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How the Celts will fill Ray Allen's role, plus some summer league updates from WEEI.com's Paul Flannery

Jul 9, 2012|

We check in with Paul Flannery live from some Celtics Summer League action for his take on the departure or Ray Allen and how some of the rookies look so far in the summer league.

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But the pace that he was not necessarily going to start -- would not necessarily. As -- put it he felt somehow that he was -- Possibly and in the recruiting process in this puppy got into any are designated. Contact people with it -- -- I'm not in the middle with agents right now I can't say who would like it or what but it. Or is correct -- felt like he was second fiddle you first if -- Bradley and then Kevin Garnett and you know so we decided to go our archrivals for less than half the money. I was quick gross -- Earlier today much earlier today. On the mutton Moroni show. -- -- Ray Allen Ray Allen has. It was going to be official on Wednesday but we all know it Ray Allen has signed with the Miami Heat as Rick alluded to he took less money. Is -- is doing what's best for him and his career is he doing it as some type of a revenge against the Celtics. What is fact what is fiction we've been talking about it since the news with tweeted by Mickey Ericsson from London -- Shame on you Mickey. So we're gonna find out the real story from Paul Flannery. OWE eEye dot com a -- dale personal details that you are. Are you watching you watching summer league basketball right now what in the Utah summer league game from that Amway Jim. At the moment guys I'm somewhere in the bowels of the the practice facility talking to you guys know I'm not watching. Were you watching it. That's -- That I I called yes. I under. Okay edit it. Are you against against a bunch of eleventh and twelve men but anyway so you you heard some of the commentary read some of it about Ray Allen. And is wondering did you get a sense first of all that he had some issues with his teammates with his treatment during the season. Did you ever figure that out. Yeah I thought there was -- that there -- some some lingering issues and data coming off the -- never was never really is ideas never really is -- you know -- liked very much. You wouldn't see them because -- -- -- -- I didn't I didn't really give it more than a second thought. And I was a little surprised. But how you know absolutely the Celtics went after -- now makes sense it is now we know -- Avery Bradley yeah for a little longer than we thought. But at the time I thought he was gone and I think there are a lot and I don't think it's fair put all the on Rondo I think definitely the fact that he. Quite in three years they tried trade. You know you get back and moved to you know outskirts for 2120 year old kid. I think would add up all those acuity get a shot yup all those things to me I thought you got any resource surprising with the twists and turns of this. But that that he was really the surprising part. Where you a little surprised as well at that the current plan B which is Courtney Lee and as you have pointed out on WEEI dot com. The Celtics Mayo may be only one of eight suitors for Courtney -- Yet the stock according actually -- ago. You to their eighteen doesn't surprise me is very good player he's become a guy that bet you that that does it ever spend and nobody -- know very well it. He'd be a really good fit a lot and -- perfect fit for the Celtics who are trying to do he just recently became an unrestricted free agent was restricted in and the rockets' recent call -- offer you -- thinks up. That the fact there's about eighteen and merit does not surprise me. I think you like the Celtics but they would have to do some maneuvering it -- sign and trade in order to get. As it stands right now Paul if you look at the Celtics you've got Avery Bradley. Out fifteen or twenty games and you've got. Jason Terry let's say they don't yet Courtney Lee since he's got eight suitors. So it's it's unlikely that the Celtics one of them. Do you feel about the Celtics to guard spot can Jason Terry stepped into that role as a starter even though he's been primarily a six man the last few years. Yet it's really a question Michael I that -- I think needs somebody else. -- you know in the starting thing doesn't really matter with a garlic you can carry you come off the bench already built and I think they like him you know also back up Rondo. So being being that reserve role in terms of the rotation that might make more sense from come off the bench. Yeah I think they need somebody else I wouldn't look so I put them -- quit doing that I think I think they could be and it. -- will competition then you know what you get beyond that and things start to get conned by -- you look at some other means. It's not a great. Like what was what are some of the other names you down accordingly. Well everyone like you know part of OJ Mayo like I can't imagine they have enough enough stops to get him. -- a sign and trade because like we've been there over the cap their big news in the level and Jason Terry they don't have the money's there and get these guys you know Lou Williams is still out there surprising day. Shannon Brown it a little further down the list eightieth assigned to work with Houston media could work with the if you -- I like him. But -- you start to get there into the Marco Belinelli is and Willie Green for guys like that in and you know you start to wonder whether or not you can bring -- guy who could start. Based on what you've seen so far of what the current makeup of the roster is -- said earlier and today. At a working 24/7 make themselves a championship contender and all those things that owners in general managers and coaches are supposed to say. But they seem a long ways from being a championship contenders we sit here today don't back. Yet they get there -- get their meaning -- that Kevin Garnett on it is that it chips a contender a team with Garnett Rondo Paul Pierce is in the conversation. It can be Tuesday and -- -- -- is as big guys like Jared Salinger and can contribute I'm fascinated he would Jeff -- can get them I really am I think as usual wild card. Wasn't crazy about the about the years in the and the salary they gave them by you know I think eat and eat is our right to give it a shot. Together perhaps more work to do I think they're really need to figure out to start paying and then I think they need another