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Game 4 Bruins V. Pens and the David Ortiz "Pimp Job"

Jun 7, 2013|

Mut and Merloni open their show discussing their thoughts on tonight's Game 4 and also talk about David Ortiz's walk off homer.

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All we have a ton for you today. A ton of stuff. I say content is Dino hates when people say it's grammatically incorrect. John Dennis for pressure ball English words. -- of people say a ton of stuff because. Just too much for guess what to start. -- right Deen Al loaded up today. Our buddy LB people asking yesterday well where LB is going to be he's in studio bus 11 o'clock they Don cherry. But the great dodger will join -- 1110 Indy Brinkley Kevin law are. A video you're not gonna believe. When you hear the sound -- watch the video is that is that over selling it jokes are bottle or not -- not in the least got to admit it was a is a video that I didn't believe. You go out there. Analysts there's video we have for you. Yeah we're gonna make your Friday -- except for the weekend with. It's all -- -- I don't know what I'm -- -- -- were fine but at some point today. We're gonna make you laugh -- two of them are -- enjoy this. I think he well although it just you -- -- tweeting a picture yourself it's cute flexing in the year in the large shaven -- up like the huge Disco. I'm Mary I got kids I don't have to shape the chest -- anymore. He's not at that point. On and have to ask them today because I think the age four when he can Wear Jersey anymore as it's specific. Special Jersey. Is 31 years after the age of 31. You can't Wear -- sports it looks rough and so when the issue when he stopped even your chance that you -- that I don't know. We'll talk to belong on that I got Red Sox tickets thousand dollars use told. John and at all and stuff. On four. Thought it starts with tonight I'm not sure we're gonna play it's -- baseball quite frankly it gets its toxic discussed here in the first hour. I think the rain is going to be brutal all date tropical storm opened on the East Coast. -- -- No matter what a play hockey right it's. If from what it whether it's like the the top ness of the sports at a guy gets hurt maybe not in -- play hockey brick like you stay out there hockey atop the -- You're gonna play game four tonight penguins -- I am more confident than ever Bruins get it done tonight now discover the group picked the penguins to win in five. In this series -- -- the Bruins sweep I'm a -- fifteen minute short. Mentally checked out to be at the penguins and I am more convinced than ever -- You feel any differently about tonight is still nervous that this is Philly series. Penguins is -- you're your your tree in the oval conference where do you. We thank -- kicker Jimmy scorer away it was a 521 Bruins 31 of all or Bruins 42 -- the -- five to bruins' final. It vocal camp plays well he played game three and I get the Pittsburg is good. But what do they showed in three games what they should show us what they showed -- -- to be sustainable. For three games against the Bruins. And I think you go back to what he or alluded to yesterday when he talked about lack of leadership. Salt and overall what that team and the start to pop up in Pittsburgh -- out when they lose. -- a team like that accidentally well here's the thing I've after the first two periods if two -- and play the -- played I think it's probably com. I don't know three bring up and 31. 41 Pittsburgh. That game let the other night it took arrest doesn't play the way he's played the ghost or done that Pittsburgh wins that game. So I think it's there. I -- took -- been outstanding I want them to finish it. We'll have Kevin Mueller Ron will have a Leo get the quotes from. You know don't let us win one I don't want that when one. I still we're still is Alan -- what they say about like people of three I need to -- I want to do it -- angry you know. Right now they're up 30 but I think took -- -- so well right now. That you know iffy -- was just playing OK then I think they -- could be down to one quite frankly. No way the broom and sweep the penguins all right -- I think they do I think game three was again Pittsburgh Penguins had the when everything was going their way they're playing great. There is lots of power plays a goaltender. Thomas Kuhn gave -- a great game but they still weren't able to win that game in overtime and all of power plays. That was a game Pittsburgh at the wind -- And I just absolutely I've missed I agree hopefully hopefully the they do finished him but I'm not so sure that they will. I -- the senators respect this team a respected talent on the Pittsburgh Penguins players at a lot of talent. And and once you gain momentum if you're superstar. Okay in this game if you -- as one of the best players in the game and you come out the first five minutes and Sidney Crosby goes top shelf. And then get to a power play him all can put what is well. I don't wanna see superstars on a roll. I don't wanna see it and you don't want to you like it when you say in the appeal to -- you don't let him win a game oh crap you don't. But -- look at the series so far and I can't make a case for Pittsburgh. I can't make a case for them tonight in this game there's nothing to hold your hat on you talked about close was in overtime they threw the kitchen freak in sync at the Bruins in game