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May 11, 2013|

Jen Royle discuss the Redsox 9th inning loss to the Toronto Bluejays today at Fenway park. The Redsox were able to tie the game up in the 8th but couldn't get the win. Listen here as Jen breaks down the game and discuss with callers the 7th loss in 9 games.

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Enjoy all the brains behind the operation -- music back gaelic and DJ. On this Red Sox post game Sox lose to the blue jays. -- not bad outing by clay buckled well let me just get as clean air you know I don't mean to take to crash clay Jiri Ian had his best stuff got into some jams. Let me try it they -- More innings this guy is extremely effective coming Canada 88 pitches in the first nine pitches in the fourth sixth and seventh. The good news about the last two nights despite the loss today to two rhino is that. Unless -- buckles have done their jobs in terms of keeping the bullpen rested going forward on a tough road trip coming up. And Tampa Bay Minnesota and Chicago of course I buckles would have been doing his job better if he got the wing today it's as Allah. Coming into close -- to hand in hand opting to go for that surgery Tommy John and Andrew Bailey already on the DL and gives up the home run to Adam leans to put the blue jays ahead read it to. I'm Wilma and Albert does mention a Fuller two doubles today had a great. Date defensively. On the field this is a guy dealing -- -- a rib issue. Where he -- and it's hurting him to swing a bat a ball even agree that time so kudos to will -- Brooks Fuller his performance today this is a kid that has been. Really struggling to get out of this one. And hey you know what Red Sox need his -- I don't think they can survive. Wit and William Brooks yen. Other guys on this team including Stephen Drew hitting around 206177797937. We're taking your post camera -- phone calls let's go to Shane in the -- senior on the talked -- -- Going once going twice. You're out. Bill on the car era. -- can't -- Michael I appreciate it enjoying following -- want trot out where Anke on the media. You are certainly. And -- quit my question you're there. They're it to our current staff and -- picking -- shortly in the years to -- inserts. Opera episode has to do so stop gap in the corporal. Great question things they're called -- -- shore at least in terms is he the clothes are going to fall where. Now it's Andrew Bailey when he comes back if he's healthy if he's healthy. You know this has been a problem I -- closer position -- -- you have two guys still can't handle their paying all this money. To be a close it was I I did not like him -- -- pandering and I didn't think they needed him -- aide Andrew Bailey and I interviewed Bailey after he won rookie of the year. That was at the right interviewed him in two dozen -- he went in 2009. I thought. I mean aside from. His on field performance and of course what earned him an award I thought he was one of the most impressive. Young men I interviewed in terms. At the way to be carried and governor remember saint Andrew after it was in good to be eight in ten years I can act an interview you. And you're 35 years old or whatever 36 years old -- -- please I hope you have not changed because he was just so humble and he was so classy with the dancers and was mature beyond the ages. And I've just always been a big fan of Andrew Bailey and in and of course. -- you know the way he attacks the strike zone and the way to he's not afraid of batters especially special intensity on meeting getting to win that rookie of the year award. With Oakland you know I I wasn't a fan of -- hey you know at times and fortunately -- this team has needed to close -- is. The you can talk about it we don't need two guys have needed to guys. -- and out any one guy in -- says Allen who -- into a very good job today. Guy we're gonna takes -- in the car. -- -- we're not gonna go to Johnstown Red Sox post game here is manager John -- talking about today's. -- both guys settled in and pitched extremely well on both sides. Seemingly after the second inning -- really settled into a very good rhythm. As we know he works extremely fast. Live on the edge all game and other than in the third and fourth inning or they fought a -- off a couple of pitches on buck. Cabrera with one base that. Once again you know -- -- settled in and threw ball exceptionally well. Now that the 22 pitch to break them all those and get to the back what that was intended to one on land for the solo home run in. And then and in the bottom of the inning we have a chance for the leadoff double and you know -- Tyler left -- ups and -- He has -- a handful of runners on base early in the game are you sensing frustration in your batters -- Italy runs across the played early. We create and continually create opportunities for shelves. Multiple times multiple innings and yet there there's little frustration but I can't say that's causing guys to come out of their approach. Have to give credit where it's -- and and early. Made a number of quality pitching guys in scoring position. Was there to -- true. And there. No because with the lefties up at a minimum the tomorrow to take the bat out of his hand you know he's he's been