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Rob Bradford breaks down the Victorino deal from the Winter Meetings

Dec 5, 2012|

D&C talk with WEEI.com's Rob Bradford from the Winter Meetings in Nashville to discuss the Sox's most recent move and what will happen with this team in the long run. They discuss whether or not the Red Sox are setting a big deal involving Jacoby Ellsbury and how all of these new pieces could fit together.

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-- for Dennis and Callahan. Conversation with WEEI dot com rob Bradford has brought to you. By the beaches of Fort Myers since Anna bell find your I would today at Fort Myers and a -- dot com. Joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Forgy LT eat. From the baseball meetings in Nashville Tennessee or rob how -- Oregon your letter grades for each one of these three acquisition so far happily Gomes and victory in just right off the top -- -- letter grade would you give these deals. I give -- because I was always a pretty big proponent of that. That's the duel and we'll give. He. Give victory you know if people are. A serious serious question -- serious question. Do you think David Ortiz is happy about this they gave more guaranteed money than Napoli and Victorino a couple of platoon guys. Then he and he had the fight for he got thirteen in two years they get thirteen each and Parikh. -- well that that's a great question but I think that if David Ortiz didn't get his. What you wanted. They might give -- by the Deaver he's got what he wanted. You know it goes back to. If if if if we get to the middle year and if we hear David Ortiz grumbling about this event of an electrical -- to completely wrong. But I do think that the fact is they -- -- out for something and that was beyond that I mean you can probably make. Fifteen million dollars a year over two years. So they are I think that he got what he wanted so we are at right now as we sit here I don't think you. More -- this will require a great deal of speculation on your part but I posed the question anyway. If the Red Sox offered Torii Hunter three years at 39 million dollars when you come here. That's a really good question I I didn't think so we've got to remember to vote you guys in there in something or proposal on that end up being around what you got to -- law that's overpaying for them but. You know this is that this is a whole new level but I think that. I think they liked Victorino believer not elect Victorino better than -- -- this really versatility because of his -- So yeah I mean. Torii Hunter wanted to go to Q what was perceived as a contender. And this was the battle they were gonna face across the border I'd take him and that's one of the many reasons why they had to execute the strategy there executing which is. You get overpay. In the short term two to get some these guys here. -- out on a CBS sportsline Scott Miller writes. Rugby rights within thirty seconds of the Victor -- news breaking many executives. In the opryland cascades lobby thought it was the silliest thing they had ever heard -- What was what did you hear what did you see what did you observe -- being in that that play that little place. I say I heard the along -- -- you think in terms of everybody will not everybody but a lot of people -- there is that while you know that's a lot for Shane Victorino they overpaid. I think some of the red guard people understood that they understand that they overpaid. So I am here to that extreme but. That in this is the big guys is that. Yet they overpaid they overpay for every single one of these free -- they've got so far. But the way they're looking at it is that it blog it doesn't hamstring them from doing other things. In other words. If Josh Hamilton felt that right now. And says hey you know you know -- to look beyond three years there in consideration for them and they can make a run out of the blog as they can say. We can't time that we can side judge Hilton because you know chipped it to -- contract -- and struggled. Then that's okay that they can throw around this -- your blog it does affect other things and they wanna do. So beyond the theme being flexibility here in the short term. Is also pretty clear that one of the a fuel driving this engine is good team chemistry cohesion clubhouse guys they want to go off flush out the toxicity -- was that clubhouse the last couple years. What big if you look at the club mostly. Right now compared to what it was. From just from my what I understand of the guys they brought then yeah I mean you certainly looked like a priority. You can hit that have to be like the third before things that you consider. When you -- your acquiring these guys as you have to have now. And you can't worry that if you can have good guys who don't bring anything to the table. So but I do think -- -- is under consideration all the guys we've acquired so far are at least perceived to be good clubhouse guys. You had to guess would you believe that the ultimate shoe to drop here is the trading of Jacoby Ellsbury for starting pitcher. Putting Victorino in center field and getting you the swisher may be Cody Ross signed a playwright. A