theory. It's a game they could've should've won Sidney Crosby said afterwards. In a joke of -- well we probably deserved a better fate. Although -- if you scored the goal in overtime given you'll lose. Game two they checked out -- they have a game in this series where they did not show up against the Bruins drove. That's possible again tonight my opinion. Let out by an extremely hard to believe I think I'm gonna get it very similar effort there what you got two nights ago. From the Pittsburgh Penguins I think it's going to be an effort now in hockey couple breaks. First goal of the night crate G off -- in flag yet you know some. Couple bad breaks don't go their own way how old the -- we'll set that up Wilson -- I don't no question but. Charlotte office lecture directed so a couple good -- if the Bruins can go up -- nothing and -- -- CO Pittsburgh battled back but you go the other way around. You know I I don't. I don't think it's over. -- I don't. He you don't think are you don't think it's over I think it's already it's all over night. Is what I think I'm not gonna worry about jinx it I'm not gonna worry about it in that we sale initial effect in the Boston -- I'm looking at this series specifically. And -- what you pullout from it and when I love the Bruins are much better team and I gave the metaphor I was brought about the Bruins Alan's wrong about the penguins do. You look at those top four guys for them Balkan Crosby let -- again -- We have at the same not a points combined as those guys do that's their best players. And to expect all the Sunday in game four. -- they're gonna find it mall and put another effort back to back and Crosby is going to be good like you -- -- -- a helmet knocked off. Where's that game 20. If you listen up files and after that game and start to read the -- stuff and you go. Maybe you wanna play from the sky anymore maybe they want checked -- -- mark Madden is right when he goes on with. Dennis and Callahan and he says -- should be easier for them to make some of the wholesale changes they wanna make. If they do get swept out and that's the case the players know that right. So I I. I respect the hell out of Pittsburgh. They want fifteen are all in March the other not a fluke keep team by any stretch but this happened last year too big favorite come out of the east. Lose to Philadelphia. This year day of York and tell you that out of lumpectomy and people gave the Bruins respect. Boy I feel like nationally. There was a lot of respect for Pittsburgh in the series and I I just have not seen enough to think that they're gonna come out tonight on the road. And put in the effort to win the game -- they're happy to golf. They're happy to move on to big changes their Pittsburgh. We're gonna have LB is studio at 11 o'clock. Exactly that's Sidney Crosby. LB and studio get his thoughts on the series' 11 o'clock Don cherry always awesome. The talked you'll join us 1110 -- prickly. As well we've got -- any time. For brick here today gave his take what the Bruins do with this Campbell injury. How to fix them for the ones. But -- play baseball last night. Monopoly type of -- last night David Ortiz sent people happy. -- postseason heroics of course submit -- June. He's in the box in the -- And I need the right thing the great. It's an. It's. Yeah. We love the word. And a red flags will be happening. Tired on the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- People have not been a big -- Not close enough where I learned that way and a lot of bad. Next morning -- why don't. He ripped a whack give a line drive into the Texas Rangers bullpen a night game winning want to go out three run homer by the other team. It is incredible. The brilliant Dave O'Brien on the call and you heard him say a walk off and technically it was a walk off and by every every word of walk off. That was David Ortiz walking around the bases walking out of the batter's box. And walking home plate for 63 win. You ever go to the website -- trot dot com yeah I've seen it before make him before they track. The slowest home run trots of baseball. And that slowest ever was Luke Scott when he was very 35 point 76 seconds to get around base that's when it gets personal. That's pretty -- the -- on the mound you don't like so what happened. On the and net game where your ticket 35 set. That's personal I conceived via 32 no. Now maybe you don't go stuff I don't -- -- -- this 32 club though they don't have audio on the all time list available time -- -- got the thirties almost 36 seconds around the bases this year. Todd Helton in May had the slowest dropped 31 point 54 seconds in effect they put him and what they called a 32 club. The rest of the top ten reads as follows now. Ortiz Ortiz Ortiz Ortiz Kinsler. Ortiz Ortiz. Result Oreo Ortiz. Seven of the top ten. Seven of the top ten slowest -- run trots are David Ortiz this year guess that doesn't include. Last night's which is destined to be a top ten almost find out from the replay -- Which -- -- and Jones say. And postseason wounds who we submitted alleged. He's in the box in the mid swing and I -- the right thing. -- I've started. And I go insane. That the contacts and compared with describes all the way to play we it was a helmet off. I'm tired I'm not really bring a little bit. People thought they -- a big -- Not good enough good. Hillary -- way. Is it possible that I had that right around when he