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Larry Johnson Wants the Keys in Ben Cherington's Hand

Sep 8, 2012|

Craig and Larry discuss what the Sox should do moving forward to clean things up, and Larry thinks it time that Ben Cherington is allowed to take over and do what he sees fit for the Sox to improve.

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Our number three we're halfway home it's mustard and Johnson. No jailing Kirk today they're gonna get Saturday off BC football old Jon -- parole he'd crawled and got all the action as a BC and main square off. Meanwhile of course the the Bobby Valentine watched continues. Are courting and if you if you pick up your Boston Herald this morning in on the front page. That was to be slightly misleading Larry. Says Bobby V tells Buckley. All be back. So you're assuming that perhaps maybe he has some information. That we don't have that Bobby Valentine. Has been told by Red Sox ownership that he will return for the second year of his contract well. Upon. Closer examination it says. I X to be of course when asked if he's gonna come back to manage the Red Sox in 2013. But he says he doesn't see any reason I wouldn't be in uniform other than that they figured there's someone better to do the job. And I'm gonna do here in May be I'll be in another uniform so. Don't need this led by headlines. Doesn't seem as if Bobby B believes he'll be back. No one else believes he'll be back as a matter of fact John too mossy and that same Boston Herald. A one page over from -- column says the chances that Bobby do will be fired -- 99.9. 99999. Inning goes on. Almost to infinity percent there is no possible way do you see any way know that now I mean c'mon. Optional leagues than the -- -- a low before -- now palatable Pacman you know the real sense that. That there's absolutely. No way he can come back. And Resnick just. President of ESPN that says think. Great point exactly what we said in the opening hour. You've chairing -- of the keys. And let him run the show if he wants to bring Bill James Barack or use -- more prominent role. That's hit accepting him. If he wants it you know the higher the banjo that demand to pick his own coach is this just so simple. It to me it it isn't a simple to you when you really think about it. It's not that different now. If this is the general manager of the future and everybody's in very very Smart guy and I love the way he handled himself after the press conference it's -- the trade and otherwise. Give the guy that keys -- let him do his thing. Anything major juror obviously you sit down and -- kick the tires around to see whether or not it it's a good move to make put aside from Matt. Let a guy build his team import your confidence in him you cannot keep running this by committee. In his Terri -- -- planned out that's -- Orioles were stumbling and bumbling prix years. And now Duquette is in charge and I forget he leads the major leagues in brushed her moves in he's Wheeling and dealing in building a team the way -- -- -- fair and you know I'm not I don't wanna be bigger supporter to Dan -- over the years. Andy MacPhail fails the guy that built that franchise and -- cat is walked into a very. -- situation in which is just the opposite of what Bobby V feels. Are awaited him when he came in Boston managed. One of the interesting quotes that is highlighted inbox column today is is Bobby Valentine as good as I AM. I couldn't even create this kind of -- so he's really sort of divorcing himself stepping back separating himself. He really believe that all of this stuff was happening long before he ever -- to is the well that's yeah I guess they -- Pakistanis define maps. -- It's like I agree with him it's amassed. But if somebody says this place as a mass. And somebody had to mess that up. To begin right so -- messed that up. Well what are you thinking of Bobby Valentine is -- you know like you said it got rid of video. You've got -- Francona in low leaks remained that's where this problem started. That this ship we're still leaking. And decisions were being made. Beyond what the manager wanted -- -- about what's been reported to us. And that's where there's a mass has not gotten any better so what are you gonna do do the same thing over again in an ad management people. Fifteen. What the future of this team should be are you getting him the keys to generic and I've said it before and I'll say it again. I get their best. Pitching coach money -- by eight in scouts. I put my money and have a farm system I -- -- already I'd spent more. You are already made a boatload of money back off but are -- deal with the Dodgers spend your money get their best coaching. That you can possibly get. In build from there in an and -- pack up the bullpen with some great young arms and then go from there. Well the irony is of course -- -- -- talks about it in -- space and he mentioned that in a couple of interviews the last couple weeks on WEEI I was on DNC last week and big show this week. The irony of course is when Purdue achieved. I wrote that piece a year ago. Export toasters but the second week of September the Red Sox had started their collapse vote no one knew how. Epic in monumental it would be. But the whole point the thesis statement. Of that article a year ago Larry was this was the model franchise. This was the prototype. Every other organization. In baseball was emulating. What the Red Sox were doing from top the bottom. Now a year later we're saying that has to be blown up to the point where forget -- firing the manager you -- come. Overhaul. The entire philosophy on what. Happens in the first thing you get any Sino Y eight PG -- finally hear from John Henry. We need to bring -- today is back so we can have a more prominent role. First of all John Henry and you can you can come over here anytime your -- we're here every Saturday. Why you're doing -- why don't you let your general manager decide. If that's the right move to make why is that why you says. That's a good point and it predict she mentioned that the manager. In the modern media age becomes sort of the point man for the organization. We want John Henry and we can't we can't be hypocrites either we can't. Offer contradictory statements we want John Henry to step up. And we wanted to be in charge because he's the principal owner but every time he steps up. And acts like he's in charge if that happens out what is -- back out is it started Friday. -- I'm gonna brag -- -- commodity computers and soybeans about a -- yet while very very successful -- and I agree we -- with -- grounds ticket -- experience and we use that largely I think that. The two people that we need to hear from the most as we did really when they were successful. We heard from the -- and Tito won a regular basis now we are happier from Ben. And Bobby's successor we have the hear from the always guys in those guys only. John Henry yes you can fix it. But we don't hear about you would have vetoed Carl Crawford. Contract. We really here's the deal genes is writing in on white horse to use of this organization from complete chaos that's all we need a year. Case in point that out everybody's been asking about the all pro guy Brian Waters whereas whereas