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Which available Wide Receiver is the best fit for the Pats? Analysis with CSNNE's Tom Curran

Mar 13, 2012|

We talk Patriots needs with Tom E. Curran, and whether the bad rap on Brandon Lloyd is warranted or not.

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-- back here to -- show or why a college army car and a third man and because guess what people -- eight minutes away tickets. That's 700. July always say -- -- -- so I thank you that he played eight minutes away you know -- -- You don't was -- started the new art of Britain despite short side shot that's what are out now we're on the same on the same labeling will bring and it's like that's at Brandon Spikes 55 -- follow on Twitter. He tweets. I really hope we sign. That Wallace seventeen decade will be Mike. Then 123456. Our customers and exclamation points and he says he's blazing fast. Or exclamation points. NASDAQ goatee and it has -- any. Powell Hussein. Was. Here. I -- I don't know. Got Mike Wallace out there you got brand Deloitte and don't you everybody yet Brandon -- on the of the day on -- -- yes. Now I read your your column there was concern Greg Bedard wrote this weekend. -- -- A few issues here he's only been with sixteen to nine years and -- electable movement. I'll -- some issues and there's some concern especially in this offense. If he's not touch the ball enough that he's not getting himself 7075. Catches up there whether. He's gonna become a distraction you seemed that kind of. To boot. Just for the simple fact that he was a distraction masters Saint Louis of the team that was obvious weeks apart a 51 balls I think all these players generally. Operate on the level of respect. That they feel. Vague yet from the coaching staff from the level of respect they have for the coaching staff when their fellow players and that's like as well with the -- With the new in the patriots and anti robbery mean. Why is Aaron Hernandez. A character issue for so many other teams and exemplary citizen here why is right really wants to Corey -- Because it's not a substitute teacher mentality. And I think to -- -- far from. Troubled child I mean he had he blew through. The niners the bears and seal teams have. We're sovereign lord via. -- regularly -- Washington here with our grocery and I asked -- about this the other day -- -- -- you know after I was released by Washington looked in the managed to you know it's not anybody else you. You wanna fix your career. Take responsibility and and in fix yourself and he did that and turned into one of the best receivers. And eight. Very narrow category. -- announcing -- Mike Wallace votes anywhere else. We spent on this time worrying about and Greg did a nice job reporting Bedard in the Sunday globe. Were able there is mood you're silent. It's the Jackson had to do you -- we still -- probation and we talk about that. Mean that's everybody's -- free -- right I mean we're talking about a guy who might be a little -- I talked to him DOJ. At link he was terrific I think I think it's a good hire these -- gonna who gonna you know bush and his -- -- And you Doherty said he said I trust guys that have facial -- like a lot of couples do I find -- getting a lot more trust in general thoughts -- -- -- I think part of the thing -- Brandon -- nobody saying he's a bad guy he seems to be a terrific guy and so the interview the other day sound like he was a fun loving guy. You worry about humans in this system -- -- -- -- if he comes here what he is going to -- You've got a slot receiver that's got to catch the ball under twenty done and you've got to tight ends that are a key part of your passing game. Against him what he's going to be part probably is the most -- -- not I mean I understand there's a lot of guys think that they're out there I think that they are -- part our team learn offense and they. Here's the flip side last year he was a big part of a team that averaged twelve point two games in a pass happy -- twelve points a game point to game for the rams. Though. -- you can get a man in Saint Louis not go anywhere. And get to 51 catches. Org and -- -- and you have a teammate like Brandon Spikes is saying this kind of stuff leasing Powell I think guys get pissed off. When they see the ball going to somebody who they think is inferior I think that's generally what happens with receivers -- guys who need the football whether it's Randy Moss or Brandon Lloyd. Guys who have on field issues about why am I not getting the ball enough if the ball was going to Marv cook and he was actually incapable if the ball is going to. You know -- Bjorn -- you must have a player Sarajevo. Yeah I recently Marv I. There's no reason in the world think about Mark -- other than the fact -- play -- tech. I don't -- the idea how to do us a favor the perfect. Back up and future slot receiver. The page I'm telling you that you wrote this that was religious people. The timing might not be right for. By the closest thing in the NFL to Wes Welker is the Indian middle for a lot of reasons one he's 510186. He also had the background Texas Tech offense and performed mostly. And a Marshall traded to Chicago. To second round. Third round -- your third routers. Excuse and to goes a couple of -- -- rule one would think I would think after house and yes I guess opened just wanna deal with the -- Could trade for well -- and here here was this is interesting when you think about it because there was a rumor with in the last 36 hours as to whether or not. Peyton Manning was going to be of the mind that he wanted to deal with Brandon Marshall. Again that might be damning for Peyton Manning to say while this might be the best physical specimen as position in the NFL I don't wanna deal with them. And if that was the case that was expressed Joseph Philbin has sent jump over a sincere prayer it. You're so credible at all did do that he doesn't sign their Joseph Philbin is gonna being itself reviewing signs it for ten with Miami and we should say maybe something -- -- where does not go -- what was going on -- -- I -- -- -- Signatures didn't match of patent forces have to trade Brandon Marshall graduate -- -- and it'll look at them actually gonna go see the Texans. -- I've read some quotes here he's starting to get a little bit nervous Reggie Wayne is because I think everybody and certainly he thought that Peyton Manning was going to have. A new hole by today at 4 o'clock. That hasn't happened and Reggie -- now is -- you know -- -- with patent but if it's -- has fitted me I'm still only to go out there and then and do some. And in Adams after tweets and of course they played together marshland Cutler played together in Denver and -- at the good that's the best receiver by far. That. Cutler's ever had in Chicago and a couple years old I'm talking about Vincent Jackson weren't that they weren't -- the last probably style products anymore again or dolphins' trade Brandon Marshall to the -- -- third round pick in 20123. Round pick in the third 2013. Tommy's right. He's probably not the type of guy. That -- look at -- CNET that the receiver I -- you know what in on the same wave reckon we give me what your legacy as a personality conflict was talking about talent in your chase a guy like that at a -- It's crazy this sort of operate -- the -- -- is that that is -- yesterday all the difference between Brandon -- and Brandon Marshall Leo and ends he'll. And domestic violence situations in Brandon Marshall brain completely sometimes and say hi to people in the building sixteens in nine years sixty okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Newspapers and cable outlets I don't know I don't know -- lot of guys on the patriots lot of guys and the patriots who have bounced around from team to team to bring in a much of that -- that is for non performance. That's not the not -- -- Because it -- -- if you're moody and more productive he probably wouldn't stay with those teams don't care about. Just NFL I don't care about -- -- anybody who wants to get back on any mental thing I'm gonna just clear up real quick as to why the hell would they want him Mendel here's the situation he is. Carbon copy of Welker had so many ways 85 catches in 2010. Dislocated his -- last year that's freaky injury not something's a precursor to more injuries. So this is a guy who is now. Just like Welker has been tendered at the second round level by the -- -- Israel if the patriots or any other team wanted to go and say yeah we're gonna -- -- -- year eighteen million dollar deal. Send it to win there and we're gonna get you on our team -- -- patriots may not want to do that because -- guardian nine and a half million dollars invested Welker. And they may go after as we've been speaking about Brandon Lloyd and if they go do something like that was him until it's a lot of money but. Instead of having a look at a 32 million dollar deal you could be downgrading. For a 26 year old first Welker. And that's why the Danny Amendola -- really trees. A -- street another -- I've been through this 4 o'clock. -- -- -- -- Ladies and just let it it is 4 o'clock in the free agency period -- -- Gaza. In the national football atomic Arizona third minute. Will update you -- stuff pops out with a national football like we go to the phone calls next -- 617779. Generally fifty -- 03888525. Early fifty. -- Was. -- its official we've got free agency opened here in the National Football League authority on. A deal as Brandon Marshall wide receiver with the dolphins you registered goes to Chicago. For third round draft pick in 2012 will be third round draft pick in 2013. This guy. -- -- 81 balls last year 81 receptions 1214. Yards averaged fifteen yards. Per catch. That's that's -- that's that's a lot of production right here might have issues but that's a lot of production -- And pick up. -- And adding that Tommy Tommy. He got a guy. Wore. I don't understand. Why you would trade a guy that's. A legitimate productions told -- seventies we tourism. When a football. Track and that it. -- -- We'll all priests right Michael united Michael -- to Michael Irvin worries that he thought it was great that was good and like. Sure you can bring did you slow it -- just do that is the league if you buy them just by default. -- we go to Google's well I got. It. -- maybe it's a guy's Rudy was started by usable again that was. So. Could this be exactly what what you said. Mr. -- and that is that. Trying to pave the way here for Peyton Manning Manny doesn't wanted it to do -- Brandon Marshall is your reputation your Brandon Marshall there. Bring in Reggie Wayne. Oliver garden. Bringing the body. It caught the ball for the team last year outside of Brandon not read through the guy -- doesn't because it's sort into the patriots because you have just. Exercised. A -- -- -- wide receiver who it -- check real quick with the numbers for Brandon Marshall were against the patriots last year but. You just took on -- aren't so this site Brandon Marshall 81 for 12142 he's gone next in line is Tommy's boy Davone Bess. Yeah who did not have a great year okay. 51 for 530 said. Then there's Reggie Bush 43 for 296. LB seven yards accurate. Brian -- heart line 35 for 549 up. Anthony Fasano 32 catches. -- and against Italy Charles -- Daniel Thomas Lex Hilliard that's right yet the Lex Hilliard. With five catches for 49 yards and Steve Slaton like gates. So they have cleared out there Brennan Marshall was the receiving -- that cleared it out. Have they are making room for