big -- shoe to drop publicity whatever they can do with the rest of the money. And made out -- to put on the top -- you project with a payroll right now as we sit here with a arbitration cases. Around a 130 million dollars. So we we we know that kind of a 189 million dollar threshold everyone talks about -- they have a lot of money to spend. So made it is that Brady for a Cliff Lee in it may be yelled very might be part of that. Is that it is Dutch -- cable and all that. I think whatever move they make it even attainable but it's even though I think QB crazy that -- what he's gonna be out. You know do whatever move they make without money that's the next shoe to drop. In and buster only entries so between the rival officials. Leave the Sox are laying the ground work for and Ellsbury trade for pitching. Is is that richer here in that they may make this move didn't orders. It does Ellsbury for Cliff Lee makes sense to you. Not right now -- I could be get a -- get the -- span you wanna go take a flier and -- -- lead B yeah he's very good pitcher I think -- be very good acquisition. But it certainly -- very thing. Yeah I think there's the anti whether what that we've we've made everywhere running around throughout Alabi asking everybody. Nothing nothing is close with that they're and they're not on the verge of trading Jacoby Ellsbury. I think they're looking for potential deal down the road. Buy it if they're gonna put it this way by the time we fly out of Nashville. I -- that Jacoby Ellsbury is going to be traded. Will there be a trade I mean they're not throw -- right. Yeah and -- model to get through at all for reasons I just mentioned. Because they have a lot of money spent in and beat it these are very very expensive popularity players right. Probably who cares -- -- -- you know that if they have the might as well ever have before a -- -- hamstring from. Doing other things these guys can help you win who what -- is really going to be interesting to see if they really make him struggle in the you have to laws are going to be trade I couldn't tell you because all the trades that we've heard about throughout the off season whether it. You know hosted their trust and Jose Reyes or -- or the the Kansas City thing or whatever we hear about we can identify the free agent. But we don't know what they're gonna do in terms betrayed by his side do you think it's going to be another bullet to. I knew I don't I don't get the Goldstein he's gonna play left against lefties is that the plan. Are ya know looks right now. So you pay five million bucks for a guy play left the easiest position in baseball grip and that -- against lefties which is and 122225%. Of the time so once or twice a week. We're gonna see Jonny Gomes is not that good anyway play left and Fenway and bad what eighth. Yeah -- -- and I pick I think they'll play a little bit more than just against lefties but I understand your point and in this goes back to release that. It's an overpay every there's nobody who's gonna say that it's not. But they felt like OK you know like he has a brilliantly -- friendly park gets on base he's the type of guy that we need. Either complementary player then you wonder doesn't hamstring -- other things. Then we're overpaid for -- working in -- before another team who might also want it or you don't get them. The other -- the connects Napoli and Victorino is they are both getting overpaid coming off their worst career season I'm wondering. Robby in your estimation is -- reverse psychology going on -- really think well these guys can't be possibly that bad they're gonna have bounced back years I think Napoli very well may. But being behind the plate but but I guess the question is as follows you think it's more likely that something like RA Dickey. Will will fall further then somebody like Napoli will rise up the numbers -- buff in a Jones and. Well you sir is there and -- go require RA Dickey. -- suggesting that that did get it I think maybe more likely that that there is a bigger difference. Ian Ian RA Dickey results next year vs last year. To the negative then there will be from Napoli getting bad to good. Yeah I think so yeah it is this focus on you know -- -- first documented in order or your victory the first targeted that. That you're absolutely right you're definitely if you take a look at that you say hey you know what these guys are having. Bad years and they're getting paid a lot of money off of bad years and what they're looking at a they're looking instill that in and what the Red Sox need. It and blog is you don't have to do that put them in situations where hey you know -- if they are going to be able to succeed in other words. If you have Mike Napoli your signature -- centerpiece of the middle of our order. That you're in trouble because this is the guy who hasn't been able to play atomic games. But it is sitting with Victor -- if you're saying hey you know I mean he's gonna drive the -- at the top of our order then you're probably in trouble. But you don't think that that's the case here so -- again it's. It's it'll be interesting to see what the next move is for it because as other pointed out now with as Alex pointed out. You're