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Baseball in the American League is over

Oct 17, 2012|

D&C begin the show reacting to the earthquake felt around New England, if they actually felt it, and how they actually found out that it was an earthquake. They are joined by Mikey Adams and discuss the dismal performance of the Yankees in the ALCS, what's been the best part of the Yanks struggles, how embarrassing it must be for A-Rod to watch the game from the bench, especially at the most crucial times of the game, and if they would rather see the Yankees be competitive and have their hearts ripped out at the end like in 2004.

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Just -- just my luck the first earthquake it like a hundred years of any significance in New England. I asked that I don't -- that you might. It's my field on them downstairs in my nose. Critics say oh you know the dog jumped off the bed -- war. Sun drops the the garage door slam look at how would you know the difference in two men and you read it and it's all. An. You -- -- these jokes maybe that wasn't the dog and how you react mean. I its equipment in the big explosion and Amber's yes it was the only reason I. It was and usually looks mostly read the Morton. It would militants oh prop him away you know it's open itself and blow in the mean I didn't know I was like seven. Offs as a team something to fifteen yes I mean you can call anything you were called yeah jump off yes I think I've. Although I jumped on your break and it's huge what does it felt I never felt the earthquake. -- last night. I wanna hurt its. Did your feeling because -- like your. Like your immune to if you were sitting alone that -- that you kitchen table no TV no radio enough I was. Okay someone says they have five minutes. Somebody said in five minutes to -- -- is going to be a pay attention. You what -- felt that yeah probably would've felt that yeah right in them because you were busy and things going on and you. You will probably had music TV TV on yeah annual on the phone you're you know doing -- both myself and a notice. That pisses me off the field earthquake I guess got to move to California Mike -- -- -- Good morning Matt and Mike you know ignorant -- -- cities to wake up his roommate. And -- on the road together re far those nights -- -- -- I mean feel that -- last night yet neither rider felt. Yeah maybe just a little more sensitive and you -- here yes we're on the yearbook writers -- -- next he felt that I didn't -- my me my whole world jitters. While all the time. As this are you IUD eighty. Because the Yankees had -- -- in this sad kind of way hate the Yankees more than anyone you know yes I do but I see this is that really the full you look at the full blown pleasure out of win when the captain Derek Jeter's line -- he's out with a broken us a lot Mario Rivera is now the Yankees and he knows he can't hit and -- out. Parents if it out if it it you know the best part of it but you do go. When they showing Iran in the dugout and they do they give -- that shot he just hi mom did kind of get. -- -- feels sorry for -- now now now now I mean he's hard to feel sorry for -- did that is a real pleasure after awhile showing them. I think last night I watched the -- honestly was there was some open. So it was a good night or that -- up -- -- life. And I said I'm gonna watch this and I had the clicker in my hand them and ghostly writing yet. It lasted like half and yes the ninth -- and they put up a fight they chased Verlander they scored a run. By the way 21 this that's the second inning in thirty innings they've scored. The for the for a ninth inning in the first game and thirty innings discordant to them that's pretty -- pathetic so they battled they chased Verlander they brought in the lefty. The face a couple of lefties. Show Iran these men think with. Pretty -- -- Phil Coke made on the Yankees these things we keep. Yet for leadership yet so -- and -- just joke committee and someplace overseas and thank him is even thinking about -- is one of the great. Drugs aside from the bench one of the great right handers a -- time sitting there. On the value of not an asset to the state may have. Ibanez it's. Wells into the bond isn't gonna Jack won there yet -- -- -- I know. They have lefties. One left -- include in the left do you have against who hit for erotic it's Friday's. And -- just sit there doesn't even grab a bat doesn't even that -- jacket off without a jacket up. One of the great right -- of all time with the game on the line and lefty on the mound doesn't pinch hit that's what happens when -- three for only three in the series the -- what it's like every cook what was canal can go worst nose -- all three. He was post player on their team Eric Chavez has over fourteen about these nobody is an excellent he makes it less than you do well 182 officer Robinson canal was -- 29. -- He muscled it out to left field. What do we know he had a he had a line drive and and then they closed and with a minus two on and and Coke on the mound you're saying and yet it's all setup the right -- -- said. On the way to the most dramatic -- lucky I can ask you as a bona -- Yankee hater yes. Are you taking great pleasure in this or would you rather it be more competitive -- the question -- out at the solid -- 2004 and so more umbrella that -- would be more pathetic about it the more pathetic the better after all the here's a little step forward. The last time team has been this. Has lost the program. That the the Red Sox in 2004. Last time the Yankees have lost three straight playoff game yes and so that's a remarkable and wonderful little thing -- bit more -- and ridiculous and the rest Kirby a portion of your evil dark soul. That would like to see them have a within their grasp of the break yeah the great moral and argue like 337. Game bases loaded nobody out and they strike yes it was at that way sweeps as you want to sweep if you hate the Yankees much do you don't want to do anything amateur baseball right yes -- -- -- cardinals and giants Hillary as a a look at has baseball somebody's going -- -- me. Baseball in the American league baseball with the teens were most familiar with baseball with the teams we see -- -- is over. Baseball historically it is over now it's the giants. Which has which have a lineup that was worst in the roots are excellent at the September to -- Scoot -- they're the most important is the second most important player Marco scooter. That is the worst lineup you and that probably go to the worlds -- -- all the Yankees is the worst lineup or production. It's been unbelievably great go to to enjoy that because you don't get to see that they always play there is play well usually you know me and there -- a lot of money -- between nine million dollars sit on the bench not even. Are allowed to be in the lineup because he sucked so I will say that only time I will say this it it it takes the edge off of what Yankee fans can Shelvin Red Sox fan's faces through I mean last place is horrible how poorly they played the 69 in all wins. Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh. -- -- -- well just just just apple and the and the by the way you can take all the -- contracts and obviously -- in Crawford. All the well what's the what's the new benchmark for bad contracts today. Daisuke. Animal up it doesn't doesn't come close to the Iran deal isn't just five years left and we can't wait you know it's going to be a lot of fun Mikey is -- Milestones when they celebrate. Yeah me if you think -- country prohibited reach them. 660 the next one and then 714 yes they're and I thought he will reach them because big bonuses for each one of two. Right six million bucks and they they exposed them. You know these Charles Steinberg celebrations reached my elders you know he'll -- -- -- two reasons he's got five years left. Three reasons by -- -- -- he swing for the fences you know that's all he does compete in dueling bills and he'll get back on the Jews. Games has it been changed to look this upcoming games has it been since erodes at -- and I'm sure he gets anything yards execs. How do you recover from this is this music under the offseason and ensure opens spring training and suddenly everything is right like you'll love this. When the Yankees lose their next game and their season is over. -- The exact. Halfway point of -- -- -- war quote seriously halfway through this is the end of the fifty they signed in 2007. Right they've got five years down. And then five. For of this -- ago while he's gonna catch so much crap for the next five you up if there's no way to produced that record and and the Dodgers are an even interest and that's so now -- -- -- magic have not that I'm not -- that a lot of crazy -- -- typically start to Japan -- -- by the contract. You know -- mean there's nothing I mean obviously if the union Whittle we have. You know -- redo your contract can be impossible to Donald the dog is creating a solution for the Yankees he says void his contract is between -- -- to us now drugs are you doing drugs they've already run that are less -- legal yeah department and they can't get through it L. At the teams in the Major League Baseball would like to do it at least my country will be ports throughout the now it's it's going to be fascinating because he's not. It's not like he's in the -- His in the slump but elect the problem is he's in slump the problem is he's gotten old permits got a slow yes I mean when Jeter went down. About it this is this was one of the best shortest possible time you know not so long ago. And the solution with the Yankees was either mix new year is you know liberals that control over there. Not an and they mentioned -- on -- and was laughed out laughed off as thirty. 