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Tom Werner, Red Sox Chairman: Tito's book "fiction"

Feb 15, 2013|

Tom Werner chats at Spring Training for the first time and joins Lou Merloni to talk about the franchise and Terry Francona's book.

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The good thing we got this. Spring training we can before the asteroid its closest. Miss out. Butler 937 WEEI amid a hand in studio -- been -- Fort Myers all week bringing us the sounds. The first full week of Red Sox spring training including a conversation that would Red Sox owner Tom Warner. Just a little while ago about book -- his book the read what you think this -- Tom -- for Myers. I -- number -- Red Sox chairman Tom Warner and Tommy is a different approach -- ownership and -- it all together at a meeting individually as it. -- now and John was over here few days ago I. Won here today because it's the first. World all. Team assembles in. Very inspiring. -- and the new guys dressed team as a group. We did and we addressed the team we talked. Commitment to winning. And as an organization. Round. Ones on the ninety plus games. For so many seasons last it was harmful but it. We've gone through that door and excitement. 2013. And looking forward to playing baseball it was a difficult year obviously with on the field last year and off the field what is different this year you might come in can. Well for story O line new faces and real talented baseball players. Who like to contribute positively to the clubhouse chemistry obviously our chemistry you know. It was in perfect. And that you know IC Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli and Jonny Gomes and you know. Ryan Dempster these guys do as you know and great seasons in. I'm I'm quietly confident. Appeared to come and -- the chemistry in thousand LA's chemistry between the team the players themselves was fine but the chemistry in. And I always knew what he was implementing maybe use ownership management coaches will -- sponsor and -- those -- -- IE -- not hear him say it's so I've only heard second hand and I don't know as you said who used. Referring to. But there's no doubt that there was a disconnect last year but says that's behind this. And I hope we. Don't have too many more games like him too many -- September's like we have last September that was an -- that. And -- last year is that. One of the things that I'm very pleased about last it was that we did make that trade and we knew I think we only. 45 games under 500 remain in trade obviously we ended the season -- orally. But that trade him release had a subpar 2013. And when you look at this. That I want to ask you first off because Larry says he hasn't read the book and John Henry said he -- bits of the book have you read Dan -- and Terry Francona is -- I've read the book fortunate enough to pay for it was given me. But today it's a good piece of fiction. Would magic is obviously you that this Josh taken an ownership and you yourself in came across guy caring for ratings in mentioning that in meetings and in May be looking for tension of the other groups or how did you feel -- read and things like that wound that was met with solely. The only time I can remember. Ever taught him in the sixty player -- Michael bench Harrington tones and Vicente Padilla. That was your version of sixty we gotta talk -- that. I don't know Lou I don't know what else the same there was so many things in that book they were fabricated. And but you know. We we except that knocks then it's a certain amount of the knocks that we received we here we are perfectly. Mature enough to handle when you lose. It's. It's a tough situation but you know I would just say -- fans that. We we suffer you know man you know when you know who we are and you know. How important yes it is for us to get things back on the winning track -- game -- don't hear somebody say that you love -- -- the game of baseball. To get her here and well was inaccurate. I have in my office a picture of me. I'm a freshman at college making a movie about Fenway Park and -- picture was taken 45 years ago so. I mean I just know how much I love the game and and really we care so much about. Kenny back to our winning ways then that's what I'm focused on. Should care about you know the brand you should care about sales and getting out there that. Did you ever get to a point lower is it it got in the way of maybe baseball operations as maybe as a certain tempo. Now the fact is. We as as Johnson. Every dollar. We have. We have put either into a competitive baseball team or Fenway Park. Or amateurs. Or something and -- that we don't. Profits. And and you know we think we've done in the community we've done in the field and off the field. And defense it is incurred I think the real thing. Knows how much we care. Mr. Henry talked about getting away from core philosophies and then sort of left it that Larry kind of talk we're when he mentioned that talking about getting on base grinding out at bats things like that. Q what's the core philosophies is that on the field this it is it. Getting that type of lineup or was it off the field as far as the team you're. Think when -- start to talk -- that. As you said you know you -- in -- and and winning is you know is a combination of great veteran experience. Having a strong farm system. Wise. Wise trades I think it too we were chasing something. Listen you know some high priced. Free agent trades we -- we regret that. Heart was in place and you know we wanted to do is win. To Larry Lucchino said that the sellout streak of rest in peace this year