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It Is What It Is Cast: Looking at the offseason moves by the Pats and other NFL teams

Mar 29, 2012|

In the latest edition of the It Is What It Is podcast, WEEI.com's Christopher Price and Jerry Thornton break down New England's activity this offseason, including what the acquisition of Brandon Lloyd means for the Patriots' passing game and where New England stands on both sides of the ball. They also give their take on the busy NFL offseason, including Peyton Manning to the Broncos, Tim Tebow to the Jets and what's going to happen to the Saints because of the recent bounty scandal.

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Are you ready for some football football. His within these gas tax software at all. PD is what you need is we Christopher price. Problem WEEI. -- Hello again everyone and welcome back to another edition of the it is what it is cast we are honored to have this week with -- us international bar on view on. Blogger and writer. -- missing anything in a comic. I like his standup comic. Sparrow. WEEI dot com videos -- I do at all. There you go Gerri Thornton Jerry it is an honor to have you back on this you do anybody. And -- the underdog might thanks very much I have and recently. No I -- really -- really appreciate wanna talk abouts. -- take the patriots this off season to this point and don't wanna start off -- your post Super Bowl -- I don't wanna touch timid too much because. You know it's still in the past and you know indeed is where it is really but I wanna ask you where are your thoughts are. At this point in the offseason beginning live at the Super Bowl and going from there. You know I hope we opposite -- say that at right after the game I spent a lot of time. Fully closed trying in the shower so called it that. But you know I think it was -- That would stay I think -- you only makes you stronger -- -- that you go to Charlie class action can edit you know she was right on the money itself. I -- you know it. Is bad itself was and they -- The Super Bowl literally slipped between the fingers and their best receiver. It's the nature of this -- you know they don't have the luxury of a lot Swedish drug initialed. You know they're both so aren't so every lots is. What form again and it's just it's just the price of poker room. Of seventeen minutes right in the -- year in year -- so. Philosophical about this one. They've managed to like -- -- kind of put it behind them in -- looking forward now this point the offseason have been a very eventful offseason adding more eventful there and off seasons past and not just talking about the -- but pretty much across the board to this point. What do you think of the moves that they've made were you one of those guys who want them to push all the chips to the middle of it I imagine you're not here I just wanted to do a double checked. But. Are you one of those guys who wanted to push all the chips to the middle of the table and go after Mario Williams or are you happy with what they have done to this point. I am you know what I'm fine with it because yeah it's it's curiosity to me now. It was -- twelve -- seasons since Belichick got here in every year that -- apartments. Expects that same move like this year they didn't open flash -- in -- area you know. Pick up a hundred million dollar payout structure they're still like dogs chasing cars. It keeps them again this year it's gonna happen and no it's it's it's this poor year. Coo -- thing. It's said. The Belichick way of doing things works. You know the word not for the role of a couple of fumbles. It was -- championship doing it this -- so you know what if anything Chris I'm surprised at the amount of free agent signings that that they -- I I I. You know they -- in -- position to just cannot hold onto their cards and I'm I'm glad they didn't but I. So sorry it's a solid people arts class. You had a great line on Twitter is that if elected they're really defines the patriots approach to free agency and all that she says you know the idea that. You know comparing Belichick to Santa Claus in comparing freedom to the Christmas. Where you your you your your thinking every year that it's going to be something and elective new electric train -- -- like a PlayStation or something. In innuendo of getting something sensible but but really good for electing a look at good pair -- socks. Yeah you kind of put this weather events and it's practical and it it's not the one make you like you know water over your friend goes to show them. What your friends who get like the the air rifle with a -- that's on the spot which don't you know that they're the ones who who shoot your eye out. Just went -- and look at the teams. That -- free agency every single year -- ballots. Washington always does something exciting last year Philadelphia killed and none of those teams made the playoffs. So it you know it requires patience you know you'd get your hopes up that they gonna they gonna pick