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New York Post's Joel Sherman with D&C

Apr 1, 2013|

New York Post columnist Joel Sherman helped the guys preview the Opener today in the Bronx. Joel did not see a great year for either the Red Sox or Yankees.

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The Red Sox and New York for opening day against the Yankees would we rather talk to than our -- the New York postal Sherman old -- on the AT&T aren't. AT&T forgy LT good morning -- happy opening day -- my friend. -- -- You know that's jolt was who -- down that was talk -- when he said that. In all the busting guys -- will improve the -- the New York talk stroll yet government Jules yeah yeah. And he says the New York media know more about baseball and they're more professional. -- the Boston me -- agrees with that you agree with that shall. You know that bought New York needed more or. Did you find ironic jolt that -- seems to me to be a much better chance but the Red Sox and yankees finish next to last and last. Then first and second this year it's not about fair statement. I mean I think that you can. -- the elite in any combination first trip to the first. I I have trouble -- -- out and ago if you tell me done what they've bought coach -- make thirty starts each and pitched really well. I think the reps are gonna be really. You know they they added adopt. Did they had a great player this season know what they. Yeah it was a real issue with them last year I mean I remember seeing the Red Sox -- are great especially after the trade that they were trotting out. And it just opened up there. And now you have a sense that a combination of the guy they brought in and their farm system getting closer is not ready we got the Jackie Bradley hell. They're they're. Going to be better than it should it worked really a 69 win team we note it was dysfunction with Bobby down and there was a lot of injury -- not the -- underlying talent they're not 69 when talent. Nevertheless they're still enough pressure point it would down and crushed -- the Yankees and the confusion is good. I just think if you keep playing the division that was played under par 200. -- you got the Yankees finishing fourth in the AL east correct. -- -- That there's a tradition. And Mike blocked. The man that I make tech and you know you if you hit me on the right -- I could pick the division and a completely different matter I I really do think the division is that are up. You're -- I'll be like -- -- get out and -- And they get out of the -- portly with all the talent they have on paper. What's your leadership or restore. You know what -- you know you if you start looking at who's just even being in the playoffs on the bleachers you got more early won a championship. Oh they're great it was built in 2000 sick and Colby Ratliff was a secondary player on some good Cardinals teams. It kind of yet. There's no one else who has played any kind of to give up and you know they are -- in my look at and say what they open up. Sixteen and twenty wore something like that -- they really have. The leadership. Too we got in the Red Sox were -- for example that is used to winning ninety scheme that can play a lot of things went wrong last year they kind of collapse. I and that was with a bunch of players you know probably and so I'm just wondering what happened to Rondo. -- -- get relenting will be good if they don't get out of the deep real. I did the boss tell everybody on the staff to -- the Red Sox last 'cause that's where it. Appears to me -- as Ahmad. Jerry bruising the host of are we got what part what have walked. -- like come on board and radio and and deal with non. Every single guy in the post picks him last but I mean -- I'm I would never accuse you will be at homer you get the yankees' fourth. But you senate could go one -- 5521 any order you see a scenario where -- with Boston finishes one or or or the Yankees finished one. Yeah I you know I go to I think that he's played a hundred kind. Each team in the division would win ten to fifteen times and then you know there'd be a variety of other outcome I think. And the Red Sox bullpen could be the best bullpen in the sport under certain circumstances. If you told me -- Ortiz and even -- get healthy. And get -- left handed stop to go along with Jacoby Ellsbury. You know -- and and again I I think. You've got held up on the if since its field. It Latin pop culture you know the Red Sox are gonna be. And -- -- buckles are not good or injured like you were last year the reds are probably gonna struggle if he'll need a lot of weight is on those two. Doesn't -- feel -- to look at the Yankees that they might be at the breaking point and everybody's 39. On this team right now until except Robinson canal. Right well there's a cute thing I won't debate I picked them war. Because the field mean they are more. Tipping point that ever before they have injury they have gauge. They didn't have a player like Jackie Bradley junior ready to step in their -- is what they're ready to help with an energy -- -- player. And again the strength. The vision is such. That they are certainly two games in your division and if -- can get up in your division walls I don't use someone like