WEEI>On Demand>>Daryl Johnston, NFL Network and former Cowboys FB, talks about Brady vs. Eli, Pats offense, and Rob Gronkowski

Daryl Johnston, NFL Network and former Cowboys FB, talks about Brady vs. Eli, Pats offense, and Rob Gronkowski

Feb 3, 2012|

Daryl chats with Mut & Lou along with Troy Brown on Radio Row in Indy about Tom Brady and Eli Manning. Which QB would he rather have right now heading into Super Bowl 46? Daryl also discusses the challenges for the Pats offense and how the Giants will cover Rob Gronkowski.

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Here in Indy month -- an -- WEEI. -- -- -- The dead in reference ice cube hanging out today with the radio row it's obvious you -- we Daryl Johnston. Nice of the stuff I've -- football guys -- what I did I just I don't by the -- I didn't realize the ice like ice in the room -- there. -- it would arrive this week is it's gone by. If you had to -- on this game has changed all week two weeks. And people rethink their predictions on games in -- -- toys. Through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or pick it died in line over Tom Brady is a big spot. What yesterday we talked about you know would you would you rather have at the end of the game with one -- -- So like I did go with the line in this situation. Only because he's done so many times this year and he's he's -- to support or services. No no it's never been done for the most touchdown passes doses that are trapped in the fourth quarter so. -- it he's he's got a lot of weapons to another there's. There's a lot of guys because pro football through -- I think the robbery counts he situation just it's it's a big deal to big deal that's been the talk of of Indianapolis. You know. The entire time that and we respected and are on the air for three hours we talk about effort -- live I ended yeah I mean I feel so bad for reporters are hanging out you know out of the facility with a practicing yesterday. Robert -- was limited -- yeah everybody knew he was the regulators should -- out there all day long to find out he was limited -- let me ask you as we -- with the quarterbacks. That gets a neutral defense resorted more to do with -- look me in school begins postal -- against. I just it's it's of this season right now and you know -- neutral defense but. I started it was I'll take you wanna you know I I I think you know you can't ask for a better. Selection he can't be wrong I mean that's an easy thing quickly it -- -- wrong and in reference weeknight. You know -- 303 ago to get the ball on the 34 yard line politics and downs -- touchdown they go. -- like -- -- -- with 130 -- eighty yards he takes. -- touchdown to trumpet so they both did -- they were supposed to do on his left with too much time on the clock. You're hitting the ball last and and you can't overlook the fact who have brought king go look angle that that much. It is -- it is Rizzo presence will be missed a seventeen touchdowns. For a guy that's that I mean definitely you at the final new weapon go to and it -- easy go to market there is is it would've committed abuse and yet the fact that team. Absolutely I mean it's it's with Jim Ingraham Michael Finley this news. Read items from the what you get inside the point on its with the obvious moves I don't. See. At those guys I don't see any other reason depicted -- Taliban. Just can't see -- move into the site. It would be three -- -- -- go back the -- principle that those that isn't the only regular season is here you see. But it is just stuff will be as -- let epic epic size of -- it's him. -- on the ticket and with just. I'll see -- beat him. -- a lot of a lot of people part of the motivation you know. I'd never use my outrage or anything like that but the big via the emotional it yet exactly -- aimed -- game two weeks ago I -- out of it when that yeah. Yeah with the through thirteen. You know look at that -- two weeks ago Vonta Leach and agree fullbacks in the game you want -- grateful that she's do you sort of see this may be a new. Too tight -- set the patriots go three that in that time. And -- -- in that position almost out with the police officer and -- or -- faith and yet it -- it's the greatest show on -- killed. You know they they're they were the ones that -- football and turned it into a matchup game. And how we gonna matches down that the report you for the fourth -- in our division nickel back a good time back that we can beat you. You get Warner out there in your just your kill people but you know they did have a good fullback mean James on -- was good fullback. And they had a too excited packaged in Saint Louis that was pretty darn pretty darn good they re -- -- there and who. They can they get lineup and come after you get down on the on the football but we all remember everything on the outside and that was the started -- and we talked quarterbacks. You know what -- personal group. Through -- once I -- running you know -- years and years and years and now what's happening. Who likes to write one running back -- -- seven in the eighty I thought it was 80% or 70% of the time to -- set. Moos has found only got to remember as the movement's -- moment. -- that. I hope it. They -- little bags are dosing of this that are average generic and we thought it Darryl Johnson for only the cowboys and now here with the NFL network today. In terms of this giant he knew what they do upfront with the size and the speed. Patriots offensive line that pass protection game. What are the things you're trying to we'll keep Brady up right but what the challenges of that group the giants can present and so on. What I. I think it's more than just the speed through everybody and I'm I'm guilty of this as well I came out here and I wanted to take a look at. Disappear Paul Justin -- and assuming your only played six games together here. During the course of the regular season let's take a look at the stats in those six games vs the other -- they're almost identical there were three and three in the -- to those guys play together so there's not this huge difference. The differences that depth with Canty and burn or in Joe's and all the other guys you don't you don't stored in sacks on the giants. The defensive line. -- policy. Mean he's -- he's got as many as just in time so yeah it's not just these guys it's it's it's everybody