up the expression means and what they don't. You have to remind yourself that this is how they -- when. Obviously the guys that Iran's pointing toward -- bring in Lloyd oh what -- what are your thoughts on him right out of the -- in what kind of impact. Did you see him having on this -- passing. You know it's fun it's again -- -- again if you need. For the in the -- get a wide receiver -- it's like to have a -- it is a priority because with a Dicey it's what a -- For all time passing record you know granted to -- it was at home but it means she -- he has Marino. A record that stood at 27 years with the right thing haven't said that. -- -- -- -- -- Instruments. Especially the value animal kingdom break the bank for the well you know especially because you know if you character questions so which four million dollars. Peer bots are and got twice. That was insane. I was in seeing look at a -- that regards to -- -- -- available -- questions persuading people saying you know he's -- he's mercurial. Talk about stepping up to wait yeah I I I have to think he could attack likes what he I mean. Did anyone Koppel or on the marquis is in put a finger on them. Not in terms of being as good a -- here in New England is Lloyd was you know you look at lawyer eating you look at his. Past working relationship -- Josh McDaniels. You look at defected he knows the offense you look at the fact it did did he wants to come here you -- and I think you mean that very clear because he signed for at least what I perceived to be less -- market value you know. This is a guy who clearly wanted to be here this is a guy who clearly wanted to be part of the system -- and now against. A lot of that had to do with his relationship -- mcdaniels and the fact that he has beaten mcdaniels that he will do the best thing for him. In -- down the road three years later you know. That -- was gonna come -- for lack of a better term but you know I I think -- was in someone said this on Twitter you know it was inevitable. That did these two parties would come together and I think it's a great fit very I do when you look at the patriots passing you. I think it's a great -- and they think Lloyd fits in perfectly with this -- I agree a 100% because. Some of the other -- that people. Will open see them some -- and one might say you know people and and in general certainly letter that the media guys. I'm cool like say Mike Wallace from Pittsburgh which he caught -- one of first round pick into that kind of money. Mike Wallace is true it. Received it is no get around it but would have seen that at all that in him he comes here -- the lack of a better term he Ochoa. Just yet figure out this offense which is tricky for a lot of guys in -- absolutely right well we don't know. Is a known commodity that. You know pretty that's a reasonable expectation that when he goes back that well he's gonna know that the state can it be where he wants them to be. You know why I wanna get on the rest the free agents to I don't wanna talk about a couple other guys who I think -- -- of very big impact going forward but you mention his name. And I think Ochocinco is many things and -- disease many things but he's not stupid. He saw the writing on the wall in he goes to patriots management's has looked. You'll if you guys that if there's a question as to whether or not I'm gonna stick around here. The contract is not going to be a problem he goes in he takes a pay cut goes from base salary of three million to one million going forward. That's a really crowded position in training camp when you look at that outside wide receivers but because now you have Dante Stallworth of Ochocinco you have Deion Branch coming back as well as well the possibility that they mean trying go on its own in the draft. And you know right. And why do you Embree in the opening in the outside looking and in your career you've got inside scoop you feel like. What you're talking about a -- it's it's on the money it. Is with the program. He does in the war. Yeah yeah I do I do I I talked to guys down there both on and off the record in the Arab firm believers in the idea that he does his homework. In the end you the other inning to -- talked to a lot of guys about this -- -- in this you know what I wanna get off on too much of -- thing about notre earlier but. It there and other guys around the league -- played for both the patriots have played another system to say. You know debated passing he was not the most intricate passing view of the world. You know there's I took for -- says this all the time that you know that the system that they had in Washington DC was far more complicated. In the system they have -- -- doing. It's all about building faith in the quarterback it's all about building trust in the -- -- if the quarterback doesn't trust you you're not gonna get the ball thrown. Okay can have seen so many but you know with -- You know a capable accomplished receivers -- your -- look completely lots but Gabriel. Joey Galloway. Is