and a half I have a 29 myself which rightly there's still a -- the helmet. Jumps into the pile that he's going to be at the plate. A 28 going on 29 seconds would make it the third which has made its average for David Ortiz would really mean. The only way to move slow. -- was -- because only -- have to move for anybody. It's not that good balance on the right there all hit seven of the slowest ten top ten trots in baseball a guarantee. -- -- -- -- -- Eleven. Delicate -- -- slow ones like at seven slow ones -- be number eight ridiculous fast that you before it's living now associate with three that you're really fast growing. In the top fifteen all eleven -- That was apparent while it lasts three maps out the ball park it and after seeing the when it actually ended up Kuroda. That rain delay to see that one term intrinsic which was better -- to the -- would want I'd love it. When you're on the road not a Heidi it's a home he spent Pete Rose bat back on the -- at their base that. It was a bad back that way and get that that's the nice that when there that was just. -- for -- he actually. After he hit the ball to about three steps -- was greeted by Mike Napoli. -- -- He took about three steps after you have to hit the bomb walked took about two stepped in Napoli came and got it jumped on him gave a -- body shot. He's still running the bases. It's those that stuff he was asked about it after the game and job on the walk. Through well it is. Overwrought improved but. Then -- teacher. I ripped the sisters you off that you see -- the future was awesome GC NIC -- astronauts on the teacher that you see what else it says it's. It says -- famous as half. Famous -- French tourists F bomb is there it is full letters fitness. I knew that the you're aware that these are 20 I mean you -- your way anyway with that I needed I needed. To editors the Boston you know put. We've watched her boss is famous is -- -- Maybe at the bottom I know Maloney. And -- Take that sequence though because very rarely do you see Dustin Pedroia intentionally walked. To get that David Ortiz. Right now and me I'd have a huge problem with -- double play. -- they were he I'd rather do that face the righty Pedroia with a base in the game that's the double play. David Ortiz and -- new electorates that don't play rubio. I'd I'd I'd like it was it was two outs. Guys on second base appease up ego let these nasty numbers against -- David and look too good against these prior. I think it makes sense but with no outs. Get the winning Robinson's. It's just patently at first base for one at Justin. Russian command and I would. And it washed after seeing the typical response right because -- quick note that responses to this most obvious. Against. Its but the parents at war com. All -- he couldn't sleep at Detroit beat. Well we want David Ortiz. -- ever -- -- just don't know this is first which is crazy -- -- walk off home run in August 2000. -- that walk off here in July 31 2000. Even with that it would -- it's bad -- bad. -- a walk again David Ortiz. Red Sox who have an opportunity. To win the ball game right here will be Dustin Pedroia one report tonight TV's already driven into. Let's do -- they do at first base over the don't want him. This will be an intentional walk. And David Ortiz on -- doesn't happen very often. Intentionally passed. Crowd doesn't like it really quiet night for a -- is about to bat and his small foreign PD will take his base. Copy tonight he sold for three. Managed to pitching coach -- jog out to the -- Well I guess you can wash you just look at the split you say territories that like 370 against lefties. Ortiz that 250 or bear it take you gambled -- -- -- -- a teacher and in no interest payments is that it always you know of your game. Just look at an accident just confused to exit of 10 my equipment that the that there wasn't the -- -- -- joining go to almost double. Serve he survived if that hit a double he survived the strike Pedroia walked. Intentionally and Ortiz at bull run that was an illusion that those there's no outs. But I. I just thought was the thing to do -- you're gonna go back notable Rangel get a right to face Pedroia left the on the mound maybe a double play ball two -- runner thirtieth strike fighter -- of the game. Ortiz made -- and now the Red Sox -- forward to the first six games in the 22 games -- stretch against really tough teams. And -- extending that lead atop the AL east. It got them out last night Jon Lester. Okay. Right I mean okay. The this isn't a Jon Lester problem to me that this is that a Major League Baseball problem to me because went six innings three runs is considered a quality start. That's afford to have the RA so -- -- gives you 32 starts and gives you close 200 innings with a Ford FB areas equality. I never understood that our -- FER enemies not equality three point 86 is seven innings three runs should be equality start Lester. Okay. Since I mean don't. If it goes back expectations. You expect more out of them anybody other buckled to take that. You know but with buck coats and Lester I expect more and I wonder if I thought I thought about this the other day. -- I think Jon Lester. Is better than he is is our guy get all time -- of people likely to stick better than he really years. This is -- So I looked up some things ethic you'd be surprised. A vote just how good Jon Lester really was a given those numbers next.