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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: Hour 2

Jun 6, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut and Merloni in studio to answer questions from listeners and discuss the Eastern Conference Finals.

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Yeah before that time -- you know what it may. We'll get this up like is there's been a cut text or Pierre -- tweets that have been about the Bruins have been about. What's going on the NHL and a lot of those in -- related. I want a team back there are people want peers and it will get -- we -- dishonest. 1 o'clock he's fun he's good he likes to play he's an addict either player of these -- regret. Bergeron one of his mentors new -- -- term commitment to. Your phone calls appear until low at 1 o'clock at 6177797937. -- the show on the AT&T text line. 5379837. We will talk to. I guy who your -- with via Pittsburgh days ago I'd lose familiar with disease more popular and he's in Framingham Peter tag will be an anti I'll join us here in a couple of minutes. Out we asked a lot out of the Pittsburgh side of red and I think it's. Think today is a data talk about the Bruins not about the penguins falling down three nothing but as an overview PR guess it would ask you before we talked it the tags. He give Pittsburgh getting shot but what would they have to do to in this series war games in a row to those in Boston. Winning game four and and talk to me I'm with -- dog in jets were there average known I think they realizes staff and as a group. And this Boston teams good and now. I one of the things are present at 21 of the Pittsburgh players just that it was. You didn't have really of tough battle with the founders in the had to deal with John taveras and you had to deal with a little bit duller person but outside of that you don't have to deal -- a full frontal assault hockey team. You play Ottawa you destroy Ottawa it's not even -- -- step up and weight class future to play Boston. You didn't play very long game one you were terrible in game two. You're better you were much better in game three but again it shows you. When you step up and weight class and you fought two guys are on his -- in L sung at the -- the giants not easy we we have a favor. Famous saying. Your boss that prospect 2000 full went to mark Wright uttered the words don't let us win one and that's what I don't wanna let them win one because you. You win you win game for the garden that I perspective talent this is an extremely talented team you go back to Pittsburgh. And all of a sudden we're looking at a game six at the garden where there's a ton of pressure on the Bruins team -- I personally don't think it's over it's is the playoffs I don't want every -- cocky I happen to remember. Being up three nothing three -- few years back to a Philadelphia team. And I still respect that talent that team and I think they showed me a lot -- acumen in game three -- -- opening game to that but -- dress on effort. Well also -- -- as a former professional outfit are eager to. I would never read any team off put out of respect. Human opportunity but boss insists the better team right now bosses the better team you hear the numbers it to me the most staggering all for twelve that's the penguins power play the first three games we're talking about 24 minutes now power play time. Four minutes in overtime in game three Wednesday night nothing to show port 25 shots. Against Tuukka Rask in the power play for so far in this series and -- got nothing passed him heading into the series. The power play powered the penguins they were 28%. 28%. And they're all for twelve and I Timmy if you wanna talk about. The biggest failure in the first three games the effort in game two week but that's -- listen -- twelve on the power play for team that needs power play goals. That's right their number two huge especially playing against a Boston team and its social structure and layered and five on five defense. -- -- a lot of five on five scoring opportunities against the -- got to score on the power are playing if you don't you're. In trouble what I thought that was a big difference that second period that the five on five you know Bruins Colorado -- school Warren it's like OK here we go -- -- -- panic. Then they started given the penalties you know and I thought Pittsburgh might not have scored. But they carried that momentum I thought is the most successful power plays and score on and changed that game I felt tigers report. The the idea of Sidney Crosby you talked about I -- a top five player have you seen that consistently enough in this series a year and now. No I think -- you'd be the first person please disappointment. It hasn't worked off him one of their real caliber. Traits of a star player is that he makes is line -- that are much. Not make him Pascal the pre better he's not making Crisco and it's better to -- working his tail off probably working our -- and now. But just not getting it done and I think a big part of that and I showed video evidence of it. In game two. Is how they track on the back check in the matchup and they always have before back in their run and to the outside the rink and again good insulation for their defense of their good gap control. And all you hear when you're near the bruins' bench his stay up -- stay up on don't give them space. And they've got a