than others like justice so it's one of those things that you've just been. You'll always run and nine you know as well run -- And you come here and it's so we have yet and these and coverage or whatever it's it's just -- it reptile brains around but it's. Is is really up to come down to a repeat and play favorites. It did I I think did I think to some of that I I honestly believe that there's some good you have to be on the same page with a quarterback you know. And again after I've talked to guys who've been on this team -- tortillas -- on the team now and it's all about you know on the same -- to break anything we saw some of that this past year with Taylor Price. Who was a talented young receiver but just for whatever reason couldn't match with a quarterback. And we saw the result in that situation so I think some of that comes down to working with a quarterback and showing an affinity for the quarterback -- you'll developing a real sense a chemistry. Look you know you look at a guy like Deion Branch. Deion Branch who is not the wide receiver that used to be. But you know he has great room reading skills he has you know he's a very Smart receiver plus he -- a great working relationship -- Brady. They think that's one of the reasons that he is back here for another year that. You know Hughes one of Brady's favor. I'm glad I'm glad you you mentioned range because it's a -- I think it's going to be and pushed this side at all it's not by the team which is kind of by the public. You guys who win games lately -- always go back to it yet about half against Diego border you know it's got component turtle. And -- 92 the last. -- branch got open. Why on the sideline and got them at the field goal range yet it's bolt three point. It's in the they have in you know in the it's just classic difference between. It's Smart -- film. And dumb coached in like not -- -- team was prepared to stop the patriots from picking up those those three point where I incorporated is still want to. Next year in whatever it's. I have to believe that he is back for at least one more year in in the -- they're going forward with this group of outside guys. It may or may not include those children it also includes Donte' Stallworth. And Deion Branch ends Raymond Floyd is dead that's a really good group. Of exterior wide receiver now wanna get back into the the regency group you know setting aside -- that did two guys. Who stand out for me has really exceptional sits in this system we can run down the entire list if you want but the guy who really -- that from the first ball. Is Jonathan for Nene who I think can do you view something. That Mike Wright was able to give this team for a few years. -- that is a really good look for real positive interior pass rushing -- you look at him new local Will Allen there Will Allen is not the quarterback to be used to be. But he is still one of the better if no one of the best quarterback one of the best slot cornerbacks and lead. I think those two guys are going to be very important as well as Robert Gallery because you know we don't know the situation going forward Logan Mankins as well. Yeah eight. Eight create I think we're sitting in any one of those guys that they love because they were to show multiple fronts in just. You know from down to ground and I I think he's got that chance that flight back and forth I love Mike right by. You know I think it's Al-Maliki is too small so that. Position in Sydney and it seems like he's got a little here's one of my favorite football -- cliche so what candidate pants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- tactic you know Ellison's interest in situation because I don't -- you know. A household name I don't know how many. Will Allen -- heads have been sold across the country probably not and what. You know they they made a commitment to and didn't didn't give him a three year deal. I think I think it was a two year deal I'd have to go back in double checked just to make sure. Yeah and I mean for a vote fairly solid money so I I think what this -- this -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- system. Think in gallery at. -- -- -- And somewhere I'd guess you know he's been perceived as as of spots. Because -- number two pick in. And currency you'd be -- -- at LP you know as its anchor left tackle what what. I think he's been productive right so right you break it out well for a really -- eighteen. Yeah yeah I guess I mean I I think part of it is you know he was -- was over the first. Six or seven years of his career in Oakland was clearance pretty lousy teams and you know that's enough to grind anyone down as we've seen but I think he's a guy he's a veteran guy. Who has been around the league who can play both guard and tackle has some position of versatility on both the left in the right. I think it's interesting for me because. We very rarely see the patriots and Brian Waters really for me is the one exception. We very rarely see the -- brought in a choir. Offensive