he has a comeback -- there it changes your prime number and his name -- Okay appears to me the patriots are trying to stick it to a one point four. Now million last year and now they're trying to get them down to the vet minimum. I'll lose a half a million which is ridiculous by the way guys and all pro god in right now you need -- for the offensive line. But even if you're critical of it. You go to Belichick. You know any aircraft talking about it you don't hear anybody else talking about it. You go to ballot check is much is a critical of -- checked in in mums the word nobody can say anything around there about anything. The more I understand why he operates that way. You get too many people talking and you're bound to triple reach out John Henry and always the -- but if he wants to get this organization healthy again. He should not be the one making the announcement did Bill James is the calvary now. Let's get back to the phone's 61777908518885250850. -- New Hampshire your first up this hour on Sports Radio. Actually I'm not one. -- and Larry is there anyone in the local media he has been gracious this morning and I'm going anomalous way I think you covered everything on. -- call and although ships then they didn't start returning. Actually I actually I don't give their return my phone calls actually now -- haven't gave him grown -- Larry it's sort Aaron -- -- -- give credit to. Who did it like COLT might encourage whatever it unquote. Seemed impressed first of all what's what's TU if I won a compliment somebody who has been in the army radio earlier this. At kissing on. -- -- like complement this morning I'm asking you. Compliment the hot seat when he that the only. It up. And it really to put Clinton at an apple -- -- -- Okay so in other words that your real gripe -- that you should get to the point of it is that a saying I'm. Smoking up to everybody in its nothing to do what that the Osce is that talented. Football player who whose honed his craft to a point where he's translated into working in the media. And I think it was a mistake to let the guy goal because he happened to be at a rally. That his son's playing for the team I usually kept on -- phone you up on costs -- -- the -- Now let's quickly move on. To Larry for over report is next that is. And all the years I've been called the show like can actually tell you today that I doubt shall we hate to show. Great Larry you want to Larry before you that you contact me off the air 'cause I -- the taught you about something all right. You know you guys you don't you don't I really are you are always believed us. I think a lot of the reasons the play is don't wanna come to this city is because of of W -- I really do. Distant station -- they hit people when they're down. They don't -- -- also combat that how I -- long and hard on the pile on and what we tell you something whether or waste question. To ask him if he -- though with the most stupid ass americorps. Larry you contact me -- that your commitment to argue about something I'm not happy. So far off to a roaring start here in the eleven -- as far as I did not listen. You want to get a person's reaction selling US -- dignified and I have to say and it was Jay in new -- you're next on sports JJ. Yell -- -- report you contact me please. -- -- I anyways I -- -- back Bobby I don't see it's not the problem I -- at the problem has been. Ingrained in this system yet little pupil might might point. And that's in the -- is that he has a some more contact with that some of the upper management and -- Does he got to camp. Not -- am absolutely. It didn't keynote blocks last year. Look you know -- salt also laptops. They walk on egg shells around him that actor writer and everybody. If you see it saying you're gone and so he's bought -- and baseball adamant. I heard you guys in that I'm I'm again. Charity whose style while like -- -- suggests that as competent to do the job and electric cash in in New York. And Bobby Brown at 148 into it in life here he dealt with all by sharp. Cried as -- -- and look at the bigger at the early ninety's it's 45 -- quite I quite bite at the -- well. That's a drop broke well probably longer than -- Right right right you know the problem is that an IA and I appreciate your point and Bobby V is in the only problem is -- the sole reason is not a solution now and if you're gonna get -- a key you know Bobby V ghosts because there really a package Bobby -- would not be here we're about Larry. And I do go back and -- in -- -- little bit. I was kind of surprised. When Michael Booker came on yesterday on Dennis and Callahan. And he thought that there he was really the reason why the Red Sox and most of this success. Understands. The baseball operation may be that the franchise operation. Better than anybody else and unfortunately it got away from him it got away from Henry got away from Warner. And they made some mistakes and I think Bobby Valentine unfortunately. Is emblematic. Of the problems that they've made it. The problem with that is when you have people crossing New Orleans. And tinkering and -- of areas if something go wrong. And they can scamper back to veil lane and then somebody else's doctor fix the mess up I think you have to have defined. Roles. Each person. In I'm saying it is clearly as I can say it. If bench Arrington injured general manager. Of the guiding keys if he wants Bill James fine if he doesn't. Fine let them hiring is on manager. He should be bench Harrington should be making that decision to write. Now not -- -- not John Henry having Breakfast at Tiffany's without with Bobby Valentine. Or. River gotten called now by. Chattering to ensure remake of the decisions right now went to get rid of this guy. You've got to give him the keys it'll let him do his -- and that's right by definition. So in a sense you don't even think that Henry in bounds and had. Breakfast together it's quite like she's firing them profit. It's just that you keep saying he did but he still a year right they just told them listen you know your your Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking at this point year. You're you're gonna be euthanized and about three weeks ago when that happened how is that doing your fan base any -- you're going out there every day. In in I'm complaining party for a but the pitching staff stinks. At the biggest problem and cause a while you can cause Henry Lucchino which Arrington balancing. Nine it into the bottom line is the pitching has been woeful this year major disappointment and Beckett lost again last night giving up. Four runs and in the early part of the game to blow that game for the dodges the pitching has been underwhelming. And that reality is. Did you camp plain -- time that happened at the same time he's got to sit there he's got to go out of a mountain in replaced pitches and everything. It's just a bad situation to keep a guy in wanted to finish out the year which have been coached. Let trying to out who still wants to play but I don't think it's gonna -- government valentines that in the dugout. Wearing what time is you know you know that the retirement next game is so far the text of the day comes out of the 50 way Valentine knows a little something about am.