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Michael Lombardi on Pats-Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch, and Pete Carroll

Oct 12, 2012|

The NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi joined D&C to preview the Pats-Seahawks and how Seattle’s crowd could cause problems for the Pats offense along with the Seahawks defense. Mike also chats about Marshawn Lynch’s running style, Pete Carroll’s coaching methods, the Jets struggles, and what games he’ll be closely watching during Week 6 in the NFL.

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I'm not telling tales out of school when I say our conversation with Michael Marty is one of my favorite segments of the week because -- Mike -- so informative and -- also means it's Friday and read it for the weekend. Our conversation that Michael Marty sponsored by town fair tire and buy HSA. Insurance good morning Mike how -- you. Good morning to you yes Friday is always the best stay right. Absolutely positively hey has this Seattle defense impressed you enough to say that this will be the patriots. Most difficult test thus far in the season. Are they going to be a challenge -- they give away we lose sight of the fact that when you talk about Seattle and certainly Qwest Field. Up there it is a tough place to play I'm not saying it to accomplish the wind -- six and for the last ten games up there. And the Seattle defense because the crowd noise and if you do things like Green Bay didn't leave the -- opened. And allow the Bruce servants in the Chris Clemons to run all over the field living replays with their athleticism. That's her own fault you know and and that's really what I don't think -- -- will do this match up it's tough for Seattle. In the -- at the Seattle defense is very than elbow played three coverages pretty much mostly all game. And when you played recovered is against Tom Brady in this multiple tactic they have. It's going to be difficult. So they don't fool you they be too without criticism of speed. Correct -- wanna play fast they wanna play Smart they wanna be able to be in the right place and you can tell what they're going to be able to do. They've got a few blitzes but but pretty much they're not saying you were gonna get the chess match with you where they're saying we're gonna punch in the mouth of -- -- Isn't that a little different than usual Pete Carroll approaches -- he's generally mixed in some exotics in there I guess he just has the athletes to do it this way is that right. Can he does have the athletes and they can stop the run with a for the seven man front and that's usually pretty good week when you can start to do that. And you've got a guy like Red Bryant could dominate the line of scrimmage especially on the strong side. It allows you to do other things in terms of protecting your team and I think he's gotten to that point. But it got to be careful because Pete's got to play at 1714 game does not have an export -- -- You know. I think they're borderline a playoff team this defense is tough I think you know when they played a good offenses in the NFL the offenses that have a little bit more than just. You know five or six plays in terms of try to attack but they told the what -- -- some issues but the reality of it is is the softens. Is not very. Exports of and so because it's not exports of every game you play. You can get into a situation where you could lose to a lesser opponent because you can't ever put the game away. Always we talked humility yesterday and he's in us he really studies this team and he thinks. Pete is crazy for sticking with Russell Wilson he thinks -- -- the better quarterback at least at this point in their careers do you think. Any day now we're gonna -- QB controversy may be even by Thursday's game at San Francisco will see Matt Clement at QB. I wrote the same thing I mean that to me I'm Matt Flynn said their count Paul Allen Microsoft money and say that like what can I do what what does Russell Wilson to that I can't them. I mean you know and and and I would sign here because I'm a veteran I've got experience. We're also will also won't have a hard time because they can't see you know everybody wants to talk about all we make too much bigger deal ought to be in short now we don't make a big the other -- some guys that are short the play at all Drew Brees. There's some guys that are short the play short Russell Wilson. And I think you have to be very careful about how you evaluate that he can't really see down the field. And whenever he doesn't see things clearly he tends to escape to his right and probably has more throw aways and any quarterback in the national football -- Croatia just. Really they did you -- chance to make a play they given no opportunity. To advance the football and so with -- -- and I mean I wrote about a two weeks ago I thought it was ridiculous I think we've gotten caught up with Russell Wilson's toughness. His leadership his personality. Instead of all the love and that I await the player on the field. Does Wilson outlook not legally but is -- high on the list of batted balls. He got a few of those but more than more than batted ball just runs careful with the football he just throws them away yeah build skate and -- looked to try to escape to his right. And the -- -- the line is not a physical group this offensive line is all about trying to get you to move sideways. So the best running game could go the -- for the patriots is to get Marshawn Lynch shoulders turned. To the -- sideways. If he has -- shoulder squared the lineman but he's gonna run people over he's a powerful back. And they got to be able to put Russell Wilson's situation towards third and 123 and 1039. We're pleased that offensive line has the pass protect this is not a pass protection up -- wanted to play action offensive line. It was 39 the patriots are going to be worried about play action we're gonna get the quarterback. Obviously Seattle pretty good at stopping the run but I'm wondering does the patriots running game -- -- but expects him to run for another 200 on Sunday but does the patriots running game. Help New England prevent what happened Aaron Rodgers -- -- Tom Brady and that it's going bum rushed out of that stadium. Well I think clearly what the patriots will do to protect the -- -- in the Green Bay did decide to do until the second half though that they'll do that. But I think more than anything you know what I have really picked what I watched the