you know go to the bathroom or get off the -- -- Because. You need to sort of make a commitment in one direction or the other and I think that's. My guess is an and that that's sort of is part and parcel -- saying this about Miller. They've already sort of committed to this guy they have to get him going. Have to has some dynamic elements to your offense that people are gonna take Mike Wallace out by double teaming him. The dolphins are gonna go win ten games in the playoffs by you know wearing out the Brian -- -- I was gonna say that it. It's not that happen -- blunt okay player but you have to have some elements in your offense that scare the defense. And Daniel Thomas doesn't he just doesn't help. Long term to buy a -- and by the way we're into a situation in -- almost four year history every year's been like the trust. Because we tend to stay away from the really risky players the Reggie Bush is yeah. The Danny Amendola as you know the Ryan -- spell and early out of this even these are guys who generally light it up pretty well -- they are great players right. So you know our our strategy is not a try to get out of the box -- saying as much as it is played poorly this sixteen week long game. So right now you know. Little bit of a tough week but we global player and that's David Wilson. Yeah if that's an interest in case there let's talk about them in -- Yes it is very interest in case. And there was I mean. I don't popular person is probably said this but there was such strong element of deja -- Yeah what was going on there and it was so similar to what happened Wilson last year. The obvious material difference is. -- -- -- -- So eventually this year effect there's not even an underground because he's you know certain. Is heard and now you know brother Brandon Jacobs -- anybody think Brandon Jacobs is gonna. Be the center of the giant offense just has been paying attention Alaska. Yeah you don't -- slowed down a lot. Yeah I know that was actually good news for Wilson. So I beat the Wilson to meet the giants can't have. A great year without David Wilson they can't -- happen. So there in a position where I don't think -- any choice but to coach the player up. And and hope that he can get better here's one thing Alastair Wilson and he's the guy that that look we obviously we're the only. You know just -- let out there saying good things about David Wilson. Pretty universally. Hyped player this year and we were absolutely. In on that hyped and now the reason. That I was pretty giddy about this kid at school I went back no we watch every game every week but it Wilson's case I went back. And I watched those games at the end of the year were you get the ball or ground was hurt when they were using Bradshaw and he got a lot of touches. And the -- think he would he was running the ball with two parents. Protecting it. Doing a really good job and he was still making great cuts still making good plays some -- they've got this to trick it up to put it in the dog house they didn't do the right thing. And he's he's passed this. I guess. But something -- You know I if I don't know anywhere but yet you if you watched that first fumble. He's out there is hitting the crease in the defense on the edge and it's cute I want -- little ball so hopefully Coughlin is getting him back into that mindset that you've gotten into at the end of last year. You know its appeal ball protection comes first. Big big -- come second and you know we'll find out this week but. To me David Wilson like Lamar Miller -- got to hang on don't sell low on this guy he's got first round upside. -- note you know no doubt about it and another thing to just throw this out there -- I would love to see to see historical report of scoring in general across Tennessee football -- week one save vs other weeks -- mean this is nothing new to teams come out rusty. They make mistakes. In front of our listeners -- us the patriots and they looked like it never played together. And it just couple weeks ago and retreat -- pre season you know they did a dynamite I believe we to a -- is itself. You know there's a little bit of rust this I think your your right you got guys like David Wilson Lamar Miller. Even Ridley given that that that change -- Shane -- hold on. Let them do their thing in the if you get nervous and come back and we'll give -- more vice. -- that those two things to what you're saying you know the first thing yet those people blow weakland it's always madness because people freak out nobody wants to be -- one. And you start over reacting and it's dangerous you can end up ruining your whole season by overreacting to one. -- -- this year it's much worse. Because this year -- -- from what I've seen -- and I've. I think I've watched every game ought to get to double check my math but. I mean I'm I'm seeing double at this point -- triple. So I had to push studied the 10 o'clock Monday night thing for these coasters and that's just it's not fueled by. -- -- I've I'm certain that rhetoric that we acquired five in the you know for the fifth spot in the morning only slept for hours speculative. That this could really got to change that. But. This year would oversee. And it's pretty clear it and and for someone like me who watches every game you really can see it as. You're comparing wanting to the other and it's very direct -- you know you're watching your third game of the day or what happens. But I've never seen such poor blocking. Really. -- -- collectively. Every name in the NFL with the exception of chip Kelly's team. And it makes sense right that's what they do -- they're good at their primary thanks but a lot of the other NFL teams. They're not put in the new system they have been -- their team that part of pre season because of the new rules because the head injuries and all the other stuff. And you're seeing on the field you're seeing teams not finishing the block you're seeing guys missing. -- he tackles. On there's all kind of bad football going on and it's going to cleaned up slowly over the next couple weeks. As teams get more accustomed to contact in the you know that you stated weak ones you know really the -- and I'm not sure we -- the that was the case this year. That's made -- this year and that's why is -- passing games so far ahead. The running game. And -- is that it's great segment as I wanted to get into as we start to you know look at. We talked to them about players that. Underwhelmed us maybe some players that you know over delivered and at the top of the list and look