drive in runs in this month it's been in pretty good place. Even if he pulls the ball on the ground it's -- -- -- the same purpose. To move a runner over a minimum unfortunately the to a Carter got it gets up and in and and he jammed and for the infield pop up but. But with the three left handers come it'll take three shots. With we're coupled. With. It. It. No not not stuff. He's been as powerful as had good secondary stuff with the exception of the of -- -- to break mode doesn't get to the spot them. You can refer back to a 21 fastball -- try to go down a way to -- not -- for home run up in Toronto but. It's not been a matter of stuff. Still location is going to be the key in in any situation. Is there. Right now. And they they're the middle or or oral order. You know. They have a presence in there they've they've been productive and unfortunately they're not -- drive in runs every single day so. -- there's nothing to overlook programs that. It is what you see from playing. Hearing what he's. Eight innings two runs. Is a very good day and as the game went on he got into a better rhythm became much more efficient. Was down in his home. From those middle livings on through the eighth. More consistently so. Giving -- that homer and Adam link in the ninth that this was a game. Extra innings the bullpen. What has been well rested thanks to John glasses performance last night throwing a complete game. The have a bullpen rated going to extras they just needed -- -- -- across the played the Red Sox unable to get it done. In that ninth inning. And you know. Stephen Drew. Certainly you know coming off of that concussion you know I was -- and Alex score early in the week emirates -- Alix -- and you know we attacked by the expectation is that we have on Stephen Drew and the fact that. You know he's making all this money ten million dollars playing shortstop for the Red Sox you know its prospects shortstop position they haven't had a legit shortstop since Nomar. And somebody to to stay healthy and spend. I -- in a long period of time at shortstop you know it's been a revolving door to some extent and I have a guy coming off the concussion it's it's hard and you think. And you know just talking to -- he was telling me that it's. There are so many expectations. From fans and from the organization and about players coming back from concussions in -- just have to do it in the only time. And every athlete is different and you -- seem good science and Stephen Drew get that line drive unfortunately in the ninth -- right to shortstop. DN a novel with a fly out to senate Jacoby Jones Barry hit it to a 13 game ending play I'm able to get will not a Brooks across the plate the Red Sox. Losing their seventeen. In nine tries. At this as a Red Sox team falling down in the division. Down to third place at the Baltimore Orioles in the New York Yankees Powell by the New York Yankees doing this -- in first place. This is a team with out Derek Jeter Alex Rodriguez Curtis Granderson and mark to share. -- you know relying on a forty year old Andy -- Mean did this is. A very strange year for me watching this American League east is seen at Baltimore Orioles for the second straight year in the hunt again I understand it's only may. I -- by you know justice knows that based on the other teens. Competing in the division by Albert and attacked Jim Duquette after the break he's coming up around. 625. And 625. 630 didn't look at national baseball reporter and analyst is gonna come up at 630 he's gonna talk about this division he's gonna break down. The American League east how the Yankees are doing -- without those four guys what's so great about the Baltimore Orioles what's happening over in Tampa. They are now in fourth place and you know yes and he picked and -- -- and he picked it's -- blue jays -- -- at the bottom of the division right now. Look at his take on all of apple we're taking your Red Sox post game phone calls. 6177797937. General here with you until. 8 o'clock Red Sox losing today to the Toronto Blue Jays three to two Clay Buchholz and mark early vintage. Mark -- today who came over from the White Sox his first year with -- -- they did not factor in the decision. 6177797937. Wanna talk to you and talk about this Red Sox team what you thought of Clay Buchholz and the job he did do we have too many expectations for this sky. I am especially after watching the job that John mustard did last night. And you know -- this 12 -- probably -- best if not the best in baseball right now. I -- it's tough to see the Red Sox take a loss with buckles on the mound and other got the Red Sox have been. Is static at separate -- thrilled to have on their team. They call him while Dustin Pedroia has labeled him. That hacks -- I prefer a column the big meatball -- here's Mike Napoli. -- -- -- -- He just. You're -- him anything like this is every game. You know week. Any sense of anything that's happening and it. And you can bet the farm. -- -- -- -- Yes. Goes on. Just -- and excellent. -- -- -- response this week. As a middle of the order -- this year. Because it is just what you. I'm going to -- these temperatures. As we try to get -- over. Enough impression. And so after electronic. She brought -- -- keep. As -- as sort of it's