really well also it's got to be frustrating exercise I did. -- in the last series they did Chicago and Detroit. And Jonathan Toews got the same treatment from the trade was Henrik Zetterberg playing the role Patrice Bergeron. You know and they were really hard on Yahoo! is Nicklaus -- mall and Jonathan Ericsson play general Dennis Seidenberg. And Zdeno Chara against Jonathan -- frustrated drove increase our business does more -- he played we don't know harvesting is going to play out let's. When you look back at last year against the flyers you look at what's going on here now for three games. Is Sidney Crosby's reputation taken hit in this game it may appeal they'll always be detractors and always be people that are angry with him because he's just too perfect so you're always gonna get that and that's as part of the deal he knows that. He's still one of the best players that's played the last twenty years I mean he really is that good player but as his reputation to probably. Tony Monte birdies on look so. I just -- held by a myself Tony -- the German erotic heat could church on mic Jack and all those kids at the Europa cup and wasn't paso. I was coaching them. Tony you're getting Altidore. Tony -- a local show here at this pre and post Comcast and and it and I don't I don't think he likes Sidney Crosby maybe just rubs the wrong way but he mentioned something I'm curious your thoughts on this when they won the cup. And -- gamble in won the Conn smythe. He feels that maybe. He wants at all flaky to be alluded to be Gretzky to be the guys he he. The Conn -- means a lot you gotta win that -- team win the cup was there any. I don't know jealousy toward do you think that since then he's been a different -- did you sense and no I don't at all really not with all due respect to -- opinion and he's entitled -- and -- doesn't like -- -- -- OK that I understand that -- there are a lot of people didn't like -- -- that are known but he's pretty darn good. I don't sense out of Ballmer on the team a lot I -- ball players really well geno has no promise in the in Palestinians and -- action is you leader. Well that's here's a here's one of the exercises I would present to everybody listening to the show on T two gentlemen. We have four teams left in the NHL playoff -- four teams. Rate their leadership. Which team has the best leadership and I would tell you right now and she's read the Boston Bruins are number one so now slot everybody else. It's a pretty good exercise. That's the question we think about the kings last year in to do with -- the -- a lot of those players back the Blackhawks players have been in the driver. Saint its perks for which is that is that where you ranked them yell or in terms of overall leader and Agassi has any kind of a couple captains to. You know at the break he figured that wouldn't it's a good lesson for everybody putting a team together that's a very good lesson. Because you get leadership from other teams doesn't mean it's gonna translate to your team. Because it's usually it's homegrown guys Bergeron exhibit area. Not everybody's going to be like recchi not everybody's going to be like chair. But usually cheer homegrown guys that are cultivated in your environment. That become your true leaders that -- -- -- to appreciate paean. There and they wanna be there forever. Here requires its studio and some great insight. On the series and on the NHL and joining us why I'm not you should introduce the our next guest joining us on the ATP trial -- he's a popular new art Framingham own Peter tackler and Eddie when I was a young kid at -- arena watching them play defense for the freeing himself flyers. Joins us now from Pittsburgh Texas going on it's much Louis Pierre McGuire I don't. Hey guys I did go to -- I don't remember when you're about eight or nine years old -- coach in his brain -- you make a commitment to cure what we're like fourteen or fifteen years. -- really know our our coach I don't know but -- just struck me out tagged by the way congratulations. Earn order understand your side senate side with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think he's trying to yet so he. These he's getting into Ali's. It's little little different because. Unfortunately that tough circumstances that they -- -- the past few years with coaching and in a whole bunch of things that a lot of these guys get pushed by the wayside but. I think because that is a special teams capability and -- can play three positions to -- you know law. A special teams quarter and that CP that. He has a good shot of played for years hopefully. That is giving the field down there in Pittsburgh is is it disappointment is it shock lol what what's going on down there right now the series being down three nothing. Well. I probably couldn't use two words that are. It's not like some of the words that that year last night come out Brad mug shots -- tomorrow. Yeah the you don't take it. It isn't Republican -- used to -- the block from our pit stops. -- -- Sort everything that this team has put together did you -- -- tickets are -- carts appear that it bought leadership and you know you don't attribute superstar -- here. And I think a lot of people around here Warner who's to lose person that it than most releasing it Steven. About the back to my years in and Peter goes mark northern rock rock I Mario didn't. Stayed up blocker and say anything he needed -- expert tenure -- the guys that they commit to respect the -- -- change the world and it dual model world and they didn't you on screen they just let you add on to say they said it now at the end of bitten and guys are world OK today. It people who truly better -- the line here and and I archer does anybody in the payment locker room that that keyed -- -- in that respect that way. So they do go on the ice and right now there's a lot of guys are getting it done. Anecdotally that stands out to meet Peter watch in the series is is not -- game Watergate rates came to have you been able put your finger on what happens specifically to come out and be. That flat wasn't as simple as Crosby's turnover set the tone for the entire game for Pittsburgh. Well if you watched the table and so. This year. That model is -- score the score that's scored now and they think they scored three goals in the first five minutes a game and that the temple and and they've put themselves in pretty bad positions. The during the regular if you can get away -- -- stopped taking unnecessary chances than told a a familiar face and and that didn't go. Prickly isn't a goaltender because. You know the regular season it is -- as a regular season. What you get to the playoffs it is. Everything. Elevates and guy. Intensity elevate and also could you give those guys who'd give the other team not to -- suit. Take advantage than they do it in the penguin. Yet they get behind -- -- thirty seconds and Crosby. You're try to not. Bulking parked it started just try to corral loose either handle all the opposite European anybody. He -- whack in and this is that nobody go toward the penguins do. -- -- they -- scored the next and seconds until they start taking unnecessary chances. And that they could Burton and get it put a lot lot this year but there -- -- was able -- out. What's one thing that's disappointed you the most Peter watching this version of the penguins. -- by the middle of the team. -- a -- out of big believer in fundamentals and then what you what you do and accused a reporter examples. Epitome you can -- Tell me -- -- -- you watched defense and play nowadays. They don't have to hit and their stick. These days they don't control people want here and instantly from the body and a good example is LS -- their first go -- -- I think it's tied up and Lynette. He can't help. Matt Niskanen and that's the law Lira to strict notes instead of you're you're not totally tied up in the in the in the operative or jobs are that that they're not. And that there is -- Tavis. Not to get out. It's just little things like that -- what the hell out of me and you know not knowing who's on the ice or or try to make it stretch past Clinton. You know and it keeps balling up to two so it is a lot of little things that that the mentality of the game just -- it just doesn't seem to be there. Also I would agree to do that watching it as a former coach. And having had the privilege of working with Peter McIntyre is at fundamentals are big part of what our teams are about -- one of Pittsburgh. These guys are not honest fundamentally Sam and I think that Peter just listening to you you would agree that they're not as fundamentally sound -- let the teams were that you played on. -- -- -- in Richard and I say that all the time the people that question. And I think the players these days -- a product of what they grew up being because it and when we grew up playing. We play pick up clock you replay pond hockey Leo -- -- I sort of record -- and you are still. That stick in the early in all the stuff you want to do in those in those situations. And -- -- get into a game you're. You -- -- back you can be you can make -- -- you can you can DB little and you picked up your angles and in. If you play five -- forty you add to you know play a certain way you played reentry later certain weight he just took time this sort. Lot of these kids grew up in systems. And sitcoms that are buying into his long as the other team didn't put in the same type system. But if you're playing it is the coaches and into drugs -- I'd never begrudge you guys who have wants to coach a team. But assume that you get to a certain point really don't know what you're doing just because you go to coaching clinic in a need to play -- system. Doesn't mean your coach. In a lot of these guys they're they're robotic. And they moved from side decide they don't anticipate where the -- going and I think it's very detrimental that they take this from squirt spewed there. -- Juniors to college or whatever in any in the minors they displaced systematic -- -- and a lot of can read -- -- anticipate what what's gonna happen on the right. Peter before even said that you you mentioned leadership you talked about fundamentals. Is that. I sign that you feel like if they end up getting swept out of this thing or five game series at Dan Viles on the head coach might be in jeopardy of losing his job there Pittsburgh. No I don't think yeah I think gets fired for eight I -- -- -- think you're gonna lose jobs if something happened here. It is a huge major disappointment he. Yet it's it's going to be devastating to this team. But it could be devastating to a bunch of guys are -- that probably -- could be your next year. You know unfortunately gigabyte mark mark on the floor ridiculous how our money. In a candidate in April back in the lineup I don't know I mean I I don't