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Dale and Kirk Talk Yankees, CC and ARod's Slump

Oct 13, 2012|

Dale and Kirk move on to talk about the other team that advanced last night - the infamous Bronx Bombers. They discuss the issues with ARod and why they feel that Girardi will be back to starting him tonight, the great performance by a true ace in CC Sabathia and why the Yankees may struggle with Detroit.

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I just told my nose yesterday and had about is great here where you came a lot of problems. We proved our -- We just it. Looked as fearless and that's in the learn from it have more resolve. From that period -- further. That's Davey Johnson talking about the Washington Nationals and where they hope to go next year. Annika said tomorrow the Yankees play game one tonight. No rest for the weary -- game one of the ALCS is tonight against the Detroit Tigers. And I just Clinton bounced through for Twitter very quickly here there are no tweets as yet about the lineup and they just give you my prediction. Alex Rodriguez will be playing third base tonight for the New York Yankees. -- agree. -- -- that you know peak today. And keep -- shop that's off the yeah now -- epic will be. Bat sixth have a problem -- the -- obviously writer Amanda that that's gone economic conversations over about the new series fresh start. You put Rodriguez in the future that it's pretty easy call. Now I think I thought it was very courageous of Girardi it to do last night they lose game five. At home and you know you've got a guy and and I may be off on the numbers a little bit but I heard I -- tweet from -- rebel last night. The Yankees so fall. I've paid Alex Rodriguez 218 million dollars so far. They've got five years left. At more than it at an average of more than twenty some odd 1000014. -- Sosa they still they still owe him another 114 million plus the bonuses. To get the -- finances. A six million each 130 million. It's -- you are free agent right now with just say what you've seen that this is Ellsbury is he's going on the free agent market. What -- contract. One year two years maybe he created and whatnot it or not or -- contract -- -- Ortiz to be more valuable. He's going to make five B five you a 104. After the Yankees did not just the Yankees I'm not counting what Seattle paid in what Texas and the Yankees up till now have paid him 218 million with -- another 14050. Ago. That's why you're gonna plan to. It's not like you're gonna just -- art from now on Alex Rodriguez is a platoon player for us you know pinch hitter every once in awhile. It was a gutsy move to pinch hit forum the other night and and in -- EB had magic happen in a pinch hit home run to tie the game at Indiana and a home run in the twelfth to win the game. It was a gutsy move Pinchot forming game four it was an even got your move to the pension yesterday. You put him back on to. Here's the question goes over all for four -- -- -- three times. Chavez has good numbers against say it was a game two starter for Detroit to you know Fister tonight Verlander in game three. Starts game to him if he has good numbers say Chavez -- it's a game two starter does he start or -- again. We just give him you know tonight new series we'll start over yeah. I got a lot of obviously he's going to be. Quite liberal and benching him or -- form his chain and it looked overmatched. I just looked still for 169 strikeouts doesn't look like he's got a chance of making contact us the 2009 run -- was unbelievable in the post season they won the title to Mike was finally over yeah but seems like fifty years. -- -- completely gone and it's different people bring up that Torre's situation of six repair ship or a rather intimate. That final game of the series Rodriguez was still Alex Rodriguez. That's a big deal he's just another guy who happens to have a big game in the big contract he's not a good player. I think ultimately Gerard he's gonna put him back in the lineup today I agree that I I don't think this was one of those things and end the biggest reason isn't that I think he's gonna catch lightning in a bottle. All now but I shown him to go up there and yet. Eric Chavez is a rather auction -- Eric Chavez was on the street. A year or two ago -- -- couldn't find work. Physical issues I understand that point my point is that it's not like you've got the out. And have will little Brooks. You know you don't have the young up and coming phenom third baseman was being held back by the man here. If you don't play Alex Rodriguez who played. By the way -- job as did slowed sixty point -- And PS you know. Was the point ire and action later years the church which is not making too many -- of yours. -- a text says according to -- world -- out. -- world is the only the only person on the planet reporting that -- the world. Is now for. Mom and ice and I'm following all. Winner. Offerings that everybody who's covering this series nobody's. Lineup. To back him. And the Yankees I think probably a hard time getting by the Detroit Tigers. Get that from Yankee perspective it is and its tires through. It. Maybe find -- these first two games. An -- -- he sabathia and game four QB -- accurately toasters. For the Yankees probably picked Detroit to probably picked Detroit in politics knows. Nationally. And I mean yesterday it was and first inning it looked like he was gonna get out for crying out. I mean there's singled doubled home run in the first three guys who come to the plate. Harper's trip home run its first two it's like. -- -- -- -- -- if they don't quit. On the team the great job from Yankee perspective. He talked about for years years back east. Yesterday's western ace he's on -- CC sabathia pitched 182 thirds or 72 thirds innings two games. To win game one game and that's why does a lot of money but it sure Yankee fans complain about his contract. And yes we know that the patriots aren't Seattle late last night. The patriots official Twitter -- sending me and you on the flight now and the flight attendants wearing pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Kept up to date the patriots and cross country like Seattle take on the Seahawks tomorrow game but I think it's going to be that close. We find a way to talk arsenals and we -- sacked Aaron Rodgers eight times in the burst after the game on Monday night. A couple of weeks ago the game ended badly for everybody. And and we just feel like. He's going to be he's going to be hospitalized at the end. You've heard this would be the first from the break the story. I think the crowd some. Say it right now opposite race. Tweet this out. Right act act for me and says believe they call it the twelfth man. You can use that you used at a picture that practices we -- where's the plea music. It's on shall be like there was a connection isn't there Belichick on jail I'd never. Pretty prepared. To road game against the defense is pretty good. Competitive. Point 00 -- point. I I think that via. The Seattle Seahawks score problem at fine you know made up a eight can't. Are. A quarterback who apparently based -- ran off the West Coast visas. Than I mean. Even wrote Edward Hugh Millen on the station this week. The quarterback in the team out there. Annika playing quarterback Matt and should be one quarterback Michael Marty respected guy from the network and and he's saying yesterday on the NC as well play quarterback. You know you briefly here -- -- well it seems the hopefully he should be. -- up thirty points. 35 points against the CO OP that's tough. It's. Have a duty. If we overstate. It played with a -- man and his defense and the -- here at home. Knock. Pretty good this year that's pretty. Five games. The fewest points in the NFC here so far as saying the five players -- pretty good defense making it to the quarter. -- Stick around there back there is no way on earth Palm Pre dates in. But you get 234 -- one Turco turned to a touchdown short field. When you're doing that we will we've been in its due here and it in the park last year we try to outweighs. Could have problems so that it inevitable happens we look like geniuses. Say that I think pages in the when I'm -- you rate now. I -- use it tomorrow morning and also announced. That it is that your it is Smart. Yeah. In the bowl oh it's. -- on how you guys and girls.