part of baseball we're going to be probably. Try to minimize. Little rough times. Those -- are confident. Because there. -- March oh officers. -- that's Mike Napoli confirming that the offense didn't do much for a good performance by Clay Buchholz. Mike Napoli one of the brighter spots. In this Red Sox lineup one of the greatest. One of the better additions in the -- they talked about good guys coming into this on to this roster and into this club and Jonny Gomes. I'd just to name Koppel Stephen Drew a big guys at the Red Sox wanted to. Lift this clubhouse and put some of their troubles behind them Shane Victorino also one of them. But today they just couldn't Muster anything off of mark early. I need to correct myself kind of forgot about that -- with the Florida Marlins that. Really kind of flew off the radar because really the Marlins aren't on the radar. But there's mark early after. His long stint with the Chicago White Sox one year with the Florida Marlins coming over to Toronto just one of the many moves that. GM Alex and populist need. I'm Josh Johnson is well and of course -- Dickey over from the -- he's not happening. A very good year either after winning the National League. Cy Young so taking a look at today's game the Red Sox unable to do much off of Mark -- one of his better performances of the year in his first year with Tehran now. A Red Sox have now lost seven of their last nine games they have. Will put Dempster on the mound tomorrow to close at this -- in the rubber match against Iran Al -- than have a day off on Monday before heading to Tampa which is the start of in nineteen road trip. Against Tampa the Minnesota. And Chicago. -- coming up after the break we are going to talk to national. Baseball analyst Jim Duquette he's gonna break down Miss America and the keys -- gonna talk about. Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester the best if one of the best 12 punches in the American League rotation. And we're gonna talk about the rest of the division and how the Yankees in the Baltimore Orioles are staying. In the hunt. For a championship back with few general oil Sports Radio to BB yeah. -- -- is it drives up the center field racing backgrounds was racing back on the track went to think. -- should not fulfilling and the fans. Plus pounds -- like a third of the gonna try and score a lot of the cut -- man and all play at the plate. Kids get trampled and Iran and and a Red Sox are on the board it's two to one. That was Jacoby -- vary with his triple in the eighth inning to put the Red Sox. Back just by one run in a losing to nothing took the lead. Try to take the lead to wind in that inning after. David -- led the inning off with a walk Victor Reno. Followed with a strikeouts. Pedroia and a made -- to first -- on -- psyche error then stole second base Ortiz struck out. Mike Napoli intentionally walked and unfortunately Jonny Gomes struck out looking that was and eight but the Red Sox tied the game two to. I'm able to get will metal works across in the ninth. After he doubled to leadoff the inning Adam land with a solo shot into the black section. Streets center field also in the ninth inning in the -- of the blue jays beat the read two to win. It's not have now lost seven of the last nine games. I don't know if it's time to panic but this is not very distracts. -- the Red Sox taking your calls here are 6177797937. Tax -- 37. 937 you can also tweet us at acts. WEI. Or myself Jan underscore -- Roy's film might -- and keep on your on the on the. -- -- -- -- Good chip and apple -- what are Charl thank you have a bond there I negate all okay well it just later. Well we just heard his post game interview where he was asked about the -- and I understand small ball and a big fan of small ball. Elizabeth will not a car accident mentioned before an open RD scoring position singled as the same thing at double brings them home. Yeah but. See -- you have the fighting in anger I was very surprised if he embarked I mean I can see Pedroia Ortiz -- a putt but not -- I haven't always been it might -- a it's only get to forty. -- and I was very bright -- bought and you'd never know what you bunt the ball. He may put a government bought accidents will all the way I was are very surprised that -- them on their. Yeah well a lot of people are ten things your call Mike I don't have I don't have an issue. Apple with that I I think taking a bat out of somebody's hands when you're trying to win a ballgame listen each winning Piet. Miller barks again and already in scoring position and you know I understand the theory again -- huge -- and a small ball I don't think that it's used and half. UK became -- Ryan got a item as. I'm a big fan of pitchers duels and small ball I don't like the home run ball. Now they say chicks dig the long ball this chick doesn't I'm not a big fan -- I don't wanna watch a lot of I don't wanna watch high scoring. But in that situation. -- John -- San. Angelo on every on the. I don't know -- area and I asked I need to step down. Down said he heard them talking too bad they need to slow it down. All star they're talking to me about the radio. Did not they'll wanna talk about it you'll look at the Red Sox they have some high expectations and I'll tell you why if