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Buster Olney, ESPN: Ellsbury play will hurt him in free agency

May 15, 2013|

Buster Olney joins the show to discuss the muddled AL East, the average play of Ellsbury and how that will affect him in free agency, and Tropicana Field.

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Ala Garrett right back -- phone calls joining us on the AT&T hotline a buddy from ES PM buster only. Does this every single Wednesday at this time buster it's -- and Tom Caron today how are you. I'm doing great watching this much of a division back and forth it feels like it's going to be this way this. Yeah I did he say you made by the Yankees -- we did at the top of the year now they are playing well the Baltimore Orioles getting back -- with the rays have won three in a row but there's. There is no standout team in his division right this is some good teams but no superstar team which -- Now exactly and -- be clear you know I think the Yankees finished last in the division to pick your -- the finish first read that finished third. But I think we talked about this -- before the start of the season it's gonna be a division that was gonna play clothes all year there really wasn't runaway team. And you know even now you watch the Yankees are off to a tremendous start and I know that internally. They're thrilled without doing without all these guys back. But I -- they had taken their record at face value thinking okay -- -- a team that's capable of winning a hundred games. They're really happy without applying but they also know that when you rank thirteenth at the thirty teams in runs scored. Did you -- a very fine fragile equation. That you've got a lot of production and a Lyle Overbay and who gets the Lyle Overbay numbers. Would be better than Albert Pujols numbers when we're sitting here in the middle of may and -- you guys. We're well aware it would overbay was dealing with a Red Sox in spring training just enough to get himself release. Like called the Yankees. Right after overbay was released and I -- The MRR you guys can -- student overbay in the initial response they got back was that probably not. And then to -- cup couple hours later they were like well take a look at him for two days. And now he's playing -- an extremely high level very well could get a comment production out of. But I don't think any of them really believe that this is all of this in it last all year I think that they feel like he's given them a foothold. You perhaps playing well during the course the years they get other guys back and I really think that's what -- Helio I think we haven't seen the best run attitude at the bay yet. And we'll -- all important it is starting pitching back together. They -- talk about the Yankees and Osama this is Dennis tiger's -- last night during the game is. -- is there's something to these veterans who have underachieving take a Vernon Wells who's who's kind of under achieved really since Delgado left left Toronto. And or Travis Hafner or -- behind you as -- and Eric Chavez and on and on and on and they go to new York and something about the environment there they sort of stepped up late in their career and put together great years isn't. Is there something about the organization something about just being in in pinstripes that gets these guys back on track. No doubt about it and they have I've never heard this. This same speech from many different players they really love. You know playing in that club that they'd they'd like that atmosphere and yeah they've got a lot of reporters there. But they feel like the organization treats them in a first class way. That from Derek Jeter on down the focus is on winning. And a you know I'll never forget when chuck Chuck Knoblauch when he was traded from between the Yankees. Before the 1998 season he can't -- left the twins really is reviled figure they study was difficult to deal with. He showed up at the Yankees can't but he's clean shaven like they all are when they arrived. And he's quietly learning everybody's name among the reporters. And he was done his best behavior and that's what it always feels like when these guys coming and it's like. While I get a chance to play here. And and I also think let's face it pure hitter you like going into that ballpark because it really is so conducive for offenses that short right field porch. You know all ballparks not conducive for baseball Tropicana Field. -- again and again last night okay. And there's a debate about whether -- not the ball actually hit anything but it clearly -- the rule. One of the cap -- walks in Napoli and Pedroia. Can't catch it and what they probably should have at some level made the catch but. But this ballpark. It's got to be -- down I want baseball tonight to get all their all you guys together a little fun and let's get new stadium for Tampa buster is a joke. And I think it hit the bay rays would be signing that that proclamation as well. He you know the bottom line is that they've got this terrible -- With the city of Saint Petersburg. Baseball love for them to move out Saint Petersburg now the trop and the rays who love to move out of there and people around baseball love the move out of there. But until the city Saint Petersburg -- up on this thing to kind of stock. And it spank him. Does that mean that organization clearly has a lot of promise is as well. A runner organization is there is in baseball they've done a phenomenal job competing despite the limitations that they have been in that part. Until it changes did you get a feel like you're playing in their grandmother's basement let's face it -- -- But the ball hitting this feeling in the different roles in the heavy rains and and all that stuff it's a completely different type of baseball that there's many of the park. The follow up as you mention the lease out what is the situation there and how. How many years they looking up before they can move on. Well I think they'd basically signed a way. That not only to raise the current rate but like the -- grandchildren. I had the exact number probably would basically at least goes through the end of time. And eight. In every time they've gone this city Saint Petersburg talk about. Can we talk about buying him out there and they're getting the response no no no now and it's a big league ball. And they -- trying to get around it and it does feel a little helpless to degrade I don't know at some point they can -- check pagan out that'll satisfy the city. But they've got no traction. That I know -- to this point in trying to get out at least. And unless they do -- is it almost impossible to envision a way in which they can keep a guy like David Price who pitches tonight and it isn't it all tied in to them that and somehow pulling off something. And and they could actually signed David Price but it would have so much their payroll. That is something that they would never do because you can't really at one player making 25 to 30% of your payroll. Because it puts at risk so much else you do so they really can't grow. If he's seen other -- getting new television deals. In new ballparks with. Sweep in different and different things where they can grow their revenues. And the -- just don't have that possibility which means they're always