line. More often than not be prefer to develop that roster you know kind of draft other you know whether it's undrafted free agents -- -- -- round guys or whatever. You know you look at this roster you look at this group of offensive lineman in the -- it's almost exclusively -- through the patriots organization as opposed to. Being acquired through free agency. And a lot of times if they're relied on these. Right he's and it jags you know that -- -- approach skier. You know Rich Ohrnberger and you know even. In common with qualifier -- you know put accused in the deepest are in fact you know I picture -- next year. -- so there in gallery you know again until it -- -- Com and on the other side. Hallmark in years there's three guys that are 676. -- -- huge. It's it's hard not to be excited about that as it was a -- for mom and waters was. Within a revelation for again. You know we if you wondered about the way the Pickett's approach free agency would of the exit to that question that no one would make any noise about Carter. Marking Anderson. And Brian Waters I mean there's been you know innocent build a wall ball double -- the other two -- home run. It was it was either literally when you look back at what the didn't free agency blasters it was -- the home run or a colossal swing and a miss. And for lack of better term. Going in the midst obviously of the big exciting remove that at one -- woods woods into where. And again you know so they got a nickname and -- -- a big names to go out count Ochoa had and they got three and a nondescript guys signal was excited and the ones who. Almost won a soup -- a. What do you think they're gonna do in the draft day I think have gone on record as saying that they're gonna use one of those first two picks may be one of those first four picks really. -- premier offensive by one of the better offense -- because you look it and we were talking about the offensive -- they're still question marks about what you're gonna do specifically with the interior. You know I I I don't know if guys stood there -- those younger guys are ready to step up. You know them the beat the cannons in the Donald Thomas's are ready to step up and assume kind of starting roles. So you might wanna try and fill in there there's a guy that they know in Georgia that I think the future to -- I -- Ben Jones who does have. Some of that transitional versatility has played seven -- you don't wanna go after him but I think they're gonna. Use one of those first four picks. On one of those better off sensible arm where do you think they're gonna go in the draft in -- should they go in the draft this. I. Look and sure he -- all. And so without respect to you -- to vote for the it's -- made the last two years on on the offensive line. Angle on this quest -- opening question about it and these. And I'm sorry -- I'm really an expert -- it's gonna -- defensive tackle. Again you know not not a sexy pick -- excited like. A cabin -- and the guys they haven't we can't go. You know. Gerard Warren big stack and the country acting the part timer on they want to rotate guys through and I think if they can get. A real -- you know versatile defensive tackle -- someone's gonna jump in and start right away. The chair Jerry also the the bigger question -- and we've talked about this before is they need to start plaintiff for the post eventual four terror. I mean not right now but view it's gonna come in a couple of years. In your gonna need someone like that in the middle in -- you can imagine you're gonna be able to get a guy of that caliber. Say in the third or fourth round you're gonna need to be able to get a guy you know premier guy and very early in the draft to think he was Dick what the twenties. Eight you know they have to those 21 rounder is is this the year where they go after. You know Vince Wilfork junior. That's that's what I'm seeing right yeah I think they'll check and it's you know it is happy extremes -- -- -- like rocker. Who just you know and they in turn comparisons to a for the greatest percent to one of the page it's Everett that's Richard Seymour. You know that -- that site that links -- you know. 300 pound. You know Fletcher Cox's -- would it. I would love to see they're probably out of reach a nice start looking at the next tier guys switcher. You know. -- Ralph from should stay. The -- still and states so. It's hard for me not to -- -- them in -- that we particularly because what was it fatal -- this year. They couldn't get teams off the field you you know com. You can only offensive linemen and it's a great way to build team by. This was still -- it is historically. Bad and more cost in the Super Bowl which kind of protection so. I would love to see them just use of what excellence and -- I don't want. I am kind of -- have a semi sweeper and I think it's in some of -- leader takes. And I -- Cincinnati and Eric will open up you know he -- -- fix it. Prototype. Or strong -- met with some of cat private workouts with some