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Doc Rivers wants the Celts to draft his son Austin

Mar 29, 2012|

Mut and Lou debate whether drafting Austin Rivers will be a good or bad thing for the Celtics. Doc Rivers said that he would want the Celts to draft his son. Lou doesn't think it's a good idea.

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If Austin were available. During the draft when it was time for the Celtics to pick and you -- to draft him to play for the Celtics and Danny didn't how would that little disagreement be resolved who would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All that is Doc Rivers earlier today on DNC talking about the prospect of drafting. His son and potentially Austin rivers and a Celtic uniform I love the idea. Latest Chad Ford mock draft hasn't gone somewhere in the twenties Celtics have a pick around sixteen or seven we get a passing on. Chad Ford hasn't passing on Austin or I think that's ridiculous to -- there -- -- that -- they'll take him he was last Terrence Jones I Kentucky. Was the player that the Celtics -- -- pretty damn good player himself. Austin rivers guard can score the basketball docked joked today that you scoring on this team I love the idea of dot coaches on your -- and. I don't I had a big he's a great player and I think going to be interesting when it comes down and he's still on the board. You know I don't see Danny that -- feel like he's got to do -- favorite trip this kid if he doesn't think it's the right choice. -- he wants to go big if you want to get young if you want to get let it with a big guy I think you would do it. It may -- can bring a guy like Ray Allen back we just talk and locate -- You -- all this money to spend where you gonna spend it free agency show me the free agents out there that are better than KG and Ray Allen right now even at this point a career. I I don't know -- I don't know they're out there so. -- just wonder and the whole dynamic of him coaching his kid. I just I think can be sold all our kids a very good player. A widget to guard 642. Got great shooter score the basketball right very good player 64200 pounds but just. I think that whole dynamic is strange and everybody we got to the other day and even to this that we already cal Ripken junior cal Ripken senior. Coaches did. Well -- can senior coaches coach cal. -- and counting junior had what five years in the big leagues. He was a rookie of the year was first year exam BP is second year. Figures five years in the league. Right so cal senior came in their best player was this kid. Our best players not to be -- to come in as a young 1920 year old kid into the NBA. In it in in a team that has only thirteen guys on the team traveling I just. Penalties are -- and what better environment to be under your dad trying to get into the MBA somebody's -- the league. Off for a long time now coach in league for a long time and doc was asked the question why would he dropped to some. Look. I just it is the result of compatibility. Is so good bit below and you'd. -- were arguing for the most hurt them but struggling score. You got the concluded don't shut when you want more done like let's go don't know directly go. You know that there was never happened. There are no well yeah -- know Mike Dunleavy. Absolutely but I don't think you ever go to don't go until. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then let's -- this will happen. There would be meaning they'd better take him if he's there now Chad Ford of espn.com the their draft guru. Has updated his trapped -- maybe not a -- I thought laws. Mock draft 2.0 has Austin rivers now going seventeen. After the Celtics but the Minnesota who get -- -- the jazz and eighteen because that picks got to pick worst is that that the clippers pick and they want a couple of games here. On -- of the Celtics taking Royce White. The small four out of Ohio Iowa State that knocked the UConn Huskies -- out of Beyonce and suitably term but as of right now there in that vicinity. The Celtics an -- team is author restored its seventeenth. Could see as an error orbits close enough. Danny Ainge finds a way to -- take this -- and I think because of the because docs play in the league yes the experience any soul. He's giving her reason says the son's career he knows the MB got these watched all these kids ID be very hard for doctor coached the Celtics Lou. And also try to keep track of how a son is doing in the NB -- there'd be you be -- there I can be easier for dock as a father and as a coach. Focus on Austin and the Celtics at Boston words Celtic. Texas who better frost and to learn under and his group of veterans to teach him. Trust these guys spoke okay KG and -- going to be here. And it -- -- it has a big it to chance -- pierce will be here appears to be here runaround -- here I would think -- really -- Toronto these great plays Smart kid but. Don't really got to know him have me your best front don't think there's still so they're like you know and there's that respect -- I don't know. But I just think it's an instinct thing and how did any change but the Big Three together as constituted how many years did it take. -- -- acquiring assets to the draft. For what reason. Trade them away now. Get talent traders -- Jefferson was the peace they tell you lot of Jefferson -- made them two years from now I'm acquired some pieces they dock. I -- a trade Austin. I drafted him I was in that war room you wanna be to draft them up telling you I got to do what's best this organization. I gonna draft dostum but this team together finally put together only seven away if he sees. -- shooting guard and Rleal retires or moves on that'll be neat anyway so you want projected that's fine but that seems like part three to get from point a to point B. Knowing that Austin are risking coming here at 64 shoot the ball score right away and those type of players. Our players that aren't demand in this league right now -- will be a need for this basketball team with a point guard Gavin Rondo you better -- and scoring allegedly repeat one more. There is you need it shooting guard and I look a couple of years down the road. I guess you could