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Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated says the Celtics are cooked without Rondo

Apr 24, 2013|

Chris Mannix of SI joined the show to discuss the Celtics game two loss at Madison Square Garden. Chris said that the Celtics are lost in the playoffs without Rondo and that Kevin Garnett does not look like himself.

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Is a boxing -- he's a basketball maven our friend from sports illustrate a -- Maddux joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning dramatics how are you. Sorry my bad morning Chris -- Guardia. Well you tell us we watching the beginning of the end of this three year experiment that has gone six because it seems to me it's not just a coincidence that the play well for a half. And look old and tired and half court basketball in the second half of both these first two games against the next. Yeah I mean they they can't win without Rajon Rondo is excited boiled down to that in the news such. As but it got the first half they played -- -- they attended they made shots Kate Perry was big for them. But the second Appleby -- -- a modicum. Defensive intensity. They could do nothing because they don't have anyone that war. That knows how to manufacture shot veered to the best because it. But it was pretty clear to me that the knicks were loading up on him and and really put focused on and keeping him under control. And the second half conducting more shot the second half without Rondo. I mean they got nothing in the paint me everything was 88 contested jump shot -- one or two passes and just. -- always -- depressing to watch as the knicks. They're not a good defensive team and they were good for like five games. In the month of November that public that their -- back you know Carmelo Anthony ball circa 2008. And -- out score people. We just sit there and actually put any kind of pressure of the Celtics. You know last night if they didn't have anything. In terms of plane making that could respond. Chris is the style of playoff basketball the reason they miss Rondo now and didn't miss him so much a sustainable back in the regular season. If this style is the intensity of the playoffs -- That it back to one or when a team get the postseason they can focus all their energy on focusing one team in over. Over two week span. The doubt that is about probably. The biggest factor means that an -- outage the game slowed down in the postseason and we seeing -- first and the last two years -- -- what does that -- In the playoffs have been the best player on the floor every single year and you heard Erik Spoelstra sing his praises. Almost every single year got to Miami Connell my stroke offensively he just create shot and he wreaked Havoc in the paint and you can't -- that we can't replace that. Do you think KG looks old tired hurt -- all the above. I think it looked tired more than anything -- the united I think that playing with that are positioned just where it just wears on him and it's it's simply amazing to me that he's been able to pull off that many minutes. And this helped fuel the last two years playing center when he never did it during his career and he expressed. Pure hatred or really during that time Minnesota mean even what was center. And all backed them but he stepped into the role because spot -- needed to Andy any he's done it beautifully you know the built one of the top senators. Really in the entire NBA but it's pretty clear to meet. That the fiscal hole it is wearing it when you enter this series -- talking about going up against Tyson Chandler. Who's just back tapping everything and he's going -- -- even trying to rebound some of these -- He is gonna happen tipping it all the way back -- half court put rate held Jason -- or somebody else. Ellis is a way without but deposition you watch. If you could say the Celtics could use one an amount that LeBron James Kevin Durant one guy that just. The fix what ails them one bit Tyson Chandler wouldn't beaches from the main G big east in the middle. Excuse Kenyon Martin Brenda Barton but you you in your column to -- aside dot com Chris your lead you lead with that just the perfect place. The summed up the game late in the third quarter when Anthony I don't know who he makes little movements like half as pick. -- pierce and Garnett normally would be there. But he couldn't move we couldn't get them and and Carmelo went up and dunked. And pretty much put the explanation exclamation point on this game. And you said in the past the B Kendrick Perkins or she walls or maybe even a healthy Kevin Garnett. Younger healthy Kevin -- but they don't have that second line of defense anymore. Now they've badly needed to me -- somebody in that five spot letters Perkins or even -- -- let. They had a chance -- multiple chances of dying Kenyan Martin this summer they signed Darko -- -- they signed Chris Wilcox first. They allowed him to sit on the sidelines all season long. I don't understand it I mean I know -- at what used to be I think that I think during the regular speed output on Twitter and I was writing it constantly with somebody. Should pick him up in the Boston should pick him up because Kenya last year I would didn't -- that that entire first round series -- continue -- was brilliant. Play politically clippers he was on the floor in the fourth quarter of most games defending market at all and defending Zach Randolph and even -- shell of its former self. I don't know reasonably -- couldn't commit to give Austin's 1520 minutes of good play everything light. Everybody else out -- until with the knicks have gotten a real gem in him. That's been valuable for them in the first round but it looked -- they absolutely need someone like -- I -- -- -- -- back stop that line they simply don't have the interior strength. The match up with anybody docket playoff teams but immaculate anybody anymore and play out. You know that the double whammy on this Kenyon Martin thing is heavily was Kenyon Martin who said the fact that the Celtics didn't pick him. -- lit a fire under Kenyon Martin I mean it's one of the reasons he's playing with such intensity. Yeah I don't -- but he kind of walked into question last night somebody -- at the right to do it. Made it definitely in terms of of not being picked up the -- deployment chip on the shoulder all the wrong idea and you think that everyone. Oh is noted that night everything alike because they've passed on him because they thought. He was a bad locker room guy because he doesn't practice a big canyon mine doesn't practice -- practiced