you look at at the Barbie gone kind of boggle. They originally wanted John Farrell to -- this team. You did John -- while Terry Francona was billionaire. Yeah I'm just at saint last year they want to get John -- and yet when they couldn't get them. -- Bobby Don time is gonna advocate that I agree with epic pitching -- is I like some pictures from last yet have only turned around. And you can expect the -- -- the struggle against -- they've done in the past they haven't hit lefties that well I just think. I think I'll stop right you get a general idea of how good this team can be under John Breaux would you go with that. -- -- percent and they're content with EU should ideally it's human house separate ethnic clear I think it's way too early. -- are really evaluate and eighteen countless there in. So big of a hole they can't get themselves like fifteen games now operating divisions and ideally your team an evaluation that you completely. I mean there's no way right now. To take a look at this Red Sox -- the injuries that they cats at the closer situation that's been an issue. You have guys like Jacoby Els Gary in his contract year it was not hitting. His potential power numbers aren't there. Dustin Pedroia just got his first home run the other day. Mike Napoli slowed down a little bit in terms of power numbers. I need is there's just a lot of guys on this team will -- include an of course even though. You know -- around 200 markets is is is unacceptable especially here cost. Why he got hands to -- to the pitchers and Dempster has really adjusted to this American League east and a great job. Lester and buckled he really can't say enough about those two and as mentioned before it's it's tough to to lose the game with buckles on the mountain. You know this that I was going for is it to be the first pitcher with seven wins and any ended up pleading allot the decision by. You know you need to hit for these -- mean. You could win game one not many many many -- Miguel -- and buckles on the mound by. To lose a game with buckled and number two starter on the mound that that's that's really. You know. Obviously not at that thing by. I don't have a promise that ninth inning I I I'm not again like the small ball in that situation at bat out of anybody's hands. I think you know swing wasting away -- and the way you want to win this scheme you don't want to tie it. Especially after that 51 minute rain delay you know guys are sitting around long enough you -- and this thing. And you know again mark -- gotta credit -- early it was. It was invented to mark early today and I mentioned before that I kind of skipped over day here with him and Marlins. You know this is a guy who was. You know. Yes the people with the Chicago White Sox and going over and asked for one with the Marlins coming over to the American League east and it hasn't been easy for him -- I was looking at his game on -- this morning and he struggled against art. I believe PAA. And against Boston one at a time this season have to isn't it and and maybe. Mark early has turned the page by getting the experience that he needed. -- over the past what seven or eight starts. And you know he starting to learn this division of mysteries putting. Obviously a lot of work in and watching film and watching this division by. I mean this is the guy Mark -- -- you know the blue jays had a lot more expectations for he hasn't been. Good this year just Johnson's been injured and -- -- Dickey after winning Cy Young guys has really been terrible this year of course losing his -- tests. At the top of that line especially with his speed trying to reach its answer struggled. Our also gonna talk to DJ beans and 7 o'clock hour and it talked about last night's loss again to Toronto L. The Bruins force game six tomorrow night. They're gonna need to close this out it's on you don't wanna game seven forget about it being. On home ice here Abbas and anything can happen any game seven. Boston not a good. You know couple days. AC Toronto in terms of our sports the overtaken your Red Sox phone call 61777979378. And accessed -- 37937. We're waiting for Jim -- or speak to him. National baseball analyst he's gonna break down this division and talk a little bit about two -- -- Barry in his contract year. What his expectations -- will touch upon. -- David Ortiz and of course at Clay Buchholz and what happened in -- to escape his national perspective on what he's heard about it ain't that good thing. About what went nine. With -- but buckled says that he talked to Jack -- before it became and it's that had. Amicable conversation. Reports coming out of that is that. -- it was a from the conversation in eight Morris apologized. Morris apologized to hand and and I think Toronto's took a lot of flak for that it's on it's a lot of a lot of day and deserve. You know that they solid -- I think the problem it's on at that your extremely frustrated with their -- And Alex and apple is spent a lot of money this offseason trying to revamp apple planning get back into contention and width. Teams like the Yankees the rays the Red Sox. I'm saying that the Baltimore Orioles find themselves at the bottom of the division. We all know there not happy with the fact that they lost John Ferrell who got