say that the boy -- player that you dropped in the first round gonna build around that backcourt of Rondo an awesome race. -- -- talking about offense offense offense you know this obviously is a problem scoring this year. As you always talked about defense defense defense. We can't you can't you look at a bunch of guys called C yep he's a great score but he can't play defense at the next level he can't play -- defense isn't strong enough. The Jimmer Jimmer Fredette yes hit play defense couldn't cover tree out there -- Sacramento that's -- we heard. Also -- talking about we need offense we need offense are guinier to guard cover Kobe Bryant. It Austin -- cover -- that Mario is a lot of -- right out of the gate as a rookie you're gonna compare a lot Ray Allen has been a veteran in this league for a long time -- done nice job on Kobe -- -- -- they're gonna make any -- can -- real cover Kobe Bryant -- unfair and say as a rookie. Any ever cover -- 64. Defense his four day. He's the shooter it through guarded six book. Music and it is -- talking about up what does duck ever set our -- it doesn't run through our defense when it stuck ever not just said defense. That's what we are that's the one thing that we can bring consistently on a nightly basis this league is about defense winning championships is about defense nosed kid is up for the draft. And I -- everybody's looking for offense. -- that -- all this team existing this team goes and distracted he watched a self is closely this year. They going to stretches where. -- then trying to score the basketball is like a third grader try to do advanced algebra. They they they find it impossible. For minutes at a time quarters at a time to score the basketball box right -- guy like that. Put on this team let him develop there's a lot of but it can do with the offense -- down the kind of sloppy this year -- -- short -- -- is that because everyone's saying it. Give a lot of guys back in the team for locked up for second a double the guys have been here for a while pierce Rondo Allen. Both guys have a hard time getting shots off and making play Augusta everybody India in the NBA you read an article. And you when he got talking about Lockerbie talked talking about office. Continuity we look at the practiced one Doc Rivers -- -- next week -- days off that last two practices of the year next week Monday Tuesday. Talk -- practice here right on to say and so there's a reason why the offense is off I just think -- -- being. Practice with the not a game not a game fanatic gain. We talk about Pratt. -- in Texas showed a 5850 great news are great text -- I got news for you Lou nobody can cover -- Not just off the rivers. He is pretty good player now we'll get -- -- these phone calls after I ask you guys get involved it's way in our -- Maloney Paul presented by pop -- And ironically here's the question. You want the Celtics -- draft Austin rivers. Text your answer yes or no to 85850. Right now. It also place your vote online by visiting W week yet dot com slash but Maloney but -- Paul presented by pop -- he knows get the new crispy buffalo chicken pizza. It's like eating buffalo wings and pizza. At the same time. Present rewards card to ports free food call order online -- -- -- Gmail dot cop it's pop a time. Do you want the Celtics to draft Austin rivers text yes or no 85850. Outlines itself -- today what's up Brian. Boy I don't. Signed that extension. Would the net gonna be. Just. Look like it is obvious -- everybody leaving. An agreement between and it means to be anything but. We're gonna get Dwight Howard I think. You're just an outlook in the next. And I think -- and there hasn't been something that's not -- network but denigrate. Good -- on dating and that's the case. Shame on Danny out phone right there that that conversation it's strictly should've been lesson and he kids coming out you Michael monitors real freshman year. If war position will consider -- can't make any promises. There was a promise made and shame on Danny Ainge. You think they -- trap because you the Google badly -- think -- good player I think I think is a good player but think it's interesting dynamic at the going to be interesting decision when their -- there. In the at that first -- we still on the board. -- if -- might look at and say I wanna get younger with my big guys. I want to give him a big guys but what position in the NBA you -- position MBAs probably the easiest one of Philippine. Shooting guard when he's shooting guard yes yes it would mean shooting guard but it but the guy like all your rattle and I agree that I have a dog -- -- elite players aren't the standard like Jeff Green. You know athletic guy that would probably back to your daily fuel I want athletic guy and setter this tough the -- -- Point guard is tough to find a really good point cutting -- Kerry team. The cage by some Nick Cannon -- somebody it and in -- and -- mean. It was going to be more available than. And in other positions. Acknowledged that doubled the rebuilding process does it start with the shooting guard. Just -- question and I would have a not so sure it does. The rebuilding process will start with resigning Kevin Garnett got KG on the table right now this Celtic team heading toward the playoffs and the question that Lewis addressed here now. What do you do this public had a chance to draft -- reverence would you wanna see all their free Hewitt 6177790. -- fifty it is still free 888. 