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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, on the Red Sox

Jun 1, 2012|

Millar makes his weekly appearance and talks all things Red Sox with Mut and Lou. He also defends himself for a poor clothing decision he made on his TV show, Intentional Talk.

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Butler not -- 37 WEEI every try to we talked baseball. The real 15 Kevin Allard joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible Kevin my little -- I guess -- where you get in there want five. Doing our thing here and there you up I got I got a question though -- watch some additional talk last night. What what what what we go with right there was equally Peter Thursday. Yeah actually wrote and animal EC enrolled -- it memorable what apple want guys we're thrilled that brokered all right everybody a lot their -- Org didn't want it only know like Peter on our -- -- and ropes items forty. Attache and the whole body began. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm wanting to repeat things or not actually him would -- tank top on his aviator collapse like looking up this subsequently met. I created a -- that you can opt to take that now you're not good look at. All you. Might I'm money our money on -- that cricket now and lineup that's that's on the back -- receptor or so yet they have -- mom. -- -- not like these are sort of took it under -- -- or opera or to plant and all of America. So we let my how my life. What was up but they're like Peter looked more like elect a bikini top percent yeah what -- straps like that's never seen a mail -- undershirt had to strap. -- was that was elegant without production -- like a female PA said look I need a tank top does that add that the straps and a female shirt camp. -- Is it. You want to restore it but look -- you like they're okay delicate and how reliable in order to what we're not -- that helps you look at and take out but -- are a little bit. Apple between male and female so I opened. What do we do. Well 57 still with us your aware of that yeah he's got. In a bit of many an annual visits from guys taken BP cage during that that garage and last year that we all know. Voters. That Al I'm good because we hope you have maybe a restaurant count and astros' dugout Bronson -- may play a lot concert here this we can -- What you are important etc. won't that make a trip he'd get very apparent now so he's on the DL you. -- -- -- -- Shocker. Shocker. So that -- are. So. We we got the fifty game mark year Kevin and you don't want these guys who gets on the -- bring up but what I think is a big deal you say season takes a long time. Waited out what -- talk about fifty games in. Soccer game or 500 how do you assess this first one almost third of the season for the steam. Almost go back to your statement my -- so once again good. That -- -- in fact we are really buckled and I near April all the Red Sox looked at a loss to. And you look at these games you know and one victory -- out. And the outlet in this year there -- no slam the team I think that's what's keeping everybody about while I'm. There Red Sox aren't good right now where were -- pretty good but there's great. The Yankees and Red Sox are great -- -- -- -- addressed them on their interest but -- scrap. It or better. All we don't know or don't normally -- Australia. To compete. But ultimately I believe so much good -- for the Red Sox. And Indians. -- -- You can go to court last night after Jill. What do you see these talks are who's going to be in the lead me you know. I think that started picking. Back -- Balkan about it -- -- -- now. I think book called my old ball could not. -- and a good -- He found a little you know so you quote him accurately don't give up by -- -- I. Mean I think I'm -- good job of getting ready combat but. He's I don't eat healthy he looks good I don't obsolete -- plate and yet. Do you think you followed that they stick with this and go with with duke at first the middle -- at third and because -- don't get those guys a lot of console played five out of six in right field view of a problem that long term. It could got a -- -- healthy. They're gobbled Bobby's healthy I don't have a problem I mean achievement and the league you've got to get. An -- -- -- go out there right -- does appear Almonte video cute little angle. -- actually also a lot better -- -- to hurt you look back at first then I'm away. Who also productive at first base I'll numbers last year before it will be hurt and thank god go. And right field. But I'll skip the -- -- you don't and -- that it's like trombone like field for Libya for the Angel. He's gonna look. Good at building pretty important in a late in the game politically and sweet light again repeat that but you know what ultimately