think they should get rid of a -- -- -- -- right there -- storm with him. -- It is we can get out there in the open market -- -- -- probably mean look at that bring in another goalie tobacco postal Google bring in another starter didn't. They've broken the back of the get. Could salute during his it's he worked -- have taken seven or eight billion dollars in a couple of years -- will -- take a chance on that. About it is that you start system the Balkan Karachi is is working. The only Indian in look at you know John game what is she is she -- Uga -- accurately a lot of back here and I mean there's a lot of questions to meet. If you're not a real story wouldn't have any these questions -- -- it would be an -- And possibly. Assuming you guys wouldn't be here. But Boyle today it is eaten up real quick and I can't see that you'll be glad that. They didn't get out and by Friday. Some -- happened very very quickly just to get the ball roll. Actually have any brick clean air on our show -- before it is the color for the Bruins now and he talked about some of the keys coming in who's neutral place own the plane a neutral zone also back checking of the -- fourth on the flip side. And I know preparing to -- -- game three is a better game but I are you satisfied with that part of the game from the penguins. Well you know that that digital player the Bruins with an iron. Bolivia and and not argue the -- laws everywhere by they have a lot of guys who but the nose -- -- -- -- on the night in that it is gonna grinding grinding right penguins have a little more later vacant global gold and though the whole nine yards. So that they would new. What they're relegated to in that regard note about all of them that these guys that they can't fortunate that ought to be -- -- -- -- And so by the coaching. I'm sure we're all here now it's a the players who didn't have that you know are we can't play that -- and that ballot you look at that we can't play the -- -- -- We're gonna play in January and I think it's it's. The Bruins whether the -- part of the game and it is his perfect example of the blue dot. See what you got and you're just taken its Gatorade and you guys don't know the answer is I don't picket the -- -- and -- -- coaching. But the player also said that we kept those to you put the it's certainly put stretched out. The back into the back there's always talk about together and that we -- dot but it -- I told speed not standing still just toward deflected in the low and and right now. Nobody's taken. You -- that look lonely while we gonna come speak and I don't think you're hearing I don't know you noticed that a lot of these guys. They really don't dump with a purpose they dumped the puck in just to dump and it. They don't have to crossed quarter -- They'll release that plays that just because wired and try to battle on the border cute couple written and you work so hard to get the park. And all the sudden. You just bloated and active but -- -- -- I don't understand it and that other airports are these parts just from outside the blue light on the opposite result. Instead of taking the puck back -- up the up and -- -- rates tag up. That little part Beckett and and this is the whole editing it to work force is open door and at a picnic at. Kirk. Really watching what -- what are what Japan went and did they do it and it just earlier period. Peter will we'd all people Boston -- ball Mac cook I'm wondering down there in Pittsburgh maybe your opinion what fans I think obviously think of Brad -- Well you know as. It. What do you -- -- -- guys and Mac cookie got a lot. That the they would -- -- aren't as they would love books. He played on the edge to dirty. You know I watched the couple they've been here in no way out tickets in the bode well time and but -- -- also start -- some. Let him videos of some of that state. Yeah I think I will be dirty dirty at that he plays that little edge that satirical while you better watch yourself preparing a what they now are you to repeat it by. And at some point. You know airport in MacBook Air is its reputation precedes -- This guy's gonna get a reputation if he's going to be put that same issue record is they're. Peter we appreciate it -- couldn't stop talking about bringing the cup the Knights of Columbus on and on the salt he's being held by signs on their punitive and up -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah he's just. -- is that we are absolutely Peter great stuff thanks your time today look for talking down the road. Guys thank you -- You're ticket -- Peter tag -- and Eddie the pride of Framingham joining us on the eighteenth the outlawed AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Of the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible Pierre McGuire is in studio more of your phone calls on Bruins and penguins back. Well you know I think to the characters always -- there were doing use a lot of character in that room that like I said you know what. You we wish we didn't play a bad game but we weren't at the top of our game and then to always good for us but you know characters because you get into overtime. And you know all of a sudden you become better teams over the brotherly game went. The better we seem to get the more chances we see you again you know I thought that first OT we spend a lot of time -- me Danielle was only so. It's has a lot of our team because again like an -- guys right now are exhausted from true. Playing with a short bench and then playing almost like -- here. Bruins fans exhausted late night early morning. -- for Pierre McGuire -- at the -- lady got up early hang in all of us. Well -- start with Canadian radio earlier this -- and I couldn't wait to get here. Pierre McGuire and studio taking your phone calls and I paid a call and but the lines are full -- tried -- -- 7779. 