that but like in the -- let everyone in the eighteen games in Houston just you know kicked the heck out of them. Then I think Andy -- or anything else but it division winner come out. -- -- -- -- But I'll that it is. I remember in 2000 on the left and when the Yankees start assembled a team everyone laughed and said. -- looked at the 2005 all thirteen back together again and Eric Chavez and air Gerald and -- are these are -- Cologne and they won 95 into all the guys played great and then. Like stupid W. That you are ready to have to be dumb enough to it hurt every week so the chair to get in the ring. Everyone at the same joke again last year when it was Raul Ibanez in -- has been into Johnson. Eventually. Each were duking Dirk load you know what everyone of those guys help. And the Yankees had the best record in the American League. And you know what we're making the same stupid -- again I'll look at who they're breaking -- and well the only itself I think would be great. Well I think at some point the party stopped but I -- -- when it stopped in 201112. And it mostly in the American legal last. Did you explain to me why A-Rod who has been. In invisible guy in spring training is going to -- the stadium today. Is -- eagle driving him to do that won't that be a huge story what he's not he's not done any. It -- appearances has he since the. He has not been put a statement but I mean. Look -- DL I guess we can agree to agree that he should never come around the team again but in theory. He out of the public art Major League Baseball yet and in theory he's rehabbing to try to rejoin the -- Somebody -- doing that and it is in New York. -- every other case were not Alex Rodriguez yeah. Would be in uniform. Part of the -- and hoping that Mark Teixeira on the DL he's not -- playbook what the middle of any secret at all in uniform all the warranted. -- again the question out. Wanna cup several holes for Alex and a little everyone felt like the everyone reacts in your -- -- -- is important figuring most people despise. But they're not in the world like an injured player in New York these -- to try to lighten their season. Wouldn't come B COLT to the line I mean I would target there probably more bizarre -- entrance -- came out what the Triborough bridge. Today in Queens. Played this year you know I -- in theory out of my. Age all -- other quiet concerns about the length and depth and -- of two shares injury that this might be. Our career altering if not career ending. Well what kept career altering or career ending you know most of conversation about what happened in the 2013. Season and it. Certainly 2013. Chipped. Because on the best case scenario is going to be there a month of the season in America -- -- I am not good enough to -- make the Red Sox while we'll prepare. Is going to be not take a left or starting you lefty but he is going to be their primary first baseman. You know luckily -- didn't -- all the rock salt or shall sure comes back and Teixeira had a tricky injuries even Teixeira would say. He believes he's gonna come back in early may. And being himself but resting it. But he got in Europe it's a lot about. Nobody incident as a physical game. Like in the way we could just say footballer even basket more and certainly hockey games but if you screw up anything in your from your war on there and which you will see it just because it will let you got to take batting practice you got to four back today and if that race doesn't completely completely heal and it does that -- week where one swing in June and turn it. You know into problems again right so I I think they'll never be out of the woods -- thirteen and who knows. Here's the scariest thing when you talk about your age guys. -- day to day marks the beat you up. Second half of the contract. For Alex Rodriguez -- to share an -- about the -- -- all. Get begin to go on to the second capital under today all three of those guys. It's a long way to pay those guys those guys are not those guys anymore except perhaps sabathia is close. Well how has Youkilis settled into his new environment. You know I I thought really liked -- -- actually Smart early. He could not have been more accommodating an engaging he kind of got it all -- away what are you want to talk about. You know like I found that Joba Chamberlain -- interest -- yes there's nobody who's well respected in the Yankee clubhouse and job with that that anyone -- darn if Joba Chamberlain likes a lot. You know. In just a travel -- all of his contract that regulate a free agent yet that you're going to be playing. Some cynical archery to be named later you know he's not gonna be in the future I don't think anyone. In the leadership fabric of the team. Care that much and you know we should property of the team begins with Derek Jeter who it would you coolest -- USA in the previous double BC and school. Like how he played and ultimately. Most Yankee clubhouse are not ideal role like Joba Chamberlain is a very professional skier. I think Kevin Youkilis or even the biggest detractors with state. Becomes our open you know what he can play everyday like art. And whether Celtic are real will be based on that are pretty -- -- last. Clearly seemed to lose caddie Jimmy bought the western