itself. Well that name. They're gone after Cincinnati guys before we talk about Michael -- and he was an excellent fit in the in the in this program -- very very long time from the lipstick on the defensive side of the ball wanna -- take on the idea of DeVon McCord -- as a free safety in what they're gonna do with him going forward is he gonna play more free safety is he gonna rotate back to corner. Yeah is he gonna mix and match what do you do with him at this point his career. It's me at the end of the year what they would do one once. Q -- three CC on. Obvious passing down -- yup and it still like them up on the line corner or. You know first and second. Which is great could be is that he is a terrific -- com. I think a lot of it drop out and production. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where -- faith in the quarterback and I think just that sets a that it skills that suited for and you do you get any indication from them. I thought you looked -- for all say this I thought he looked really comfortable with the into the year at free safety. So much so that it did you could consider a package where words you would have him back there again on -- passing downs and in some of those sub packages in you could put. A group of cornerbacks on the field that includes sterling Moore. Kyle Arrington lost -- delving if he's healthy. In -- bring someone in in the draft gave -- you know and you you -- will oilman in there as well you know you -- -- mix and match with that group. In you have a group that includes -- Steve Gregory. In -- reporting its safety -- I think you're pretty good shape and it's at that point. I sure hope so I mean it's it's it's hard not to feel you know or apprehensive because if it's -- so many. Is that and so many will writes in reason. And I would really I Darius Butler. And so it yeah it is it it's hard not to be to feel like he gets some all the time and these guys but. You know. You know justice is our local egos would respect corner it it's like. Forward ball skills yet you would just have to step behind all -- more passes whistled by used year in any one game weekly. Then in its entire what's your take -- look into that. Europe in court -- at an art -- a more open up to -- yeah. -- -- -- Insight into what to drop -- You know what do you guys have Jerry I really believe this I believe this BBK's I think. It's a lot of it was first of all he's banged -- -- -- windows -- wasn't the same guy that he was last year -- -- is rookie year he pretty much sailed through he wasn't hurt. And I think he was slowed by the end of the year but by injuries particularly that children think the other thing. It is so much of that position is about confidence. So much about playing cornerback is about confidence in Egypt -- ones you don't put it behind you move on let's move on the next play. And I think effective he started the year going up against. Brandon Marshall in and Vincent Jackson in -- coverage in deal up and I think it was 22 balls 21 balls first two games over 200 yards combined. I think debt affected his confidence of alienating -- got down on himself and I think we saw that over the course the year so much deposition is about being confident about. The only legitimate and that no one can beat you and I think after those first two games he got down on himself and we saw that play out over the course here. Yeah you know it and it's it's a great point two security guys a lot of I mean how often did you hear cornerbacks. Well it's an age in my job just got you know you're out there on an island. You know he's going to be a gunslinger and you know it and you you can't. Think too much about the catching up you know -- turn the page but it's easier said than done you know. -- I. The proof is in the fact that there is still on the field before pounds the entirety item that young to remember them. They did he never sat in -- that was one of the things too when you look back over the last couple years a lot of those young cornerbacks have been benched. You know bid bid to Darius butler's Arrington has gone through bats. You'll Wheatley will hide those guys been bench being never yanked McCord yet of that line of this diocese. You know I'd like to another key factor with corners on this team to its I would go back to well when you have an interview with. With court at the Columbine and coach exit -- For so we don't have couple quarters on this team you're gonna be expected that apple. And I -- it was a hopeful awful it's state grated out it -- cornerback in football. It's Arctic tackling. And Arrington was the third most efficient Bakalar and that the position itself up. W the and that's to -- -- You know the -- the dream team over and Philadelphia. All three of their guys we're in the bottom Colette and phonetic who decide these you know what I thought that was the -- to its beef with animal rights. There will want to let them walk because they they were gonna bet that kind of money in a guy's gonna get seven to actual