got multiple. But what what do -- do without -- joy because you know him I mean. He's I've played three weeks with this thing it and now that they're trying to hold them off on the DL stint try to come up with a brace. With a guy like that he would you have to real men taken out of his hands -- decision what you just -- -- this try to get as many games you can without Portland DO. And it's a big deal no big deal debate because -- can be Dustin Pedroia and he'll he'll. If you could match injury like you know we hold that screen on the brink or whatever -- take a -- not certain. You know he could -- your -- -- that it -- hurt you offensively. To what he beat that would fine. But Augusta noticed a -- not stupid either Mickey can't produce. And be productive he'll get this thing he'll get ready to come off the DL and healthy and Matt Kemp's situation now. You'll have. You know way he can come actually two leaked -- a good overbought again. It just takes the air the -- so I think that stupid ready as he'll get better if you can mask it beat. It not got to get better. We're talking to Campbell are circle back to your thoughts about after June's we get the July 4 you got the Red Sox. First the -- least is that because it the Red Sox are back good -- your feeling the AL least the way it looks right now Tampa and Baltimore especially that. The division itself might not be. Might not be as good as we thought was and the division is playing into your perception of a month now with a Red Sox are -- And that the division's not that good on everybody's good there's no -- -- there are so great -- -- and the rest that keeps. Everybody's got it right away and I took the lower over each I think delusions -- -- In order to likely be the greater good and ignorant -- or -- So that means that you're gonna have a component that schedule all year long and you know that's refreshing you look at them actually east it's the same thing everybody's. -- -- -- -- -- you look at national -- -- you look at alum I was glad that -- better. Actually I'm probably look at a lot and it got or how are your first place -- -- Albuquerque team we know what. There hockey German -- your -- did not that good giant tiger there's an -- as back here to start so that's what's going on baseball. And I think -- -- or baseball you can't tell is gonna win the central this year White Sox Cleveland Detroit royal I had no idea. We look at the last regular best team in baseball right now yet meet. The most complete club. Actually -- the please go back the ball and now they get Roy what yellow line and you look at. And Adam and -- -- Internet Alexio dongle that's like holy -- they go -- they become stronger so that a that's probably the best came. But I left a little bit. -- last week we talked to you on Friday were talk a lot of -- Joseph Maddon and how he addresses guys up later on that night limited dust up at Fenway Park and it just. It seems like there are some dust ups with Tampa but they with a double raced back then their last place that make much sense. Now there's more to it that little that that robbery stick and over Sox Sox yanks because it's been more tenants. I go to Q tiger you a lot there I think that at that -- the new fresh blood into the Sox and -- And and it makes it better when never -- that you can't have a lottery like we came out bought 2003. Hole bigger draw everybody coworker. So -- and we want to watch. A robbery. Took a lot of people I'm sure it -- and true that's what a World Series the Yankees. So that's the way we all know they -- good at. And now that it probably at this problem and I got -- -- in the Sox last year. -- makes it a better rivalry -- -- got some guys to take the Robert fit in the comment strikes on our our radio and over the dugout. Thought I enjoy it now it's it's a great Larry. Notable Joseph meant -- that I'm as I love the guy. But he goes on its last week a week or two between what's happened with them in Boston. What happened you know the AJ Pierzynski it's -- -- that Tony La -- thing going on right now you know he's like one of my guys that can protect the I'd like -- But he's at the last Rick is caused likable she saw you know AJ Pierzynski slide hard the second basic Kamal -- is next -- -- A young team backing each other up party feel about that stuff. I just think it's the game -- I'm purpose purse we all know what it is okay we know we're -- locker room. All the game. Very Little League yet it markets -- -- and you know what I. I appreciate. What they like or not hit a ball you appreciate it when you because the eagle. And -- and our outlook. Is a wonderful you'll trust you want someone who -- -- And then there wouldn't be able to keep as he didn't stop them from constant -- everything that's something. I take it in purely -- good the stamp on