since like 2005. He -- doesn't put you would be more. But the topic don't practice that -- admit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- property and it just goes to walk through once you get through the second third month of the season. -- after the game -- insisted that it was Celtics bad defense in that second half that led to their absolute you know no show offense do you buy into that. Yeah I think that they they slowed down defensively no no question about it they weren't content they get many shots. As they were before and honestly. You okay come into it and got shot I mean he was defended pretty well sometimes. By Jeff Green by Paul Pierce and he was just making some of those vintage Carmelo at the -- receipts over the top -- it just seemed like -- didn't have the energy. Coming out of top guy in the New York did on on the right to the -- in the opposite end. They just weren't chasing down guys in the perimeter and I think doc was sort of at a loss after the game did kind of explain why I mean you have to do given nick given it a lot of credit. -- -- Shumpert is by the gate and yet he says double file trouble the first that he'd start lighting them up. From the perimeter right up about the he made the shot as well but yeah if they -- right they just didn't seem to have that same type that had become not have to. I think they win a game. Yeah I'll I'll say yes because it was in the box look at all the there's such people pride and the next. It is so predicated on the jump shot -- that at some point -- keep their shooters go cold there guys that are you know 37 years old like these some of them one night during the next two games. Would they lose something I think bought and give it one more game but I just don't even coming back to New York. And winning a game five at the -- simply because that they just can't get enough offense to the around. But a question for me have you heard or do you have any plausible explanations or theories about the maddeningly inconsistent maddeningly inconsistent Jeff Green Chris. Well I mean I don't know what it is -- that is kind of get greeted at this point in the have been a work course for them. In the second half of the beaten and -- -- -- -- Just that out but I can say this that the inconsistency. What -- Oklahoma City back in the day you don't want to keep. Jeff Green they offered a good contract extension but they won't want to go with hi Jeff Green wanted to go. Because the -- consistency it was a big part of it is -- was going to be that guy. Every single lightning data that. He's one of those personal -- in the NBA could do a lot. As at either of either sports spot for the perimeter and on the inside but there was some light as you -- she doesn't disappear and that's the most frustrating thing about greens. And that's something -- bad and it totally resolved volatile the back. I'd say last night was one of those one of the great disappearing acts. Three baskets one rebound one assist in thirty for a minute -- -- -- If not not with Rondo got a lot of you have to -- 825. Point per game guy in the. Hey don't tell me Chris as you watch this team -- nobody appear really thinks that we're gonna make a run and get them finals and win it all and I hammonds. That's just not gonna happen. What happens next year year after do you see any kind of plan any kind of a future for this Celtics team. Well that they've got to get creative. That one the other gonna have some. Those that those exceptions they can use -- start -- -- as -- -- -- -- -- -- yet there are going to be guys on the market I think there weren't a lot of money battles you know come next year the year after that. Are suddenly got got to realize there are gonna -- at the market -- a pay them. What they wanna be paid the bottle could have a kicked the -- -- -- if they're creative and I got app do well the draft and the core of the team. He gets it together for a couple of years anyway I mean it ought to try to trade altered the deadline it didn't work they've they've tried to trade Kevin Garnett. He now way to -- no trade clause you don't wanna trade Rondo. Now obviously not now either because of the ability and that he you know you watch a way how to play without him and how good he is. In the post season -- have to hit home runs the draft Jerry looked at the biggest thing for me it mean if there's one of the weaker traps. In recent years in -- -- even next year they won I think in the twenties are. Our I mean even they have to find ways to get real count the draft -- they can build your outlook. This team will be much better page at soldier Rajon Rondo I firmly believe. That they would beat the knicks if they had sellinger. And Rondo right now so I don't think they're that far from being able to contend for one little spot behind Miami in the Eastern Conference but they don't have any hope beat the heat. In the next couple of years they asked -- absolute all runs. Every single time they pick in the draft. If this year's final doesn't match the heat and the thunder. Who would it be Chris. Our ABC in Oklahoma tonight San Antonio and I think it's one of those two teams vehicles. That -- heat but if not the heat or or the thunder San Antonio horses who the next. Indiana now and it in the -- -- -- the second round. I don't I don't by the -- and all get good defensive team that deepened and talented the pacers. I mean they call our home court advantage into the beef and it's troubling for me. Somewhat because they don't it -- an -- win on the road yet and that that's a disappointing. Part without the other potential going to a conference final match up with Miami but the way they played defense in the fact that they -- -- brilliantly. In the half court I think the knicks get around them he what do real tough defense that he looks like a young. Defensive minded type team looks like I think that the bad matchup for them and in Indiana. The only way they can beat Miami -- -- conference finals got a that they can find some way to steal one of those first few games on the road. You saw Ali plays that he -- here in the post season there were a couple of games barely on. Where they had -- on the routes into games early this season they beat down he Indy in Indiana they just can't I've been to find a way to beat them on the road that it might be the one thing that -- He is our friend from SI the basketball that Chris medics appreciate the talk always fun talk a ludicrous we'll talk to them -- Chris medical Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE fault lines open we'll talk with you whether Rem dog in the 8 o'clock hour.