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Mustard and Johnson Preview the Patriots First Game of the Season and Talk about the Surpising Orioles

Sep 8, 2012|

The boys leave the Sox subject for a moment to reflect on the beginnig of the NFL season and the Pats season getting underway tomorrow at Tennessee. Both Craig and Larry are confident that the Pats will have a solid regular season. They also talk about the surpising Baltimore Orioles team that finds itself in the hunt for 1st place in the AL East due to some great, young pitching.

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Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI about an hour and a half away from. Football all patriots up play tomorrow 1 o'clock in Nashville against the Tennessee Titans and I'll tell they were just getting. Overwhelmed by good football talked very the exhibition season was boring as all get -- it was just terrible offensively Brady wasn't even the -- speaking about. I mean I like Phil Simms Jim Nance that the number one team for. CBS they do have there's the president today at the top Jay well know we like this I don't like to associate Nantz and -- But if Bob crap being head of the broadcast committee might have -- -- -- -- that why would they send. The number one CBS team with the patriots and titans has got to be a better CBS -- At a buffalo jets' game as -- and how loud comedy about Andrew -- visiting Chicago that's the CBS -- play at all. Yes he's trying to are ready he's striking the EU is not the top ten about the property east certainly update it appears his -- -- Right in his ability to put it in his sport is you know how he handles himself in. Accuracy and ability is is amazing for here's my thing I'm more intrigued. By some of the other games you know dog Dennis Kelly overtime how boring the giant. And Dow's gain was going to be actively -- as was kind of a boring game. I'm I'm more intrigued by some of the other games on interest does he was gonna happen the jets and buffalo that's a great Qaeda wanna -- -- three with the Redskins -- it all he -- and -- against -- -- in an arsenal and I Smith back right and Sunday night of course you wanna see -- returning to real game that's going to be a great contest in Denver -- about. Rocco was in Pittsburgh I want to -- Randy Moss does say -- there with the 49 is going up against Green Bay do you foresee. And I'm maybe not as some of the other. Off folks here in New England do you foresee any issues for the patriots tomorrow afternoon. -- well I. As much I think they have a young team the amazing how how Belichick has Israeli turn that over. You may have gotten much younger I'll obviously be wanna see challenge -- three wanna see hightower we wanna see more of a pass rush out there. I am still concerned about the offensive line. And I think it's something that is not been rectified -- got to play but he still got the back problems. In -- there on the other side of the ball is is still a little bit cover of a concern and as for and I think Brady's obviously he he won't do a five step drop. The only 123 release what 23 release and -- ago these tight end running all over the place so. I'm not concerned about the game you're not that now. Think it's going to be Iraq I don't think of the Iraq I think of it'll be a comfortable win of at least ten to fourteen points so you are when. Also. Concur -- most of think they're gonna win twelve plus yeah. Easiest schedule according to everybody's ghetto -- look at the division out of them buffalo. Other than buffalo see here's my. It's the one thing -- say that goes against the grain and I. Like many people I haven't really got my head around the patriots in the National Football League you're right because of all this drama with the Red Sox and some other interest in sports stories out there I guess it's -- They actually. Kick the ball off tomorrow 1 o'clock. In Tennessee then maybe my interest -- that I I think the Wednesday game with a more of these budget and really get me tomorrow will will William. Get the juices plus we got the red zone going all cranked up a red zone obviously due by the way they have red zone now. In every stadium in the national hopefully the NFL understands. That you're gonna get people into these stadiums. You can't give them as much information as -- got to make him feel at home you really do you really show because you know I live literally I live. Ten minutes from Gillette Stadium. And you know one. There's nothing that will get me out of my living room I mean I have a you know 46 inch screen it's HD obviously got red zone get everything going there. Why do you make you comfortable yeah want to I'm hopefully they'll -- me to paint fans in the stands at six and 7779. 