expect him maybe even early in April. What were your thoughts at the Seles stricken last year people looking Edinson I don't see the butts in the season what are they talking about. More -- -- -- street and then all of those games April evenings when people feel the ball park in. And I'm only him appreciation for Sox fans failed Fenway Park. Every day in every nine and I know it and probably in April but it. I think that this. All all. Streaks and and that this has been a great compliment our. -- if you just win it'll all go away right that's all that matters people will come out. It's Celtics for this team for this group given -- maybe the course last year the perception is taken a hit on these players. When is it more than just winning is and maybe how you handle yourself out there like that we've got a great bunch of guys I think. Clearly -- the most important things -- me and and hopefully the sooner the better. -- don't want you know our first week is on the road. And we've had two seasons where we. Start the season and 615. We all want to the gate. Gate quickly but I think we've got a great bunch of players and new players who who who who. Our veterans -- experience. You know I can say it. I'm really quietly confident. Mr. wanna thank you very much I really appreciate done thank you very much I guys -- him. There we go -- live in now and I've been with Tom Warner in Fort Myers -- -- 93 point seven. WEEI at some level I give ward credit we both laugh a minute but he said he's asked the question you read the books and yeah I read the book. It was a good piece of fiction and followed up with a Vincente Padilla lined -- we script out. Good -- just throwing stuff I thought it a good line I I'll give ward credit be the first of that group. That's at least admitted three in the book you may not agree with what was in there but for Henry Lucchino to say. A book was written not specifically about them but featured -- and focused on them didn't read it. I don't believe that Warner owns up tells -- read the book nice piece of fiction but not agree with that. At least he admits. Do I think Lucchino and -- a rather Henry necessarily read the book cover to cover -- -- -- maybe not but they might come. Did you ever -- -- -- -- your name in the back in go to the -- you read about it there weren't ready and I was piece of fiction. If -- owner of this team. We saw a couple of championships and spent hundreds of my billions of dollars over the course and gave Terry Francona ever resource he -- upset too. Incredible fortunately and -- to pay for it it was given to me but today it's a good piece of fiction. Good for him. -- line there in the tech's response is pretty mixed on the AT&T text line at 39379837. Those who don't want to hear at least I said the comes across. The -- Steve she owner that Padilla line was pretty good. I give him credit for saying that that but the proof is going to be in the putting people who are there and -- conversation it's going to be about the wins loss in the field. And they win more than they lose and their pretty competitive for a wild card and they play baseball it's it's gonna to the right way what every consider that to be. They're going to be OK here in town near the ought to be the fervor anger -- gets the ownership. Or back off pretty quickly I think -- is is if you was one year -- if if they win more than they lose and they're competitive. And there's not these issues of manager communications. Excuses by the players if things -- -- a certain way. In one season you go back this ownership at least. As a being as respected as they wore the people not be as critical if people one -- decent year. In the books that's all gonna take in my mind yet because they spend money. The -- -- in the failed to move on to forget give us a bad year. The Red Sox have a great year -- -- clamoring for Terry Francona that stat you have to win and last year after the hole -- -- -- it really bad and bad job communicating. Especially Lucchino. They picked the wrong time every -- year in -- terrible manager a decision which -- clearly was in front of him so it to correctly so took a ton and it's. I -- a chance to turn it around then you know we'll see -- big -- 8470 people like this team battled a long way. And they have one next free agency Canadian spending and have money to spend next years of these prospects blossom academy another thing here. If -- think if he comes up the Bradley comes up Bogut comes up those guys probably middle Brooks did. Stuff like act goes a long way. With this fan based -- -- they wanna see the prospects you hadn't held on to because you -- made moves this offseason. One of their teams was don't trade prospects for current players and those guys blossom. That almost speeds up to me the process of -- the images ownership group and makes it bench Eric and is still a huge question mark we have not spent a lot I want him but. You spent time last year question and -- moves this -- I'm. You say so far not great I mean just based on the moves have been made double -- now he's wanna be their demands from roped it appears. Forgive me year -- what happens yeah and is a -- couple of years they were disciplined so far. To the state they've been disciplined. We'll see what happens at their close up in the wild card mix of fans are into it. I -- to stay patient in the offseason I think a stay patient OC so far the stick into the of one offseason one. 6177797937. Jiri TT -- line available for you. At 3793. Civil go back to Fort Myers -- -- Clay Buchholz will be on the show between now and now about 115 yards Sports Radio WEE.