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Bobby Valentine Pregame Show

Aug 14, 2012|

Joe Castiglione caught up with Bobby Valentine on today's pregame show in Baltimore

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But Bobby certainly Red Sox Nation is in mourning over the passing of Johnny Pesky. I guess you saw the other side of the -- ended nuclear family connections. Yeah yet you know Ralph rank -- my father in law and Johnny were the same vintage and you know -- police thought Johnny was the cream of the crop the best of the best in. You know when there -- charity golf tournaments -- when they're that bad dinners -- were there is just a a friend to give a call to Johnny was always there for every -- and you know I know Ralph felt blessed you know I always felt blessed the to have a connection with them too. You know be with them during. You know charity events -- them on the field a couple times here this season. Q bill no -- always be here but will definitely be missed. You'll always be mr. Red Sox well you made a trade them. Kelly Shoppach goes to the Mets for a player to be named later this opens the door for Ryan Levine -- a little more. Absolutely yes and Kelly had a fine year you know he helped us win a lot of games. And he's and I think a situation that probably for his future's. According to -- a better situation so. Our situation becomes a little less cluttered. You know Ryan -- Mawae who. But he has been sitting patiently the last couple weeks we'll get more opportunity kitchen and DH and salty. Will. You know. Be less confused as to. What he should be doing out there so I think we'll -- a good situation moving forward do you think -- platoon in use. Ryan against lefties to catch. Well -- at least. You know play against lefty Anders late says Kelly was and will see how. You know the next fifty games or so work out for the best team. So Andrew Bailey is back to what your plans prevailing how we utilize them. Well we like to get a running game as soon as possible and you know effective it's a perfect world. You know he'll he'll pitch sometime after the seventh inning. One we had a lead but. Show -- -- games to relate to make sure that. You know he's. He's feeling part of this group as soon as soon as soon as we get him to do it because you know he has been with us since spring training. So I'm saying is his role for now remains the same oh absolutely yes. How are -- the -- progressing and we had a nice chat with Daniel Nava who felt a lot better out. He had not. Daniel as. Had his thumb guard that he's Warren ended it seems that it might have been affecting his wrist in every strange testimony when he would swing and and so we made an adjustment on the thumb guard and he says he feels better and is going to be on the field. What about David Ortiz well David has so we've wanted to give him the -- step treaties in a row of totally an activity to see if you know the pain that he's experiencing -- activity. Might might be eliminated. And -- Vicente Padilla. You think you'll be ready when his time is up yeah he's feeling much better you know it was really did a growing related. Situation. And he's gotten the proper treatment and then that seems to be almost fully healed. Bobby what would you look for in that Josh Beckett tonight he had the long lay up before it picks last -- had a rough outing. What are the telltale signs that he can be successful. Well just the look in his side you know we want to us just to go out there and down. You know exhibit B. Kind of -- son. That. You know just -- it should when he's out on the mound is a pretty big game tonight pretty big series for us is team. And make it killed definitely rise to the occasion. Our quest for the manager. But you by Mercedes-Benz Bobby did the or he'll surprise you that they've hung in -- they look like they were gonna drop out and and they bounced back. Well you know their bullpen. That they put together is really been a savior for amend them. You know they've they've been used a lot but there's still throwing pretty well also the fact that they've held up. Leads me to be less surprised. Our question with a manager Rocky by Boston area Mercedes-Benz -- visits to local authorized dealer this month for attractive offers in the vehicle of your dreams. I think classy -- -- perfect combination of safety performance in the nation at a price tag puts driving find within easy reach on the web and BUSA dot com. I like Bobby. Thanks Joseph let's go back to --