big man could otherwise you're reliant you know sellinger I've -- dvds backed a big connect to be that you become a bank. Let's go back to your green point why the years and why the money for a guy who missed the entire season. And is coming off heart surgery. That's a good question for Dana. It did. Did you did you did you have you heard that there was competition -- another team was there -- secret team waiting in the wings to give Jeff Green. The type of contract at the Celtics cable. All my conversation with with with David -- and and and that is that. He would -- with a adamant about getting Jeff was adamant about getting a deal done with the Celtics that was the number one priority whether or not they're going to the other teams. He's not saying that he told entertainment and Sports Illustrated earlier in the process that you know there you know. Happen to the league calling on all accounts of that talk cooled off considerably to get I think Jeff. You know it kind of a rare thing with adamant that you want to come back bought itself. That's the number they came up with a mean around the league is that that contract is raised some eyebrows because like he's back. Is when -- off off heart surgery and the other thing is that. You know over the its stock it's all over the last few years and it -- it's unclear what position he plays it's unclear. What is really great NBA knows he's good at a lot of things are great at any one. So that -- but number essentially raised some eyebrows at the distance you know that it does the gamble by any. I think he's done really well the other signs -- the the one that really stands out. Let's talk about what the the possible price would be in a sign and trade with Houston to get court neatly. Draft pick obviously would be in there but you gotta have money you've got to have contracts are you talking about guys like. 21 Johnson E'Twaun more is it possible it could even be guys that you just drafted here with fab Mel lower -- sellinger. Well the rules work L is and I'm nineteen to ensure that but yeah you gotta check that he -- console these days. Can't trade but you can't trade draft -- after the current thirty days. I'm almost positive about that now you know in terms of the guys you just mentioned. I can he would be he'll come around those guys because some of the guys are readable contracts at no cost Houston it would create a trade exception of the rockets. Draft -- in and of themselves don't have cap value but it you have Bobby's value to lose. You start building up and then if the Celtics can stay under the luxury tax they can actually. You know sign him to say if one million dollar deal if they send to and point seven million. -- -- So it's very very complicated very very tricky and you guys there's going to be a lot of competition but I think. -- that that's that would -- -- guessing here not there that is the that would be the way I think you know would be one way they could they could possibly do it. But the big MBA story of Boston and knowing -- is obviously Ray Allen the big NBA story. Nationally is is Dwight Howard possibly. Going to the Brooklyn nets do you see this deal happening a and B are you fearful of a Brooklyn if they are able to pull off this deal. We certainly fearful they had bit. Michael McCann -- that you know that you get for loans in the mixed with players -- -- everywhere. It is very easy for that kind of thing the ball -- -- you beautiful part. And the disabled deal that they've been talking about for over a year and it's never been good enough to widely good enough now and the -- he had left. The other team the lakers and let it landed -- Houston or not are not willing -- you upped their offer. It is still feel like the same old Buick doesn't seem very good but we're gonna find a lot about -- and -- in the general manager with a Orlando because his first big deal. We're gonna find out that the that -- -- that are being talked about -- pick -- yeah you -- you at all that doesn't really felt -- enough for -- sort -- there. Techsters wanted to ask you about a couple of names real quick before we get out here one as Mickael Pietrus whether they bring him back. One is Marcus Camby whose name has been bandied about up there as well. Right looking presidential saying and again -- -- calculated. They are limited offering him you know they could offer the biannual exception -- that million bucks. They get but if they don't do that we'll put it off from his one point four million start and I think you're looking for a little bit more than that so he's still there. Think of everything all parts you go there. But you know -- you know there hasn't been that much there's been conversation there hasn't been much the last few days with with -- with features an agent in the team. -- our -- to go to the big market for him right now it involved than that in the -- You know the -- which could jump in there with that bi annual play I don't I don't. See him carbon nearby. You know just like thing goes down there's going to be a lot of moving parts all over the week. And you know in chaos there's opportunity you know -- great job not chaotic opportunities -- and make it -- about it. Our Paul what's on -- -- later tonight and right now it's. Detroit 50s57. Utah 45 you're missing a barn burner. There and a little gem when he got tonight. But it didn't like I got up at 5 o'clock in the morning got a flight -- nine years so I think tonight -- to -- a lot -- -- a lot of sleet and then bed I'll get to enjoy Orlando but for a few days. Enjoy -- and I'll. Give him back on the Disney World. I don't think grandma I hope to god you don't see that Jim just you know we know it probably does. There aren't allowed. You know you know the great thing about some really good is basketball the bad thing about the league this summer league basketball. That's true all right Paul thanks for the insight -- would talk -- soon. -- Paul flattery from WEEI dot com trying to sort out some of the stuff around Ray Allen and with the Celtics gonna do here is they shape their roster. Going into the season we're heading into the 5 o'clock hour. Pretty soon more -- on solid ground. Hey you record looking forward to wait that do you wanna do you suggest the lightning round to what to do it that way day. That's out that's how Nobel that if he he suggested a topic -- set the record. He still has a banner up there that in the rafters. Riveting radio -- Stick -- quote my man Greg Dickerson I'm just to fill nobody's -- to go up.