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Ryan Ruocco, ESPN NY, on Pats V. Jets and AROD

Oct 18, 2012|

ESPN NY's Ryan Ruocco joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the upcoming Pats Jets game and he gives a NY perspective of how fans feel about A-Rod.

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What steinbauer much -- not -- three point seven WE EIC Tony JG nice we see all your phone calls will get to them very very soon I promise. We should call earlier common New York. Mention our next -- named Ryan group co ESPN New York does afternoons. From one to three with Stephen A Smith and he said they have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About Iran I promise he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE. Was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. But forty juicy A-Rod stuff Reilly start with the football and I'm curious is is the jets patriot bonds. They're like he usually is for this one on Sunday in New York. It's not a personal probably New York a good thing that I -- that could give it. You don't not guys that you really isn't and it's just because. Alex Rodriguez says reverted back to the lightning rod that he was in this town pre 2009 you know he never really quite got back to that. Dat it's where you can get his name in the phone to light up over 20102011. But with this drama in the post season. You know it has become story. In our talent that much so that is normally a jets patriots week the entire week. You know every day there's two different storyline to build -- about it even Rex Ryan coming out when he -- that. And I believe we're going to beat the patriots on Sunday normally would be at the turn and added that dumping but it was almost the note on the week just because of the attention. Around everything surrounding Alex Rodriguez. Now I'm guessing if Mark Sanchez at the same -- eleven for eighteen for 82 yards and jets lose to be more buzz for ten for Tim Tebow but. But that's a good game right now and everybody thinks he's a good starter. You know like it's interesting because we Sanchez. It was almost like the first couple of years. And would want to blame him for everything even though especially in the post season you know he had done a really nice job. And he was -- didn't wanna really give him time to grow and now this year when he struggled acting like the majority of fans. Will make every excuse in the world for me doesn't have this guy its target they're still support the skill position. If not then the wind been reshuffled and not a -- doesn't have a running game. So it's almost like. Pentagon from being irrationally critical to rationally supported now -- that fourth consecutive games in which he completed less than 50% of the past it. Finally did get sort of lowers the workload and how to run game to work with against the cold. And yeah he did complete more than 50% of his passes and made a very you know mediocre eleven of eighteen for 82 yards but the key thing but it -- with a touchdown. No wonder that indeed that's been really bad turnovers this year and we know that Rex Ryan. If you want the quarterback to match. The game that's what he wants to -- it. Diverted attention as you saw on Sunday it certainly what they get to want him to do pay more of that game manager unfortunately. When you're talking about high powered Patriots offense that is you know running a gazillion play that game with how quickly they're operated you may have to do a lot more than just man. It indicated yet. If they had not won that game against Indy -- you getting to a point where you would have been talking Tebow all week and Tebow get a starting at this patriots team thank. Yes I do I really do I thought we were at that point heading into you detect in the game where if the jets got flattened bite you in the way they did. At this go and then just played really poorly. Then you were going to be spending the week talking about whether or not it would be starting. Against the colts because that gets played all right against Houston and the -- put up a fight against them. Know that conversation with cable and it was OK if they don't win the game against the colts rookies are they going to land. But once they won that game and the discussion -- stable again I think that next time you would possibly hear that. Would be heading into the bye week in a couple of weeks but I'm not sure that we will. Ever get there because like I said a lot of people aren't attributing the jets struggled to the quarterback even -- What the first quarterback jamarcus -- that fourth straight games under 50% completion. The right got to help me out here was Shawn Green because that's the blueprint that's -- you think this team is defense and run the football. But they'll before last week -- I don't think this guy. Is equality running back in the NFL. Was there something new with the way they ran the ball or do you think a date is that the strength and knowing the patriots to control them. -- -- -- -- interesting because I agree with you you know Shawn Green to the guy for the vast majority of his career. As -- look like a guy who get sketchy the absolute minimum with whatever hole has been created for him. You know he was among the worst in the league getting yards after contact heading into last week. And then last week he rushed for I believe with 67 yards after contact and he was outstanding after contact last week at becoming outfitted with the running game now. They got Dustin -- back and they ran 26 times in multiple tight end set this past week. -- an average of four point eight yards a carry so I think. Help them a lot of getting -- back running those multiple tight end that. And getting Shawn Green