as a group and when you have that rotation and you stayed fresh. And you can. You change your lineups based -- for Sonoma I think Mathias Kiwanuka could be the guy defensively that's the biggest impact on the game. He -- welcome linebacker level you can put his hand down -- -- go for speed guys -- -- defense front. And when he drops back and ask her she's such a -- gone. That he's he's gonna he's gonna Clarkson purple rose yeah it to the patriots. We -- we had a few callers calling into talking about him the patriots possibly. Know even some banks in the backfield work. That's going to distort the way the papers wanna play because they like having four or five guys on around you think is a good idea -- in the possibility somebody back especially early in the football game with the softness of mine. A little bit. Comfortable blocking these guys first. We we talk with Kevin Faulk on Tuesday and talked about chip on the release I don't keep them in but as you released if he's showing color. You know take a piece you know knock them back onto your -- Every great quarterback wants guys out. We don't stick you can help me get out and be where you're supposed to be so -- -- in trouble on his attorney -- it and then you make something happen. We -- the championship game against San Francisco and ninety war and we've lost -- Williams that year we have area on a plane right tackle very hurt his ankle real bad. And they were getting afterwards and in tour -- get knocked around pretty good and my running back coach told me to stay is all about you know get keeper keeps replete -- -- though because -- you put out on the route. You know pro football I need you out there. Were you supposed to be I don't you know -- -- and now meets all the great quarterbacks. Don't don't vote -- back here -- Max protection it is here now point 11 of the things to a general grumpy such agree in the seventy touchdowns but. Pretty valuable in their running game you'll blocking you got it that it lot of people with that type of injury how difficult this is that meet him that that part of the game just blocking for the run. -- there's so much and that's why I think it's such. It's such a huge thing here because. Changes direction routes run after catch for him. And then the block -- user rate -- block. And if on the giants -- on put the guy over popping him every single snap and I'm -- Malacca but he gave you enemy which office. When we -- every single that you are never gonna release clean -- -- challenge you want every single step that game and eventually that things got it it's got again it's got again so I I. I feel terrible for I I really do because this this is what -- -- with the game one. And to be here and not be a 100% in in probably a good deal to make it through the entire game. And you -- Mathias Kiwanuka talk about the experience of 2007 he broke his leg earlier that season and he's got a ring. But it does mean a lot. Because -- what you feel like he was -- I can't imagine getting all the way to this point and then below 1% of the nuclear -- You know mr. tuchman and the two breaks is fiscal come on warm and pretty. That you go by -- you know this thirties thirty minutes four ticked off and you come back out. Fortitude golf and you got another 1520 minutes all the rest of the pistons take place. And he kicked the ball all legal for him time in the thirty minutes expected yeah. So much so that the practicing and they've incorporated it into the practices the same meeting the same effect negating out of practice -- -- sit down going down just. You know getting used to the fact you do it you're twelve minutes you know accuracy -- -- your holy -- like -- the first that we did it. Where children at the bit you know we did eighteen minutes to go yeah yeah. We're all hyped up for the second time. You know we came in and we didn't we didn't even store our normal time. Process and go to those twelve minutes left. We left front and completely open and then as soon as we were twelve minutes that we got it normal team Belichick really -- -- -- would have Madonna join him there and had a and and -- -- we asked Michael every yesterday saw last New York those teams those cowboys dynasty teams holiday affair to. Against this patriots team what that matchup -- one. It would it would have been. It would have been fun it would have been fun you know two great quarterbacks no matter what each other. Our team. The 1989 niners the 91 reds in the 92 cowboys the 96 Broncos the 97 Parker's. All Super Bowl champions top part offences and deepens. I I think we would there are 92 team I'll -- or ninety team up against any against anybody. That team we were we were good in Rio and we didn't know how good we work. And you know the game that we played in San Francisco in the championship game before for Super Bowl is the best game that that we played together as a team. And when we were on we could we could hang with will we -- that we did anybody anybody I think and she like the giants this weekend. I do I do. Rick Gosselin is a writer down in Dallas because of national stuff and he had a couple great articles this week in and and one of the ones that are really like was. You know. The way the business of the NFL's gone since 2000 till now you know the adorable three teams aren't there -- -- you know the 89 -- tonight when it's -- the team that would dominant on both sides of the ball which kitchen now. It's a team that point are you -- get a hot humid Packers last year the Steelers. In a couple years ago when he -- to succeed. You have to maximize your strengths and minimize your weakness -- Bill Belichick is. One of the best if not the best at doing them we take what you do that's the way in -- beaten some of the way but I think his big challenge in this game is. The strength of the giants this -- in two -- -- weaknesses of the patriots and it's the passing game when an event that secondary so what does he do to offset. His weakness against the giants break because I think the other way I think the patriots -- goes into pretty pretty strong -- You know Tom Brady in what he does you know that giants front four and you know there on the coverage -- credible right and so I just think that that matchup. That dynamic right there is it's kind of a defining thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --