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Lou and Mut break down Clay Buchholz's first start back

Sep 11, 2013|

Lou and Clay discuss Clay Buchholz's first start back from injury and what it means for the Red Sox rotation and playoff hopes going forward.

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Playing in Tennessee got a Bellini tonight and we'll beautifully with a team. Playing Tennessee got to be struck around 515 to solve these -- And 92 mile an hour -- fast -- You've been through through. Throwing high flying go to waste energy getting back Max. Back on the track all the way to the wall -- did candidates off the fence it stays in play Napoli in the second -- there with a standup double and he almost did it again. Couple of feet higher and apple is gone. So long ready the end of the three to. Playing a high fly ball that only -- did well Jennings is back all the way to attract these there at the wall only leads that when he catches. Tanking in thirty films you'll easily score in the Red Sox related to the thing. He's losing his holiness swinging high flying getaways and evidently thought backpedaling victory we've -- -- makes that catch. We've been building. So seven before pitches for. -- five hits the Red Sox to. And Tampa Bay nothing. Playing -- a ballgame is over. And a Red Sox have done it again they've beat Tampa Bay -- another thing. Clay Buchholz gets the win. And own. He goes nine innings the bullpen does the rest. And bogeys seals that -- and -- days. Voice of Dave O'Brien with -- last night right here in 937. WEEI. A -- you idiot. You can't just project outlook will be what he was nine you know. More on the -- on me. Every moment. Body -- last night Lou and -- out thick playbook -- look on real. Those -- I honestly I. I. Never thought he's been looked like there and never did but trust me I I can do I don't -- your Tony boy but that they did you. Nobody nobody did -- nobody did maybe it that we you know second or third Star Wars star you'd used against. Activity at credit again. I project in Ottawa it could be the only person that country at -- -- -- -- would have much expect in the -- and all you do because -- believe. I believe he could someone on this time slot used to say back in the day. I believe in Clay Buchholz. Just as you don't. Not a believer I'll believe listening -- and really doubt him. That's the stuff is just unbelievable and I just look at the way he went about his rehab I didn't think he'd ever come out. Until the ball the way he did the way he'd looked. It really looked like -- really skip a beat for the first inning was a little bit shaky get out of it. It went -- three but still loads of some pitches. You know what I wanna look -- two seam fastball basically the first base side. You know the war become Becker against lefties and one away against -- and that first inning he tried twice and -- I think it was 12 we try to is up and in that in -- we try to get back in there again he left that out basis -- flew out he try to duel one suited Longoria freeze them. In a spike in a ball on a dirt comic art while kind of what I expect -- gather sitting there 123 but. I get that pitch back and then all of a sudden everything just started flowing right every -- Republican he did at the good curve ball a bit of the good changeup that I -- cutter. Great cutter. In and it's issue McCain back on the trek and -- pro -- James Loney. Just throws them with its receiver in strike reluctant salty don't the ball last night. I I never would have imagined he would come back and looked strong to -- -- for five minutes. What was that that you said regulated it was the strike out to -- that's a wreck about what Indian. Yet I I would say what happened to me before that OK it happened to me. After James Loney singled. It was Luke Scott came the plate. Runner on and he struck out Luke Scott -- the amount fastball and got up overnight frank the first time in the outing. And Luke Scott -- in there. Yeah early in that game instead it will -- who gives them a better opportunity -- man's mind. Andy's got us a swing and miss their on strike 393 miles an hour the second out of the second inning I said okay. Nice start to see it and it got better from there you mentioned that -- Late in the night on our cutting was the last out of the entire outing he mixed his pitches back and forth and when I looked for was a velocity. You talked about reducing the location when I was looking for a last night was the apple loss in a second inning when he reared back and he needed it. And it 93 and then 92 later on that -- it was in the Molina at -- You struck couple guys and the second -- guys and that's sort of shake their head. Go back to the dugout so that's it that that's what I need to see. It got better from there I mean eight eat he was able to go five innings -- seventy plus pitches. It was show those array but to me it was that second inning when he struck out Luke Scott. They got only a foul -- strike three you sort of have that feel like this guys act and it it was a reminder. To try to talk about the -- be yesterday of what he can be when he's on his game. He out pitched David Price I have you watched Pedro last night you listen to Pedro on the radio Booth he was -- couple days ago he was down it can't be joined. Bowl broadcast last -- he was talking about how good David Price is he called David -- wait a special pitcher. But the buckled in that category two and price has been pitching all year like this book has not been on the mound for days. And -- -- -- Tampa -- that -- the greatest audible content on the their reassembling the British -- what he's able to do in a first start back. For the people that's sort of been waiting to say -- Red Sox adding the playoff gonna make Iran. Don't you now have to say OK if he pitches like that this is a legitimate World Series contender like -- healthy. Clay Buchholz it is it is going to be