536. Younger than Jeter and and the idea that he could go to the position we came up the position we won gold gloves position when he won MVPs. He couldn't do he's just too -- to slow legs it too heavy he. Negotiated these days it's a guy Gregory it's it's sort of begs the question can he recover from this new I said does -- show opens spring training. And suddenly the swing is in sync and he's back to the old Iraq I mean I guess there's no chance of that. But how's a guy who's who was a little bit out of shape who has lost a step -- play shortstop. Can barely barely a third heard can't swing the bat how does he recover from Australia the next five years I'll tell you jokes to what -- the testosterone probably it yeah. He will do that he'll do -- testosterone. -- maybe you're talking about. One simple thing to you know what did you do. At last call when -- old days when you went to a it was a nightclub a near Fenway. Used to run used to go hang out that although in on the other ram rod these -- At. An end after what did you do it and says last cold one at twelve there I'll order two. Lowered your expected all -- which are lowered lowered your expected now works Mike -- -- to him to return here. That too. I was the second thing you did you ordered to and then you lower your expectations and all else fails lowered your expected -- you know your -- blurred your eyes and says -- so bad so not so bad you'll look for -- attribute -- -- -- face the other way for the after the Mexico said it yourself and just to if they return to ground. -- -- together says she doesn't manager at it. You lowered his to think they can go by him to 67. You know sixteen home runs 73 Libya and that's just thinking right. And you'd say if that war. All Cody Ross suits and not a bad year. Seven million bucks right it's Iran it's not a good year but it's you have to separate the thirty ambulances that. Thirty million and then say. Agassi he did OK a couple of clutch hits a couple of moments he homered September 14 against the rays at among -- three day it was that long ago a month for three days of a home run so pathetic it. Where are you an industry the five years haggle and go forward. That the that numbered as good down. He's 2930 million the next -- But -- 1000002 -- cuts this is kind of sad -- impolite 129 this year. Next year he takes a pay cut to 28 top -- how bought this 2014. He takes a mega hit. To 25 million. Bid in 2050. Another mega hit dealt the 21 million. In a 201620000000. And 2017. When he. So he'll barely get by yet and his endorsement money's going to be way Atlanta went for the middle class tax cut he's gonna hit it -- -- but my -- -- do you know it 30 that DiCaprio that's just mean you're gonna watch. For me as an interest -- got to law Dryden on the serious ecological. -- -- you know I don't wanna hear when he got hurt that little one that the first time he's ever been hurt and I can't remember him ever really be hurt right you know it was always painful looking broken -- I've ever seen right. Hernandez high ankles -- Compared to Jeter's ball. That's a you should be all of this monkey that was the result of steroids. Store testosterone is what I I don't know the steroid injections to keep him help out on the field. And would mask the main problem right which is why it snapped. With such little. From what -- -- horse's right they shut them up battlefield -- -- you -- decisively they still shot a -- a demo from -- that -- -- buying this -- that and then they put to bring the curtain and shoot him in the head. It yet. They're gonna stop short of that thankfully -- this year that Jeter meant only. But I have to help you on this issue an eagle on offseason like he did to the stories. Outline this theory that if they had shot him up. -- felt either felt the pain Donnelly and right may be do you set the night before. He ran very aware -- for space and I think get a double -- he did you read any like like a deer to second base all you are up for them -- the bad he's just playing like young man all you really because it's a big comeback by you he's not playing along in my which I hope you are used to water. Shot him up puts steroids right. That's the reasoning on the field I know if they hadn't done that he doesn't -- -- right so once they're full Yankee superstars on steroids. Every single time. Yet the list is endless NBA you know the Yankees have a long you go back Gary Sheffield Roger Clemens everybody that's ever been a success on the Yankees -- steroids and prove that I'm minus export. He's got to Melky Cabrera. At. -- -- at 6777. Point 7937 have you rise to vote Mikey yeah I did I did you are yet I say -- jingle you know as a -- 617779. Sat -- 937. Hey nicely done -- a dart pro football writer Boston Globe joins us in the. Does our brilliant job once again on Wednesday night at the moment. Second guessing goes in in you know you know players and coaches -- say you know -- just stick to the fact some OK you know -- personal well but I never gets personal he's a football guy he reviews the film and it tells you. What name. Bad day at the office Bill Belichick had. Tom Brady too by the way gets. Once -- hard times and that's his lowest grade that isn't it it has slowest rate the lowest grade the Bedard gives they can only be -- zero gives one out of five. Bricks -- brings bad decisions but also breaks down all the bad decisions that mcdaniels. And Belichick made and it's pretty. Skating if if if five stars is an -- than this represents. A -- and obviously did some good things of the -- 395 yards. But there were some strange. Decisions. And that which is why you know the big shows -- -- storm washed up. You want to have I'm sure they'll look at the deal him is an -- look at negate a lot of them he leads -- Louisiana felon it's your own and he's six then. In reining in a city without don't you think that we might see. An explosion. On Sunday I think I think there's a chance the jets will pay for what the patriots did in CO. Agree not to second time your phone calls. You know I hate the -- so.