patriots in this little box and I'm -- -- Benitez used to be counter -- to me they are available from beneath the of the NFL -- counterpunch and -- the whole way. If you come around Seattle decides to play their base defense against. Three receivers like buffalo this. Then you're gonna get a heavy dose. A lot of nickel defense against their three receivers you'll get a heavy dose of running game if you play base that he's gonna throw the ball more effectively so I think it's a lot of predicated. -- what Pete Carroll tries to do Denver came out and said you know what. We don't think you're gonna run the ball against us and look what happened. And I think that's what makes this patriot offense so effective now Aaron Hernandez comes back right it becomes even more of a problem because all of a sudden they could be into tight ends. Two backs and receivers and really look like spread or they can begin to backs and run the ball right matches so. This is going to be a challenge in terms of how they decide to play. Mike what are the pluses and minuses of having skyscrapers as quarterbacks they for their five guys have liquor over 61. Well it can collect on the field especially when you wanted to and the vertical passing game especially you know when you trial would your stand there. I think fans the world at your quarterback and you look down the field you're throwing the color get up for the guys slot opens up like us in the backyard. Throw the guy we troll when he's open controlled areas and if you can't see guys area because he's tall people say all we need quarters that are really fast walk. 61 corner who's got a real long wingspan. And runs for five is better than a 59 point -- runs for four and just because of the length of the arms and hard to get the ball over his head. Those are difficult things and clearly that's where Seattle gets an advantage now we're Seattle has problems is when they play against guys with quickness. None of these corners are gonna cover Welker that's not the match up. And then it went went Trufant comes on the field -- two really bad matchup for Seattle. So Brandon Lloyd will have probably a harder time getting separation problem but they have other weapons that they can utilize -- in the scheme so. I like big corners to I think you have to have a mix of corners to have a quickness. Mike wouldn't be okay would you if we just passport and played if he chambers came Houston. -- vs new England and and if so where should be we're -- we get. In New England I think they see I think when you watched that jet game and -- cut you know on the on the everybody calls me that project -- -- I think the jets -- just I can't take that the propaganda that you know they take great practices last week was a just just got to put that out they they have never had a bad practice but anyway. I don't Houston's secondary really looked a little suspect against the -- receiving corps that wasn't very good but the the crushing injury is gonna affect. Really gonna affect you -- -- and I don't know what Houston's drop back passing game has been the other thing I'm right about it this morning is. We talked about Andre Johnson but the reality of -- is since Andre Johnson had a had a hamster reattached to his body he's not the same player -- the staff of the explosive. He doesn't do things that don't take -- away from Marty didn't have like Marty was outstanding in the gate. But Andre Johnson's not the same point not the same receiver that he wants was. And what is the Greg McElroy era began in New York. All you know I would think soon I -- to stand comments today about how he was lied to and all that I was waiting for the Jews stand near the start New York but I. Look New York I don't know where they go in terms of how they fixed the program because -- the reality is if you say let's put in that put -- though. You know my point is vote now at this point people play short yardage and goal line defense against people on the battlefield because nobody ever going to be able for the quantity receivers. -- -- nobody gonna get open -- -- take away any effectiveness. The bottom line on the jets and we said the so long on this program that have a blue chip running back and if you wanna beat her on the ground -- blue chip running back this is what you're gonna have -- Supposedly. Pre season good football team that finds itself in dire straits right now can save -- save themselves with with they went and turned their season around talking about. Pittsburgh a two and three obviously not last night Denver at two and three Dallas at two and two new orleans' struggling at one and four or Green Bay a two and three you can save themselves. I think we've taken since the bank remaking going to Houston and get a win I think remake set themselves up that they blocked JJ watt in the front and they are able to control the pace of the game I think their receivers war. Make some plays the cream Jackson's liability for use in a corner. So I do think you've got a chance to make some plays there and agreed that it needs to get a turn around -- not great by any means Dom Capers shall go back their former head coach Houston Texans. I think you'll have an idea how to handle the scheme they get a forced Houston to play from behind for Houston have to play. Drop back passing him by that they have enough athletes in terms of the outside receivers. To really become a factor I think that's what Estee Politico web what I write about this morning -- to -- Pittsburgh. Is really what they are as what they are mandate they don't have enough speed on defense. They really mr. Aaron Smith to -- people don't realize how much of a factor -- wasn't what they did in terms of the run gave. And offensively at all that's why can't -- -- -- -- -- -- the burden of responsibility on all the time on bed to make plays downfield I think really. It's it's it's two teams to meet a look different than the other two that she's so new and look different a lot of the teams including Baltimore which I think has some liabilities and we saw before earlier in the season. Right well one them is there a much tougher division but what would be. The flaw in in Baltimore's game like. What I Baltimore's really when you break them down defensively they're not where they ever were -- -- -- can't rush to pass another -- -- comes back soon which I'm not sure he will -- The hoping because of the new technology in medicine that he can come back from Achilles in my career I've never heard