7937. -- about Canadian voted to the poll question first to break it down I'm sure their Canadian fans don't wanna answer our poll question today which is pretty simple what team right now. Is the favorite to win the Stanley Cup can text your answer to 379837. Do it this way use these words to make sure counts Bruins. Penguins hawks or kings. What he's the favorite to win the cup 37937. Our poll question presented by -- -- knows. You can place your vote online by visiting WEEI dot com slash but reloading -- -- -- poll. Is presented by pop -- puppet she knows company pizzas Mac and cheese pizza hot tropic pizza sweet sausage. Roasted red pepper -- the buffalo Mac and cheese -- league call. Or order online a pop -- dot com let's see who's the cup favorite right now Bruins penguins hawks or can't collect my ought. Cemented. There was -- -- Russia -- in the cup than any he just being there so I'll go with them right now but I want to ask this because in Boston. If the Eastern Conference finals -- Pittsburgh vs Montreal Canadians even if you didn't like Sidney Crosby even if you thought the penguins -- arrogant you wanted them loose. People Boston would still be rooting for the penguins designated to -- that they -- Montreal. There voting for Pittsburgh. Listen he's a guy to lose that they'll never be that they'll never be good field between Britain sophisticated aero engine builder. No law at all -- You all major never answers -- one thinks. Oh he does pick up -- -- -- that. -- the games on NBC. He doesn't want beat a spot where he's got to answer make any sort of gambling site prediction beep -- -- and gingerly golf FaceBook were to break it second. You wouldn't hold it if it whether -- -- hockey worker street college football. It'll make it will continue on and failing to predictions but I don't make a pick my other favorite in the cup. I I think. The avalanche. Typical go ahead here and so on until police are all good answer no. To sits in a I think it's inappropriate when you're working down low almost in the field apply. That you start picking teams. -- really. You have to really it's a very dangerous place to work. And you gotta be real Smart and -- -- approach because you can get yourself in little randomized stick in heaven -- you know I got it all right -- awful once in -- pressures between the Rangers in the Buffalo Sabres and the left tomorrow that's all that was missing yeah we've seen a lot of blood in this but -- -- -- senior -- over there aside I'm gonna be. This is hockey close last night there was one there was a closer look -- looked a lot of action on those boards Bennett was in the car -- waiting patiently Tenneco had bunt. Hey guys got a great show I'm not. Here are my eight year old son and I love watching it it didn't make it last night that the second period. But he's going to be we're here and you know if you break then you -- Utica to break it down. You know it stimulates discussion -- I can understand that game. And he doesn't -- that ruined don't think surely an Olympic I. Why can't -- Chicago and it didn't win dot but I totally live here that that could go from any. Do great in that that that you didn't talk about -- -- that not surprise that out. In game at the -- gonna happen the night. You know Bennett that's a good point on the kings not surprise him bounced back in game three I wouldn't surprise -- their home record some believe in the playoffs and loss of home. In the playoffs I think they have a lot of injured players all I really do I don't think you're down -- -- percent of -- -- level or enough -- -- percent. I know Jake -- not a 100% I think on sick call -- they don't have Mike Richards. I don't know how they're getting it done on home ice obvious it's a lot of Jonathan Quick but -- Monica at. They have the Harvard championed the LA kings you may not like them as a team but they have the heart of a -- down they really -- -- come on and look at this. If if it wasn't -- bruins' first one of these two teams in the cup Bruins have home ice and the kings. There aren't yeah a matter of nodding at Chicago they are not against Chicago but again I think I think you get secure lot and all of that they were both. Four emotionally pulling out there -- four seats would not at all. All they would against the kings because the points or five seat is it -- seat reports. There's five C what is -- what -- the points and active and more the Bruins had 62 point this year the only kings at 59 yes it would be. Which it doesn't Duncan Keith and if you know Georgia is nice analogy and not the -- and never endorsing got to take your sticking using -- as an -- channel and try to take you guys set off probably lost on to want. To be all you want -- there are still a big loss I -- -- and it's still a big loss. They're gonna have to do by committee a lot like cal Boston had to do alas the joint committee without Gregory Campbell. But the dissenting of their defense I chipping Connecticut joins the conversation -- Lou Pierre McGuire chip what he says I tip. I think I have that quick story about Ted Drury and then a question about how the Bruins go about building the team okay. So my kids are about 1011 years old and I was coaching. In that at Bridgeport rink guy comes -- -- -- -- seeing -- -- never told -- his last -- In the coastal season together. We get to this summer he would be this big stick around a little bit pigeon that sure -- -- -- dressed. Go upstairs appears Chris Drury with a Stanley Cup that's that they -- very -- really good guy. You know especially human being. Special special -- that -- resemble -- bubble elude her family they're fantastic people. Yes funny and quickly did outlets have so left and with the so wanted to talk a little bit about the couple plays that don't really seem to fit the Bruins mole taken in sync and -- -- Guess if you look at them objectively you'd say that they really -- quote Bruin players and you look at the draft I think the -- really wanted Taylor Hall probably settled for a sink in and then settled well. We'll see little right but. That -- that the system really and then it was pretty clear they wanted to begin left -- for younger. He -- those two guys and they they're good they're great hockey players no doubt about it but do they really -- with the Bruins but the question really is you know long term is. Seeking a guy like -- -- -- They got to go because they just -- never gonna get it and then be yarder gonna stay so that that's the question I'll hang up what you guys respond if they keep. I am no idea whether your armor staying here or not as far as say again I can't seem -- massacres -- conversation I was he has lot of in a trousers -- talk while Phil Kessel. And need to pick Jeff settings a plus point for his last year here at the received goals like -- five games but it was not a two way player who. And when he goes -- she Sega goals scored you people sit next thing you know at what point do we say is -- is Sagan will we get rid of is he going to be. Kessel goal scorers are going to be got it bites more than -- and there was a lot of those comparisons are nets series. That's fairness and one -- -- lot of older and the other guy yeah you know a slow way to piracy as a same is focused on reducing import reply re -- him. Do you believe Sagan is going to be different player it's -- honor I'd like that. Even as he matures or other plays -- senator I can tell he's going to be a better -- -- going to be a very good player and I think what what hurts him unfortunately is when he finally got an opportunity in the playoffs against Tampa couple years ago comes off the bench. Score some huge goals back to back games and since then it's an Albion. Andy -- about hey it's like thirty plus games. And he has a handful of goals now in the post season people wanna see that guy -- that was that good who looks like he has. All the speed and the stick skill on the tell the world. They wanna see it show up in more than the sixteen goals sixteen assists he had during the regular season this year you've just got to be careful that you don't devour your young. You really do you know Detroit's got a full Austrian -- Tell you introduces. They believe guys in the minors for extra time so that they do get to the NHL won the -- HL they're ready to play. So their common their organizational meetings is over right not underdeveloped. And when you put an eighteen year old in the NHL the chances of him being underdeveloped. Issued and I think we saw as far as expectations go to a -- About a month into the season recently started talking about playoffs and what's the second pairing who goes with Doug Hamilton. Until we get people in the city doing the dodgy right this T shirts everywhere you look at this kid he came on the scene spout is not overwhelmed the poised. You can move the -- -- as the season went on the ice time went down there was a grind -- -- post season he sees he's not in there he did get a couple of games. Unrealistic to think at eighteen year old defenseman -- has become in play at this level in. Playoffs we know it's really and plus some of the throw one other thing and everybody in the world junior in Russia where they went to Russia who -- That's about four hours east by plane from Moscow I've been there many times. It's it's tough. It's hard in the summer it's harder in the went there. And any kid that played that event dale. At the wall also month by a complete junior. He came back and play in the NHL. Some of people are talking about. Out we'll continue to you guys have a lot of thoughts and only the Bruins but does some other questions for 617779. 