and bigger hole operate lifts yet he ran better after contact but he also had some huge hole to run through. And the jets ran -- 126 yards in those multiple patents that but I think that was a different which is Kevin -- back on the field. We're talking to Ryan group -- ESPN New York he's joining us here before the year we we talked about this jet team and asked yet. Other place the red zone presents -- Plaxico Burress go up make catches and LaDainian Tomlinson as a huge red zone threat is that an issue for this team here early on the season Ryan. Yeah it definitely is that I think it would be you know really cute youth ball security in those spots you mark can't get that has been. Crucial turnovers in the red zone right around the -- on late half support times. So that's still an issue I mean moving the ball between the twenties is as bigger bigger issue for this team. But in the red velvet haven't really found that target that they feel that comfortable with the facts sometimes it's almost been. Uncomfortable with the way they -- Tim Tebow Mark Sanchez in and out I think those guys feel like why you need to do too much on display. Because that might be taken out an excellent comedian -- just -- the path. It's intercepted because they feel like up I gotta make the play here that they might go home and then the next situation or attempt. Well you know hold onto the ball too long at a situation where if you get rid of it because in the it was a great -- A bit in the Miami game because he knows that this might down to get the job done because mark coming in on the next doubt but I don't think they've really found their rhythm yet. In the red zone between those two guys because they thought Tebow was going to be their ultimate weapon there and they haven't really been able to deploy him in that event yet they don't have. That go to partied in the red zone yet to hit like they did with Plaxico last year. Yeah I think is pitcher's defense of makes enters -- office Bibby looked better than they all but it's the other side of the ball or. As a patriot camp -- pretty good the jet ski and all the stuff the run last week but before that there of 172 a game on the on the ground and Ridley the -- run the ball lately and Tom Brady in this offense how does this defense stop this patriot offense. You know I don't know how they do especially particularly in today's jets players this week they are. So concerned with the patent that -- got patriots in the way they run their offense. And all of them are not mincing words they are being totally open. About how difficult they know it's going to be just stop the patriot adopt it because the pace that they run and actually talking about trying to duplicate it in practice but not being able to. Because that's how bad. The patriots rather drop -- and how or where Tom Brady is that everything that needs to get done so I think defense he's going to have. A very tough dominate expressed concerns like that leading into the game I think that so much talent. No but they're -- the lions especially the young defensive -- the Mohamed will present queen -- are coming off their bad game this past week -- the cold but. It's somewhat suspect for this -- you know Indianapolis came off such an emotional. Game. Against the Packers I wonder about the passion they had in the trenches this past week against the jets whereas the jets knew that would in must win game for them. I don't know how much we can really evaluate the -- that. That the team interior -- -- have -- jets in that game I beat period that the ticket duplicated and -- As well focused and coming off a really good to get it into Indianapolis that should be encouraging Antonio Cromartie has played incredibly well Darrelle Revis is absent. But I still think the jets they're very concerned with the pace of that patriot -- On your station there are New York an hour on FM Donald Trump the Donald. I took some shots today arrived and took a lot of shots and -- to terminate the contract is Donald Trump speaks for. The Yankee fan a culture station Ryan and his anger without John -- right now. You know what's interesting. I think it's a real split that Donald stuff was gold but then it all men predict but I think the real split. Between the bad days that there are a lot of yankees and who are sick to this comic over the fact that the Yankees are playing elimination game. Without Alex Rodriguez in -- -- have been almost feel like he's being. -- truly. Embarrassed throughout this situation and being unfairly singled out when he really has been. Better in this postseason that Robinson Cano Curtis Granderson and Nick -- -- not saying a lot but those guys have been as bad or worse. Then Alex now they don't necessarily have as ready replacement ballot that would Eric Chavez -- it. -- I -- over 900 open yet against righty this year compared with sub 700 Opie -- Alex against righty. But there are a lot of fans you point to those sort of things. And there the bands who are. Of the opinion that you don't wanna cry for a man making that much money he added opportunity -- Oprah eighteen against right without strike out and it. Who cares about it feeling. This -- your best opportunity to put him in a place where they'll accept the trade out of the year if you find it -- so I think. It's really split right now interstate because predict these people were clamoring to see Alex out of the lineup. Now they're disgusted that he's not any I don't think people know. Quite how to make up their mind when it comes to the lightning rod that is out Rodriguez. The guy I think that I think Girardi is over managing this this to me it if you can't win if -- doesn't turnaround if swisher doesn't turnaround granderson can no. He's