going to be that bomb pop hardware store trying to make do with pennies. I don't against the home -- and that there were dare reality. Which is why you know while week in -- laud them for their player development the bottom line is that unless they sign your players to those. Team friendly -- the -- of -- project they have waited Evan Longoria with Matt Moore. They're really stock -- when you get a player like David Price he's almost upright when he joined the team. You just know that the clock is ticking and eventually gonna have to move them and that's the expectation and the industry's that he will not be with them. By the time we get to Christmas this year. -- back in February I would have bet dollars to donuts that Jacoby Ellsbury would have had a terrific contract year I figured if anybody was put on this earth to play himself into free agency was Ellsbury -- A bit of Boras guy all along and as you know without saying anything sort of given indication that he wants to get the -- open market we're gonna be a quarter of the way through the season tonight. Hitting 256 a 684 PS. On the homer power that we saw a couple of years ago wasn't there one home run now what are you hearing around the game from from people talking about a guy is a potential free agent year he's -- -- -- -- Well and and without the evolving into really. Absolute specific -- that -- -- to basically that these these doesn't look that. -- nearly -- comfortable played. That he's not being efficient at the plate is he's been in the past. Which I mean let's say he's not a big guy so he's got to have a swing right to do that -- the damage he did in 2011. It'd have a huge impact yeah without a doubt on the perception of him as a player. You know he had had the type the year this year and he's still got three quarters of the -- daily to your point. He can still make a ton of money he could can theoretically be a hundred million dollar player. But guys if he continues on the same trajectory for the entire year. I mean it's going to be a crusher for him in terms of how much money to lose the point that. You'd almost think that he Guatemala again and go back and free agency and come back and and play for one year and before he hits the market because. I mean you take these type of numbers into the marketplace and sort of with a current skepticism about players -- long term deal he's not gonna get that much money. Well it's it's double for the entire lineup because there's not that is -- Manny the old vintage David Ortiz 34 so 11 guy is sort of struggling. This trickle down effect with this team and in the bullpen going into the year buster. So high hopes for -- I'm just curious on the Hanrahan surgery he's gonna miss the entire year was that a concern coming in when they made that trade was the was the injury flag raised at all with him or is that something you think he's suffered while he's here at the Red Sox. Now I know it's definitely something that was -- thought of that he would get a greater risk for injury at physical problems in the past. And if you look at the history of -- guy based. Who go on the disabled list one year and then suffer an injury in the subsequent year it's incredible. The percentage chances of that happening climbing just because that one disabled list and I know. In the groin issue with his velocity was down in parts of last season there was concern about. It was physical condition I know he feels like that he needs to be bigger. You throw harder but yeah without a doubt I mean think about it in east at all start and the Pirates. When they made a trade is not like they got a huge return. The big push on him would -- be that they can win it in their salary it wasn't like they got you know two major prospects back. So people all around baseball I think look at hitter and that being the potential risk and. We thought early on it in he'd be part that you say it was a really good bullpen but now he's gonna have to be -- other guys probably gonna come back and re establish a value before getting paid. Buster were southern dip in his hand -- hands numbers the second half of last year you think back to Lackey the last year or so here. You know it's starts -- had to make -- look at pitchers who aren't complaining about their elbow but you start to see the sudden dip in. In performance and you automatically start to wonder if there's an elbow issue and. No doubt and you have. -- think about. Other guys in that situation in the Red Sox and the Yankees dodging that he'll land Santana bulletin. -- win at the end of 2007. I believe that he was. He'd basically stopped throwing sliders and that put up with giant red flag for the Red Sox yankees. And they want to playing this poker game where they were trying to build the other team and making a big offer because they ball thought it was a problem. And that's why he would have advance scouts and that's why they do so much research on metrics and look at velocity readings. I mean right now that that conversations -- Howard David Price who won the American League that award last year. But he had a lot beat him by two and have miles per hour this year and he's been pitching more in the middle who has now now he talked to the race. They'll tell you -- we don't really take it there's a problem. But before the race can get what they want to know that this trade talks he's got to get back up to that 95 miles per hour I think before the teams are necessarily -- I'd say. -- buster real quick you -- Jayson stark talked about this I know I heard on your podcast yesterday. Bryce Harper I love the way Bryce Harper plays I think most of us has baseball fans love the way he plays and yet. You guys talked about maybe him having to. Is your cup hold back -- is it you want to be better to faze him defensively safer in the outfield you want to sort of pull back on an energy because I. I love the way this -- plays right now. I think you would you look at that play the other night before -- the offense didn't. He took four steps on the warning track before hitting the law OK okay he's gone full speed. And this -- third time in two years in which he -- against the fence like this. And how would you I love watching him play but he wanted to protect himself a little bit more especially when he's around walls. And he just doesn't seem to have that here. In fact he's tweeting yesterday I'll never change the way I play in the end thinking as I called AB Johnson the nationals manager about that he basically yelled at make. Instead it was a stupid conversations. I remembered the nationals the team. They shut down Stephen Strasburg could be an election. Because they're concerned about keeping him healthy and minimizing injury risk for the long term I hope that they have the same conversation with -- -- -- we want him to have a twenty year career. Buster is always great stuff enjoy the weekend double -- you next Wednesday. I was literally every single week joins us here on a show what he does he's brought you by tell you -- a national visit the all new Toyota Nashua. Megaplex during their ongoing spring saving sales event. Come see what the buzz is all about. Also sponsored by a arrest restoration specialist and Michael space for impact your phone call 61777979837. -- and Tom -- Sports Radio WER.