of the guy come back from -- Achilles in one season. For the Soviets found in the city. But they'd have -- pass rush they can't generate a pass first. And explored defense in the base unit and if they can't get -- moving quickly early in the game and get him in a rhythm. I think they cut us involve themselves -- offensively and I think that's what happened to me Kansas City. What's the one game -- watching if you could only watch one. While mentioned you were the towards gonna play this week in the Detroit got to get their season turnaround of the when he gets filled up his filly is. It's a team that easily could be and I know this is a partial as you are which you are but the reality of it is what I watch -- They can be allowed five easily celtics' four catches the ball in the opening day against Cleveland they lose if the -- the ravens can make 11 down to kick -- field goal they -- and they'll get a pass interference call. You know they get soundly beat by Arizona. Lawrence Tynes misses -- the field -- that misses a 54 yard field will also lose that game I mean that the Eagles are. That's close to be an old five as any team I've seen -- three and two so. I think Detroit has the turner -- around with a win if not Detroit will be taken in the top ten. A I'm Bob bella feels about this but the Michael Vick has a daughter now which just seems obscene to me what your question. It's not a big fan of that -- better anytime those commercials come on about you know -- You know bill's not big on our cheat sheet she lives in the home where she gets more attention and these dogs have as humanly possible -- -- -- and -- There's no question -- the queen of the capital right now bella is all that everything evolved around bill. It just seems wrong -- one of the conditions of his. I don't you know I I don't know enough about it but -- -- -- -- instinctively that was what my reaction was I thought he wasn't supposed to -- body disposed to support the humane society not be -- have a dog. Did you know -- got found out wouldn't yeah yeah we've got a picture and his daughter doing homework and her dog will all -- ultimately it would be great if we read about the dog bite his throwing hand and legs and rip them off of finger salute them adjust the terms of the IR a -- about to be a rabid shiatsu and a disk you know gets revenge for all those -- Michael Vick look let's -- -- -- and I ever reported this before Michael vick's plan for this year. If Michael Vick doesn't get his season turned around here and he obviously can't hold onto the football he fumbles way too much he's on the record pace for in terms of fumbles that this year. But its contract -- setup such that. The Eagles can walk away from them next -- without any cap implications at all they pay them the money. They -- little bomb hit a three million dollar guarantee that only guaranteed for three days next off season. So they can walk away from like most of the jets guarantees which are always guaranteed full force. The Eagles gave themselves and now and clearly I think what you see is Eagles if he doesn't perform well the Eagles continue to go along this -- with a winning but really not winning. I think you'll see them exchange quarterback. My final question and it's an Andrew Luck question four games in a note to four games sample had you seen anybody in all your years of observing the National Football League be this advanced at the quarterback position after four games as Andrew Luck seems to be. No I really don't I think Bruce aryan just made the comment and Melissa stark went to interview for first on the field this week and I told arrested I've never seen somebody. Just basically give the guy playbook and say you go learn everything in Manhattan and he clearly ethic his intellectual capacity is is. Is above and beyond his years as majority you know what I always Harken back to. It's mental toughness to me. You know if you're Green Bay fan and you were watching and you were down twenty what -- 1213. This -- to mentally tough guy that scored never was with a bottle. Whereas if Brandon wheat was down 21 the three I think you would have been okay. But this score 21 to three this -- mentally tough and that mental toughness. To me is what makes him so good does he have John -- -- I never thought he had I thought it was crazy that people compare the -- way. But he has this unique mental toughness and he's got great skills. That I think clearly make him such a great player and I think that's what's gonna make -- successful for a long time. If they nit picking quarterback coach went to work on Andrew Luck what -- nitpick what doesn't he do as well as he does other things. I think sometimes the ball doesn't democracy and as smoothly I think you'll see during the course of the game his arms start to get a little bit tired ragged. But for the most part I mean his his mind that sharp. Any if he does what he's the great golfer he does a lot of bad whenever effectively comes right back and throws it back again. And he's got this innate leadership ability that I think players gravitate to him and -- cup does now because he gets hit that -- -- -- line -- the inability to play behind it. But he gets sick quite a bit and he gets right back up and keeps thrown. He really to me what you have to have as a leader of your team the Tom Brady UT in the mentally tough guy who sets the standard for everybody else including the coaches. Mike Lombardi I couldn't agree more with the extra in the AT&T Tex lines as Mike Lombardi conversation with the NC the best fifteen minutes on the radio all week long I agree I got -- appreciate always good good luck this week all right enjoy the weekend we'll talk to try to like our our conversation -- Mike Lombardi sponsored by town fair tire and -- HSA insurance for asking the right tackle is four some obscurity. You know he would know we asked the moment Jackson when he -- them back up a legitimately can't -- Mort that's his life. It's as he knows all it. And he shares into these and a lot of information and a short period of time it has languished with law we're gonna check class standard and convicts them. Dog on vick's role because assistants. That Michael Vick gets -- have a dialogue. I mean that's the huddle with that disease sleep in his bed disease. Dream about electric commuting and drowning. I wonder what -- this -- rightly kill. -- you wonder if -- considered saying all the couples -- for me like flexible I don't really have a dog right.