at some of the young quarterbacks and as you talk about the poor blocking. I'm I'm wondering. As a listening to you. Maybe that's why so many of these young quarterbacks are are putting up such great statistics with their feet. Because -- they're dealing with a lot of broken place you know they would have the ball. That did not -- the protection that they normally would get so a guy like. You know. Terrelle Pryor for instance -- EU is running crazy over the field and you'll look at the stat land -- -- and -- -- my third quarterback just put up. 28 fantasy points and a self. And maybe is a correlation there. Well I think the -- with Terrelle Pryor I mean yeah I think some of it may have had to do it. The colts being a little I'm prepared for a man and not having tackled and up over the last six weeks that's possible. But I think with Terrelle Pryor. Who I like a lot. And -- if you read wrote upon. There's August -- -- saying you know. They can sit there and talk about what they want to draft -- I. It is it turns out he. He's -- guy you could probably start. -- the only one league that's that I take very seriously that a lot and we deal. I have like quarterbacks are pectoral Primerica which featuring I'll -- so so I have a strategy obviously is a little -- Yeah I wish I could put two quarterbacks put. And it came with prior that I think is uninteresting and compelling. Profanity perspective is that they don't worry about losing. And I think that's huge yeah I think if you saw captain Wilson RG three. I could be wrong but I am seeing in new level of concern with these teams because these players don't have back -- for. And these these teams all have huge expectations. And they're -- -- they didn't look like they're delusional -- QB record I could be wrong. -- I agree the RG three did not look like -- release. In the next six weeks last year. They Griffin back gripping yet you keep an exception -- it's perfectly intelligent. That they shouldn't be running him over the field but if you look at cap predict if you look at Wilson -- -- Newton there's a little bit less with a foot stop this week now that might be some. You know they're just waiting to bring out -- that you do when they needed but I think with -- with prior. You're looking at a team. There's so they can do. Yeah and did nothing to lose. -- right I mean if you're -- got a coaching staff fighting for their jobs if they can keep games close and still a few games by just letting. Prior to whatever that he wants out there they're gonna do it. I'm -- they -- very compelling fantasy commodity. And that's the reason I was told people the waiver wire. I mean I didn't scream about it to wed Cam Newton a few years ago but if this is the guy if he's out there and a waiver wire and precisely. Should get. Yeah and -- look if it's this mean hindsight. Is always 20/20 as they say that. I didn't like cam Newton's matchup last week I was looking at -- interest in play now had he had already had the week that he I definitely played them. Yeah I mean we -- Kim Newton and if people Carolina breaking last week -- we could we didn't get everything right there's no doubt but Newton's one of the things we did get right. And -- it was just obvious that Seattle is. Uniquely. Bill utility guy like -- here because not only are -- good defense. But they've got -- Tried posting just don't have so you know they've got they've got quarterbacks -- can match up with Cam Newton which is where. So that was just -- and I think I'd. If I'm not mistaken I said when -- when I did the our rankings listed as -- very rare thing well I would say you know if you got an option to do you might use I don't think it's the first ever done that picture. And it probably will happen again this year with the you know they'll put Seattle port so. New orders. Don't -- Hang in there. Aren't so I wanna I wanna look at some some of the other people that you know -- whoever passed though the waiver wire the original. Agassi the tennis or -- they'll pass that initial wave however there are people out there. And if you played a deeply guard you know you plane is also it's definitely the PPI order and might be there are a lot of names that are out there based on what you see. Universally Yahoo! leagues and different leagues that are out there so. Well I wanna get into that a little bit but I don't want to lead quarterback just yet I just wanna spend a little bit more time with one question -- -- -- -- because there are a lot of quarterbacks of this of the need -- isn't as great at this position that's leveling off -- it. However. With with -- hill and EJ Manuel and geno Smith and Jake Locker. A lot of these young guys and Terrelle Pryor the on Pryor anyone standout as interesting or surprising to you. Not really not not surprisingly. Gina Smith was. How -- a little better. That I that I thought I think you know that he was going to be I I I didn't think -- was gonna come out and play his best game that I seen him play the -- if you didn't look back couldn't pre season he's like a guy who's. Processing very slow. But you know he hung in there and I think particular jets fans are really anybody's. The one thing about Smith that you really had the like from that game is. You know he he makes the bad fumble on the one yard line just with a touchdown. Have a terrible plight. Forgetting jet blocking dramatically different course one yard line and he's got the ball look with what it terrible. Now he comes back after that it was bad pick really -- yeah. And then he gets sacked. The other team's thirty takes to get to a field goal range and -- but it -- an eighteen yard sack or should govern the ball is clearly was setting a little vapor locked. But he didn't implode. He hung in there and he started make a place in fact when he got out of Hillary she ended up after the jets back into range and got a touchdown. So -- it. Smith definitely showed some resiliency which is good in that it speaks to what people -- it is weakness -- So we're not there are some good things to see which announcement. As far as the others I would say -- may be the one surprising thing would be -- -- just that. He essentially. Peru to win the game and he didn't -- that interest in any did it without even Mike. -- -- losses and locked down with him covering them all a game. Yet. It just I think which is the key point to make by the way anybody who's worried about my qualities in a -- -- is going into last week you're gonna get shut down any -- yeah you don't play the ground again. Don't