5250850. Right back to your calls keep -- here. As promised right back to these calls you start with the basketball on this Thursday Ed is in Bristol Connecticut want to talk about Austin rivers what's up that. It's actually resort island -- -- it says I I apologize. That look at. I really think this that should perhaps servers because by the good. It would be great we keep docket for a long time and that we have great on the job training it would -- to work with. But my question do you think I know Doc Rivers is a pretty well respected coach brought the league and in -- they have a -- tactic. And I they're saying that Austin pop I'll also nervous that -- -- The golf seventeenth. Do you think like any other that that you would like -- the so the basketball they want to we're gonna trade. Could it mean I don't think that sentiment -- -- -- -- -- on any NBA and it could be a great. Given this is an -- you you know I mean we're talking about you know. Eight great coaching years -- oil leak whatever it is. The NBA is about winning games. You draft -- his best three team. Don't draft is too cute story or to simply give Doc Rivers because he's earned it you respect them which everybody does. -- -- given the opportunity coaches kick that we really want to bet that's that's all nice are pro basketball standpoint Austin rivers comes in six sport shooting guard ready to shoot the ball right now on the end up bad defense does that help the Celtics are not so sure I think it's that he's a good player. But you know he's a great score who probably coming out a year too early. -- that little undersized. Annika set a team that is all about defense. And a guy that's not a good defender at all a question that cover two guards in the NBA. Because he's a good score who was young in the MB yeah I just think it's interesting dynamic. If I'm good at it now if you want to be an asset for team that what you look and let the trade away find ethic that beat tough. I would want I would rather see them try to get younger with some big guys who run the floor with a Rajon Rondo. Than to -- that I still think it's -- position fail him is in DC gets involved the program today I guess. They can integrate the second -- there. I agree with everything you're saying about two KG. We have a great insurgency and out of the year. But I also think that a lot of success itself having now has a lot to do it. Avery Bradley being in as opposed to re. With Avery defense it's it's shutting down and -- other -- news. A lot more and -- defense is just nonexistent this story can keep -- anyone's. -- and I don't know I've tried to look for the record. Now would Rleal this year and I mean I just I haven't seen him losing games since he's been out and he hasn't noticed any trends like pattern. I don't put that on -- though domestic they're playing better basketball and ends at the NC Avery Bradley's difference that we talked Jacqui what sick game last -- -- -- and M. We what is he doesn't have the jump shut the Ray Allen does because now they handle that beverage on Rondo does -- he handles the ball very well it takes the best you would know where to go. Alias the junction of three comes out right away fires up another Wallach and has that but I'm feeling -- type look -- -- -- I think he's a good piece of -- good defender he can show flashes -- the bench. I'd still like Rleal as a starter and if you wanna slow down a score he can bring Avery Bradley in their. I I don't put the recent success to does that play in four games. Because rails on the line. Overall for the year they are eight and one in the nine games where Ray Allen has not played the not undefeated but the pretty close. That is the kind of -- Tillman to you know to me about it but I mean you're every little bit. You know you can't give Avery all the credit but I think he had to get some of it. Not in Europe some of the blame what took you know every credit yet they're the EE you're gonna -- the he's still -- that the shots in he does get a little side from time to time but. I mean his confidence has done -- from the end of last year and beginning this year it's gone from. You know just looking scared. You know feeling pretty good about himself in. In his ball handling -- -- he's not really meant to be a point guard I don't think but I think you can grow into -- that the two role pretty well. And I don't know I think he's someone would keep it around for awhile maybe if they bring back -- I think -- should be a bench player it is quite -- true. Yet that gets into some of the team -- the mean Avery Bradley's proven that he's not going to be here you talk but -- -- you -- the art project in Austin -- -- chip in your mind down the road. Not -- everything going to be in -- table would you agree Avery Bradley's become a chip at the Celtics don't wanna keep him. They'll have some sort of value up there in the NBA because he'd defend right now because he's so athletic if I believe he has. So they don't have that that. That pick yesterday -- chip. Yet no matter what the hell or what wants to say he's been pretty hard on -- Bradley. That -- become a chip you can use him for something you wanna get can defend for you right now he really can't dribble a -- connection on Tuesday -- us. I watched it last night is a hard time -- mobile. So Kenny BA point guard this league or is he -- probably Tweeter but -- -- -- -- the bench Tony Allen white -- smarter basketball IQ wise and -- he can help you. I have a hard time pinning everything on Ray Allen not playing these games and great one of the nine games and it got Orlando and -- ActiveX that Orlando was down again Indiana earlier. 81 in nine games down Allen is up because neighbor Bradley has been in there. Techsters Leo must be a scout yet as what scouts text in the show -- is not a great score aware are you getting that from these average -- asked. He's gonna suck in the NB AQ McKinney guard. -- that that's just the stupid comment. Because he is a great score against any Rick Perry's watch too cute play he can shoot. One on one he -- the coverage quick he's got a BA range already offensively the kid is good would be better and of the year of course he would. But right now he can score and India. There every singles got a report watched -- plate. The question is defense question is attitude. There is a little bit of that there you know this gives team don't want to give you shots you know what what is -- like on the court. There's a little bit of that young kid day one he's been talked about. Epic you know its -- straighten -- part of it out. I just wonder if that's the position go to try to get younger well -- acquire us that it's part of the equation we seed Jim and Bruce that would help lineup we're gonna get your phone calls coming up next and I'm gonna tell you no matter what -- does drafts Austin doesn't -- Austin. One thing that he absolutely has to do in this off season ethnic.