comebacks somewhat but not all the way in Chicago we're gonna -- -- -- what. -- Do you think it's -- and for Derek Jeter Jules and and and win do you think it's gonna end in New York for Jeter. Well that's a great question and a question hovers over The Who. And people don't talk about it -- -- -- Alex contract a little between Jerry. Because. I think Derrick is one of those players -- -- gonna have to -- you know formal camp and he's gonna want it to the right. And is the people handle a much -- not a cheap boring and price probably for him where it would be bad PR not -- -- impact. Can do what would worry I would think. Jeter rehab your entire offseason and whatever -- -- kept saying what will be -- -- player by the first day of the season. He never played more than five innings in the field. In spring training any game when he -- -- -- to sort of play the next guy -- guys with good. Congressional. I put Derek Jeter at the very top of guy -- will be. But I watched and we are -- you're dealing. If you're Jeter couldn't get back on the field after spring I didn't and swearing or five months so we -- To me that every Yankee -- believe he's coming back quick look at a lot of shortstop this year is what we got Leo Burke wrote. So and in terms of going forward are these teams not two teams going in different directions with the aging yankees with the NBA draws the chair -- the -- it's Kuroda -- Rivera's vs the Jackie Bradley junior in the Bogart's in Iglesias with the Red Sox as well look at a year or two or three years down the road -- Well you know -- -- I'm always. Hesitant. Right now Jackie Bradley is the flavor of the month you know let's let's -- at 500 plate appearances -- now as people adapting. And the pitching gets better. I always encourage people to go on opening day -- back peaceful American pop under prospects by yours ago and tenure don't get two years ago. It's very very hard to play Major League Baseball much harder still be. Good -- for extended period trying if you don't believe you look at those lists and those guys what was that all they're all going to be right there untreatable. And I ample turn out to be difference -- real difference maker so we'll see all the guys at all feel good out right now are now. You know you -- I think after watching last I think they'll Brooks is going to be stall and that guy I think he's going to be able to hit about a one. It Bradley joined them what now. You know through eight or principal way to having a yard ought deficient lineup moving into the near future would I inspire that -- -- Adversely you know -- six months from now we're talking about hey you know Michael Pineda came back due to pitch really well to the Yankees at -- -- -- -- it to their Jackie Bradley but not until July 1. Then you know that that's why I hate prediction. You know I I Albert is in the paper the other pitcher is. I picked at Indy -- virginal all crystal ball I picked Adam Eaton at the Diamondbacks. To win the rookie of the year and the next day he sprained his elbow and -- two arms and your hat on on the fly re write it in our paper under. I didn't know what was gonna happen 24 hours -- out of all the way to what happened aren't aren't. But your boss make should do a -- your boss Alex -- -- These Gio sharp from the York post always a pleasure talking baseball with a certainly an opening day enjoy your day Joseph talked it down the road. You know -- old Charlotte Dennis and Callahan in the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT he -- speeds up to ten times after the three GAT and T. -- it off and say he could say that the world New Yorkers. All the post has picked that it's in the sell you all. Even like George king. -- reputation homer as the Yankees third. They don't and I homers in the look and another anybody and so I'm sorry I've screwed up the screwed up Mike and I'm sure he has as the Yankees. Last Red Sox for. Yankees last bit of the yankees' second not that I can find now no Joel Sherman has some warmth as he pointed out. And Devin -- has some warmth of Sox yet that's been like a popular pick in New York. So Mike -- in third -- -- fifth. It's Kevin Kiernan has yankees third Red Sox yet. It's. A battle for the basement in and my yankees third Red Sox if the best think the Yankees he's third in New York. Haven't seen anything like the Yankees and Red Sox. Are expected. To battle. Last place so this is the year finally at last where people said this is the year the Yankees get old before our rise that is. Yeah at all before I could at least the Red Sox in a way that blood bath new blood. They went a different direction really mean obviously the 169 yankees won 95. The Yankees I would -- -- -- worse place in the Red Sox at Sox seem more hopeful right right the younger they have more payroll flexibility they don't have an A-Rod. Thanks to Magic Johnson allowed five years and -- I don't have an A-Rod or even Teixeira than a million anchors. The Yankees. Are in worse shape who wherever they finished this year. The Red Sox to me looked closer to a a title closer to a division -- close -- -- World Series and the Yankees take compared the Teixeira contract in the -- contract this David Ortiz thing -- all that bad now. The attack.