7937. Pierre McGuire is -- -- till 1 o'clock Sports Radio W media. A brand always says he doesn't have the right to quote an -- directed to resurrect the coal and do what they wanted to but I also have the right to jump on. You know -- I just love Boston people you don't want it -- they haven't won anything yet. Hang on -- sick all at once again they've won three games OK we'll call me Wear gloves to where. Against. Let's go to this ought to be inching but -- in Boston hey Matt how -- And big guy it's great job with a radio -- and all morning to beat back from Pittsburgh parents and let's just cult status state. I was the better team. Right now that's pretty -- -- also. Made it. Matt and he let me answer the question I asked the roads and better when you come into somebody's building. And -- from nine to one in the first two games. And then win game three to go up 30 ops are gonna be an idiot here and say Pittsburg is a better team at the moment they're not. I absolutely can't tell you what we're doing and what we're doing European and yet she was so good this year and everyone -- a dramatic job network that he gets the end of the world. Everyone across the country. Did not give the Bruins a chance and how. And guess what that just motivation for teams like us we don't mean. Economics you know I had -- you wanted to do. I don't IQ player game but I'm telling you want you on that team you want to Boston Bruins beat you to send us and you just sent us. Are often unable -- -- but maybe you -- what you write the navy and replaying that. Thank you why I think players call -- -- syndicate called that guy called into the radio station OPEC. But anyway -- -- let's let's let's break down the right. What are we doing here guys here's trapping you in the neutral so you can't get the puck out of result from the defense we're trapping it there -- hitting you there. There we are moving our guys. That match I don't live and I go to Pittsburgh at 54 shots last night -- they spent a little bit of time in the Bruins ended may -- again you want to win and we got a lot Matt got a lot of that you want the team. Do you say we all the time and Costello what we -- to therefore be. I I don't -- are no I don't way to start that is our guy Matt in Lawrence that is Matty -- from Lawrence Matty he told yesterday tip of the hack like our show yesterday friend. Alec recent yeah I plea for the team. -- -- Policies like Alex advocates call we'd love -- from alerts on sports talk radio good job -- -- Matt -- We call on here talk tennis would -- -- talked tennis every weekend doves I don't stalls. Map from lord loves to look at him write a play that again next hour that is. That was Pittsburg sports talk radio -- that the fans that night -- seven yes all as many Enron cook I think right there are very upset today. Your -- got three now open it up or Chicago or LA it's a bit -- trip planned can I just say one thing that Matt said wrong well nobody. Thought. -- could be Pittsburgh. I don't agree. Will you say it was in the IRN three zip -- to believe that they ought not present right I -- this week nobody thought. Boston win that's what he says and I'm like I don't agree that in fact I remember being on your talking about. The Bruins in group or lined up. The chair a factor a while Rask is planned Alec but they would dominate the Rangers. And build off of that and your quote when it's in the series was when the Bruins a roll their four lines and then they can play with any team in the NHL correct that was your take when I'm never gonna predict winners and loser does not appropriate but I compatible such. Who strong year was strong there. The Bruins have been strong rate from the start you like the -- line change rebels trying to accountable Kennedy coming out but table Bennett accuse you -- -- toppled. Command said that during game number two. He deserved to be you know shocked that he wasn't going to start considers the skill -- -- you looked good last victory here you should've seen him play at the University of Denver he was a spectacular -- -- out -- Gardena California. Really really huge upside he's -- -- opponent we begin on the natural right side to the use of leverage our policies are right Winger. It just to circle back because your knowledge base of the collagen and junior players. Hot it's only teams miss on -- group. We are watch him now and he looks like -- a lock for the -- for the next 510 years plus uses CC team player of the year solid -- -- and you lose nobody uses CC two player of the year at Michigan State which -- profile program. Size a factor. You know people look at that in the serial cable can defend in the NHL. That's those -- the questions of people asking they used the -- size against players especially at that position so I think that's -- I was an excellent draft of different to a -- as the senior coaching track -- turning eighteen you were an eighteen year old draft and that's why it's so hard and that's why you see a lot of players past or in develop these -- local late -- you know. Danny to Kaiser's -- example signed with the trade played a western Michigan. He would have been one of the -- of tore recruit. -- the Kaiser six for four you know per -- five foot eight and so now I always bust -- Sweeney's jobs would -- screening. -- guarded you know Brian Rafalski look at all these guys are the same -- or recruit Sweeney may be didn't have as much offense that's why bust some are solvent. America it's -- play. -- the first undersized guys a couple of in the three red line and until he was really -- it's -- up Bryan's up in Maine waiting patiently to talk to hear about last night's game Brian how are you. Get your don't actually glycol gotta say first you know good show agree it's a breath of fresh -- from them mortgage so that put on over there with those jokers don't tell and but. Want to deliver -- -- you'd like -- on defense. Has done an awful job keeping Crosby and -- and all those guys to be outside and all alone in the prime source opportunities. I think that's going to be key to their success over the over the last regain political future opinion on that. Also I totally agree they can't get