but he is not an attack or any. And the last anchored still. Not and the contract. No he's not. One question first for me it for you right now all on the offense. Are are you worried at all about Wes Welker resigning I know a lot of people aren't and I am I myself have not. Given the history of -- you know the relationship between his agency in the patriots affected he probably needs the patriots at this point his career. More than the patriots need him by adding it's a great fit I think he presents great value to New England. Are you worried -- -- as the patriots fan about Wes Welker signing -- -- I'm not a tactic I would applaud when we first which franchises is on on our school. And it was stated that nine stages of of patriots free agency and we go to swear it's his concern about the next guy -- side and staged to its you know. Rumored that -- it's French right he's going to be disgruntled and he's gonna be Matt and -- right now we're about staged sit. It's big China though it the same thing -- got signs he's this is where I want it all along and noble wanted to and you know -- They are slapped the project on Welker tweeting and if -- -- -- believe he -- I'm happy about this it means that -- when he twelfth. And I O thirteen 1415. You -- he ordered -- to see them. They want them she wants the date I I I can't imagine that it's gonna work out and you have a wait and and equitable deal for all site. I think it makes a lot of sense I do it as being a mix too much sense for both said we talked about Brandon Lloyd. In that being inevitable Brandon -- the patriots I think there's a certain sense of inevitability. With Welker coming back to knowing and is well on signing his tender I do wonder long term. About what they're going to do I wonder if they're gonna train franchise and Begin next year. And we talked about the pure Garcon contract I wonder if that's gonna have any sort of impact going forward. On the negotiations between both sides. Job well it and if that meant until we get sick I don't say got into Jackson. Collects 65 million yeah actually that's 65500. At Ochocinco. Went a -- but without a commitment to thank him. It's good deterrent to Welker who -- it was all for all these years and -- -- party in Iraq cents. And then say okay but we're gonna try to give you a couple of markets you know it just won't work. So. It's -- people people people do talk to. People do talk about Welker being under the -- when he when he was here but. When he signed that deal that five year what does it into the fight -- million dollar deal. He was not Wes Welker yet. You know I mean there that that was pretty much par for the course you you could even make an argument based on his numbers in Miami that they may have over media. At that point -- go and before the 2007 season but now. You know he he represents I think really a lot of always a really interesting. Case study because. You're not gonna give him Larry FitzGerald got -- numbers even though. He's put up -- to -- kind of numbers because you look and a guy. Who's on the plus side a thirty now who's coming off the knee injury who has no mention -- -- a finite career. In he's also not a guy who I don't think would put up the scene -- numbers and another system I'm not saying that he's a product. Of the New England system but it thinks his relationship here with the patriots passing game with Brady is completely unique quit you look at the wide receiver and the quarterbacks across the. Now it's the it's the perfect marriage and I think they all all sides approach it from that. Perspective let me at a rate of -- Welker and maybe that's just the Parcells fortunately come out I'm thinking if I -- -- with the patriots. I'm not married to a broken in the -- it's all the -- Not just -- -- girl reported count of the -- in the quarters -- Why it why should it in what's woken -- some guilt because it's -- hundred kitchen year. Because of what it's the stark and I think something's scripts in this world more important than. That's agree appointments -- here -- -- talked about some league stuff before you know before it lets you go here. First of all I gotta get to take I had means I haven't -- you writing meeting on this yet in an apology as if you have had a seventy and on -- to the jets. -- it's been my favorite topic event as a matter of fact. The morning it is the deal was was made. I would parity on record on on the schools and that praying to god we make it happen. And it no -- Jesus but I I am idealists kibo. You can -- confuse those so I'll put it if you really love this New England based football bloggers to make this deal happen. If it. And it and it came true. It's it's just the greatest story ever that the jets which is the gift that keeps. I just I I'd look at this. -- I don't know why you're paying your backup quarterbacks slash wildcat quarterback so much it just needed that. It doesn't appear to be a really good. It right -- -- press conference or. Articulate but what if I'm Brian -- on -- -- mind. Like 200 media credential. In -- for the jets this same that this is a vocal was. It's just so laughable we have projects and -- you'd have to invent them so it's like. -- in in a reality show and -- taking Cox some -- in to get people talking like you know. Without real housewives where too -- eleven argument lot of wind in the -- state that that's. -- -- -- As an organization that. It's more important than get that good for while he's in the back page of the Paper and that's the pitchers. It's just for me it just reeked of a football move me by non football guys. Think that it exactly and and for. You know. In and -- chipped -- -- about how excited they are working -- no. Interpret -- that it is that takes three years ago. I'm excited about a guy coming in who the enemy clearance for from day one that from the time pitch and so -- -- -- at a time that Tebow chants start. You you can have that -- -- -- god particle collider -- -- like the brilliance of -- sack against. This are. Everybody in in jets nation you know lied about whether they're gonna be you know team -- order again to be seen mark and it. The good foot well and it'll it'll get its part. What's the first what's the over under for you and the first Tebow start I added on Thanksgiving. When they're gonna come Danielle you're gonna see wrecks and a Wednesday press conference and say well you know mark's got a little shoulder -- so why you know I think we're gonna go -- -- -- this week in you know I think he gives us the best chance to -- what's your over under on the first he will start -- You know the -- -- Columbus Day. A little bit earlier than that because what can we do know its budget is gonna have a game. Where you know he completes 40% of its passes and they -- yeah it's like eighty yards. And in to counteract that they're gonna replace some guy who completed 45%. Last year. It's it's it's not I I couldn't wish them to go to and yet it's. You music on patent to the Broncos. I didn't I just didn't keep the Broncos think common. I'm surprised. Tickets -- I would open for Miami because it would have been more exciting we'd seen him what you're at the property just kinda kind of there. In other who's not really in the actual memories here. And a surprise people point -- -- -- -- -- -- been kind of don't like that system guy you know and I don't even know he's going to be able to print -- 36 years old and you're -- -- you've seen him just to Nicaragua and the end you know. 200888. All over again. I think by mid season guys think he's going to be back to where he needs to be yeah I would agree with the go on the point where. He's he's he's gonna be outside and is going to be exposed to be elements and had great debate the we've had for so many years you know who would you pick Pete Miller Brady. Well you know at TP defied an indoor team Brady trying to outdoor team you weren't were gonna be able to get a chance to see. That really an action because you know he's going to a place where elements definitely play a factor I also think that. He went to a place where he was a little bit more comfortable with a sense where is he he's gonna get a chance to work -- -- wait a quarterback who enjoyed success -- very early in his career. Everything there is a certain comfort level there but I just I part of me is just sad to see. This really from the signal the end of the patriots colts breeding meaning that it really slam the door on that rival for me added release. The unions and and it is much is. And enjoyed against the -- years I -- When we finally got let go by the colts that pulled -- -- line from from Ron Burgundy which is I hate you I flat out it's firing eight U. But they -- I respect to. It's hard not to respect mean. And it's somewhat will be nice to see him do well obviously -- you know like the one you play our games by. You know it's it's going to be great story that has proved to its. My theory heavily which is the number one sport America is -- up sell millions of sports is the NFL -- All it's been amazing this -- It's been amazing results at the. -- wrapped up -- you know look hockey playoff chase the NBA or whatever because although they just dwarfs in significance when you've got things like. The that's one of the great quarterbacks of all kinds switching teams and and the most popular figure in sports like going to New York is to be backed up. Every day it's just another -- as water -- stores. In -- and it doesn't even wait from day to day because we found out about the Tebow stuff. Who literally on the same afternoon in the same -- there we heard about the -- -- bounty key decision coming down last week. When he I was -- DC pro day we are all talk Saluki -- in all of a sudden -- Blackberry started vibrating and it's you know what's not only Tebow with the jets. But the decision that Sean Payton is suspended for -- -- Mickey -- suspended for after -- drove it suspended her for six games. What's your take on the saints the bounty program in the suspensions