Peyton Manning and his boys well that's why open forms -- patent can go out in individually thing art. Yeah one at no don't want him 1 am 1 am hearing he's. -- dictate you know this whole situation Tommy's right two games against the patriots. Monday. September the twelfth seven receptions 139. Yards -- -- Yup nineteen point 90 per carry and remember the patriots won that game that. December 44. Six for 143. -- age -- 23 point eight. Those were huge to most productive games of the season both against and the New England Patriots and patriots won both little -- about the. Quarterbacks this guy had thrown to him last year. From Chad Henne to Matt -- Have a season like that would those quarterbacks. Now he is. He is a little volatile. We know that means little -- on the field and off the field I'm. Understating okay if he's volatile -- he's extremely productive. And you've you've got to have Peyton Manning your mind to moderately street firm and it's like -- fault autism rate. And is -- -- -- -- at Brandon Spikes 55 on Twitter problem very entertaining. He says Manning will play for the Arizona Cardinals next year mark Marmol bold words it was a mobile me. In all caps. It. At that event and pass tag. I -- -- -- It's great I skits at the to the phone calls and pound news network. If I don't what you think about all of this in the patriots and once they do something if they do something. Well obviously let you know they have done a couple of things here today. Exclusive a tender for dialogue. Brian Hoyer they put a second round tender on him at one point 92 million at the alien -- Protection of somebody wants -- order this year and amateur anybody does but the dough in gas second rounder and that's that's another option if you. -- Miami and nobody else. Why not spend a second round pick on a guy like Brian Hoyer. You and for years and fifteen million dollars and eight million dollars guaranteed and it's not a patriots have to push Ryan mallet a -- makes it creates a headache for another team in your division is. The thing is though sometimes that the I don't often makes sense to -- why don't. Great quote. I don't know illicit you don't -- you don't know the answer -- question how little you know and it seems -- seems obvious to me having a good move by -- -- you know -- did you enjoy disagree with I Miami has finally got to go out and get the guy. You can't. Keep on messing around Chad innings in the -- wars in the Matt wins and Brian lawyers and don't know get -- man just go get. That's what you gotta do is if you fool around with these. The chances that one of them is suddenly going to beat these -- out there take it right now. Bullet went a few games for arsenal and few games in the council a few games here and now. -- Com seventeen players. Contracts expired at 4 PM I have not seen anything here of any deals that made with any one government doesn't mean they were made to let America -- revenue of seventeen patriot dollars. Guys that you have to worry about BenJarvus Green -- -- might be some interest pulpit as improbable. Might be attractive to them financially and might be more money in the patriots are willing to pay him right now I would -- Matthew Slater as a a special teams guy but. What are we talking about niceness here he does have an instance -- and the other thing you got to be concerned about is the center spot though. And now. Sure you stick -- on somebody else would come. I you have to open to is you know was also -- McDonnell you know real bad Kenya have Bob McDonald who was promising. I think the biggest patriots free agent to be concerned about in terms of production from 2011 and the possibility of his leaving. Will be marking Anderson. Here's a guy who was twelve and half sack guy with the bears. His career went into graveyards spiral the patriots took him after he had been out released by the bears -- he rehabilitated. His worth in the NFL he's still 28 years old comes off -- sex season showed high energy. You know is someone gonna say that's our guy and I think the patriots probably Smart to say that's our guy we want to keep. Who along with undercover and he -- he river rehabilitated his game to make. Money not just a -- and -- the money on such charges seem him in running situations. I've seen him he overpowered. As as the defensive men in the running game. I think he's the good situationally I put -- you'll what you'll want it a lot more money than than what I would like -- when I think he has. What my opinion matters but now I think he's what it has gotten commit on third down and help you output. A first down second down. I've seen them get -- look at look at the situation with totally different. You know you've never you never cut your return on investment on toll being became with the with the same for Cisco 49ers. With a New England Patriots two teams who gave him. Sizable contracts neither team saw him come to fruition. Good pass rusher. Smart player just didn't play that well against one new once thing and and I think industry can be in the same boat I think there's so much. Well I don't know telling you I don't know McCain and yeah I don't I don't know McCain I don't know totally -- -- interesting thing is is when a team has been in a situation for awhile and a hierarchy has been there for awhile they have to guard against them. Scott Cohn who's GM this 49ers talked about this -- to guard against its dismissing things out of hand. And I think recovery team as we have done for awhile we get into a habit of I get into haven't -- not gonna go after big -- its -- is ridiculous Thomas. And is that necessarily the case or not I know there was that logic was there. But you do have to be. I thinks. Cognizant of just as one thing work one way it won't always work that way.