worry about it. Let us keep them and -- and down on his previous week but apart from that he should be okay. Sounds good so -- so -- -- -- policy position that he plays a lot of names that emerged this week. That people that probably. Hadn't been roster in week one or may be just got roster or maybe you know should be. Is a couple people that stand out I mean one. Obvious -- to the local -- here in New England Julian Edelman. Right Marlon Brown is a rookie that showed really well now as great upside given the injury situation in Baltimore. And just kind of -- back and connect the dots and Terrelle Pryor. I was thinking that raiders receivers might be good targets mountain and and I think are universally on all but -- all of the you to answer that. Yeah well Streeter is for the most part owned by the various war was for the most part owned I did. If there's one thing about the raiders receivers that's bugging me is that there's too many of them yeah I like their rookie bright spot where all -- yeah. I -- now will elect a whole lot that he's. Fairly obscure player and I'm sure he's gonna take some time but he's -- cut into the other guy's numbers if Jacoby Ford can stay LT. They're gonna find room for him. But the bottom hoarding. Yeah I mean you know we touch reader you know you little banged up increasing in which -- you know kept us from really. Recommending him to enter Streeter can play and in various more. You know I mean obviously there's some stuff with him in terms of maturity and you know I'm just gonna trust the coaches that they're they're corrected. He's not doing everything NATO to do what they want to do it yeah got -- but if you want to play. The slot right is an acrobat he looks great out there. They did a great speed that -- and semi playmakers so you know hopefully for them they can fix him but -- you know the same -- I. If there's one thing I would impress upon people of Oakland. -- -- All of their guys to play so if -- bright spot it you know if if more or street or deterred -- public it's a little lineup and you played a big league. That's a guy that since -- Jacoby Ford starts rocking and rolling and then is responding well he's taking hits and not getting knocked out of the game. I can put up huge numbers. Again within the context of you know larger. So it. My I think with the Oakland as I need to let it shake out a little bit you know it's really hard to -- -- gonna -- -- the other fact with Oakland is. -- you know until people picked up prior. And even told people small leaks to pick up prior because of because he's got that much fantasy upside don't know whether whether he's gonna win games for the raiders. I don't I mean I I don't so much care -- kind of girls into our crews fought for our purposes it doesn't really matter. That but this thing about prior that I think is a real reality is that he may not last. Yeah. Which he. I mean it's if you watch this kid he gets hit. He doesn't work hard enough to avoid contact he sticks his nose in there -- no it's an admirable quality -- -- toughness standpoint. But he got Cam Newton in terms of does that criticism Cam Newton light -- smaller than Cam Newton by about fifteen pounds. -- It is significant because Newton's the kind of guy where he's got a real skill in terms of speed -- people before they hit him he's really good it initiating kind. He's got the -- to handle that. It -- basic gifted athlete and a great feel for the game especially the ball carrier. So you -- prior I worry about their ability but in terms of short term upside. Gosh I mean if you played fourteen team league he's probably QB one right now. In the -- that yep yep absolutely. So let's let's look at some of the other people at the position about Julia -- Well that is exactly what we said he was again I mean exactly you know I -- do I expect by two touchdowns in week one. But at six I don't ever expect anybody to sport to -- but. You know that you and I went to Atlanta last year the good guys that they were definitely considering. Potent Welker don't. Death Knight -- -- it's starting gig. They're gonna take Wes Welker off the field at least for some place to get this guy on the field so. You know again when you're talking about doing the players you know where they stand and bill Belichick's -- it's just huge in this is obviously got the Belichick likes. You know and if you call I think it was the first podcast that we did in August. The other people out there of -- in the in the states. Probably the biggest especially going and a little bit of doubt that it does it but the people saying he could cut. I mean anybody can -- -- element was in any danger of getting cut for a reason I was an injury. Just Obama. Not an attention not and you know with I think it's actually good -- we can bounce around a little bit but I'm thinking about. One of the bigger topics in the NFL frankly. Of the patriots receivers and so when you look when you look at -- waiver wire right and you look at loud -- no matter a great week in week one. But it's more than that it's the role of the because he is the right now he only trusted receiver that Brady -- They have their best pass catcher most dynamic back on the back field you can do some damage team green out. So when you look at a guy and the when the waiver wire and -- was available 78% of Yahoo! leagues last look before. This week's kick off of free agency. Could his role expand even even more could we see him. You know on the backfield doing some different things like I mean it I was he's got a very interest it. Yes. -- I don't think so. I think if it's. I think it's really dangerous to expand his role in fact -- the patriots are so nervous that element this week did I can afford to lose a -- Since the injury concern human. Right I mean you know that you know you have a personal conversations about this -- huge advantage really an element I just he's my kind of football player I just like -- -- And he's a candidate I wanted desperately to sort of -- yet trapped -- this year but. The problem is even if you start doing the things we think he's capable of doing you're still waiting for that injury hammered drop. So he's a great guy to have with a value taken in -- -- of his or you can. Yeah and you know -- got voice behind them. Jeb Bush is the guy we like to think that we just can't tell the abortion Dobson is the only you know the only thing we have to go on with some of these guys is what we hear patriots beat reporter saying from their practice. Observations -- not big