not going anywhere anyway you know added I don't itself. I don't understand the benching of these guys I understand the pinch hitting late. But not the benching of these guys. Yeah it almost makes you wanna lose you know Rabin in a Major -- carve -- for all those years. No you don't want to make you wonder if there's something else that play here right. Let's I don't think he's being punished because he's thrown at number -- Girardi should make enabled wolf. Yes they would -- just think about I don't think it's clearly a decision. That I think extends beyond -- Joseph Girardi and Brian Cashman. It's holding a press conference before Girardi yesterday to address the lineup when the GM does that I think that tell you. You know this is an organizational decision as well would be exactly what Joseph Girardi want the Mets and the Yankees -- forcing him. We do anything but I think that this decision is one it certainly gets discussed with the team and the and has fingerprints on it beyond. Just the matter your hand if you're the -- who may be looking at it and saying a lot. This guy has not been able to catch up with an 85 mount Arafat while Darren no date in this postseason he -- the bat -- righty have looked totally impotence. So why are we going to. Perhaps you know diminishing our chance -- -- -- or at worst keep and the saints having him in is that America Davos where there's also the added benefit. -- -- Maybe pushing him to a place mentally where he will accept a trade if we find a suitor and I don't think everybody acts like it's impossible to move its contract. But I really don't think it is. Because if the Yankees do believe. That it's addition by subtraction because they -- deal with a headache and Alex and then there are not going to have -- clogging the roster flexibility anymore. And they can get a little bit more vibrant and -- Then -- the most take any money that you regret for helping him out and I think he always -- among qualifiers third. In hope yet for American -- their basement this year so. There is still some off that the value to him and I think that. I think that if you want to find a tutor you will help but would he accept -- because he was always adamant that he went except straightaway wreck. Maybe -- the added benefit of pentium right now is putting him him at the plate where he worked. Let's go back to -- per second because noted baseball insider Ryan Keith Olbermann. Wrote -- story last night that it's the Florida Marlins to a ball and I think there's absolutely. Some truth to this Jeffrey -- still as Yankee season tickets -- -- -- all things New York if he can get. Iran for 353638. Million bucks for the next five years he's got trade he spelled B Josh Johnson. I think you have to -- -- if that's the deal at the Yankees -- be stupid because this would be a chance to rid themselves of that contract all the drama. The -- this guy it's great for you guys to be sticks around I penetrate and this year. You know I think that they probably will I sort of believe. I'm already there 100% -- but I if you ask me you know bigger guns in my head whether or not he's played his last game with the Yankees or not whether or not this will be at lap. You're with the Yankees I would date yet to -- -- the way he's been handled lately and you know we have a report on ESPN New York dot confidently told German at this. As well and in the post about it Jeff -- as well as Randy Levine joking. About indicate change and -- -- to Miami to a compound for the new ballpark and that. And you know a source telling ESPN New York dot com -- those jokes certainly could become serious. All these and I think that allotted and there and you think about. Alex Rodriguez the other connection to Miami. That all part needs to -- beat. It will be chasing certain home run milestone it's not like if he had performed really badly in the post season. But only amusement -- for profit to perform -- issue performer this year it could not worth the money he's making it. Like -- and -- -- talk in the line up so I think this build value for him. To a certainty if they're getting on an incredible detail what -- the Marlins Japan. It is six million a year former seven million a year form well and to get rid of some other you know did you -- contract they don't want. The Yankees made the value and as they try and you know. Under a 189 million dollars or 2014 the -- little scratch their plot. I don't know I mean if you -- the Yankees they may rather teach Eduardo -- they're basically -- seated and have him play every -- next year just to get the more flexibility in youth. In that lineup and like you said eliminate the distraction about Rodriguez because what the Yankees are on the brink of elimination right now. And the entire discussion throughout the Yankees every question -- have to be answered by the manager -- by every player and a club out. It's about Alex Rodriguez and his spot in the order I understand -- October but didn't hit the previewed what everyday life will be like. If every single day we're wondering without Rodriguez in the lineup or not do you really want that distraction around your team burning tires heated or more. He is Ryan group goalies afternoons is Stephen A Smith he joins us any time in New York story comes up we thought jets and patriots ends up being the a lot of A-Rod as well Brian great stuff we appreciate the time enjoy. What's going to be a fun also going to be the way of this Yankee team. Hey you've got a guy though it enjoyed speaking with you have a great -- I was tremendous energetic good spot. Ryan recoup their ESPN New York he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible 92 break as promised Tony and gene in all your phone calls the next.