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Jun 26, 2007|

Buzzer Beaters for Tuesday, June 26

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And -- the posts which we -- Some days more expensive the other day car breaks mountain where you snap your driver on the block angered workmen of the losers on -- -- -- -- in the car. Norman at one of motion to -- Greg Norman outlets hire private awesome golf great Greg Norman has agreed to karma is 300 million dollar plus fortune with a third of it. -- -- it was a strange wife Laura and their 25 year mayors the former world number one golfer. Who is -- who is in -- early on business. May have had to give up a large share of fortune. But the agreed to settlement avoided an embarrassing public court appearance for his lover. You know some brad Faxon. -- Omaha australian -- -- that would be the case anybody else -- -- you're sensitive cougar Patterson. She's the cougars from all you know always an embarrassing public court appearance his lover former tennis superstar chorus a walked why is ever. I think a lot of the back back the brad Faxon yeah hundred dollar million yeah Norman avoided watching his other friends including nick price and the Boston Maryland Robert McCann also appearing in court to give evidence about these young not so young lovers the agreement check this out. Divides up the money from his 20 million dollar mansion in Florida's Jupiter Wednesday that. The Norman estates wine company the popular Greg works where. Great white shark enterprises and it's golf course design -- the design division he won a result issue relate to the tax yet. On the seven private jets that Norman old seven marriage. The attorney says when Greg Norman -- current yet -- Tuesday gulfstream G5 you know 60 million bucks. Exit the 40 asked for millions of dollars in tax debt exchange during the buying and selling of the planes with a couple first announced plans for divorced a year ago with team amicable. But became heated after boatloads of Greg and 52 year old Chris Everett. But not super she's done well -- law -- seems holding hands in Sydney were published in the is she like a from normal conversation with. Is that what that's about more than one -- -- or please over -- would be okay you know what I again. Tell me all you want about the death penalty tell me all you want about -- about crime to -- if ever there was a candidate. For the death penalty it is this scumbag. Out of Salt Lake City, Utah birds altar is this guy who wears us to a swastika and the words is he emitted. On is heavily tattooed face was arrested -- RB's after he. Faked an injury to get through appeal to a hospital in which he grabbed it would be gone. Of the of a police officer was. Through your office whose name was Steven Anderson 60 years old 20 year veteran force was shot in the head. But this dirt -- who was believe it -- Here's the part of the equation. He was going for an MRI will file or go for an MR I don't recall. Three in my it's doubles and -- and and take a blood test in -- would old book of a at all. Those guys go in prison tattoos all over its skin. Obviously are bad people for demoralize them what to expect -- -- his -- Shoot him in the head and kills them if ever there was tell me why you should not. Put this guided -- we why this guy should live so wrong with the way the. I illusion that two got no problem with similar issues that got kind of used to Greg Norman was going out with before -- -- -- down. While another shoe to drop on one Adam pac man Jones yeah out the bouncer was shot he says his left ankle was bitten by it -- man in the stripped him as an ankle -- And now. The strip club merely did you know released soon -- you leave this suspended -- -- there. And other members of his entourage for damages for this -- but worth. Who the suit alleges that werth finally forced Jones outside the club where he says Jones threaten to shoot him. And acted as if he was reaching for a weapon at his waist band. The suits as a witness -- Jones -- -- another member of his group quote let's -- this -- Late in the suit alleges that a member of Jones group fired a semi automatic handgun five or six times sword -- weren't hitting him in the chest and left arm causing. Permanent injuries Eaton and then we have the case in the other bouncer summer events do you we all know which you -- paralyzed. From the waist down. Ed Jones I really had -- everywhere the -- don't think in the years when enough and -- -- -- the points