as any that featured -- reporters but I don't know these guys. I felt I haven't had a lot of personal conversations with any of the patriot speechwriters -- much but you know. I'm not exactly sure what they're saying is. Something that I would believe the fight scene myself -- I can assess. So it. They've been particularly frustrating for me this year is what I really wanted to do was she -- and it was hard to do. On the -- you know Dobson to guide I've held onto. And against the sixteen week approach. You know to me keep up all of all the players that you know we talk about the the pitcher Truckee Dobson is the -- to me who's got -- potential yeah. You know -- can sit there. Nope -- -- X spot and make plays downfield. Now they're seeing got to play this weeks it's gonna be interesting to watch now against the jets. I don't know how about some matches up because we do have -- Marty. If if for some reason Dobson was hurting the jets they put Cromartie out of Cromartie has size and athleticism to match. You know whereas last week if you read our predictions we should. You know court -- Campbell Vincent Jackson. -- just too big and strong for Cromartie and that pretty much of the case. Dobson doesn't have to -- to upper body. Strength Atkinson Jack. Volume does that mean it's injections just. Sixties tonight. -- -- and two runs or or yeah. 449. It would objection and the Jackson edition combination besides speech strength and the ability to play the position. Is really there's only -- -- -- and I mean you put into Jackson and Green Bay. Protect. But back to the -- receivers. You know. This addiction it is going to be. If for you know for for guys like us and obviously. -- new Yorker. Depicts so if there's a certain element of dread. You could pick -- that's tonight's game. Two but from affinity for both standpoint from a football analyst at points. You gotta love what's going on tonight because the patriots are gonna go out there without -- -- about it -- yeah. And it. Yeah -- without marine that was -- Debris just enormous players against the jets the jets had trouble with tight end the jets have trouble with quick slot guys and the jets have trouble. With running -- special football so you know you know those three guys would have killed jets. So what we have instead of a blowout which is what you ahead. You've got maybe a football game. Could be interest -- like you never know. -- -- Typically -- Washington gets the field. You know it's so hard food and we know Washington is the guy who was a really good football player when he played for the jets before you had the broken leg I mean he. You know the jets were talking about paint him like large to be a big part of their backs about a kick returner a running back. Now. He's never really gotten a chance to play as. Anything more than a bit player from scrimmage -- since the -- and I mean you know they didn't really. You have obviously they've had other backs out of Seattle and he was doing really well. But the kick returns and stuff. He's a really good player is a really Smart player he's the Belichick player because she's. Fundamentally cells and not -- we -- a Smart kid but he's football Smart. I mean stupid things like knowing the rules to control a lot of good people be surprised how many. And -- -- players don't know all the rules. Don't be surprised how many coaches don't know. And ask is how we refer people to notice that help you right click -- and so on last week correct the album. Which it was that they actually it was 49 -- -- like it is that they blew the dead ball call right. And so you know. But we ought to -- really Smart kids so. Yeah I didn't think if the patriots want to use Leo Washington. He'll probably respond you know whether you're going to be the dynamic player who has scrimmage with the jets that that remains to be seen but. -- interest is to see what he can do and if you play a huge fantasy league. I mean huge 1416. Teams he might be -- -- that especially if it's PP are you never know. Couple Bolden or or -- Given all the -- That's about health right. I mean it can't Tony Blair and embolden his 100% healthy. Gosh that's that's that's very interest -- things that are. Right but still practicing limited for about the state -- -- -- so it better than the guy mentioned to see what -- a 100%. Not -- -- I hate talking about PDs but there's always that element of what was -- the peace deal during championship football player. I'm interested to see him playing -- -- 2% without any PDs stuff. In the mix and then judging him again as a football player but. You know just the fact is still a patriot. All the he had given all the good -- the patriots have had no that the solid players that they've let go but that's got to be a positive. So yeah I mean if if -- fumbled again. Emboldened shows up or 2% the next week or so he can become a very interest in player. -- block in the short term. Until that happens -- long term. Let's go back but I mean if the pulpit to other patriots are healthy. I just don't see them using click here for the whole lot if for no other reason then you're taking a risk -- quarterback. I don't think blood is anywhere near as good Castro is as clean and Ridley. And you know I hope all of them seventeen played saliva Canseco -- -- -- is or isn't in past -- but the other two kids are. And I saw the field a decent amount before his -- that -- isn't it. Yeah it's bill told the guys know you're not totally like a lot of course when we were saying that he was out there ripping up yardage book itself well -- gonna say put. To meet -- that we bought the reason I worry about -- playing major snaps is this is the reason why not camp. You know been -- picked up the blitz well and on the little things well he never would have been -- would got rid of. Definitely don't even -- -- is still young guy. The right but the patriots being the Smart people that they are they see a guy where it's like well he's got so much in terms of natural assets if we can just. You know work with him. Think I sort of I'm I mentioned -- I'm interested to see what would dare what's gonna be long term the patriot. If they can turn him into a little bit more well rounded football player of the talent is obviously there. -- and a question. I was surprised us in the last anonymous as a surprise to not see him on the goal line last week is that the question I came up but -- -- a year if not it's not an -- place. That is the fumble. One reason could see that the patriots are controllable through and