that have come down. Well presence may surprise you that I'm out there patriots are. Yeah that. Yes I I've got to contested now I guess that's up my -- I'm really partial birth certificates and a machine gambling suck up so there Lebanon from the beginning because who writes that although one which is. In the grand scheme of things spiking was a parking ticket and everybody treated it like with a capital cry. And it is the capital cracked but -- oh you'll Campbell looks like that it was point -- -- of people Yeltsin sidelined. That's -- -- disguise the signals. That's where it's a concerted effort. To injured people to Maine this -- paid cash for concussions program in -- quite. Real punishment should look like they'll yeah and I get a we all -- the -- What state did to that city epic Katrina and you know Sean -- Differently in -- goal line and they'll network with the white board -- looks like Malcolm in the Middle East and -- if it. You really does says that I never go to that rarely does that the I just a two things for me jump out with that wind when you talk about the saints in the dark but the -- system I've. Spoken with current and former players about this. In May say they can excuse a lot in the name of competition. Or when you're talking about injuring another player when you're talking about messing with the notably his livelihood. Debt really you know crosses the line and dominion has a lot of people I also wonder if the idea but how. This is going to affect the legacy of that 2009 saints team. If it's going to affected in the same way in the eyes of some national people that spike you defected to 200120032000. Corporate. That's why more than anything else I want and -- directs. I will pick up infielder without strict but no that's that's exactly what we are these. People we respect that whenever that that Belichick at that stage -- column. It's about it is that it it tastes terrible legacy it would have and that's why I'm gonna call them. And so. Is -- and that's why this -- to let it be what that's all. It they would -- a hard not to like. That dead group that that team you know Drew Brees and you know when Sean Payton in their -- you know. Helping lift deceive you I was lucky to be done in 2009 went on the putrid saints game. In and I was thinking that I've never seen -- team so intimately connected with their -- As the 2009 saints. War in it was a great story it was a feel good story and we all wanted to buy into it. It now looking back it there's got to be you know I I do think it's gonna affect a legacy going forward and and that's and that's too bad because it was a great story. Yeah they did the impossible to this team at this the thing which is being made. Brett Favre looked sympathetic. -- -- know what we've all seen. The replays in particular where -- most of his head up. After it got people like that helmet to helmet well and it's a little hearts and and feed themselves as guardian lovable. In the wake of and more than anything -- -- you know it's gonna keep people say all these things have gone on forever and it's not that -- did do -- or somebody who -- that I might just -- -- -- whatever. It's -- what lawyers common app from from all directions like -- right now you know -- injury lawsuits and concussions and I'm basically that needs to -- -- decades. To be in -- money for injuring people. I always thought did Jerry Jerry in be in people think people talked about. The suspensions and me and I didn't think to Pete would be suspended for a year that's a that's awful harsh I think this is comparable to what happened in the 1960s with a gambling. Where in the wind Alex cares and Paul according to the biggest stars -- believed were suspended for a year I think that the commissioner need to send the message you were the first guys caught. In so we're gonna make an example. Exactly because that speech. Talk about integrity of the game. And -- its signal smoke -- it goes. Humbling. You want -- build up when you're watching that game if a guy gets hurt it's not because the coaches in some of these irk you wanted to know. When a guy misses a few local it's not because again it's not on the level that the you know the kicker has money on whatever figure out there so it really -- to shine -- issues that make you. Possibly question in the game you watch. You know I I don't think anyone got a question. Of videotape of of popped into play call whatever it is in fact that it's you know. So yeah I I think. You know. That's the kind of thing that the commissioner has to do what they like to what and I am -- -- -- comments you know that it's now. -- that they look at your yard and Brett but recently you'll. Eighteen units the commissioner. Not not inherited ginger -- Jerry I really appreciate should be content to talk with -- today it's been a lot of fun. I'm -- I -- laps until I'm looking -- You'd draft coverage and -- the Nazis and I hope we get to do it again. We will we will definitely do this sooner -- -- thanks a lot.