out of that contract and came over to Abbas and and it just hasn't been. You know a good year for Toronto in terms of baseball. This was a year at that -- thought they had a chance to win -- agent. And the problems that they had. Had an injury. They where it talks about the problem being John Farrell and Alex and populist not last year. Act clearly. I'm. I don't think has been a problem this year between John Gibbons Alex and apple -- mean DP return he was the GM plant at them. John Gibbons was the manager last time they have a previous relationship. By you know the injuries this -- -- team has killed them and fortunately the Red Sox lasted at Moody's today three to. They got the best of mark early probably the best that we've seen from mark currently. Policies and how we are going to take a break when we come back we'll talk tune national baseball analyst Jim Duquette and serious -- them. Is gonna break down the Red Sox and we're also still taking your Red -- was in phone call 6177797937. You can text that's at 37. 937. General sports -- to be. Here comes the 12 from buckled. Breaking ball that Danny got lucky strike -- He frozen in the box you can almost see but -- his knees giving a little bit. Down he goes a terrific curve ball. Dave O'Brien like a call here and WEE. I aid that was. Him talking about clay buckled and has performance and fortunately did not get the win and Red Sox got a lot about cults that they no decision. Lost to Toronto three to two -- taking your post game as sucks phone call 6177797937. You can also text us. At 37937. Coming up a few minutes are gonna talk to national baseball analyst in Japan. I'm serious acts and -- MLB network radio. Is what it's called now he's gonna break down the American League east and talk about some of the issues the Red Sox are dealing list. -- for one closer situation besides his -- today. And able to hold the tie giving out a home on a solo home run to Adam -- in the black areas straightaway center. On a 22 count that put the Toronto Blue Jays ahead three to two ninth inning. Will Miller Brooks having a great day at the plate and at third base unable to school are. After his leadoff. Double his second of the day. Line drive by Stephen Drew for the first Alec that was to shortstop to an -- not a flight out to center field into mobiles airy. Pitcher to first base 13 plane -- and the game. Red Sox falling behind in the division I know it's early but at the top division here in the American League east and looking at. The job at the -- it's doing without the forced -- Derek Jeter Alex retreat Curtis Granderson mark to share. Yes they have Mariana Rivera back but how they are doing as with all of those injuries. Is quite amazing Baltimore Orioles hanging in there. With that young starting rotation and Ryan -- as one of their young arms he's in the bullpen Jim Johnson their closer he's getting the job done increased Davis Adam Jones went there. Power has been quite impressive. J. J. Hardy having another great year at shortstop on the better pick up. Attic Adam and MacPhail Andy MacPhail made before handing the baton over to former Red Sox GM into pet now. President of baseball operations over and Baltimore I you can look at what camp is dealing. Five games behind in the division -- struggling a little bit button -- more. As having a great year and irritation. And just taking a look at what they've done without BJ -- without James Shields now in Kansas City. This is it's a Tampa Bay Rays team that. Has relied on their farm system over the years and endless and he. It doesn't matter who believes whether it's Carlos Pena Carl Crawford who -- how much money those guys are making. And on other teams because a razor and able to pay them. After they reach their full potential and Tampa Bay in late. Experience a lot of losing there's always somebody in the farm system. The take over for those guys I call Crawford leaves leaves Desmond Jennings comes up. You know -- edges so many talented players on this slippery activity -- team play and fortunately -- -- -- Not able to compete right now I know it's may. Play Matt -- are really the only shining star in the rotation deep price not happening. Agree year we talked earlier about mark early after his one year with the Marlins after. Spanning his career with the Chicago White Sox. This is a guy who. Hate not having -- here with Toronto but today. I don't know what we saw but it was vintage Chicago White Sox Mark -- facing this Boston Red Sox lineup they were -- an evil. To Muster much off of him. And domination dominating this Red Sox lineup you can look at you know the two doubles by Mel Brooks. That was in my opinion and really the bright spots of this off -- no one really able to do much more. And Clay Buchholz Clay Buchholz was great and unfortunately. Mark -- was a little bit better for taking your phone calls here 61777979837. It's not losing to deter crime blue jays the read its unity now lasts seven of their last nine. Any into the rubber match tomorrow Brandon Morrow will face Ryan dams there. Another great pick up whether Red Sox this offseason -- and have an off day on Monday. And in nineteen road trip following that Tampa Bay Minnesota. And Chicago coming up in the next couple of minutes we'll talk to baseball analyst national baseball analyst. I didn't catch he's calling in on the AT&T hotline until -- we're taking your Red Sox on calls. 