then you look at. You know it's -- I don't I don't know which goal line play were talking about it which back once in. Yet I know -- is get it really has decided to pick up. You know the blitz coming up the middle -- anybody who might become an -- the page which are looking to go play action and then throw off of that. You know maybe -- a better person have been there. Interest and I saw -- so -- given a lot of space to the plight of the patriots receivers the game tonight against the jets let's look at some of the other matchups that are coming up but during the week and I've got. You know what what -- one more quick and the patriots head we didn't hit. -- -- I important tell me which they know he's a guy who. Surprised. The football the Tennessee football world and pre season as an undrafted rookie free agent. Little bit of a checkered past not a lot of video on them -- terrorism up weeks 12. Maybe three in the in the pre season and then -- later nag on Sunday so what EC -- And I watch featured game once I know we only had four catches for about forty yards yeah I know I didn't see one point I do record played it was a bit of the drop. Did you do anything exceptionally bad. Now he just -- this. No I you know I think I think what what he didn't do is get -- needed to be. And dumb -- it is short and I was gonna say for the unsophisticated. The ball -- and Brady looked really bad. I'll put my money in the fact that it was more as receivers not being witty today. Yet -- apartment about Duncan's I think for fantasy football -- -- -- -- discouraged if you want a little bit of something to hang onto and it just from memory but I've -- -- and getting two very close plays in the goal you Gilbert scored touchdowns I want to say twice yeah. One player I think he might have caught the ball and I think one of his feet came down out of bounds in my wrong. But I am pretty sure if he was very involved under the goal like you know the fact that he didn't get -- last week. Wouldn't necessarily say it's been killed this week this thing I think to concern yourself about this week with -- -- the jets corners pretty good so. But it actually -- just wanted to but I actually thought the one thing I think its interest thing about pumpkins. Now that you've got to Amendola banged up yeah and with which Ridley out excuse with Peru yeah I do referring Ridley and all types are. Get used to it. But with confidence. To me I think this week you can see his versatility. I think you could see him in the slot him and you know lining up on both sides of the field this week it's seemed last week he was pretty much play -- acts. But I have a feeling you know everybody sort of say well you know. They're gonna put and -- and slot he's just gonna play him and those role I don't know if that's true. I agree with you because it to the top -- actually looked as best. In the slot during pre season. Right and I think I had the one thing I don't think they wanna do with the jets -- -- sort of a static look. And -- anticipated or do that anyway well but obviously now when you have left little pieces and fewer options maybe. Things become a little bit more regimented I don't know but to me I think. Both settlement. And -- become movable pieces this week. And it's going to be issues -- they have Dobson -- a guy who can actually players if you if you just pick either one of you know just sort of have because they need bodies. Yeah I think they're gonna get I think deceptions going to be a big part of the of the plan tonight's global -- -- -- -- Felt so I felt I know he's banged up -- with the black guy they could -- patient needed tonight still. -- the -- if you wanna beat up on the jets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean last year -- got a little bit better when they had the younger injury but now they've got the -- and yeah I mean they're they're back to having some problems to tighten its. Interest it. Let's take a look at some of the other games of the kind of just rattle them off and from a Tennessee perspective. What -- you who maybe has a great match up for good matchup or maybe players to avoid because of the match up. So we're -- against that coming week that an interest in talking about dolphins colts. The dolphins -- colts the browns of the ravens. The Redskins that the Packers. The Panthers -- the bills. That's kind of sexy for Cam Newton owners the saints at the saints at the box. The Broncos of the giants that can be shoot out that in order yeah and the 49ers of the sea hawks that say had a. Just that epic I even -- absolutely anybody wanna talk about it as -- -- sat on. Well for a while before it was the first one. Dolphins -- the colts. Talked dolphins -- did you hear. The quote from -- -- that came out. The last -- leader today. On oh my gosh he is such a he's a weird. There have been should be -- -- I think if I don't -- like -- What he was thinking that you -- a permanent appellate -- he essentially said we better protect the quarterback better this week I demand. Better protection this week interest in concept. In order just demand better place I don't want to open before I'm sure a lot of owners would think you're going up. They should keep the microphones away from him before he has Madison. Maybe I should just demand victory -- all of pathetic I don't consider that because you could. That the evidence that the bears are -- we can just a bit better pass protection oh my gosh. -- -- -- nine concussions incorporated and just regular perhaps protect our and so I thought that was that was pretty funny. It is so yeah overseas eco obviously just knows no bounds so let's just say you don't demand better pass protection -- you you -- -- -- exactly could put. But that's neither here nor there. At first Tennessee -- colts. Obviously two huge game that you got Miller got a guy Lamar Miller who I think in this game on the carpet with you know what. Without. This serious pass Russian nickel pass rush is mediocre. This would be a game -- Lamar Miller. Should get the Iraq quite a bit. So go ahead. What about the other side of the ball with some -- John Ballard. Could question I was skinny -- that last put forward that. Ballard played really well and I think the interesting thing about it is that they've talking up -- pass protection and that's interest being in that. I mean just to be all right Ahmad Bradshaw is one of the best pass protecting back to football the last couple years now he's if you like that's the folks at. Pro football focus. -- personally am not