you have of that quote from bench Arrington. They went on your radio show before which. They're going to be that all of the top payroll that I want that -- how you gonna do it all -- great now we know you're at a 130 million dollars. And just wrote quite aware of what we're next just give 38000039. And then everybody -- -- -- at that. -- wait for the next 39 million player you go Eric Chavez so. -- good at -- can tell when -- -- not well did they make an an attempt to sign. I animal Roche was he he just had two good year last year they want guys who sucked last year is that the the plan. Melvin and I think double fault for a while I think that they really like Napoli. Entered the draft pick for not covering -- go to traffic that was the big thing. I I did you hit it in mobile -- LaRoche obviously there are enormously. Better defensive player and now and not even close. But what are you studying Mike Napoli or deciding importer his bat. It's blog if he can be okay at first base. Then -- probably gonna keep him in the lineup a little bit longer and I distinctive -- like Mike Napoli back. Better than Adam LaRoche entire package which include everything becomes with a cup together. A -- what middle Brooks and Iglesias better work on their throws the first match. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What about that Troy Tulowitzki rumor what happened on that one because you'd been shut down because. He's making too much money over to long a period that that makes him more attractive to the Red Sox need to get the payroll up you know. You -- 2.0 is this -- we keep talking about money in and being able to spend money delegate -- the but as John points -- that -- the years that what if you get into a long term deal -- years that's where they're not willing to spend the money. And and that's why they're overpaid for all this got -- -- If they ever do get locked into long term deal -- better before the exact right god has left and they learn from the other guys stepped up now. They've -- hum on the subject Alfredo a service the manager John -- yesterday said personally I see him as a very dominant reliever late in the game. Second to sit well with double -- Well I don't know what we'll sit well double. You I said before I thought they ought to send stated position that sent him moment September and it toward the end of the year I thought it was. Really really poor form on his -- -- happy showing up at 5 o'clock. For games -- which is rule that we -- Bob Bobby Valentine's on top of fourth thirtieth at one time. But if we had really dug itself -- Yeah I understand why they're holding on to Alfredo -- -- enormously talented and that's probably his best role because that's what he was so successful in. Where a couple of years ago. By -- I think that style of also pointed out there's certainly rule for the guy he broke if he breaks -- then you know hey you know enough is enough. But he's broken so many rule so so many times before this dark I am the I'm a little skeptical bobbled that was thing. You think you -- ends up in New York as a temporary. Third baseman kill A-Rod gets healthy. By the end up in Cleveland. But it suited VA -- -- we we all were kind of going down that happened it'd be great they're they're. Well I could say I hope that you I think you have the big Cleveland both Bianca I hope he ends up in New York. When that they'll be. Gregory fund -- it has like a great first three months and then a -- Beckett says sorry my job now and -- -- attention. -- creates all kinds of chaos they did did -- sound convincing when he said I know what's wrong with Bart and I can fix Daniel. Or I don't know if you today I can fix them that you say this so this will be purging part about what are all talking about -- which is. It's not just say you know what go take a vacation and then come back and everything will be okay. He's very very adamant that there's going to be a lot of hard work to be done in terms of changing what he did mechanically. Physically everything else. And you know I think that that's the right approach it take because. I do think Bard was going down that road toward vehicle last year which is you know if you mentioned the reset button quite a bit. Well you know I think -- federal open -- reset -- isn't -- expects. It's so it I think it and that's one of the positives you get with John Farrell that you don't know -- -- bargain you'd taken that approach are probably. And getting out tomorrow tomorrow one more day is stuff for -- though will go put it there were just waiting for the next 39 million dollar on. Picks like a day to find the lobby and have placed us out here. Yeah W -- won't be that guy about. If B I'm sure you guys affect the reporters talking about how big you know source hotel that day who. Oh I think it's cool I've been there I think is one of the cool place just wander and you get lost just keep wondering. Yeah about. It's it is cool -- -- little -- here. -- rob good talk -- talked to get back but Garrett rob Bradford WEEI dot com joining us on the AT&T -- a conversation with rob has brought you by the beach is a Fort Myers and -- they'll find your island today at Fort Myers Annabel dot com.