0851885250850. Don't know another giant fan Stephen -- plan your next on Sports Radio they re darn right. Great performance I loved that show OK. We all thank you so much the so -- real snooze fest on Wednesday night. Yeah I was. You know everything that they won the most important game last February instead of what are. Stop there. They peak in January and February right -- worry about September. It's to me alive we need to know that the government. -- they had like what 45 illegal procedure penalties. Long here we go. Now you know -- we go look created on these and and remember they were 97 at the end of the year before they kind of went on -- but let's talk about Bobby V you know. It's amazing you know Larry Connecticut towards Rick a lot of credit for Bobby V I want credit for this whole business -- you know. Just need to have control. Bakken light the other early 2000 the mid 2000 Brian Cashman at the same issue going on. Were they had to pick -- a contingent in the New York contingent and before he signed his next project he said you know what hey. I need to get control I needed that tool control doesn't. They're doing their. We're talking about that is there's a big -- And -- say the ball on you know who is running a Red Sox you know is it that the whole salary dump you know. My god Charlie could you tell the Phillies -- rollout is great that'll salary Gupta did a couple weeks ago. I don't think that they didn't turn to look behind that I think Lucchino. Well actually the Dodgers are real movers and shakers on our approach -- -- ST Jamaica my point though it was a great. Raid. So why wouldn't somebody just come out and say well Larry orchestrated or -- it -- -- what it. They're not helping this -- OK you know what if any. -- don't want to OK then the very dysfunctional organization. You're kidding -- he's just. We've got an exclusive the Red Sox are dysfunctional. It. I'm not at the end of Bobby's beat -- But you know what about Matt okay the only never -- that the Mets have to let that left at some point they kept it going you know they -- -- -- -- That the enemy and giving the GG tablet that mountain for that article replay can understand that one. You know -- and -- -- really changed the landscape OK but the thing about. A great point out that's a great dark dark too fast because that's a great point you just made it may never picked. Last September so not there on the same mass this September all right enough dancing on the Red Sox grave lets us which cemeteries here. Okay and what's going on down there -- New York. What's going on now look at it -- funny I've always been the kind of person who says you know injuries everyone's gonna have injuries but. They're okay Cubans have happened here okay. The injuries have got to be accused so now instead of -- -- -- and I don't Jones hitting seventh and -- out of it like that insect. You know your -- but in the long enough score runs. I'd like up plus. To send you know that the mark with premiums up okay since then. They brought something like 20/20 five little like a one run differential -- also gone. The united sixteen with a plus thirty point difference I think so. The combination of the and you look up to them you know -- it is only somebody had stepped that line -- can take. And the world had played very well. You know it's an amazing I -- it's amazing were actually having a discussion about baseball on American League east -- -- race. In the Orioles this unstoppable. Juggernaut. I mean it's it's amazing. Well if you look at this team and -- -- never want to I don't know baseball really because of the fact they have been doing so loud. They have -- wind up -- at -- -- Kitna particularly young and they're -- mature and you know what. Absolutely did the work he did Arizona -- -- have -- Probably you know what Andy MacPhail had a lot to do with it you can -- they're getting a lot of the credit and I appreciate the call Steve and I -- Talk about you know Tony from Bridgewater being -- Nostradamus about Bobby V. The -- I heard that membership comic Adams said this a couple of years ago he said watch out for the Orioles have become scratched their head Orioles. Their farm system was being built meticulously. And effectively by Andy MacPhail. It is finally come together you cat walked into a very nice situation just the opposite of what Bobby v.'s -- it felt so -- now. Okay he's gone OK but he's the guy -- at this router or right is very similar to -- coming in. And two cats obviously general manager but you know Showalter. And gene Michael. I built the Yankees in the early knives and Steinberg restaurant a baseball it was a it became from a dysfunctional organization. To a functional one in that built that organization. For the next 45 years -- wanna ovals World Series. And I think -- up -- is about to win a World Series but MacPhail who had success particularly in in Minnesota the twins twenty years ago. Did it again in Baltimore and now Duquette is reaping the benefits and he -- a great manager and buckshot or the other about the Yankees situation is an hour what does -- say in your -- guy wait for -- to come back as his savior that's why. I think it's great for baseball the Orioles are back. Hey listen we were young they that they were the model franchise they -- winning every hasn't had a big Iowa right now in query our our Pomeroy. And even in the ninety's they were still winning a regular basis but it has been since 97. At the Orioles went for the playoffs and -- and coincidentally the Red Sox having their worst year since 1997. When they didn't go to the playoffs for the first year and a genuine.