a huge PF that's guy I'm not a big analytics guy when it comes to breaking teams down. But they had graduate graded out as the best. Pass protecting running back in the NFL. So the fact of the coaching staff is talking up the hours pass protection. Is basic. Because you're you know it's it's sort of like what we're talking about BenJarvus green Ellis stick out his digits you know his strange just happened to be something they're gonna need well. If he can stone bachelorette Bradshaw as best skill. There in the fact that he's got the younger legs the fresher legs the bigger bodies are now all of a sudden I can play for -- and maybe there's a little bit of hook up back controversy. With the colts you know I mean I don't love Vick Ballard but -- it either get a decent back. -- good football player. You know -- -- that -- So did -- I think right now if you're in the -- that Vick Ballard is not owned it. That you and you have -- play any -- you know you should be looking for a player to cut at the ballot because. When you look at it even if Bradshaw played well becomes a factor which I think he will. Because -- good football player but he's a brittle player of the two so what we're seeing how -- Bradshaw goes out. Vick Ballard could be. Very very short or running. Yeah and steady steady steady course and that's. Right and then you're talking about a offenses trying to trend towards our offense. Yeah I mean if Ahmad Bradshaw gets more foot pain and he's missing time Vick -- to -- it is probably become a must start player. And speaking of much more of a ball controlling type of offense with the colts. Let's go to up though about the tight ends you Dwayne -- going to be shows great flashes. Cleaner it was. Someone -- to scoop up early last year but he's battling a little bit with. Some nagging injuries and -- tell me what you think about the tight -- situation and tell our listeners more importantly of all you seeing there. Wolf it's cleaner show one thing -- -- not good enough to play -- -- he needs to be healthy he needs to be running free and easy and maybe then we can maybe make a decision as to how good he actually is. As an offensive tight end. But as long as he's playing marginalized. He'd had enough. Allen on the other side. As we've been saying for along time now is just an incredibly fundamentally sound players -- and in fact -- that. Having a tight end like Dwayne Allen. It's just it's just huge and he's gonna be very. Good offensive player -- very underrated as an offensive players aren't big on Dwayne Allen just in a relative sense. The problem is now the injuries now of the thing that up until last week. It's not foot the foot. Still in the process of getting back a large percent injury was a hip injury and the interesting thing about it was I saw that when it happened he was squeal little. But the Turkey -- because the other media was. You know flopping around like a fresh for about a second -- you scrap its pet but what was strange is that he was back in the game which couple plays later. And then you know I guess at some point a series or two later they got out of their -- comeback kid. So if you -- -- -- a danger to take him out right away. But it it was a significant and I think eventually foursome from the games -- it's just so we're gonna have to follow. I haven't heard anything about MRIs or anything like that's what did it doesn't sound like this is a -- -- hard and kind of thing. But here's a guy watch this week as -- you know. -- -- you know obviously if he's not gonna play him -- -- absolutely. Now let's let's turn over to another game which is where we should get there on our I don't. Yes I don't think I wish probably talk about -- I think the important thing for those with people who haven't seen it. I've got -- said I think with a post game press coverage or -- it was -- Monday press conference at the first thing the coaches said the each other after the game. Which we need to use title more. So if you're out there -- social -- -- wire they're not using Hilton anymore so more than they did. They're they're going to. It's common spiritual yeah that's good look he's -- he's got to get hyped up showed some great -- young. It's a great offense of the really good quarterback he's a great -- people wanna see it. Exercise -- patience. Yes and well and there's two things a coaching staff. Want to use him more and beat the owner of the team and demanded that a pastor upsurge in play this kind of different things happen entitled double moves are gonna result untouched haven't been. We're all gonna be okay -- ago. Yes let's let's move to a a ground game the browns at the ravens. It interesting a lot of interesting things came out of the ravens Broncos game beyond the fact that. Manning threw seven touched accountants but. The ravens. It deployed some some players that. May or may not been on people's radar you saw. You son Dallas Clark you -- Stokely you saw Marlon Brown the rookie on the -- a bit about. What we might see in the browns ravens game first from the ravens out of. I don't like any of those guys out I think they all are -- you know except for Marlon Brown. You know who just at this point he's got that last man standing appeal. You know hole I mean you -- Jacoby Jones out. That -- -- out the year with a knee injury now we know what's the problem what what's been -- -- last couple weeks that that need banged up. I did better you don't. And toys that's gonna have patent covering a much much like we're always said. Source -- and have Hayden. So brown this week certainly is uninteresting match up simply -- Thompson is a guy like you know he heard this for a month ago he goes and practicing. So it this week moral -- and interest in player like just just from the standpoint of how how the game is gonna flow. The ravens need need to answer and another guy who I think if you notion. I don't wanna put that I wouldn't give up on this guy yet is under the bed Dixon the better player -- he showed. Are a couple of the drops were not approach. Like I did have a Brit can I -- he was mediocre Flacco in the so the ravens are definitely a team I think Dixon senior got Marlon Brown. At least in the short term. Yes they have some value absolutely. But on the other side of the loan that came -- the -- he talked a little bit about. T rich and done you know not a great game one but he's the guy there but anything to look for and that's on the football. Together is because. And this is something I probably didn't hype -- -- last week to fit the