the -- -- what year are spot on the ball. You come to try and then go between. Them. -- -- -- -- -- -- A rocket science according to draw an issue that. Now we're gonna drill somebody -- met him and published a special web and Google little. I'm sure it's. Like she'll. -- -- -- It was all it was awful. Any other open I didn't get. It right at the age is one of those guys you know and that people have feelings about in your right does some stupid every single year you go back of the back to Friday right Franklin Morales drove the ball behind Luke Scott. Yet put in your pocket right then we -- to come back to try to get four more times. A lot of different. I mean he's pretty popular sorry -- yeah -- did it. I'm eager to try it but it's over I mean -- thing and he can get one shot you don't get support. Irregular every article and come out and get it but is based on you know when you played a -- can't -- change. Our last one for me cavity say it's part of the game I work with a guy who admits keep him some balls specially back in the big east Providence days within -- run -- total -- would Greg at a high school. Big story today in the USA today about the style in baseball and guys that might not be the superstar -- like Chris Perez guys like. Ladies get these -- of Logan Morse and putting their style and emotion into it Reggie Jackson saying these guys haven't earned the right to show that emotion to screw up their play. Deal like this trend right now that more guys are showing emotion and energy and I guess uncle flare at the big league level. -- why he got a lot of people got out worried about all the boldly old school on the -- and it it's in you know I got. It's a popular racially limited natural bag here at skill Korean. Why wait for analog weren't -- gut tea I don't like when you're uniform disrespect because QWERTY. Okay we're asking you what I've got this isn't about lot of must now there's about the name of the back of the Jersey report that -- -- -- name. Tried it but I don't have a problem. -- -- -- When a guy go. -- -- -- and it got a lot to be don't want to talk about. The public these eight -- -- you know between Iraq. Because again at all but you did have are probably a -- like -- never completely virtual keyboard. So that's really the story and Brett loury a trial public -- And I'm gonna call fud or maybe he's not -- could probably get fired up -- -- -- according to walk out what racial about yeah. You're the watch a lot -- celebration. I like Alex showed emotion Joe's personality go to -- more personality I mean. Everybody loves those teams back in Boston with you you know you gonna game all those -- is at the personnel lineup -- a -- about Jose Valverde. A -- it'll do what am I -- amount of somebody -- me out -- a ticket too bad about the exit that skip on wanna do it each and every night so. I think comes at the game if you goal aboard. I think the game itself the big take care and that's where does that put itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The way they do their thing. And he looked like -- -- -- you -- and I occur for a exe is -- being a little -- and -- -- -- come upon for everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- that frustrate you that format you know you're gonna get a lot -- -- right now. My mind go blank right now but this quote heroic I'll -- -- probably. You got you want -- -- not only do that showed -- So that's what you -- You can go to -- FaceBook dot com slash WEEI we have post the picture Kavanagh. The the president can't let that people Kevin people up we just posted this and hear the comments. -- not. Camelot love Camelot Malloy is the man was only here three years -- Red Sox player for life I agree LO well hysterical Allard is the best matches they sampling. On the positive responses FaceBook dot com slash WE EIT you your man boobs and a tank top they're right now. You know I'm a little quicker than a little bit to be elected -- the water actually -- in the bar you know the back. My belt and it's a little little that belt buckle the man who wrote it a little further than all these would be funny I agree -- A -- Hitler. Or. In what they're sure. That. That. Could be -- Cap the men's health and that that's that's the -- There. I will watch it tonight on TV Kevin enjoy the week -- talked you next week. Thank that is our guy Camelot the picture that everyone's talking about FaceBook dot com. Slash WEEI Kevin is always presented by a boat a tractor. And its New England dealers went on to New England voted dot com went about a gift certificates throughout beat tire baseball season. That's doing a -- -- dot com and by WLs northern Italian steakhouse with locations in Boston. And a patriot place in Foxborough gestured get yourself locked in. Sports spelling bee with -- live alone next.