6177797. 937 you can also text that's at the -- and ninety -- Of the issues you wanna talk to Jim -- about. Of course this division has he been talking about here. On WE I -- it. You know really what happened this week in Boston in terms of you know the controversy surrounding David Ortiz and of course Clay Buchholz and -- -- as -- mentioned before he did make amends with Jack Morris. On the field before it became Jack Morris apparently apologizing to Clay Buchholz. Both of them saying he had no. Ill feelings towards each other so I think -- put that one behind us. And until we hear from. Yeah I mean you'd have a -- you know -- eighth -- that I at all play the winner in the rally today -- we're back to the body. Yeah but it is an act it was up there -- a lot different ways I I don't record on the court clean base hit. And -- I'm seeking. Routine that -- in that -- certainly -- field and -- Eight that it here. Now I work you're in your favor if you want there every. I completely understand late John Farrell just impose it all worked long ball I mean your present. Maybe -- pay for -- I am very pro while it's. -- I know it's early yet you -- -- -- are quite like he targeted. Yet the bulk of the sort that we could be. You try to get a hit the second date at a -- -- about everything you do put the ball -- play quarters. Again I agree with you make your call Andrew. I again I love the small ball I I understand bunting was. Valuable option right there but you heard on Arabs say he didn't want it taken that out of TD through his hands. Have. Hey you know you can argue this point and and until we're blue in the face. -- Jon -- side it's a matter of opinion. Could you -- them are absolutely will not Burks are ready on second base not a coming out -- -- after that. The bottom line is at -- get the job and the fact that we're talking about the ninth inning. And one small move that could have made a difference in the game in the -- and did nothing for the prior eight innings. Because all of it more important let's talk to -- and then they'll be on the. A -- I usually I'm good area good all of that you bought some -- so. Started with the yet at. I knew that was -- beat top. Very good as we see your first police. It then -- that in Minnesota. -- you know very concerned ultra Ronald. That you will -- quote is it's almost like you know be in the unsinkable Titanic as everyone thought but we saw what happened. Again not really achieved said he. You know these are already gave up one not. It's just you know we're always want to deal light in. What it could look at it still. Thanks -- -- that. We're getting it right out is Allah. And relief -- that came in today actually was your -- are you gonna ride it out until -- -- comes back healthy. And you're gonna eat the contracts of -- again and you're gonna wait for them -- -- -- the calmer round which he already has some wide. He's gonna get out of this -- Stephen Drew is gonna feel better coming off of that concussion. -- -- Jacoby -- there a half step up his game even more power numbers from hand and Dustin Pedroia mean there are so many factors that list and you know teen. Is is gonna go through their slots in the near the American League east has already gone through his eight periods where you guys gonna wanna jump off the Tobin Bridge in June healthy again in August and you probably wanna hang yourself in September. Mean this is what I'll do here. -- You know. -- and eleventh. So yes it's -- here in fact I would rather know that the closer situation. It worked out now coming to Sally -- not not a good inning effort is Alec gave up the home run to Adam Lind. By the is coming back I know that he's due to come off on Tuesday from what I understand he hasn't even thrown off -- -- injury that could. Obviously set him back but it's not as bad as -- C news. And again and I think there is there's growing pains as a bunch of new guys on this team the one thing you can hang your hat on as the act that. There is extra extremely amount of good chemistry on this ballclub any team to get back together at this Boston Red Sox team. We'll take Don and -- now on on the. What about pollutants that react or charts -- and J. D. Drew. An ally lesson that is John that that is a valid. Statement and argument but the problem is that it's it's Stephen Drew his job you know that's his job and it's his job to lose. So right now I think they're gonna go with Stephen Drew. -- act go is a promising. Person to put in that role or at third base if Wilma -- needs to step ballot that rib injury play in LA. Is -- an everyday player. I mean you know we've seen some some some streaks of brilliant -- from him of ours but that is Steven -- job unfortunately things -- I'm Stephen -- is getting paid way too much money. To be on the band's. Until he completely Sox. And is batting over 85 and there's no other choice but to -- guide then yes Syria though is that I we're gonna take a break general earlier Sports Radio Debbie week EI. Coming up after the break we're gonna talk to. National baseball analyst Jim -- from MLB network radio. After the break.