ravens corners. They would -- and you see the next game I mean up until the end of the game where they gave up the place to Thomas when it was sort of you -- tell her heart was no longer and it. They were doing really well against Thomas in Decker the -- killed in the middle field. You know it regional territories get lit up -- Julius Thomas and and Wes Welker. So you know it's when we now let's move that to this week in the -- You know I think obviously that have to be -- -- good news for Jordan Cameron. And I think the ravens are almost in the sort of there were overmatched up on the outside with little and Davone Bess and Benjamin. So. I could be wrong but I would think what you're gonna see from Baltimore's are gonna try to. If I bought an excuse me from Cleveland. The dirt and they're gonna try to -- ravens in the middle of the field they're gonna try to run Richardson there also gonna try to throw the ball. And it's gonna be -- game I think that's probably a better football game and a lot of people. Real they donned paper doesn't look like anything right too attractive to the slot happening. We've got to out last week out of that Gordon right that's another yeah that's a big in the net that's why the -- to bring them up is that there are players that. We've got about seven minutes so what is the -- list a couple of these games. Pick the ones that you really want it. The Redskins at the Packers. Sure that's you know what that's an interest in game because you know obviously the reds conflict a run -- -- Packers really. Has stiffened up their run defense they've got everybody else -- dead last week they can play the run very well. I -- article last week in the. Neither none other guys really had a whole lot of plays the Coca. I mean hey give credit where credit is due and that between the can block that you walk -- could catapult itself. You know that the Packers definitely impressed confirms their run defense. So it's going to be very mentioning you know the red can they don't want to throw a lot but I think this is a game where. If you wanna win you gonna need to throw. And I think it's going to be very interesting to watch Eddie lacy this week leaned against the Redskins are good against the run but. Obviously not good enough to -- actually we saw last week. So Eddie -- I think could have a little bit of a coming out party this week and then. On the other side it's going to be mentioning to see what RG three can do and I'm anxiously to see. How the tight end situation in Washington plays out no one's talking about despite. I really liked the rookie Jordan reed from Florida -- -- of the big fan has ever since I sort of watching state in the spring. Armed -- -- -- targets in Davis -- -- -- -- -- on the field ahead of status and it's only Davis didn't play well he was moving well and and he looks like he can be good player but. You know everybody's thinking what they can do these receivers even if they may end up having a big factor tight -- with mr. Jordan reed -- shingle if you can stay healthy over the course this season he's a very -- player and they. But -- let's get to the next game and around that time. And -- time but. Next games of get a couple choices Panthers that the bills. Saints at the box. Interest builds interest thing you know begun to look Spiller another mystery. And another bad matchup for Spiller right out of the box. And I in my early this morning guys at. -- don't talk -- disappointed in him I think I think that maybe I'd be disappointed in is that he he was hesitating in the hole. Like if you watched just go away if you can slide up Fred Jackson carries and Spiller scares a lot of side by side you see it I mean Fred Jackson is no nonsense take what's there. Hit the whole community games Spiller was clearly waiting for things to open up and that's just you can't play the patriots that. You you know if there's something there you gotta take it hopefully to break a tackle and it's the second level you can't sit there and wait against the patriots. They're so disciplined in terms of gap responsibility is it just you're just not gonna do well planned that way so hopefully you know Spiller learned something. That the the Panthers. -- a really good front seven and so. They're not as disciplined as New England but it's. It's going to be pitching matchup Spiller maybe you know he could have been -- I won't go into week three. But what was your next game I know there was one more game -- -- that was fun. Yet as the saints Bucs. I think spot that is because that's when you want an -- -- Broncos of the giants of dual sixteen but. And upon the -- Seahawks. But the box seats is going to be interest and obviously the boxer now. You know putted it in future if you're the -- in between a buccaneer fans. That's a big game because they get to 02 people resort course in Schiavo. And he's -- you know Greg Cheryl I I don't think he's a -- coach took a lot of people think but he is a bit of. Jerk. -- it's like he's just a guy that people don't like. You know it's one of those guys he's got a very arrogant attitude and you know he's the kind of guy who could do very well he gets out front of his -- playing well it works but if if people start questioning it. I think the breakdowns so this is a really big week for the Bob's arm and for the seats it's interesting match up and operatives in the subtle self serving. But I think for for -- -- Kenny stills good and make or break -- week we weren't noticed. He'd keep either way he could edit. -- under Truman a touchdown slide open. But you know the blocks -- -- corner they've got strong safety they're going to be very much tied up with Colston and -- Jamie Graham. And it's really harder on the football and these guys so it's you know guys like. Sproles. Kenny stills. And it'll probably too little bit of a lesser extent Lance Moore those guys couldn't be huge this week for nor would the commute very benched in game to watch. And I -- the stakes are enormous system seems to get out to go. And that's just huge and in -- cannot go into the educated. At the ceiling in my. They like it and that's and -- and the stakes are huge tradition have been -- -- You know they start up poor last year almost broke apart on him in the -- playing well I don't know that they can afford it would get. You know deep again this year. Let's move -- -- I -- but I it's what one quick point on that about channel I think a 100% right and one thing that I see as a football fan is you know I -- a lot of improvement. From his