a great addition he showed -- tonight. We've got she's going to -- -- McCain probably three weeks to continue to build him up from stamina standpoint. But to see more tomorrow and I think it it gave everybody goes accomplice. -- I -- young I would agree with -- percent. You know because EPA's pitching. At the level that he was before not even at that level but if he just keeps you in other arm. That is the potential going in at a post season I think that with what he has. I don't think there's too many guys nobody understaffed has the what he has I really don't think there's too many guys in America -- all the nationally is much Kershaw is on a different planet. Neck and attack you would get you out with five pitches. And there's nothing like that. You know your guiding you to shares are right he's got a fastball and 9697. Slider changeup. You know but -- -- previous latter's not work in you know you can okay well he's lost command of that slider and I look at a guy like Verlander -- -- latest curve ball is on. Good night engaged ticket that I ousted B cap because the -- the curve ball is on the he's -- fastballs he's got let's look changed keep you off pace. But with clay he's got five. You know whether it's -- two seamer the cutter the change up the curve ball before she predicting the pump up a little bit more on your. Five pitches in the cutters that kind of slash slider. Picking -- out if one's not with them that night he still got more than most to attacking hitter. That's why before the year started -- -- talking about a bowl prediction. Made clay buckled -- in the Cy Young. An idiot I told him just three months Lou gallon -- terrible prediction that that was he's just gonna -- starts right because that's always a question only question with -- buckles. Does it. Kenny give you thirty and I hope never will. Always takes the mound he's healthy. He you can put him up against anybody. And I and I really do when he strong. Recognized not stronger I mean a great last night but it was it was five little while allowing -- gone but that third fourth start he continues this you can put him up. Against anybody. And feel pretty good about it Alex agrees Aleks on Twitter immediately jumps in the conversations as a buckles would've been healthy. I believe he be better than any pitcher in the American League now bettors a strong word but in that conversation when he's go on his game. Eat your face and price your base insurers are your face and Darvish. Is there anyone of those guys we say while the Red Sox have a chance in the -- buckle were pitching. At that Leno but did -- again I go back to come this is what amazed me last eyes and I never expected to see -- a -- from. I just didn't and I don't Tampa's struggle lately you know that they're now four and twelve and we got in August 24. They were tied in -- percentage points ahead of the Red Sox the 24 they're four and twelve since they're averaging under three runs per game. They've only scored over three runs like twice. It won 81 and run -- fiscal position that spanned the offense is just. I don't know what the hell happened to them as they were the first half the year talk about great -- off this particular 24 in July. And Joseph Maddon who we you know I love. He panicked a little bit last night I understand it through -- why will Myers is not in the Salina because -- -- is a better donuts that was an excuse after the platoon. Will Myers geez you'd -- you don't do it. You know look at it's not like he's on a one for twenty type a run here lately your -- for thirty days in a you know the rookie wall nothing. Certain -- OK not agree as moments early new basement best OK. You're three for all the hitters. You don't take them out of a lot of if you struggle to score runs and it was Obama. Still don't. There's got to be like in this are getting normal within the group then all of a sudden just pops and oldest and then you get this is just take off again. But it did skimpy contrived -- fabricated something's gonna happen within this group. Whether C unit with respect to try to know -- something that's -- occurs that's gonna get us on the right track again and become more consistent. This idea -- your best hitter in the lineup no matter who's out there that might help that organically ecosystem whatever the hell were Jews and down there. That might help it blossomed evil -- -- -- to -- -- talking about his -- Cora to book him. Serpent reference. No we pick a step big wave right now we get 810. Running intent winning in five paying at five that gonna get it only getting ten. Just out there Cali mode young -- jetting out to dry Syria that the Napoli hit said that's catches got to be major got to be made -- make a better pro and a it Jonny Gomes -- base running as I understand there's other things after the game can have a bottle moment here for 12 Gordon. Yesterday got all over me ya right I like I was he's in the court if if buckled comes back if -- as what he wants. This is the best rotation the American League right there with Detroit and he stopped and it was just fine you do that'll time. Scoff at David -- field. From ESPN insider he writes the sweet spot baseball com which you've quoted before on the show and so I don't watch -- -- and they went right there he wrote this last night. After as likely to start yet here. What is that. That a factor here yeah I think you wrote before the game well he. He didn't have the benefit of knowing like guided ultra debacles can wealth argument five scoreless food as well as this it's you know was David -- -- -- stop it -- -- -- -- only. This is sponsoring and again noon today -- this is days if you don't this. The -- -- -- Q did flash from Christian -- this subject. Ormat -- wrote -- no he's he's an out he's a very highly thought of in and he is -- only one. Shown fields to me that's the list in my mind he writes the sweet spot blog and espn.com and ESPN insider. Any