second chance opportunities -- can't get than that there were times last night. Because of fatigue -- any else that Malcolm was able penetrate through the middle. But not a lot and it was only due to fatigue in the morning also knocked in one treat the game already tried just couldn't do it. But no I would agree with that every links to the outside the can't get -- and I wanted to ask you both the that to too many men and yanks penalties and -- deserved it looked like. It was just. Whether it was fatigue because last time to cut -- -- was posting it up again engaged. A few games ago this time they're just the click communication. Cobra the second one was a shot block Moroccan blocked the shot -- forget the defense and shot the puck now on might have been -- But he blocked the shot the ball for -- changed but because the shot was blocked. The puck came to the neutral zone to the line change really was a malfunction at the junction. And put a lot of times it's fatigue -- a -- newseum in games guys is mentally -- cramp up and make -- COLT was going off. Pick on one of them and we are trying to figure out why the only player -- the player OK. There are used on -- the player polar remain nameless boy he was some irony be that player -- -- Larry for the air here unloading it Claude -- rips his guys there on the bench I like that that the coach. That we give coral all the script here locally we don't like some sort of god because he swears a press conferences but. Pierce told this year is that Google after his guys pretty good that I will tell you this I'm convinced of it. The whole swing in this series took place the second TV timeout in the second period game one. His team wanted to player rush game and exchanged chances in Pittsburgh would have beat him game one of the kept that up. He Charles let me push the meat product he went after them. It's it we gotta get back to -- -- we got to play our weight chip Jason -- cocky get pucks in deep dominate or play clear the slot. -- they bought him. And they never looked back since much can you feel -- in the middle when you look left and you look right teams to kind of tell where the games go where Michael you can see it and feel real quick great question you know -- the biggest things you consented. The guys and of the thousand yards there they're out of it. The guys that are engaged talk and one other hit one another on the bench there and they you know there all I'm. So you consent to pretty quick Peters of capital to follow and the penguins with Pierre McGuire are Peter. -- definitely doing -- Erica but I have one comment you'll. In between laps exciting and very -- on. Yes. Well let's. Okay now what the -- -- -- what's wrong with. And then when -- -- in Britain. But it decrease says it notified. Simplified our deputy out right before fluff up a broke it down for us Steve is in now Fall River today hi Steve. Why you guys -- these these there. I want a barely getting to appreciate that -- that the bulk of play it is amazing. That they shot. All the light on why they immediately attacked. Gold like little. Period and we were just that we -- them outside. You guys can talk about. Who would probably get the best chance to win opposite the cyclical play out of that shop look at -- I haven't -- The other series that much but I get that he'll watch the -- I feel like I watched it to the ball real all with the eating every challenge. And they. They can but like that it expects -- the other in Manila. Police about what. What I thought theory your phone is rough there Steve thanks for the call I thought Pierre I I may use this going forward that a Stanley Cup team. Passes slay a dragon that there's one series or one. Something that comes across the way and and for them it was if you can believe it. Van riemsdyk primer and Toronto and what they led 31 he thought this series is over they went back to back games to one low scoring games. But by the Bruins want to play low scoring day when those two games seven down 41. With 1040 years ago they score three goals unanswered they get the thing to overtime. And from there may have been a different team I can't quite explain why other than a mentally physically that was their dragon was that. Throttle series while also and that's there Boston strong moment they came together I was are galvanizing moment in the playoffs and you could see in the rangers' series -- -- against teams rangers' first Boston. They burn to -- they were not fractured group and I think that in some problem and it's just it's amazing too because you minister in the cup -- need to get to Montreal stuff. -- in any swept Philly kind of slate if you dragons there's nowhere near before -- solar temple was crying to you know this team is put two series together now we just look back it's an. The five against him Rangers and three here in the last half the third period put a stretch together that's tough to -- I would agree totally agree. We go -- top of the hour here a minute -- Guilford say no we got some food on the way. If you want to corral -- fifteen minutes some call it's the -- you know people on the line Bible study if you have people on the royals that it would be a pleasure art. When to keep a few more minutes of Pierre McGuire was nice enough to hang out with you guys because the art Tom John -- and Peter. -- called for 128 in his car severe talked appear McGuire rip your calls appear next.