players overtime like Freeman. As W regressed. That -- -- not -- case of that that something to watch it -- right on target what my tapping into you know. Bright enough -- could be a little bit of -- -- -- for him because you know he inherited premature. And and that may be at the heart of the issue and there's a big concert version of the teamwork that you know the key this sort of there seems to be a an underlying thing where the team thinks they may have voted for even its captain and it's Kia automotive put -- stop Obama's to lose that's a very interest thing. Story if there's any actual merits of it but anyway -- That was something maybe to talk about next week. Sounds good. The last two games who have really quickly. Because we're running out of time Broncos giants in 49ers Seahawks just just preach knows it's -- straight games acuity lots of. Yeah I think the interesting thing for the Broncos is going to be. Where they attack the giants and secondary yeah the giants are going to be a little bit of the opposite of what they faced last week -- you know you know. Almost probably feel pretty good cover guy at safety and you know see you may see. You basically brought this out to the bar goes outside to actually go off in this game. You know as far as the giants go I mean -- I hate to be a policy and stories everybody else but it. And Tom Coughlin got a lot of talk about it then I don't blame him that I would wanna talk about either. Means that Wilson's is huge. You know everything -- -- they need to get this guy right. You know so it's it's. It's you know you -- the giants well they can only afford to lose but the David Wilson factors just enormous for the China stood on the how to play without. Back on the other side you -- going up to seven touchdown performance. Welker had a couple seems like everyone was playing in the pool. Decker dropped to -- but do you see you mentioned the outside guys as you know being up -- a PowerPoint at a place of potential vulnerability on the outside for the giants to pick up Thomas -- guys to at. To watch this week but expect a lot of those guys yeah. Now let's wrap it up with the 49ers the Seahawks just a great football game but obvious fantasy implications of the a lot of players. Our rosters. Yet this is. I don't think they -- thinking about this week to me is the two quarterbacks. Both of them facing outstanding defense is high pressure nationally televised game. Obviously the capita kissing both of these guys -- playoff pressures certain sense you know maybe I'm making too much of it. But I don't know that either one of these guys has played a defense as good as what they're gonna face this week. In a nationally televised game. Where they've got the elevated status. You know these guys are big names now and you know it's TPC Wilson -- come -- both have good games this week that is. Serious validation. So that that's what I'm looking at a look at them a lot of people made a big deal out of cabinet struggling against Seattle last year your call. There are some writers saying well you know Harbaugh really messed this substitute was completely overmatched blob -- all the apply. On. He can shut a lot of people up this week is did he need to be great you just need to be he needs to be tight solid not making mistakes. That's tough place to place Seattle is one out. Guys -- you know it's it's again good bring up from the fantasy football standpoint out about issues were dealt with this podcast I'm gonna start getting into my weekly rankings. On the war of course -- all the imposed by the end of today on a -- about -- But. You know I I'm just sit there and think long and hard on both of these guys this week. These -- the worst matchup chicken have all year with the exception of the next time they play. So you know -- can definitely. He's got huge potential in this game. And other -- Russell and guy one of my league but you know I mean I'd prefer not to have him playing. -- Absolutely does -- does that to -- defense is in -- in the league it's going to be tough tough on both sides -- idiotic thing to look at here. Now last week you saw no reduction from the scene towards barely any okay this week. I'd I'd be sort of surprised if you didn't see any concern you really need to pull out your full bag of tricks in this situation. Patrick Wilson only have a seven yards rushing is is underwhelming for sure so. And those -- capital -- runs were not designed drugs. I think you'll probably like I could be wrong but I think you'll see some more designed runs this week for both of those quarterbacks. Because it offenses are gonna need to find ways to loosen up the defense and you need to defense is our good yeah. -- very good stuff I'm -- interest yeah I was going to be interest and let's get back to that sixty inch television screen so it didn't get those lineup rankings race of people should know. Up on wrote a bond later today. The lineup rankings for quarterback running back receiver tight and will be coming starts today that'll help you get your -- upset. You know for the weekend and tonight there's -- -- football the patriots in the -- So that said we'll wrap it up the week two edition of the WB EI fantasy football podcast obviously here on WB I dot com. It features every week our conversation with a fantasy football expert Pete Davidson. Who's the chief Tennessee football writer for rural -- dot com -- just heard him. And can make sure that you going to be perfectly ready for this week's action as I said just go to Rhode Obama dot com to get all the -- data lineup rankings and information that you can indeed. Don't get you ready so go to roll up on its RO TO. PA HN dot com and check out WEEI dot com each and every week. Pete's gonna get you set up there. We do these podcasts every week. Lineup rankings free agent targets the whole the whole thing and make sure you come in on Sunday morning. Repeats -- live chat at 11 AM that's gonna help you get ready field last minute roster decisions for the as 1 o'clock games. So check out WEEI dot com and eleven empress on Sunday and thanks for tuning and we also one of of course sticks are -- presenting sponsor Mohegan Sun. Think if you want more website to check out the Mohegan Sun. WEEI dot com slash play. Web site. Allows an end to the Mohegan Sun Tennessee football league and it's a chance get a free we can -- and Mohegan Sun. A world that play that's it it's a wrap the week to their sloppy we will talk again next week. An historic. I am that concludes it pulled -- we are.