rights buckled backs -- let's rank rotations and number one this is fair. The LA Dodgers Kershaw a great deal -- show and right then that's your but that's the fun and entered or group of top rotation. He has -- I know she'll probably be graduated Visio and from insert data last semester Joey Graham wrote after the game correctly did -- adamantly says not the best playoff rotations number one the LA -- dream. Number two. The Boston Red Sox ahead of your precious Detroit Tigers. -- buckles is helping ineffective with not declare my 100% just yet. After seven for another thing I love this top four like -- -- read my mind on the same wave linked here. Last year is pitching is best baseball since going to the downward spiral the end of 2011. -- he's been solid and -- he's been consistent all season in -- 912 record. He has a perceived values receive poor run support as fair. The issue here is a less buckles is close to what is an April and may they lack a clear ace in the Kershaw Greinke mall but I like the depth. And all four guys have the ability to dominate on any given day and pitch deep into a game being -- game. -- field not reactionary -- -- field it's only show one. I also check the archives and showed through the month ago said the Lester was out of the playoffs for just. So I understand why -- you'd like him -- another reactionary guys accused generate -- before the game. But the point is before that game happened. If anyone out and he looked sharp more than probably anybody would have expected. Except for you the gay and I get that but. That was it an enormous. If they wish it's still you feel better about it but it's still an FOK. Obviously -- throws like that you can put that rotation. Against anybody and I understood that. But I wasn't exactly all Olympic and he will be able to come back after missing two and a half months. And -- four starts you know I in my mind I thought this one wasn't going to be that sharp. And the -- -- hopefully be a little bit better and in my judgment will be start the restart for. What needed to its roots. I don't know I haven't seen it I never really seen some like -- just to wrap up the show on field conversation is it does have Detroit theory. And is it not concerned about -- during two bad outing but pointed out Verlander Fister having down years. Would be the guys they were last year -- guys have been during the regular season this year pressures are Verlander. Sanchez and pick up a drop off I think you know it is the -- those -- -- were the reds have ever the reds in the Braves to 45 solid right. -- -- -- -- -- A minor amendment to hair in my home solid. Obviously Pittsburgh there goes out of control. Burnett coal. The days with people apart confront a Cologne which the ways that the only -- May be. But I feel like those top three of the top three. You know and what you saw from playing now you do you put them if we continue to build. And say there's no question today. Gonna talk a World Series I'm talking about you and you can start thinking about this team. As a very good -- I I believe that and I'm not sure people really felt like that before before the start because you didn't have a legitimate top unless -- turnaround started to make you think a little bit. Well but even Lester threw a knack Welker for what 89 starts middle the year I had about 110 now. -- -- well -- is now ten and no 161. Any of the way he pitched last night he -- like you're watching a number one start October 4 he continues his path. There's no question the good number -- starting rotation. It's best case scenario he starts game one if necessary game five. But immediately and it's in the World Series they and a guy says law hold your horses but if it was the Yankees who got beat around the ballpark last night. Others still most people that are willing to say this is a Red Sox team. That has a ten game magic number to clinch the -- least if they go twelve and four are gonna win a hundred games this year. A hundred games if they go twelve and four you're not wanna say that team is a legitimate World Series contender those people I wanna hear from today that you're still not willing to go. All in my honesty I don't see I don't know if there's anybody out there anymore that would say that the not to text -- right away. Right away. A buckled come down -- Let him be a good team before you say that it was urgent Buchholz and in this team being tender -- we look at clay you know you look at the path and how you got here. You know it and in the end all that talk right about -- rip and clay and in written this team in what is going on what this guy. If he comes back in continues to grow off of this war. Right and just doesn't even have to be of rock and expect to go 78 scoreless right but just. Showed completely show that dominant self control five -- weekly buckled again. Then now you're looking back and saying OK well he missed two and a half months got a fresh arm. What it was a special committee deals in the post season sure you know an elderly looking back at it was who we just we were not patient enough. Don't make sure this goes on -- percent picture everything was right. If he does -- as he gets right before the playoffs. Go work a pretty good. That's all that mattered and shut up buckles was the story last that'll take your phone calls and get your reaction what you saw. Out of the clear cut number one should he continue this past for the Red Sox 617779. 79837. AT&T -- went 37937. A month ago we -- Gillette Stadium you and I. And we gave sort of the big concern we each had for this team might ever wanna sparkles at that time we talked about ball colts and could become backing could he return. Yours was the bullpen and yours was the closer -- get some answers last night delegates and it was the closer boosting the ball to the closer. We get some answers last night also surprised we will let's talk about that with your calls next.